Thaaank You, Betty!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

This recipe may be harmful to certain New Year’s Resolutions. Proceed at your own risk!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

When it comes to sweets, I really have very simple tastes. If it’s chocolate, then brownies are pretty much a home run. And well, if it’s a cookie, then chocolate chip is all I need. So, when I came across a recipe from the Betty Crocker website for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies there was only one thing to do. Race to the grocery store and pick up a couple of things.

One Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and one Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. I’m sure these would work with scratch recipes too, but Betty has made it so easy. She’s so nice.

Here’s what the packages look like.

Betty Crocker, baby!

Follow the directions on the box for making the brownies and pour into a greased 13 X 9 pan. I use a glass one with a lid like this.

Brownie Batter

Make the cookie mix as directed on the pouch and drop by rounded tablespoons into the brownie batter. You’ll want to press the dough down lightly.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Batter

Bake for 35-40 minutes in a 350 degree preheated oven. When they’re done, take them out and let them cool completely. For about an hour.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Then, you can frost them with chocolate frosting or for a yummier version, do what I did.

Whip up some chocolate ganache. (Recipe below) Pour it on top and spread it out evenly.

Chocolate Ganache

Now, this is the hardest step.

Leave it alone. That’s right, you’ll want to let the ganache set up. It will be tough, but you can do it.

Chocolate Ganache

Once the ganache has set, then cut the brownies and enjoy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Man, these look good.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Here, let’s take a closer look just to be sure.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Yep, they look good. And they tasted great! Thanks Betty!

Happy New Year and sorry in advance for ruining any of your resolutions. But, let’s face it, they probably wouldn’t last anyway. So go ahead and treat yourself.

Make these brownies:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe

Chocolate Ganache
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate morsels
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
6 Tbsp butter

  • In a small saucepan, heat cream and butter until just before the boiling stage.
  • Pour over the chocolate morsels.
  • Let stand about 20 seconds and stir until smooth.
  • Pour over brownies and let set before cutting.

Make Other Betty Crocker Brownies and Cookies:
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  1. I have made these 3 times! Delish , easy to make and impressive! A keeper for sure! Thanks

  2. OH MY DELICIOUSNESS!!!! I am so going to try this.. ! Thanks!

  3. I am REALLY mad at Betty Crocker for starting to make this in a smaller box. It no longer fits right in my 9×11 pan. I have been making and loving these brownies for years. I hate the smaller box. I would have much rather had the same size box as before and paid more :-(

  4. Someone has probably already mentioned this but I just made these cause Betty Crocker now sells this now lol, minus the ganache. Yours look way better, so I’m trying these next time.

  5. These look sinful! I just put some on the oven, but I bought the wrong brownie mix that calls for less oil and egg, I’m sure it will be fine, but……

    Yummy! Can’t wait to taste them!

  6. hey Bakeralle,
    I’ve made these a couple of times and i feel like i there is too much chocolate and brownie and not enough cookie dough. do you have any ideas on how to change this??

  7. hey Bakeralle,
    I’ve made these a couple of times and i feel like i there is too much chocolate and brownie and not enough cookie dough. do you have any ideas on how to change this??

  8. How do I know when the ganache is set. And how long does it usually take to set

  9. I made these last night for my husband…they are AMAZING!!! So glad to finally have a easy, and delicious, ganache! I am taking the majority of the pan I made to our youth group because I know we would eat them all if we kept them. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. I made these last night for my husband…they are AMAZING!!! So glad to finally have a easy, and delicious, ganache! I am taking the majority of the pan I made to our youth group because I know we would eat them all if we kept them. I have a 2 month`

  11. Oh my Godness i just made this for my family and they loved it!!! Thanks so much!!

  12. And oops, I misspelled individual. That’s what I get for not spell-checking before I hit “submit”

  13. I don’t know if anyone has said this already (I really didn’t feel like scrolling through 386 comments!) but Betty now has a Supreme Bars mix for these. I made them with the separate mixes last time and I wanted to make some for my husband in Afghanistan. I was in the store today buying the indiviudual mixes and then found a Cookie Brownie Supreme Bars mix. We’ll see how that turns out. It still has two mixes in the box, but I’m thinking it just makes less with this one. Which is fine, considering I’m going to be cramming two different baking projects into one care package (I just took the brownie candy cups out of the oven ten minutes ago!).

    I also made the Mr Potato Head and Hamm cake pops at my son’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend (along with alien and Mr Pricklepants cupcakes and Jessie’s cowgirl hat and Woody’s badge cookies) and they were definitely the highlight of the party! Thanks for sharing your recipes :)

  14. hi! I love your blog…I have an online store where I sell baby things and I wondered what kind of camera you use…lens…and do you use any special lighting/reflectors or anything? your pictures are awesome! we are making these brownie/cookies tonight!

  15. i just made them for a falcon’s party tonight. one word: superb.

  16. Oh my this was better than that thing I had last night!

  17. I’ve made this same recipe but the other way around & they’re just as addicting. Spread the cookie dough on the bottom of a 13 x 9 pan and pour the brownie mix on top, then cook as directed above. Everytime I’ve taken them into work, they’re gone before we know it! Give it a try….

  18. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! :o)

  19. Just finished pouring the ganache over the brownie/choc chip treat. Can’t hardly wait to eat one.

  20. I made these with homemade cookie dough…..amazing!

  21. Reviving these this Christmas ? my friend I introduced to Bakerella made them on a whim last week and mine are in the oven… I’m drooling already!!

  22. I love, love, love, love this recipe. I make it too much. But I was wondering one day: should these be refrigerated?

  23. I mad ethese for a potluck at work and they were gone in five mins. I got rave reviews and everyone was asking for the reciepe!! I would have to call that a success!!

  24. Love these. Thanks for the recepie. I made these a few weeks ago for my daughters lunch after her baptism and since then I have made these 4 more tines due to family requests.

  25. what kind if knife did u cut with… i am new to the site and i LOVE EVERYTHING! I made red velvet cake balls for my student council bake sale and they were a hit! every time i walk past this little boy at school he always yells “OMG THATS THE GIRL WITH THE CAKES! :)” i did have a problem with some of the balls though: when dipping the cake into the chocolate bark, which was very thick, the cake ball would fall apart. also there were puddles of chocolate bark underneath the cake balls when i would put them on the wax paper. I also would like to know about your drizzling technique. sorry about all the questions you’re work is just AMAZING. you have truly inspired me to take up cooking as one of my favorite hobbies. THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

  26. I’m pretty sure this is what I’m gonna make next. It’s the holidays, why not make tons of sweets. haha.

    I’ll work ’em off working with little kids and waitressing anywayyy!

  27. I made these for my hubby and his parents and they loved this! now I’m making these for a company pot luck! :) yay! :)

  28. Just made these! Not as pretty as yours of course but WOW! I can feel my hips spreading already!

  29. D: WAIT! I can’t buy Betty now!! the store’s closed at this time!
    all I can do is stare at the pictures while my tummy screams and growls in pain..

  30. OH MY!! I was just introduced to your website yesterday, and I can’t beleive what I have been missing. I am drooling reading this recipe, and can’t wait to finsh work and go home and bake!

    This isn’t helping my diet though..hehe Wait, I know, chocolate is good for your heart..there!that works for me ;)

  31. So its taken me a while to get around to commenting, but I wanted to let you know that I was inspired by your post to make these in a Gluten Free version and they were delicious! Thanks for the great find!

  32. Love these!!! Just made them for the first time for a friend’s birthday and they were a HUGE hit!! And so easy to make!

  33. Wow these were so amazing. I loved them. I made a batch for a work potluck and everyone LOVED them. They thought I made it from scratch and were impressed! hehe. Then I had to tell them the secret!

  34. You could use the Betty Crocker that comes with chocolate frosting instead of the brownies mentioned in recipe and use the chocolate frosting to ice the yummy brownies.

  35. it’s good but a little too sweet for me and i have a mega sweet tooth. i would lessen the amount of sugar next time.

  36. I made these last week & I’m making them again right now as I type for my daughters lemonade stand. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! Easy to make if u make em with the way I did: Hersheys triple chocolate mix & the ready to bake pre scored Nestle cookie dough). The ganache is A-MAY-ZING!! Simply amazing..we all devoured them!! My family LOVED it! Thank you Bakerella!!

  37. Made these yesterday and they are almost gone today! Absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

  38. I don’t know how I ever lived without you, Bakerella. Thank you for sharing all your incredible edibles!

  39. Oh, baby!! These look UH-mazing! I used to do something similar…..peanutbutter cookie dough on the bottom and brownies on top. I need to try this one, though..Mmmmm…….

  40. oh my god, me and my friend made this for my parents and our friends. everybody loved it, it’s one of the most delicious things i ever ate! THANK YOU!!

  41. This website is amazing. These brownies have inspired me to start baking! I am not the best, (made brownies today and forgot to grease the stainless steel tins – oops.) but i’m learning! Thank you for inspiration, and will your book be available in Britain? xxx

  42. Made these today for fathers day. They were SO delicious and super easy!

  43. THESE ARE AMAZING! I made them for my family, and then for all of the teachers that I work with! They were gone in 4 seconds! everyone wanted the recipe!

  44. Uh yeah… totally drooled, sent to all of my friends via Stumble and will be making these after buying the supplies for the ganache. Thank you! <3<3<3

  45. Made these three days ago and they were soooo yummy! Took them to school to “treat” the teachers and when my 8 year old came home he was heartbroken that there were only three left. Guess we will have to make them again! :)

  46. My mom made these and they were really great! Super easy too.

  47. Made these with the ganache topping for my husband to take to work and it was a huge hit! The staff was literally fighting over them. Featured them on my blog with your delightful topping addition….

    Thanks for sharing! =)

  48. Hey Bakerella,
    I had a day off school an work yesterday so without any special reason I decided to make cake pops, mini cheese cakes (only I put chocolate ganache instead of cherry…) and the cookie dough brownies.
    it all came out AMAZING!!!! it took time and patient (especially waiting for it all to cool down and then attack it…) but it really IS that simple to make!
    Thank you so much for your creativity and inspiration.
    Can’t wait til your book comes out!

  49. Whoa… yum… yum yum yum!

  50. I may of missed this, but can you use your own chocolate chip cookie dough when making these?

  51. OMG – Death by Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! I am so making these for my girls!

    Cheers – Joolz

  52. I made a whole pan of these and brought them over to my fiancee’s apartment to share with him and his three roommates. They were gone within ten minutes and I have never gotten so many compliments on something I have made before!

  53. Oops. Hit submit too soon. Those mixes use partially hydrogenated oils. Eww.

  54. Looks really good, but why wouldn’t you make this from scratch instead of a box mix?

  55. i made these brownies last night and brought them to work today. all of us in my office love chocolate…so they were a HIT. thanks so much.

  56. I was checking your site out yesterday…it had been awhile :( and came across this recipe. I have no idea way but it’s probably for the best!! Anyways, they are now baking away in my oven making my house smell so yummy and my tummy grawling like crazy! I cannot wait to try em out!! Thanks for all your hard work I love visiting your site!

  57. Oh my god – made these over the weekend and they are delightful. Super rich – had to get them out of the house before I ate more. The people in my office love you too! Thanks for sharing.

  58. i made these and everyone LOVED them! My husband said it was like serving sin!

  59. Hey I wonder if these would taste good if you used a peanut butter cookie mix instead??! i love peanut butter and chocolate!

  60. I made these last night and they were sooooo yummy! I took them to a church function and they were a BIG hit! I made the ganache to go on top of them and WOW what a difference! Thank you for the easy and delicious recipe!

  61. Tara – not yet.

    Anya – I think yum!

  62. Great idea. I made my own brownies and CC cookie batter and they came out perfect. However they were SO rich no one could eat a whole brownie. So I combined this idea with another one of yours that involves brownies and put the brownie batter in the mini tinfoil cups. Baked for ten minutes. Put small scoop of CC cookie batter into the tins and baked for 15 minutes more. Took them out, let them cool. Then I piped the ganache onto them for a pretty little dollop. Bite sized, easier to eat, and they were a very pretty presentation. Basically your idea with the reeses peanut butter cups, but with the cookie dough. Very fun. Thanks for the great idea! Yum.

  63. Yum! Made these just today, but added peanut butter to the cookie mix: brownies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough and ganache. How divine!

  64. Has anyone tried making these with peanut butter cookie dough? I will be making these tomorrow and it just sounds like it would be an awesome combination.. Also I am using the ghirardelli brownie mix.. and will use ghirardelli chips for ganache.. What do u think?

    PS Bakerella… I am sooo in love with your website, you have no idea! :)

  65. Have you ever tried to make these in cupcake holders? I was going to but I didn’t know if you thought it would work. I was just wondering what you thought. They look really good.

  66. These are awesome! Like Heaven in your mouth

  67. My daughter made these this weekend and they were amazing! We used the cookie rolls you get in the refrigerated section and it was even easier!
    Next time, we’re going to try peanut butter cookie dough….
    And that ganache? TO DIE FOR!!!

  68. just made this and promised myself not to think about the calories. I used chocolate frosting on top and they were just so perfect. thank you so much for being such a SWEET person! :)

  69. yay! new near’s potluck solved! i will definitely have to share these puppies so they dont sit in my kitchen and taunt me.

  70. She has these now with her Gluten Free food, for those like my mother with celiacs, I am excited to try it out!

  71. OMG! I just wanna lick my screen!

    Bakerella you are like… The Oprah of everything sweet!!

  72. My son gave me a 9.5 to a 10 on these. Yeah me and Betty!

  73. omg. these were SO GOOD!!!!!! and you can’t ask for any easier recipe.

  74. i’m making these tonight for a holiday party. i sooo can’t wait to taste them!

  75. Bakerella – I can’t believe I didn’t know about your website until today. It’s like coming home to the mothership :)
    Can’t wat to try these . . .

  76. When I first saw these, I thought that was peanut butter cookie dough, but now that I think of it, that would probably work too.

  77. Perfect! I needed something to get my friends fat, and I just found the answer! God does answer prayers!

  78. OMG. I Love it.. it is so yummy..

  79. Kara’s Brownies!

  80. My sister made these and I could have eaten the entire pan myself. I will definitely be making these for upcoming holiday events and potlucks. They are delicious. Don’t waste your time with frosting if you are busy. They are good with and without the frosting.

  81. Everything look delicous (l)
    But somethings I can’t find in the netherlands :(
    But YUM if I look at that

  82. I bet they would be good with peanut butter cookie too!

  83. I made these on Sunday & no one (including my 7 year old) was impressed. I just thought they were blah. :(

  84. Oh my!!! I heart Betty! Yum!

  85. Should have added – that we want to try this next with the peanut butter cookie dough. We’re thinking this should taste like a peanut butter cup….YUM!

  86. Just made these last night and WOW….

    We’ve come up with the official name in our house:

    Yes sad to say I am a nerd.

  87. found a new favorite!!! it was so good. tried sooo hard not to eat too much.:) pretty sure this will be a keeper-forever!

  88. I literally ate half of the pan by myself as soon as they were ready and had to make more to have enough for the party…SO delicious!

  89. Ok, tha has to be one of the best brownie recipe ideas on earth! IT WAS SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!

    I made the brownie and my friend brought over the cookie dough she had made. A.MAZE.ING!

    This will be on my fave list for life.

  90. I LOVE IT. I'm trying these on saturday night! ;) BETTY IS A GENIUS. And so are you! :)???????????????

  91. I just had a heart attack. LOL.
    There are 3 chocolates on that thing. Because you can never have too much chocolate… *drools* :D

  92. i made these a couple weeks ago and they were probably the most rich and delicious dessert i have ever had. and SOOOOOO incredibly easy! i just started dieting earlier this week and i had to vow to myself not to make them again bc i wouldnt be able to stay away. GREAT JOB!!!!

  93. YUMMY! I made them 2nite and they were a HIT!!!! Would you mine if i use your pics on my blog?

  94. Wow! I sent the link to my husband, and he was out the door within 10 minutes to buy the mixes! LOL

    We ate them without frosting and we are in love!

    He said I have to take the rest to work tomorrow so he doesn’t eat them all!

    Thank you!

  95. I made your cake pops after seeing them on PW’s blog for a friend’s birthday a few weeks ago. They weren’t near as beautiful as yours are, but I had a lot of fun and everyone loved them.

    So, when I had another friend’s bday yesterday, and she said she liked chocolate, I searched your site and found these. Everyone was speechless. They are AMAZING.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  96. These look great! I can’t wait to try them..

  97. Sensual Selection – tmi

    katie – just cut them as evenly as you can.

    Kali – Your husband rocks!

  98. I had saved this recipe as one to try and my husband made them as a surprise. When I got home from work they were waiting for me and they were delicious!

  99. I made them and they were fantastic. I have no problem with the baking, it’s the presentation that gets me. Any tips?

  100. i would totally go american pie status on these brownies asses

  101. Thanks Bri

  102. I am excited to try this. This reminds me of a recipe of mine. Bake brownies, then make cookie dough. I lieu of each egg (to prevent illness) put 1/4 cup milk. spread the cookie dough on the baked brownies then pour ganche on top. Triple layer brownies! your middle layer can be cream cheese frosting w/or w/out mint flavoring. if you rather not do cookie do. We like to keep them in the fridge the chill tastes good.

  103. why didn’t I think of that?!

  104. Solanaceae s- maybe it was the all-in-one because mine were yummy. But it could have also been the ganache.

    Erin – you are welcome

    Erica W. – you said it!

  105. These are amazing! When I read this I knew I had to try them (and I finally had the chance to today). The ganache was the perfect finishing touch, thanks for the tip.

  106. I made these for a co-worker’s birthday and they are DIVINE! They look a lot more complicated (read: fancy) than they are. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  107. Found you from Smitten Kitchen. Here in my neck of the woods Betty Crocker offers the mix for these in one box. DH brought them home last week when I was taking a break from the kitchen. It’s a great concept but I thought the CCCD part was a little bland.

  108. Olivia – glad you liked them.

  109. Oh my gosh I made these before and they were sooo rich and wonderful.

  110. Try not to think about it.

  111. Oh dear lord! I can only imagine what these will do to my Weight Watchers points!!!

  112. Kellie – what a great treat. I wish someone would send me sweets.

  113. I made these to send to my daughter at college. I didn’t add the frosting or ganache so they could be packed to mail. My daughter and her roommates said they were great even without it. Thanks so much for this simple but yummy recipe!

  114. Crazy About Cakes – they look good

    Milk It Honey – that’s so sweet. what a great present.

  115. made these last night for my roommate to wake up to this morning. its her birthday and it was a delicious surprise. although she hates me and loves me at the same time cuz she wants to eat them all!

  116. These looked so amazing to me that I had to go make them! Yum! You’ll have to check out the picture of mine on my blog. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  117. Tippy – I’m glad you did, too

    prettyfotos4u – tell him to man up. :)

  118. So, I made these for Valentine’s Day…my husband took a bite and said they were too rich! I’ve been in a sugar coma ever since! Thanks! : )

  119. I made these today (but using a different brownie recipe), and they were AMAZING. So, so SO good.

    I am so glad I found this site.

  120. Liza – you are welcome

  121. made these for valentine’s day! my husband loved them!!! thanks!

  122. Tracy P. – you said it.

    Anonymous – wow, and you didn’t send me any.

  123. Just thought you should know that I’ve made these three times since you posted this.
    I love you, but my thighs do not!

  124. I guess technically that would be a good idea. But I left them out and was fine after eating them a couple of days later.

  125. This may be a stupid question, but I have always wondered about ganache that includes heavy cream — do these brownies have to be stored in the refrigerator because of the cream in the ganache, or will they last 2-3 days at room temp?

  126. Rachel Wilkinson- that would be fine if you credit them and link to my post. thanks

    amanda – what? you didn’t invite me!

  127. bakerella,

    last night i wanted to make these for my roommates, but my dorm kitchen’s brownie pan was ‘mysteriously’ missing, so i used a cupcake pan instead with the brownie mix on the bottom and the cookie dough on top (covered with the chocolate at the end of course) and they turned out AMAZING!!! thank you so much for the idea (and my six roommates thank you as well!!) i love your site!


  128. These look and taste SO yummy! I made some this last weekend and fell in LOVE…as well as my entire family!
    Would it be okay with you if I do a post (using a few of your pics) about these with a link to your blog? Your pictures are WAY better than any I could take and I want you to have the credit for helping me create something SO yummy?
    I am also loving the Valentine’s treats and can’t wait to make some to share with friends!

  129. Yes I have.

  130. I think I just died and went to heaven (or hell). Seriously, have you been spying on me to figure out what my most favorite things in the world are and combined them to spell my DOOM???

  131. Anonymous – Thank Betty. I’m just the messenger.

    Meander – come back any time.

  132. oh that recipe is just wrong sooooo way wrong in the absolute best way ever. Thanks for sharing. I’m adding you to my blogroll and looking forward to more temptation.
    take care and have a gorgeous weekend!

  133. I made these for work a few days ago and the entire pan was gone in an instant. Thanks for the great recipe.

  134. You’re right these are not Weight Watchers friendly unless you want to watch your weight gain.

  135. Oh. My. Goodness. Not very good for a girl on Weight Watchers, but…I have a husband at home who would absolutely die for these!

  136. Bobbie in AK – welcome to the site. I’m sure the PB ones were just as good. Maybe even better. I’ll have to try.

  137. Hi, I found your site via Pioneer Woman. I made these brownies, but I substituted Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix, as I am not a chocolate chip fan. The brownies were delicious! The ganache was wonderful too, and a perfect topper.

    I love your site.

  138. Heather B. – I’m glad you like it

    Julie – too bad you had to share.

    Brandy – you’re welcome

    t* – no prob!

  139. We made these for a baby shower…they were a hit! Thanks for the post!!!

  140. I am SO going to be making these next week! Thank you for such a fun an easy treat!

  141. Thank you for sharing the brillant idea! I made them with my three year old last night and we ate half the pan before it cooled! We would have finished the whole pan, but had to share with the rest of the family. I love simple recipes like this (it lets my son feel like he made it all by himself)!
    Thanks again, you are brillant!

  142. I saw your post and then obsessed about how good these looked. i kept sending the link to friends to show them these super yummy looking treats. Finally I made some (super super easy, which is good for my lack of baking skill). And they were by far the must delicious treat I have had in a while. Thanks for always posting amazing stuff. I am so glad I found your site!

  143. bent el deera – fantastic

    Milk It Honey – she will love you for it.

    Dana (*danavee*) – awesome. good luck.

    Debbie – def don’t tell them how easy it was.

    donna@stuffcookswant – pace yourself

    betsylou – Must have been a good luck charm

    ~*~ Stephanie ~*~ – They’ll be great. Betty wouldn’t steer you wrong.

    Kelli – I am.

    Sherri – you mean there’s still any left.

    Kristy L – tell him I said your wecome.

    Robyn – no problemo

    Juli P – wasn’t that a movie, too?

    Renee – I totally understand.

  144. These were Da’Bomb ! I made these for the Superbowl. I had a hard time waiting for them to cool. They are SOOOO Good !


  145. Made these on Sunday for a Superbowl party. Gone in 60 seconds!
    So delicious!
    Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  146. I have now made these for 2 parties and they are favorites of the crowd. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  147. I made these and they were DELISH! Thanks for the idea! My husband says thanks too! :)

  148. I made these for my all-girl Superbowl Party. I used the ganache instead of the frosting…and they are so delicious I don’t even have words for it.

    Whew. Let me go back for another one…

  149. I seriously and going to make these right now. I think you are my new best friend :)

  150. I am going to be making these tomorrow for our super bowl guests! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  151. i made these for our super bowl party…i'm calling them black & goldies! go steelers!

  152. OMG…you’re killing me……

    Fantastic. Will make these soon…after I spin a few hours in preparation.

  153. When I saw this recipe..I knew I them. I made them last night and they were delicious. Took several up to my husband’s office and they all think that I am some fabulous baker. Little do they know how easy they are. I think the chocolate ganache is the bomb.!!!

    My hats off to you again….

  154. Dude. Perfecto. I’m off to veganize it… THANX!

  155. thank you sooo much for posting this! im going to make this for my roomie’s birthday instead of cake cause she is a cookie lover. i cant wait, she is gonna die!



  157. Elfin Goddess – I understand.

    tawnyalees – you won’t regret it.

    suzanne – you’re welcome

    mic – thanks

    Angela – I’m sure they were on a sugar high.

    Corey – I just had the chips in a plastic bowl.

    Spryte – Yay! You found it.

    Elizabeth – No problem and welcome.

    A – Yes, yes and yes

    bent el deera – you’re welcome

    Casey Wynema – don’t get on the scale. They lie.

    threadfulart – Excellent!

    coloryoworld – great job!

    Lyn – I think you should eat it yourself.

    TonyaB – They won’t even pay attention to the game with those things around.

    CJ – Glad you liked them

  158. These are SOOOOOOO good! Made them last night. I didn’t remember to get ingredients for the ganache and I didn’t have the canned frosting so I made some of my own creamy chocolate frosting. YUMMMO!!
    My son wants me to make them for the Super Bowl party he is going to.

  159. Going to try these for SuperBowl Sunday. Can’t wait! Thanks for a delicious sounding recipe.

  160. Oh dear, this is evil!! But I could make it to take to a potluck so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing myself!


    These were absolutely delicious and thank you so much for the great idea. Everybody loved them!

  162. These were the best brownies i have ever made. My mother actually asked me for the recipe (first time!). Thank you!!

  163. Thanks for the great idea. We switched it up just a bit but they were delicious.

    Our local store had the store brand brownie mix on sale 10 for $10. So I bought 2 of the brownie mixes and then bought the store brand cookie dough (the kind in the fridge section of the store). We mix the 2 brownie mixes. Poured half in a pan. Then added bits of the cookie dough as in your example BUT topped that with the rest of the brownie mix.

    I had actually lost 7 pounds since 1-1-09…I am scared to get on the scale now…lol

    Great and delicious idea…I LOVE your blog!!

  164. thank u thank u
    i love it
    i’ll try to do it today :)

  165. AMAZING. Delicious and wonderful. They bake perfectly, cut easily, and ship very very well. yum yum yum yum….

  166. I’ve never been to your site before but clicked over from PW. I have to say, this recipe looks a-freaking-mazing and if it’s any indication of your usual posting I’ll be coming back a lot!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  167. I can’t wait to make these! I had a quick question though: For the ganache, you write to pour the cream/butter over the chocolate chips? I’m still new at a lot of this baking stuff, but, what do you recommend I put the chips in to do this? Or, could I simply pour the bag of chips into the cream/butter?

    Thanks so much!

  168. Just wanted to let you know that we tried this recipes for my son’s class party (Christmas party rescheduled due to a week of snow days- 72″ of snow!) and the entire 3rd grade class adored them!

    Thanks very much!

  169. i love it!!!!

  170. am bringing a dinner (potatoe chip chicken) and these to a new mom tonight!
    thanks for the just a little bit extra ideas!

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  173. A Cupcake Life – me too

    Tiffany – I think he’ll love it.

    Tracy – I could use some too, right about now.

    Norine – save some for me.

    Missy s- I cut straight down the middle on both sides. then I cut each half in half again. Clean your knife off in between cuts so it doesn’t pull. Also make sure they are cool… if you can wait.

    Cara – Make him work for it.

    ScrapMomOf2 – wish I could send you some

    Chrissy – I can smell the chocolate now.

    Vallie – YAY

    Leslie – I love me some ganache!

    Kaci- glad you made it all work.

    Cassykins – they’re easy!

  174. I made these a few days ago and though I thought they came out a little gritty and… umm… pre-boxed, my boyfriend, his brother and my brother all thought they were great. What is it with guys and chocolate?? lol

  175. Made these today. Did not use a 9×13 pan and ended up baking for about an hour an a half in a eight by eight pan. I also used mini pre-cut cookie dough cookies. Didn’t frost or ganache…and they were excellent! Whoo hoo! I did something right!

  176. Just wanted to let you know that I made this today. I also made the chocolate ganache (first time ever making ganache). This is HEAVEN! Thanks for posting this! It’s definitely a keeper!

  177. I made these for my friends and everyone LOVED it! Super easy too! I am definitely making it again!

  178. Im making thse right now – yummy the house smells great.

  179. Oh my. I need these!

  180. I made these and my husband is begging me to make them again.

  181. I have a Q…

    Every time I bake some brownies, the look horrible when I cut them :S they dont even look like squares lol ..

    how do I cut them neatly? :)

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  185. Okay, I found a box of ” Hershey’s Cookie Brownie Bars” at Walmart a few days ago. They are made by Betty Crocker. I love easy stuff like this!


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    Chocopink – welcome and thanks!

    CakeEater – Knew you would like!

    My First Kitchen – You won’t regret it.

    Just Being Me – enjoy them

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    Miss Kate – you’re welcome

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    apparentlyjessy – Betty gets all the cred.

    Michele – good to know they taste great, too

    Kelly – Awesome!

  187. I made these for a girls weekend and they were such a huge hit!

  188. Man, these are sooooo good. Thanks for sharing. I used the peanut butter cookie dough that someone else suggested in their comments and I think it works great too. Love the ganache on top.

  189. Thank you Bakerella, I made this and it was superb!

  190. Made these yesterday, YUM!!!!! Thanks for sharing all of your yummy goodies with us

  191. Those look so good, I think I just gained five pounds — on my thighs alone! These brownies may just save my soul. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    Also, those pictures are gorgeous and detailed. Great job with those.

  192. Goodness! I saw the opening photo and called my chocolate-obsessed husband over and read your post to him. Half way through, he’s pushing me off my chair and telling me to go make those. I told him it was trick photography. It didn’t work. He’s a PhotoShop expert. *sigh* I guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow. ;) I’ll think of you fondly whenever I catch myself avoiding the scale. :D

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  195. I made these for my husband this weekend!! DELISH!! Will certainly have to do more sit-ups this week!!! THANK YOU!!

  196. Visit my blog! I have given you an award.

    cookie Girl

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