Wrapped and Ready

Cake Pops Holidays Wrapping Paper

Have you guys started getting ready for the holidays yet? For the last few years, I’ve waited until the last minute, but this year I’m trying to get ahead of the game and wrap some gifts that I already know I’ll be giving.

Cake Pops Holidays Books

My Holidays book is a good way to start. And I wanted to wrap them in a cute, quick and totally customizable way. So I’m working with to create fun, custom cards and packaging. You can upload your own photographs or artwork to their site to make endless types of unique gifts from shirts and phone cases to lunch boxes and lamps. Lots of stuff.

Cake Pops Cards

I stayed with paper products though and made something special for the holidays. I used some of my photographs from the book to create illustrated versions of my cake pops, so the whole gift could be one cute coordinating package.

I started with cards, but soon stumbled onto stamps!

Cake Pops Stamps

Ack! Have you ever made your own stamps? This is such a cool extra touch that makes mailing something more special.

The only problem is they are so cute I don’t know if I can stand to send them away. I think I’m going to just have to order more to keep for myself.

Custom Cake Pops Stickers

I also made these sweet stickers in pink and green… because, as usual I couldn’t decide on just one color to stick with.

But let me show you my favorite new thing to make.


Wrapping Paper!!!!

Custom Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Yes, rolled wrapping paper. You can get so creative with this for special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, of course. I can’t wait to make more.

Okay, let’s get wrapping!

Cake Pops Lollipop Sticks

Oh yeah, I’m popping a few sticks inside the box with my book, so I relabeled them to match the packaging.


Wrap in tissue, stuff with some coordinating paper filler and then seal with a sticker.

Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Add a coordinating bow and it’s wrapped and ready!

Yay! One present down.

Cake Pops Frosty Friends

And here’s a few more. Pink wrapping paper for these adorable little Frosty Friends Mini Kits.

I’m thinking stocking stuffers.

Cake Pops Stamped Envelope

Now, who should I send some to?

Cake Pops Custom Packaging

I thought I’d give away three gift sets if you’d want to get ahead of the game this holiday too and let me wrap a present for you.

Enter for a chance to win one of three (3) Cake Pops Gift Sets that includes a signed Cake Pops Holidays Book with lollipop sticks and a Frosty Friends Mini Kit all wrapped in cute custom paper.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on the blog and tell me if you’d rather have pink or green wrapped presents. Or if you can’t decide, then just share what kind of wrapping paper you’d like to make one day.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winners announced below.
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening.

P.S. Two new December Book Signings! – I’m happy to share that I’m making up the Cake Pops Holidays book signing from last year that was cancelled in New Jersey due to Superstorm Sandy. And I have a new one in my home state of Georgia. I hope you can make it if you live nearby.

Good Luck on the Giveaway!


Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find gifts they’ll love at Zazzle.


Okay guys, we have three winners. Joanna McC, Jenn and Sophie! I hope you enjoy your holiday gifts.

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2,307 comments on “Wrapped and Ready”

  1. I’m completely in love with the pink and the sparkly green polka dot ribbon you used to coordinate with the green. Super fun! Super cute!!

  2. Both are great buti would pick green :)

  3. Either color is so adorable! I’d have to say pink though. We have a new niece in the family this Christmas so pink seems to be the theme! Thanks, Bakerella!

  4. Me gusta el rosado, es muy lindo.

  5. Pink Presents Please!!!!

  6. These are adorable! I’m torn between the two colours, but I have to say pink wins.

  7. So adorable! Pink is my preference, but I wouldn’t refuse green! Thanks for sharing with us…crossing my fingers #<(:^•)(•••)

  8. Truly cannot decide!! Both are gorgeous!! If I could make my own, I’d use my “bucket” list….hot air balloons, South African beaches, horses on the beach, etc.

  9. I can’t decide about colours either, they’re both adorable and go so well together. I think my own wrapping would involve birds and stars. Possibly unicorns.

  10. Green please!!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!

  11. Pink for sure!

  12. You are my #1 inspiration for making cake pops! All the wonderful designs and color makes everyone and I so happy!! I just wanted to Thank You for the sweet inspiration! You are truly an sweet artist! Xx

  13. Truly cannot decide…both a re gorgeous! If I could make my own paper, I’d use my bucket lust I think. Hot air balloons, horse ride on a beach etc.

  14. Such a cute post! :)

    Pink for me!

  15. Pink!
    Love everything Congrats!

  16. I just Love the green one, what a great idea!

  17. Both looks amazing but I would love to have the green one as it suits the Christmas feel :) Weeee I love Christmas!

  18. Oh wow! That is amazing! I love the green!

  19. Those are so cute! I think I would go for the green.

  20. Love the green!

  21. Sooo adorable!!! I love pink!

  22. Pink – love pink!!! Such cute gifts!!

  23. I choose pink! Also, hoping I win because Thursday, Nov. 14, is our 38th wedding anniversary!

  24. Hi Bakerella,
    wow, yet another giveaway? You are certainly already in holiday mood, aren’t you?^^ The gift set sounds too amazing, I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to win one :)
    Lots of love,

  25. Love them both but I’m on a pink kick lately! Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  26. So awesome, I like both but i think im loving the pink more! Good luck to me & all!

  27. Tough decision… but I really love the green!!!!

  28. Gotta go with the pink!!! :-)

  29. Definitely pink!!!! So beautiful and my girls would loooove it!!!

  30. love the pink! But the green is very cute too. What a neat idea. The stamps are my favorite part. If I did it I would create ones with my weenie puppies on it. Or maybe my kids. Decisions decisions. .. maybe both. Very neat idea though. I love seeing all your creative ideas. You give such inspiration to so many!

  31. I love the pink! But the green is very cute too. What a neat idea. The stamps are my favorite part. If I did it I would create ones with my weenie puppies on it. Or maybe my kids. Decisions decisions. .. maybe both. Very neat idea though. I love seeing all your creative ideas. You give such inspiration to so many!

  32. So adorable!! They’re both cute, but I would pick green. Thank you!

  33. OMG those are way too cute! I would have to pick pink!

  34. Pink! Such a happy color! :)

  35. The green is adorable, but the pink is totally me! What fun gifts! You did a great job designing everything!

  36. Love the pink! Thanks :)

  37. Super adorbs! Love the green!!

  38. Super adorbs! Love the green!

  39. I love the pink! But the green is very cute too. What a neat idea. The stamps are my favorite part. If I did it I would create ones with my weenie puppies on it. Or maybe my kids. Decisions decisions. .. maybe both. Very neat idea though. I love seeing all your creative ideas. You give such inspiration to so many!

  40. They’re both really adorable!!
    I’ll say green – just because everybody else is going with pink ;-)

    Oops, forgot to put my name.

  41. Green, please!

  42. They’re both really adorable!!
    I’ll say green – just because everybody else is going with pink ;-)

  43. Super adorbs! Love the green!

  44. I choose pink!!!! So-so-so cute!!!!

  45. Absolutely the GREEN! Too cute!

  46. Absolutely GREEN, although both wrappers are super adorable! :D

  47. I love pink….but green is very Christmassy! I’d be happy with either :-)

  48. These are just too cute! I love both colors, but I’d pick the pink one. :)

  49. Aw they’re both super cute!! Hmmm but I’d say green :)

  50. Congratulations on your book signings. I wish I lived close by! I would love the green wrapping paper! I need to go visit Zazzle! Thank you so much for sharing this info with us.

  51. I would go for green – it’s a bit more festive even though the pink is pretty too.

  52. How cute gift packs, thanks so much! I’d prefer the green one! :-D

  53. I like the green! Perfect for Christmas!

  54. I would have to go with pretty in pink :)

  55. Pink! Pleeeease. :)

  56. I would love to win it wrapped in green! And then I would gift it for my best friend who loves sweets, loves baking and loves green! Perfect! Pretty please. :-)

  57. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!! I would absolutley die to win this!!!!!! I would love to be suprised with a color :)……. If I could make wrapping paper I would put my grandchildrens gorgeous faces on xmas classic cartoon characters :). HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Green!!! I absolutely love it!!!

  59. I love the green! And if I ever got the chance to make my own wrapping paper it would be a toss up between my logo, and cartoon interpretations of some of my favourite cake creations :)

  60. I love pink! I’d love to receive either color though. Great blog!!

  61. I would go with the pink! Its so cuteeee (: <3

  62. I’m not really a pink kinda girl, so would choose the green

  63. It’s a tough choice but it’ll have to be green as its my favourite colour and is also very Christmassy.

  64. I would go with the green one although i do love both of them but the green just reminds me of Christmas and I love Christmas!

  65. pink pink pink :) thank you!!

  66. The green paper has a christmas touch -since it is green obviously- but I am in love with the pink paper: very sassy!
    Thank you for the give away and good luck to everyone ^_^
    L3ve !

  67. One day I want to make a wrapping paper with my own baked gems :-) Till then I would pick the pink one!

  68. I think the green is absolutely ADORABLE!

  69. Green is more Christmassy to me, but they both look gorgeous!

  70. Pink! So cute!!

  71. Oh, these are SO adorable! I’d have to go with the pink.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  72. I love the green! So sweet :)

  73. So cute!!!! I love the pink!!!

  74. pink for sure, and thank you for the chance to win!

  75. the green is super festive, but if I were making my own it would feature a hare motif

  76. I like the green!!

  77. Well green & pink are my two favorite colors, so that’s a tough decision for me too! I think it would be really fun to make wrapping paper custom for the person you’re giving it to, with either their picture or artwork! How fun, I can wait to check it out! Thanks for the ideas!! :D

  78. I love those polar bear pops! I would have to choose the pink paper it makes my want let out a girlish squeal.

  79. I love sets the way you’ve packaged them with such attention to detail! But I would be very happy with the pink as I love the candy cane striped cord around it! As for wrapping paper, is love to print some with either my original photos, or drawings, or my kids’ drawings. It’s a great idea!

  80. I loooooove this pink! <3

  81. The green wrap seems very appropriate for the season — and I love the sparkly ribbon too!!!

  82. Pink!!!!!!!!!

  83. I would love a pink wrapped present! BTW–the stamps are super-duper cute!!!!!

  84. The green looks so festive and would be the one I’d choose for someone special!

  85. I would love to have the pink one! It’s my daughter’s favorite color.

  86. My choice would have to be green. And if I ever had the chance to make my own wrapping paper, I would choose either my logo, or cartoon versions of some of my favourite cake creations.

  87. I love the green!!

  88. These are so cute! I love both colors, but I’m truly a pink girl at heart. :-)

  89. Gorgeous! ! Certainly pink for my lil girl.

  90. I have 3 girls so it is PINK for me for sure!! :)

  91. Hello Ms. Bakerella,
    I absolutely love, love, LOVE your blogs and posts!!! I am a huge fan and to be quite honest, I didn’t know how to make cake pops until just recently about a year ago. Now, if the time permits, I make cake pops for all my kids and my friend’s kids’ parties!!

    I really hope I win!! I think I’d love the green one, cuz it’s a neutral color. But the pink is my fave color. Both colors are awesome!! I wouldn’t be worried about what color I got. I’d just be ecstatic that I won anything at all!!! Lol!! Love what you do!!!!

    Sincerely….. no, wait… Love,
    Annie Chu :D

  92. Pink please! :)

  93. I love the pink one :)

  94. I’ll choose the pink paper as it will be perfect to wrap my granddaughters books. They are girly girls all the way!

  95. I’d choose the green paper!

  96. They are super cute, I would love to win the pink ones :) xxx

  97. As always, your work is super cute! I love the green wrapping paper.

  98. Love love love! They’re both so cute but I think green just wins :)

  99. Pink Please!

  100. I love the pink paper! Too cute!

  101. I like both, but pink a little bit more.

  102. So cute!!! I think green is great for the holidays :)

  103. I LOVE the green wrapping papper…it’s so bright and cute looking…I’d love to make blue or purple wrapping paper one day.

  104. OMG, I love them both! If I had to pick it would be green. I am registered with Zazzle, love that website its the best.

  105. I love them both, but the pink is my favorite.

  106. Those are adorable! And green, for me :D

  107. Awesome idea! Love both, but green just a tad more! :)

  108. I really liked the way you packaged the green wrapped one! But honestly, I can’t decide (pink is my favorite color).

    I’d want too design one with cute cherry blossoms or maybe a hawaiian themed one….hmmm…..=)

  109. Green! Since I look forward to christmas so much :)

  110. I’d choose pink! Love personalizing everything with Zazzle! I use them for all of our parties. :)

  111. So adorable! Id love one in pink- my favorite color!

  112. Wow, both colors are so beautiful! But since I live with 2 boys, I’d have to go with the girly pink, something just for me. :)
    Love your site, Thanks!

  113. These are gorgeous! I’d love green!

  114. Between pink and green- I think it would have to be GREEN! one of my fave colours as it goes with my auburn hair perfectly :) But my fave wrapping paper of all time is anything Disney themed! and yes I am 19!

  115. I like the green wrapping paper!

  116. ooh ooh ooh PINK!!!

  117. When I think of Bakerella, I think of pink. A gift from you would be made even more perfect wrapped in pink. :D Your custom wrapping paper is just too adorable! I love it so much.

  118. Pink for my cute daughter and for me (shouts and claps in glee)! I love the colors and the designs you made they are what I would like to have and give for my daughter. :) Thank you!

  119. i would love green c:

  120. It has to be green wrapping paper :) it looks so festive!!

  121. PINK it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Green is so cute – very festive! Thank you Bakerella!! :)

  123. Pink one please! :-)

  124. They are both darling, but I’m always a sucker for anything pink!

  125. Pink of course ! So girly ! I live in Belgium so I don’t know if I can do the give away … I can’t find your books here !

  126. I would love the pink one please! :-) A wrapping paper I would love to design is a purple chevron stripe one with cupcake and cake pops all over! :-)

  127. Greeeeeeen!

  128. pink as its mine and my daughter favourite colour and part of our christmas theme :)

  129. Green, for Christmas, please <3

  130. I love both! Super cute idea!

  131. The pink wrapping paper is adorable!

  132. Gorgeous! I would live either. I have a son and daughter who would happily share and with the book could make some cake pops with them. They are 4 and 2 and my little baking helpers. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all enjoy being with family, friends and food! X x

  133. Gorgeous! I would live either. I have a son and daughter who would happily share and with the book could make some cake pops with them. They are 4 and 2 and my little baking helpers. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you all enjoy being with family, friends and food! X x

  134. I really love the green one. Thank you :)

  135. Green! Its a Christmas color! =D

  136. Oooh, I’ve been eyeing their new items lately. Love the green paper you made. I hope to make some to coordinate with my logo at some point because…well, because. :) Everyone needs personalized wrapping paper, right?

  137. Pink…of course

  138. Pink! Always pink…when in doubt: pink!

  139. I love the pink one! :) cant wait to make more cake pops

  140. So super cute! I choose pink. I can’t wait to check this out and make custom wrapping paper!

  141. omg this is the cutest! i wanna make stamps!! and as far as that wrapping paper go id looooove pink!!

  142. i like the green! can you make a color red too :-)

  143. Green, definitely green. So cute!!

  144. Sooo hard! I love both pink and green but I love the shade of green you chose so I will go green :)

  145. So super cute! I would choose pink! I can’t wait to check this out and create some custom wrapping paper!

  146. They are both soooo cute, but if I had to choose I would go with Green!

  147. Green wrapped presents! My fave color!

  148. Pink..! So cute both ;)

  149. I would love the green!! ITS SOOO ADORable!! They r both superrrrrr cute!!!!
    Happy holiday

  150. Toooo cute! Would love the pink wrapping

  151. Amazing idea ! Will defiantly must try this myself ! Love the green one though !

  152. I love both the pink and green – so cute! I would love to see some products with your Muppets cake pops, though there might be a licensing issue there!

  153. So very cute! The pink is my fave.

  154. I choose pink, my favorite color. Never knew you could make your own wrapping paper. That could make every occasion special. Getting a gift for a friend or family member with their face on the present. Amazing! I can’t wait to try it!

  155. I love both the pink and green, I can’t decide! I would love to put pictures of the family onto wrapping paper and give it to the grandparents! Ill have to check that out. Thanks! Your awesome, I love all your stuff!

  156. I like both, but green a little bit more.

  157. Green please!

  158. So much cuteness. Where to begin? I would definitely choose green over pink on most any day, but the pink paper is super cute, too.

  159. Pink of course!!!

  160. Love it! Pink, please. Can never have enough pink. :)

  161. I would love the pink!!!

  162. green! so cute!!!

  163. Green! What a fun way to spruce up gift giving!

  164. I like the greenone, i can use it for any gender.. I wish there’s a purple one (my favorite color). :)

  165. I would adore the green set!! So stinkin’ cute!!! I love Zazzle, also.

  166. I just LOVE both of them. Green is my favorite color, but I think for absolute adorablness the pink wins!

  167. I so love the green set! I have to try making some paper too, super fun idea. :)

  168. Pink would be awesome! Making cake pops has been one of new family traditions for Christmas!

  169. I love your creations! Both colors are pretty, but green is my favorite! I’m impressed by your creativity! :-)

  170. As a mom with two pixies in love with bling – PINK!!!

  171. Pink!! I’m in Canada, so I hope I’m allowed to enter.

  172. Super adorable……..pretty pink x

  173. Pink. And Georgia is my home state, too! YAY!

  174. They are both cute – I think I’d have to pick the pink though.

  175. Oh and thanks :)

  176. I love them both!!! But green is more festive ;)

  177. Love the green!!!

  178. I love everything you do… I would love to have the pink one…

  179. Love it! Pink, please. Can never have too much pink :)

  180. Super adorable……..pretty pink x

  181. How fun are those!? I love them. Pink would be my choice. :-)

  182. I love the pink. I would pick the pink.

  183. Definitely pink :) Green is great too though. I don’t know if i can enter as I live in Australia :(

  184. Pink! It’s just too stinkin’ cute!

  185. Love it! Gotta choose pink. Can never have too much pink. :)

  186. Both pink and green are nice… but I am partial to blues ;) It would be awesome to have a paper printed with images of the candies I make to give every Christmas!

  187. seriously cute! I love green :)

  188. So adorable the wrapping paper looks awesome I’m choosing pink as my favorite color

  189. Oooooh, so hard to choose! I think I’ll go with…green!

  190. I’d love to have the green please! (^_^)

  191. Pink, pink, pink – Pinkerella is my name!!!!!

  192. Pink! I choose pink!

  193. Definitely green – it’s my favourite colour

  194. I love the pink and green wrapping paper, but I think I might be favoring the pink just a smidge!

  195. I choose GREEN! so festive and cute!

  196. So cute – love the wrapping paper! I choose green (my favorite color)!

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