Red Velvet


Cake, baby!


Yes, this post is all about delicious cake, but just not the kind you eat.



It’s about the kind you can carry. I found this decadent purse online and just fell in love. First with the name of course, and then with the design. It’s from Petunia Pickle Bottom.


But, it’s not just a purse. It’s also a diaper bag. That’s right. Inside this not so little red number is a fold out changing pad, room for diapers and a plastic case for wipes. No one would ever guess. Unless of course they, too have had some cake.


Now, don’t feel like you’ve gotta go and get pregnant just to carry this purse. Petunia Pickle Bottom made the changing pad detachable so you can carry Cake even if you don’t have a little one in tow for a reason.


Did I mention the matching coin purse? Sweet.

Want it? Anyone?

Okay, if you do, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win the Red Velvet Cake purse.

All you have to do is tell me your favorite kind of cake. That’s it.

Deadline to enter is Monday, February 22 at 7:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner Below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck.

I’m glad you guys liked this purse so much. I’m just sorry I only have one to give away. I did make you a real red velvet cake though. Check it out. Now for the winner.


Judy, Judy, Judy! Congratulations. Carrot Cake with Red Velvet purse does sound like a perfect combo. You won.

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8,844 comments on “Red Velvet”

  1. OMG… I am loving this purse! Why oh why couldn’t I find something this great 2 years ago when I had to start lugging diapers around!

    My favorite kind of cake… hmmmm, I’m not one to turn down much in the way of cake… but I am a chocolate lover. And for me, the icing has to be real – not of that whipped stuff. Rich and creamy and buttery! Mmmmm… no wonder I’m struggling to give up wheat!

  2. My favorite kind of cake is carrot cake. WAY fattening I know, but amazingly delicious!

  3. red velvet cake layered with yummy cheesecake….oh my i must go get some tomorrow!!

  4. mmm I love carrot cake, with a big swirl of cream cheese icing!

  5. What a coincidence! It is red velvet with a very potent cream cheese frosting:) YUM!

  6. My favourite cake is Hershey’s PerfectlyChocolate Cake.

    It is great for decorating too as it is so moist and easy to cut

  7. Fudge Fantasy!

  8. I love Petunia Pickle!
    My favorite cake is white cake with fresh strawberries and bavarian cream!!!

  9. My grandmother’s red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, hold the chopped nuts.

  10. I love Strawberry Shortcake… with CAKE not a biscuit, ewwww

  11. With #3 on the way–this would really make me feel like a cute new mommy!!

  12. Haupia (coconut) cake!!!!! And I love Petunia Picklebottom! Your posts always make me smile, thanks so much for that :)

  13. White cake with fresh strawberries!
    I need this purse!! I have a toddler that still needs “baby type” things but I am SO READY for a real purse again!!

  14. I love German Chocolate cake! <33

  15. It’s a tie between red velvet and our wedding cake (white cake with buttercream! SOO good!)

  16. Favorite cake is chocolate with chocolate ganache! YUMMY. Red velvet would be number two!

  17. My favorite cake is PW’s chocolate sheet cake. AMAZING!! I LOVE it!!

  18. Fudge Fantasy – chocolate cake, fudge, chocolate frosting, chocolate curls

  19. German Chocolate. mmmm

  20. My favorite is definitely carrot cake! I’m 8.5 months pregnant have been looking for just the right diaper bag and this one is sooo cute!!

  21. red velvet elvis. there’s an idea for something.

  22. Lemon poppy seed cake is my allllll time favorite!

  23. Any kind of cake with cream cheese frosting!

  24. I love funfetti, but this kind of cake will do too!

  25. I love ice cream cake!

  26. German chocolate = yum! :)

  27. That’s gorgeous! My favorite cake is Carrot (no nuts in the batter) with cream cheese frosting, topped with chopped pecans. Yum!

  28. love me some chocolate!

  29. I LOVE red velvet!!!! I am currently on the hunt for a decadent gluten-free red velvet cake recipe so I can once again fulfill my love :)

  30. Texas Sheet Cake!! Just made some in cupcake form today!

  31. Dark Chocolate Fudge with Whipped Chocolate Frosting. YUMMY!! it is a cute bag.

  32. Would have to say Red Velvet cake would be my favorite.

  33. Chocolate Dobash Cake (a chocolate chiffon cake with a pudding-like chocolate icing/filling and/or Chantilly cream filling) widely popular in Hawaii.

  34. Carrot Cake with no raisins and Cream Cheese Frosting! YUM!

  35. I LOVE red velvet with a good ol-fashioned homemade cream cheese frosting. :)

  36. Oh my, how can I choose just one? They have all been such good friends. But, alas, there is one…that makes me feel like I can conquer the world…Cheesecake! ! ! Sorry, I get kinda carried away! Yummo!

  37. my Grandma’s coconut cake!

  38. My favorite kind of cake is my mom’s Coffee Crunch Cake. It’s chocolate cake with whipped cream and then homemade coffee-candy pieces covering the whipped cream. :D I always look forward to her making it. :)

  39. My favorite is yellow cake with strawberries

  40. Hershey’s Chocolate cake :)

  41. Lemon cake with lemon curd filling. Thanks for asking,

  42. My first instinct was to say Red Velvet….because quite frankly it’s my favorite cake to MAKE….however, my favorite cake to EAT has to be a rich, moist chocolate cake with thick semi-sweet fudge frosting….still on the hunt for the best recipe though….

  43. Hummingbird with cream cheese frosting! Yum, yum, yum!

  44. My new favorite cake is a 5 flavored pound cake!

  45. red velvet, the most heavenly cake (^_^)

  46. and my favorite cake is my moms sour cream pound cake. It is soft and chewy and gets a yummy crust on it if it sits over night and it is the best cake to decorate with. I tell all my students make that cake and it will never give you a problem

  47. Lemon cake

    or white cake with lemon curd filling. Mmm.

    Thanks, Bakerella!

  48. Funfetti! haha I love the colors ;] they make me happy!

  49. My absolute favorite is Red Velvet Cake :)

  50. I love lemon or strawberry cake – they’re both so fresh!!

  51. Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting … my Grandma’s recipe, of course.

  52. My favorite cake is white cake with vanilla or chocolate butter cream. Yummy! :)

  53. My sister is going to have a baby soon….this would be a perfect gift!

  54. Carrott cake with cream cheese frosting… yum!

  55. My favorite cake is wacky cake. (Just in case anyone is like WTH?!)

  56. red velvet + cream cheese frosting has to be my favorite by far…

  57. Um, chocolate mousse cake, for sure. :)

    This is such a cute purse/diaper bag!

  58. good ol’ fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

  59. Favorite cake Double Chocolate……or the great wall of chocolate at PF Changs

  60. My favorite is Ice Cream cake <3

  61. I really like yellow cake. It’s just so simple but my fav none the less. And I could totally use a cute diaper bag, my boy is due anytime now!

  62. That is the cutest purse I’ve ever seen!

    My absolute favorite cake happens to be Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting!

  63. My favourite is a tie between vanilla with vanilla frosting and chocolate lava cake

  64. My grandmother’s chocolate cake!

  65. I’d love a chance to win!!! :)

  66. I thought this was an easy answer, but reading everyone’s favorites has me realizing how many “favorites” I have! But if I have to choose just one… it would have to be the classic chocolate with chocolate frosting. Can’t go wrong with that!

  67. Chocolate Cake with a choc mouse center…mmmmm ;)

  68. I am an equal opportunity cake eater… I shall leave no crumb uneaten!

  69. Chocolate cake with any kind of berry filling!!!!!!

  70. Oh, my gosh–beautiful! And yellow cake with chocolate icing is my favorite…

  71. Chocolate cake for sure! And I’m pregnant!!

  72. my fave would have to be red velvet after seeing this beauty! its my birthday and i just had a baby…its meant to be!

  73. vanilla cake+chocolate frosting is the best!

  74. My friend’s strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries between the layers. mmmmm!

  75. Chocolate cake is my favorite! Thank you for this giveaway! GORGEOUS bag!

  76. i love hummingbird cake and with spring around the corner im looking forward to carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing! however, ive never met a cake I didnt like!!

  77. That is PERFECT!!! I want it so bad!!

    Vanilla/White with buttercream frosting and some sort of fruity center! YUMMY!!!!

  78. Carrot Cake, with cream cheese frosting. It is so nutritious with all those little carrot slices, walnuts and raisins. Doesn’t the cream cheese count as a dairy?!?!?

  79. I love what we in my family call: “Brooks Cake” It’s a white, one egg cake made by my brother: Brook :)

  80. I love chocolate caramel brownie cake that I make mmmmmmmmmmmm

  81. My favorite cake is a light fluffy chocolate (think packaged mix, but homemade).

    Beautiful purse! Love the colour and texture!

  82. Carrot cake, with or without cream cheese frosting!

  83. My favorite is plain old chocolate! Yum!

  84. Call me old fashioned, but chocolate cake will always remain supreme in my book :)

  85. Since I was little it has always been my *favorite*. I am completely in love with this ?! *crosses fingers*

  86. Lemon poke cake! It’s a lemon cake, poked with a fork, with a lemonade concentrate mixture poured over the top and topped with whipped cream! It’s SO good!

  87. White or Vanilla with a Butter Cream Frosting!! YUM!

  88. My favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum!

  89. Oh man, we have to pick just one? One favorite…hummmm, that’s kinda hard…but I guess it would be German Chocolate! Chocolate and coconut, two of my favorite things together in one cake! Yummy =)

  90. We get to taste lots of cake, but my hands-down favorite is vanilla with a light lemon filling and buttercream frosting!

  91. strawberry with coconut icing

  92. I think because of you, Bakerella, I’ve grown to love Red Velvet and actually cream cheese frosting too. I could never get passed putting my bagel spread on a cake! But it’s truly amazing! I may be the last to jump on the Red Velvet and cream cheese bandwagon but I’m on! But I’m not going to run out and get on the pregnant bandwagon, that’s for sure. No type of purse OR cake is going to get me to do that!! haha!!

  93. Farm House chocolate cake
    From The Farm House in Ellerslie, GA

  94. strawberry shortcake

  95. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

  96. Layered Chocolate Cake with Cool Whip and Cherries…Yum. That purse looks good enough to eat!

  97. I just love cake. Period. Especially if it’s a cupcake :-).

  98. I love your blog and I love that purse how cool its named cake :) I wont go out and get pregnant for it but would love to use it as I walk into my wilton training in march :)

  99. Oh my is that just as cute as can be!
    I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, hands down my all time fav!

  100. I love carrot cake! Mostly for the icing though I will admit!

  101. blackforest cake is my weakness, yum tum tum!

  102. Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting!! But, of course, a rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting would never be turned down either :)

  103. This bag is SO cute!!

    In fact, I just made PW’s Chocolate Sheet cake today and I have declared it my very favorite cake. Ever. I doubt I’ll ever make anything else. :)

  104. I never say no to chocolate cake with ganache or frosting. And my latest obsession is with PW’s chocolate sheet cake. I’ve been baking it with extra cocoa powder in the cake and the frosting and it is the BEST comfort food.

  105. I actually REAAAAALLLY love German Chocolate cake, but everyone ALWAYS puts coconut on/in it, which completely ruins not only the taste, but the texture for me. It’s annoying, having an actual German family that loves German Chocolate (complete with coconut frosting!)

  106. white cake with buttercream icing

  107. I do love pineapple upside down cake. But I really love the caramel cake and a lemon cake that my grandma used to make. The caramel icing was not unlike a praline minus the nuts. And the lemon cake had an icing that was cooked and came out like a fudgy consistency. She would double the icing recipes so there would be lots!

  108. I love a lot of cakes…but one of my favorites is BTS cake for sure!

  109. Carrot cake!

  110. i covet that purse!!!

    i love a good chocolate cake w/ cream cheese! oh yum!

  111. Dr. Pepper cake with Dr. Pepper icing!

  112. Ooooh, I loves me some Red Velvet Cake!!! We have excellent R.V.C. here in New Orleans!

  113. Red Velvet…Just like the Purse….Red Velvet Cake with lots of Cream Cheese Frosting Swirled High On Top…And I Like It Room Temperature…Never Cold….Yum!

  114. I love whole wheat banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
    Please pick me, I’m expecting in a few weeks!

  115. carrot cake. sounds pretty good anytime of day; with coffee for bfast, for lunch with milk…oh i am getting hungry for some right now for late diinner :)

  116. yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing… that would make the cutest baby shower present for the 2 showers I have coming up!!!

  117. My favorite cakes are German Chocolate and Hummingbird cake. Sorry I can’t have just one favorite.

  118. Black forest…mmm delicious.

  119. Angel Food Cake!…but after reading the comments before me, it looks like I have lots of new cakes to try! :)

  120. Guinness Chocolate Cake! YUUMM! I first had it on the Aran Islands, it was delicious.

  121. Southern Living’s Chocolate Velvet Cake…so moist, so many options.

  122. i’m caught between chocolate, red velvet, and carrot. those three are probably the most decadent of “normal” cake flavors… gotta love em!

  123. Mmmm has to be carrot cake with cream cheese topping yum!

  124. wedding cake with amaretto flavoring. I crave it. and I don’t know enough people getting married!

  125. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate cake with chocolate frosting….but I wouldn’t pass up any other kind except carrot cake :).

  126. My favorite is chocolate eruption cheesecake: chocolate cream cake with turtle cheesecake, nuts, and chocolate chips with an Oreo-like crust. Too good for words!

  127. It’s a toss up between carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or Better than Sex cake.

  128. i really like…hehehe sara lee’s pound cake…still semi frozen…

  129. oh, me! me! me! Pregnant with baby #3 must qualify me…right about now ANY cake sounds just right…make that anything made from scratch. I do make a chocolate chip coffee cake with sour cream which is just delish!

  130. My favorite type of cake is hummingbird cake! Also? That purse is to die for! I love my diaper bag (you wouldn’t really know it was one), but I would love that purse for my more stylish days.

  131. I love any kind of chocolate cake :)

  132. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing or strawberry with vanilla buttercream icing.

  133. I want it please!! And right now, because I have both of these are in my refrigerator…I’d say my favorite cake is chocolate cake with pudding and red velvet – but in cupcake form.

  134. I love White Chocolate, Lemon Marshmallow cake! It is a vanilla cake with a layer of lemon curd, a layer of creamy white chocolate ganache and topped with marshmallow – devine 8)

  135. german chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate buttercream…YUM!

  136. i like angel food cake…with fresh strawberries!

  137. chocolate cake with mint buttercream… mmm

  138. I like a great moist white cake. Is that weird? It’s so vanilla :) but it’s my most favorite. That’s why I like weddings. LOL

  139. What an awesome purse! My favorite cake is probably a classic chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting :)

  140. This is going to sound terrible, but I absolutely love Zebra cakes. You know, the snack cakes? I think they are Little Debbies, or something like that. Terrible, I know. I can eat the whole box in about 5 seconds, so it’s be a really long time since I’ve had any.

  141. Flourless Chocolate Cake. The more chocolate, the better :)

  142. Mmm tres leches with fresh strawberries and cinnamon!!

  143. White Cake with vanilla icing :)

  144. Black Forest cake!!!

  145. I loooooove PW chocolate sheet cake! I’m actually making it AGAIN tomorrow so I can eat it all by myself…AGAIN! :]

    LOVE this bag.

  146. White cake with white icing! *drool*

  147. Vanilla cake. Just simple simple cake.

  148. I love all cake, but my favorite classic is probably chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

  149. I have always loved red velvet cake, and now I have found a decadent chocolate intoxication cake that rivals my red velvet love. That purse is absolutely beautiful!

  150. I love White Almond Sour Cream cake, but really I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any type of cake.

  151. not a traditional “cake”, but LOOOOOOVE cheesecake! that’s it, plain cheesecake, no special toppings…

  152. I love chocolate cake! Any kind! And usually cream cheese frosting goes great with it! Yummm

  153. Vanilla w/ buttercream icing! Yum yum :)

  154. Wow…. Fave cake?!?! That’s a tough one …… My first thought was red velvet…. or strawberry….. but for this south GA girl, I’d have to go with a good old fashioned pound cake… b/c a pound cake is about the cake – not the icing/cake combo…. I could literally eat the whole thing in one sitting… Mmm… CAKE!

  155. Triple chocolate cake with whipped cookies n’ cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting!!

  156. Devil´s food with dulce de leche filling and some pecan nuts.

    What a nice giveaway! Love visiting you!

    I´m an argentinean reader living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  157. I love Italian Cream Cake. :) And I LOVE these purses!

  158. strawberry shortcake!

  159. Chocolate sheet cake. Boring, but oh so yummy!

  160. Carrot cake is my favorite, but after seeing this bag, it might be red velvet!

  161. My all time favorite is the one my Mama would make for me on my birthday .. strawberry jello cake. Strawberry cake mix, strawberry jello poured onto cake poked with many holes so the liquid could fill them up .. then, refrigerated until set .. then she’d mix cool whip and vanilla pudding to make the frosting.

  162. VANILLA CAKE is my fave!!! with LOTS of frosting… I like classic cakes!

  163. Chocolate cake – ANY variety is my favorite! This purse is beautiful!!

  164. my favorite is ice cream cake. the kind with the chocolate crunchies in the middle!

  165. German chocolate is my favorite!

  166. My favorite cake is the Chocolate Zucchini cake my Grandma used to make. I ate it for years without knowing about the extra vegetables I was getting. So moist and yummy! Especially the chocolate chip and nut topping!

  167. Vanilla with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream! I’m a sucker for anything with vanilla bean ;)

  168. devils food cake with chocolate ganache!

  169. White cake vanilla icing!

  170. LEMON CAKE <3 <3

  171. right now i am in love with the red velvet cake and i also like the coffe ones too…

  172. I know it’s lame, but the funfetti cake from the box! It’s so delicious!

  173. Red velvet! Though I can’t say I’d turn any cake away!!

  174. Carrot Cake, YUM-O!!!!

  175. red velvet with cream cheese frosting! made my first batch of cake pops this week and they were a HUGE hit! can’t wait to try some more!!! thank you bakerella!

  176. my husband makes the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted. I just love when he bakes for me!

  177. cassava cake :D

  178. CoCo Lopez Cake is my all time favorite. YUM!!!!!!!!!

  179. German Chocolate is my favorite. I would eat it everyday if I could!

  180. I got so excited I forgot to say my favorite cake. Any cake is my favorite, because it’s cake!

  181. Spice cake with raisins and Caramel icing :) nomnomnom!

  182. My favorite cake is anything that you teach me to make through your website!!!

  183. Chocolate cake is my favorite, but that bag could become a close second!

  184. I love all kinds of cake but I think my favorite is angel food cake with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

  185. Carrot Cake. yum yum yum!!!

  186. sock it to me cake. holy moses. i can feel myself getting fatter just thinking about it!

  187. I love chocolate cake! =D

  188. Homemade yellow (butter) cake with milk chocolate frosting -adding sprinkles makes it even more heavenly!

  189. That is gorgeous! I would love it!

    My favorite is better than sex cake. :)

  190. i love the mango cream cake..

  191. my absolute favorite is chocolate on chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. the bestest ever! thanks for the inspiration Bakerella!

  192. My favorite cake is chocolate cake, ganache filling and chocolate frosting. Plain but oh so good!!!

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