Valentine’s Day Cake Pops


I’ve already made some cake pops that look like conversation hearts, using pastel candy coatings and a heart-shaped cutter. They’re in my Cake Pops book. But, this weekend I wanted to try using real conversation heart candies to make some cute teddy bears look awesome.


Awe. Some.


These are large conversation heart candies. Not the little ones you usually see. They are about 1 inch tall and just the right size to place in front of teddy bear’s belly. (Found at Hobby Lobby craft store by the way.)


I’ve also already made teddy bear cake pops. They are in the book, too. But they aren’t the entire body… just the head.

So for these I thought Hershey’s Kisses would make perfect legs. Perfect enough to resemble a plush doll anyway.

For his arms, his front paws… I used brown M&M’s candies. I could have used a slightly larger candy, but these were pretty close to the color of the Kisses and the chocolate candy coating that I used for the bodies, so I rolled with it. Besides, it’s all I had on hand that was close enough to work and also look like he was holding the heart.


For the rest of the details I used the following…


Large jumbo heart sprinkles on the legs.

Black coated sunflower seeds for noses.

Black sugar pearls for eyes

A black edible ink pen for smiles.

Oh and chocolate chips to help shape the bear’s structure. (FYI – These are Ghiradelli chips. They are larger chocolate morsels and worked great since I was going for bigger ears. They are also a bit flatter, so they weren’t too pointy when placed in position for the nose.)


After rolling out your cake balls (see basic cake pop instructions here), chill in the freezer to get them firm and easier to shape. Take your ball and shape it kind of like a peanut. Use one of your heart candies to press on the front and flatten out the bear’s belly on the lower half.

Melt some chocolate candy coating. Dip the edge of two chocolate chips in the melted coating and insert into the bear cake pop shape for ears. Attach a third chip to the front of the bear’s face to help his nose protrude a bit. Insert your lollipop stick into the coating and then insert about halfway into the shaped cake ball. Return pops to the freezer to firm up again for just a couple of minutes.

After chilling, dip the entire body into the bowl of melted candy coating. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to dip and remove in one motion. The coating should also be thin enough to completely coat the pop without having to stir it in the bowl.

Gently tap off any excess coating. Attach nose, conversation heart and legs while the coating is still wet.

Place in a styrofoam block to dry.

When dry, you can dip your toothpick into some of the leftover melted coating and dot some in position for the eyes. Then just attach the sugar pearls. Dot some on the legs and attach the jumbo heart sprinkles. Apply a little bit of coating to one side of the M&M’s candies and attach them to the body so they appear to be holding the hearts.

Then just draw on some sweet smiles.

Voila. Huggable lovable bears.


Have fun!

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251 comments on “Valentine’s Day Cake Pops”

  1. I love the way your mind works! you are a true inspiration :D

  2. The bears are so cute! My DIL & I are going to make the conversation heart pops for my Granddaughter’s day care, this year, but this will be our inspiration for next year ! Thanks!

  3. Question: Do you attach the hershey kiss legs before or after dipping them in the candy melts? I’m seriously considering trying these, they are so adoprable! You are a genius!

  4. Soo CUTE! I cant stand it!! I think i will attempt to make these in a few weeks!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  5. OMG!! These are so freaking adorable… Cant wait to try these!! I simply love Mondays to see what you come up with… and its always something amazing…. thank you! =)

  6. I can’t wait to make these super cute Valentine’s cake pops. Can someone tell me how and when to add the hershey kisses legs? I couldn’t find that step in the instructions. Do I add them before or after they are dipped? How are they attached? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  7. You have seriously out-done yourself! So cute!

  8. OMG!! I LOVE, L-O-V-E, these. I can’t wait for a Cake Pops Holiday edition. For that matter, I want a Cake Pop Disney edition too! And More Every Day Cake Pops edition. I’m totally copying these. As a hobby baker, I’m not creative on my own, and I adore these ideas.

  9. These may be the cutest pops you’ve made. Very creative.

  10. Ah, I love bears! This is so cute. I really want to make these now… but they’re too cute to eat!

  11. I love these! I got your book for Christmas and am having a fabulous time making delicious treats for my twins. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Adorable!!! Might try these this year but might go a bit simpler too. We’ll see. But thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Wow! Those are amazing!

  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are adorable!

  15. Wow, these are adorable! I love them! I think it would take me an entire week to turn out something as awsome as this.

  16. Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh! Every time I try to come up with a cake pop design, my mind goes blank! But now I think why didn’t I think of teddy bears?! I’m just not that creative. *sniff* Anyways, I bought some cute little paper popcorn containers the other day, and I can’t think of a way to use them (other than popcorn, of course). Any ideas?

  17. Wow cuties….

  18. You never stop being soooooo creative! You are truly blessed with a great gift and talent!

  19. I am doing a valentines day theme over on my blog this week and I would love to feature these if possible? P.S. Love your blog! Seriously you have the cutest ideas!

  20. Aw, so cute! I might have to make them for a special 4 year old preschool class!

  21. Those are too cute. Loving them.

  22. Awwwwwwww so cute !!!!

  23. Hi, Bakerella,
    I just wanted to tell you again that even though I don’t bake at all, I always click on your site because you inspire me to be more creative. Thanks!

  24. Too ADORABLE and too AWESOME!! You are so creative!!!!

  25. So cute. I am inspired and a little jealous. I really have only mastered the cake pop ghosts, these seem too advanced. Something to work for! You are Awe Some!!!

  26. Your creativity amazes me! It amazes my husband too.

  27. These are adorable!

  28. Brilliant! I can’t wait to try these. I have not had much luck getting my coating so smooth. Maybe I should try thinning it out some more.

  29. Love these! Too cute!

  30. Love love love these! Was trying to think of a new and different Valentine pop….PERFECT!!!! Thank you Bakerella…you’re amazing!!!

  31. im so jealous, here in ca. we don’t have hobby lobby….):
    but otherwise, i love the cakepops, they are so cute! ?

  32. These are soooo cute and adorable. You are so awsome with all these cute ideas! :)

  33. Beautiful! Not that you don’t already know it but you are so talented!

  34. you are an amazingly talented woman!!! Thanks for inspiring us all :)

  35. I love these!! I’m going to try them for my Kindergarteners class! You mentioned that the coating needs to be thin enough to coat comepletely without having to swirl. I think this has always been my problem!! How do you thin it out??

  36. Super cute! That’s all I need to say! Cute!!

  37. love ’em!

    Would be hard to eat these creations. Not too hard though.

    These are the ROSE cake Pops I made! —> Happy Valentine’s Day.

  38. OMG! Seriously? You are too cute.

  39. Those are the cutest cakepops!! I don’t know where your ideas come from, but I’m glad they do – keep ’em coming!

  40. I love these!! So clever and cute and can’t wait to try them for V-day!

  41. Very Cute. But I need a side view. Also can you put up a video of you actually dipping cake pops so I can see how you do it.? It’s hard to get all of the pop covered smoothly. I’m missing something here. Maybe it’s the bowl I dip it in or the amount of chocolate I use? HELP!!!!!

  42. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVEEE THEM! I can way to make those adorable bears.

  43. OOPS I mean I can’t….. ;oP

  44. I just wanted to tell you I totally appreciate someone who has an amazing blog…that is viewed probably by millions and still only blogs about once a week. It’s so overwhelming with all those bloggers out there that somehow amazingly make like 5 crafts a week and blog about it! i am always amazed by what you create…but so grateful to know that you are human and don’t do it five times a day! Love your blog…keep it up!

  45. I’d feel sooo guilty biting his head off…Oh, wait, he’s Chocolate? Notta problem *Ü*

  46. These would be great for Australia day.. but instead of brown teddy bears.. they were coated in grey candy coating.. and held leaf shape candy :D (spearmint leaves)

    Thank you for sharing these Bakerella :D

  47. cute! cute! cute!! Extra cute! … I’ve spent the last 3 days just reading and reading your old entries… I love every single one of them… n_n

  48. So cute – can’t wait to try them with my son! Oh, and when a facebook friend was looking for a cake recipe, I referred her to your blog, and a ton of other people mentioned how they followed your blog or had your book. You are very loved!

  49. U’re a genious!!! I’d love to have some of the bears for valentine :)


  50. You can really tell alot of love went into these?! Absolutely precious.

  51. Hello, I have a question in general about making cake pops/balls. Have you ever had problems with the chocolate coating cracking after it dries? and if so, how can you remedy that? Any tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  52. these are super CUTE

  53. I’m so overwhelmed! I just ran across your book at our local target! I bought it of course and have been obcessed ever since! You are truly inspirational and gifted! Thank you!!!

  54. I love these! Their so cute. Going to have lots of fun making these! <3

  55. how cute is that? you are truly inspirational!

  56. So cute! I love how creative you always are.

    I saw this today and it made me think of you, the original. I have your book (of course), and my sister-in-law and her mother made it out to your Toronto show. My niece even made it on to your website! (She’s the one that likes pictures). Anyways, this is what I saw:

    Hope there aren’t any copies…

  57. Absolutely killer and you gave such wonderful instructions. I will have to try these.

  58. These are adorable. I have tried to make cake pops and am an epic failure. You are my hero.

  59. Hi Bakerella!

    These are soooo cute!! Question…how do you attach the hershey kisses to the body after you have dipped the whole body in chocolate without having them fall off? Is there a technique that i should be aware about?

  60. Oh my gosh, Ms. Bakerella, I just passed out on cuteness overload! I have to make these! :)

  61. These are so adorable. I just got your book and I can’t wait to dig in. You are so talented.

  62. These are so incredibly gorgeous – I wouldn’t dare touch them let alone eat them. ;) I’d love to try making them but I think I’d be too scared of failing – if you’ve never made cake pops before, what would you recommend starting with?

  63. So cute. And, score. It’s a great snow day project.

  64. Oh my goodness!!! Those are adorable! I haven’t made any cake pops yet, but I think these will be my first attempt! My dd’s bday is 2 days after valentines and this would be perfect to have!

  65. Thank you SO much for this idea. I was trying to figure out what to do for my kids’ school classes instead of the typical card and sucker deal. This is just too cute. Now to decide between these or simple cake pops that have a heart drawn on them. Those are easier to syran wrap making transport easier.

  66. Awww, these are just so ADORABLE!!!!

  67. Wow these are amazing!!

  68. I had to run right out and buy the book …
    tomorrow at my house I am having girl friends over for a craft day…
    and we are going to make some CAKE POPS !!!!


  69. Oh, you made me hungry. Very specifically hungry.

  70. Bakerella: I tried to make some but the cake kept breaking from the middle. I really want to make them for the kids, so help please!

  71. These are fabulous! I love how you’ve shaped them into little bears. Everything you do is so creative and professional.

  72. so adorable I don’t think I’d be able to let them go

  73. These little valentine bears are too cute for words. You never cease to amaze me! I have been baking forever, but you have outdone yourself and everyone I know who has also been baking for a long time. God bless you for this wonderful gift you have shared with all of us. You keep going, girl!

  74. Hi Bakerella! Just wanted to say that you make some amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing all of your tips and gorgeous photos. Fun fun fun!!

  75. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! AMAZING! I have to make some!!!!

  76. ommg these are absolutely adorable
    you have so much talent it’s ridiculous!!

  77. Can you tell me why I am having to coat my pops twice?
    If I don’t some of they start bleeding a liquid. My balls are fairly firm so I don’t understand why this is happening.
    This has happened with brownie pops and cake pops.

  78. very very CUTE:)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  79. I just can’t believe how brilliantly talented you are…I vowed I didn’t need anymore cookery books in my life but I HAVE TOU HAVE YOURS!
    Everything I’ve looked at is so cute and inspirational.
    Thank you for sharing your special creativity with us all.

  80. Woman, you have out DID yourself! Those are absolutely ADORABLE.

  81. these are just so brilliant! had to show my husband because they are so amazing, so very creative!

  82. I love them, soo cute I’m planing to do em for the valentines day thank you <3

  83. Your cake pops are always perfect and adorable. You are so talented.

  84. These bears are incredibly sweet! So cute!!!

  85. these are super, super cute! I will have to try! :)

  86. Now that I’m seeing these I think my cake balls & pops are WAY under the “normal” size for them.

  87. Hi Bakerella!
    I loooove your blog, and I’m always amazed at what interesting creations you come up with. I am preparing to make these pops for Valentine’s Day, but I’m having trouble finding the sunflower seeds. Any tips on where I should look for the ingredients you used?


  88. I had to share this little tid bit of Info. I was watching a new cake decorating show on TLC and they are now calling what we use to make cake pops with “Cake Paste” cake and frosting mixed together and used it when they carve cakes to to help with the sculpting. I thought it was interesting and would share. Have a nice night.

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    Un Beso muy gordo!!
    Tu E Chef

  90. Am so excited to try these! I can’t decide which is my fav! Lol xoxoxo

  91. Elle, I don’t know where you live, but I found black coated sunflower seeds today at Michael’s.

  92. Hi, it was a blessing I stumbled on your site. Been looking for cake pops recipe, and I got right here..
    I would like to know if there is any other frosting I can use besides cream cheese? Here in our place cream cheese is quite expensive, and I haven’t found ready made cream cheese frosting so I really have to do it in scratch.

  93. you really are TOO AMAZING. wow.

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