Spiders, Spiders, Spiders

I can’t stand spiders (ick), yet I can’t seem to stop making them for Halloween.

Spider Cupcakes

Some of the first cupcakes I ever tried to decorate were these spiders two Halloweens ago. The legs are licorice. They’re really easy to assemble. Just sprinkle chocolate jimmies on top of dark chocolate frosting and insert licorice legs. Plop on a couple of red mini m&m’s and you’re good to go.

Spider Cake Pops

Then, last year I tried to make some Spider Cake Pops. Again with licorice legs. (These aren’t as easy because the legs are too fragile hanging like this. Not one of my favorite cake pop designs.)


A couple of weeks ago I made these Spider Cookies. No licorice this time. Just cute.

And now…

Some more spiders… scary spiders. And you guessed it… licorice legs once again and with fangs, too.

Spider Bites

But, these aren’t cookies and they don’t have cake inside. These are brownies. They’re brownie bites… No, they’re Spider Bites!

A website hired me to contribute a recipe for a fun Halloween treat. Me? That’s really hard to wrap my head around. I wonder if they realize I don’t really know what I’m doing half the time.

Now, if you pay attention, you might figure out who I made these for before I even tell you.


You just need some basic ingredients to make the brownies.

Brownie Batter

These are gonna be good.


So good that I wanted to stop here and eat them. All of them.

Brownie Bites

But no. Then I’d have to make another batch of brownies to roll.

Licorice Wheels

Licorice wheels. I blame you.

There’s something about these things that make me want to unroll them and stick them in food.

Did I mention that I don’t even like licorice?

Licorice Legs

Admit it. You want to play with them, too.

Black and red

These are raspberry and blackberry gumdrops. The red ones make great spooky eyes.

Spider Bites

Did you guess who I made these for? Did you see the hint? Please tell me you did.

Alright, if you really want to know, she has several cookbooks, TV shows, a newly re-designed website and best of all she loves butter.

Here’s the recipe on

Y’all Enjoy!

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