Snow Globe Coca-Cola Cupcakes

Snowglobe Cupcakes

Did I get your attention? I hope so. Because I’m guest blogging today on the website, Cupcakes Take the Cake! And to celebrate the occasion, I’m also having a giveaway on their blog. Visit them now and enter to win the most awesome baking cups ever (It’s really easy). This giveaway is shorter and ends Tuesday at midnight ET. I’ll announce the winner Wednesday morning right here on

Baking Cups Giveaway

Baking Cups


Now, if you stuck around, let me tell you about the cupcakes, just in case you don’t jump over to enter the giveaway.

The idea for these started with some really cute bottles of Coke that I bought from Wal-Mart recently. I had been trying to think of a way to make a snow globe cupcake for the holidays and these were just the perfect shape. And not only that, they also ended up being the inspiration for the actual cupcake design. Because what’s cuter than polar bears and Coca-Cola at Christmas. Well, probably lots of things, but that’s besides the point.

Coca-Cola Cuteness

So, I took the labels off and cut off the tops with a box cutter. Actually, I asked someone with really strong, steady hands to do it for me. It took several attempts to get the opening the right size. About 2 1/4 inches in diameter seems to be pretty good.

Coke Bottles

With the theme in my mind, I remembered some cola-shaped gummy candies I had been eyeballing at the store recently. Now, I had a reason to buy them. So, off to Walgreen’s I went. (That’s a drugstore if you’re not familiar.)

Cola Gummy Candy

And, since the theme would be based on the Coke Polar bears, I decided to tie it all together with a recipe for Cola Cake, straight from the source.

Cola Cake Recipe

You can download a pdf of the recipe from Coca-Cola’s website. Go here and scroll down until you see Cola Cake. Click on the link and it will open a pdf that you can print. These were really good. I didn’t make the chocolate frosting they recommended with it because I needed snow. So, I used the buttercream frosting one that I use all the time and it worked perfectly.

Now, I had about 28 cupcakes in awesome red baking cups from, but I only used a few for the actual scene.

To make the bear:
I used rolled fondant and hand shaped the parts – similar to how I did this Care Bear Cupcake a while back except the polar bear is only about 2 inches tall. The eyes were black non-pareils and the noses were black candy heart sprinkles. The mouth was drawn with my ever-so-handy Americolor Edible Black Writing Pen. For the scarf, I bought red fondant this time, because it’s really hard to get the color deep red and I didn’t feel like mixing it and having my hands look stained.

To assemble the snow globe:
Make a sugar water spray (recipe here). Lightly mist the inside of the plastic bottle in the areas you want snow. Then, carefully sprinkle sugar inside. You will mostly want it on the sides, bottom, and back. Not too much in the front because you’ll want to see your design. Set the snow globe top aside.

Take one of your cupcakes, turn it upside down and carefully cut the bottom of the baking cup off. Then spread some buttercream frosting on the bottom (now, top) of your cupcake. Then, sprinkle some white sanding sugar on top of the frosting for texture. Place your assembled fondant bear right in the middle and attach one of the cola bottles with a little bit of water to help it stick. Then place the opening of the bottle right over the bear. The opening should be just large enough to rest on the cupcake without sliding all the way over it, like below.

Snow Globe Cupcake

To make the Coke bottle boxes and sign:
I used more red fondant, rolled and shaped as necessary. I used the edible black ink pen for the lettering and some snowflake sprinkles to embellish. The signposts were really small candy canes.

Coca-Cola Snow Globe Cupcakes


I think that’s it. Anyway, I hope you like them and don’t forget to visit Cupcakes Take the Cake to win a set of these awesome baking cups. You’ll love them!

Baking Cups Giveaway

Find out how at Cupcakes Take the Cake and
you can also check out my guest blog on their site, too.
Happy Holidays!
P.S. Check out this month’s Iron Cupcake Challenge. I added these cupcakes to this month’s competition at the last minute, since the ingredient was Chocolate with a twist. I think these qualify. But, please vote for someone besides me since I won earlier this year. Voting starts soon here.
P.S.S. I have a winner to announce. Thanks to everyone who paid a visit to Cupcakes Take the Cake to send them their holiday wishes. It was so much fun reading them. and I just picked the winner from the 1,000+ comments. Let’s see who it is.


Congratulations Lisa! I hope you make lots of cute cupcakes with your new baking cups. And Merry Christmas to you, too!

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219 comments on “Snow Globe Coca-Cola Cupcakes”

  1. Omg!!!!!! I love this website!!!! I thought I made the best and prettiest cupcakes….. Just goes to show u theres much to learn!!!!!

  2. I loved this, I like the way you think. I saw those coke bottles a couple years ago but never had a reason to buy them. I wanted to but I’m not as creative as you so I didn’t bother, lol, if I see them this year I may just try these. If I don’t see them I may just make a gelatin globe but that would be a lot of work to make enough to bother. Thank you for sharing your idea.

    • You can dip a balloon in water sugar and clear gelatin… Let it dry over night and then carefully pry the balloon out with a edible plastic effect similar give it a try! PS butter and 40 seconds in the microwave… My bad I’m not use to sharing lol.

  3. Was wondering if you have any ideas for the snowglobe it is now 2015 and I can not find the bottles anywhere. Any suggestions. Just love those and would love to make them,

  4. has anyone got the method for making these cute cupcakes I cant seem to find the pdf on the coke a cola website ? thanks :)

  5. Celas est très mignon ! dommage que les explications ne soit pas en Français . Merci Bisous

  6. I am just done with making the globes for my sons holiday party after your wonderful idea! Do you think I would be able to place the globes on the top of the cupcake too…easier for kids to eat. It might not look as cute though, thoughts? Also if I do keep them as you did, is there any techniques you have to getting the wrapper off easily once the globe is taken off so they can eat it?

  7. Oh for….these are the sweetest[pun intended] things i have seen all year!

  8. These are so so so cute! And BTW, I love those gummy coke bottles! You amaze me yet again, Bakerella!

  9. I don’t know how to make a website:( can I still win?? Will someone help me creat one? I want to join this world of cupcake blogging;) Such sweetness in a cup!!!! The sky is the limit here..I want to be a part of this sweetness!

  10. These are so Christmassy, I absolutely love them.

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  12. This is the cutest cupcake idea ever!! I’m a huge fan of the Coca Cola cake!! I made it recently for a friend who loves all things Coca Cola. So yummy!

  13. us idea! Those are seriously so cute and I just love it! I’m going to run out and get some of those coke bottles today. I really hope I win.

  14. wow so cute! you’re so creative!

  15. Soo CUTE! Thank you for sharing!

  16. These are adorable!

  17. Amazing! These are so cute. I tried making them, but they didn’t turn out the same, lol. You are truly gifted. Keep up the great work!

  18. have a question you said cut the bottom of the cupcake off do you mean the cake not the hodles love your cake

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