Wrapped and Ready

Cake Pops Holidays Wrapping Paper

Have you guys started getting ready for the holidays yet? For the last few years, I’ve waited until the last minute, but this year I’m trying to get ahead of the game and wrap some gifts that I already know I’ll be giving.

Cake Pops Holidays Books

My Holidays book is a good way to start. And I wanted to wrap them in a cute, quick and totally customizable way. So I’m working with to create fun, custom cards and packaging. You can upload your own photographs or artwork to their site to make endless types of unique gifts from shirts and phone cases to lunch boxes and lamps. Lots of stuff.

Cake Pops Cards

I stayed with paper products though and made something special for the holidays. I used some of my photographs from the book to create illustrated versions of my cake pops, so the whole gift could be one cute coordinating package.

I started with cards, but soon stumbled onto stamps!

Cake Pops Stamps

Ack! Have you ever made your own stamps? This is such a cool extra touch that makes mailing something more special.

The only problem is they are so cute I don’t know if I can stand to send them away. I think I’m going to just have to order more to keep for myself.

Custom Cake Pops Stickers

I also made these sweet stickers in pink and green… because, as usual I couldn’t decide on just one color to stick with.

But let me show you my favorite new thing to make.


Wrapping Paper!!!!

Custom Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Yes, rolled wrapping paper. You can get so creative with this for special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, of course. I can’t wait to make more.

Okay, let’s get wrapping!

Cake Pops Lollipop Sticks

Oh yeah, I’m popping a few sticks inside the box with my book, so I relabeled them to match the packaging.


Wrap in tissue, stuff with some coordinating paper filler and then seal with a sticker.

Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Add a coordinating bow and it’s wrapped and ready!

Yay! One present down.

Cake Pops Frosty Friends

And here’s a few more. Pink wrapping paper for these adorable little Frosty Friends Mini Kits.

I’m thinking stocking stuffers.

Cake Pops Stamped Envelope

Now, who should I send some to?

Cake Pops Custom Packaging

I thought I’d give away three gift sets if you’d want to get ahead of the game this holiday too and let me wrap a present for you.

Enter for a chance to win one of three (3) Cake Pops Gift Sets that includes a signed Cake Pops Holidays Book with lollipop sticks and a Frosty Friends Mini Kit all wrapped in cute custom paper.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on the blog and tell me if you’d rather have pink or green wrapped presents. Or if you can’t decide, then just share what kind of wrapping paper you’d like to make one day.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winners announced below.
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening.

P.S. Two new December Book Signings! – I’m happy to share that I’m making up the Cake Pops Holidays book signing from last year that was cancelled in New Jersey due to Superstorm Sandy. And I have a new one in my home state of Georgia. I hope you can make it if you live nearby.

Good Luck on the Giveaway!


Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find gifts they’ll love at Zazzle.


Okay guys, we have three winners. Joanna McC, Jenn and Sophie! I hope you enjoy your holiday gifts.

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2,307 comments on “Wrapped and Ready”

  1. I choose pink!!! Love them both though :)

  2. I choose pink! All things pink are perfect! Very cute wrapping paper!

  3. My husband teaches at the University of North Texas . . . the MEAN GREEN! So . . . green, please! Happy Holidays!

  4. Love your creativity, you’re over the top! Both colors are cute.

  5. The green packaging is absolutely to die for!

  6. Green please! :) These are soooo cute!

  7. Oh Angie… You must be so proud and tickled pink to see your vision and designs come to life in such a fun and creative way! I love all the designs, but I’m especially fond of the pink wrapping. I squealed when I saw the wrapping paper! Soooo cute. So happy for you!

  8. PINK! I love pink, silver, and white for the holidays…it’s just so icy!

  9. Pink pink pink! So cute!

  10. Green, Green, Green so I could be a mean Green wrapping machine!!

  11. Pink is so cute!

  12. I would choose Pink. So cute!

  13. Pink! They are adorable! :)

  14. Tough one– pink or green….. I think I’d take either :) For my own wrapping paper, it would be cool to have pictures of the family from the previous Christmas for this upcoming Christmas. A step back in time and to see how the kids have grown each year :) Happy Monday to all!

  15. Love the green wrapping paper!

  16. Green. Such a cute idea!

  17. I wouldn’t normally consider myself a “pink” person but these are SO cute that pink is my 1st choice.

  18. Such a great idea. I love the green.

  19. I love love love this idea! The pink wrapper is gorgeous :) Also the stamps are such a sweet thought! As always, you come up with the best ideas bakerella. I hope I win this giveaway!

  20. I would choose green! It’s adorable! I am always on the hunt for the cutest Christmas wrapping paper I can find…

  21. Green. It’s so quirky!

  22. Ohhh I think I would deft want the pink one :0)

    So cute!!

    Book signing in nj ohh so cool! I think I’m going to go just to say hi again :) this time I don’t have to drive to PA ;)



  23. This are adorable! I have to go with green!

  24. both so cute!! i’d want pink :)

  25. Pink! These are adorable!

  26. Gosh, I didn’t know you could make your own wrapping paper like that! So neat! I like the pink best, I think. Love the whole thing, and excited to see the book!

  27. When in doubt, I always choose GREEN! You can’t go wrong. I just love how wonderfully creative you are and how you inspire so many to attempt the same. Thank you.

  28. Both are sooo adorable! But the pink is my favorite! ????

  29. So cute!! Definitely green for me!!

  30. Green please!

  31. These “wraps” are so cute! I would love the green paper.
    I would make paper and stamps with vintage Christmas on it.

  32. I like the lime green it make the artwork “pop”, or should I say cake pop! Sorry about the pun! ;-)

  33. I like both colors-so cute & festive! I’m not picky on what it’s wrapped in as long as the gift is something really fun!!! If I could make my own paper, I’d put nutcrackers all over it. Thanks for the chance to win the GREAT giveaway!!!

  34. You are so much fun! I’m a greenie for sure!

  35. These are adorable.! Green please my favorite color!

  36. I do love both, but I’d have to choose P I N K !!!!
    So darn cute!

  37. Love the pink one! Heading over to Zazzle right now to make some cute stuff for Christmas! :)

  38. It’s so hard to choose. The colors together look so awesome. If I have to choose one it will be the green. It just pops out with happiness. Awesome idea.

  39. I would love pink!

  40. So creative! I love the pink.

  41. Green! It’s just so festive.

  42. The gift packs are wonderful! I love the green!!

  43. Green! Looks more like Christmas

  44. It would be hard to resist the pink….or green!!

  45. That packaging is so adorable!!! The pink is really cute!

  46. Adorable! I would choose the pink for my daughter.

  47. Both wrapping papers are so cute! The pink one catches my eye. Happy wrapping!

  48. Love love love!! Pink pink pink!!

  49. Love both but pink would be my choice.

  50. I’m all about pink normally but green is Christmas. How wonderful it would be to win. Thank you so much!

  51. Love love love!! Pink pink pink!!!

  52. It would be hard to give away this gift…I’d put it under my tree… for me! Love the green & pink wrapping but if I had to choose, PINK :)

  53. Love love love!!! Pink pink pink!!

  54. Pink, the imagages pop out more on the pink.

  55. Pink, please! And I love the ribbons! Wherever did you find them?

  56. oh PINK for sure :)

  57. I think I love the green wrapped present!!

  58. Definitely pink :). With a bit of red (or candy cane?) wrapping, the packages will have a cheery holiday vibe and be unique under the tree :)!

  59. Pink is my favorite color….so that’s my choice. Can’t wait to see you in December!

  60. I choose pick! They both came out so cute though :)

  61. Green all the way. And now I want custom wrapping paper.

  62. The pink is perfect!!

  63. I choose pink! It’s girly, fun, festive, and different. Plus it’s one of my 2 favorite colors.

  64. Love the pink!

  65. I love the green. I think it would be neet to put pics of the person you are giving the present to on the wrapping paper

  66. I love these! Now, off to surgery today…

  67. Wow!!! You are so original!
    no question for me- I like pink much better!

    What an awesome idea to make customized wrapping paper! Must now go stalk!

  68. So cute! I like the green.

  69. Pink for sure!

  70. I would have to have pink! So much cute coordinating stuff! YAY!

  71. Hello…how great is this? I love both colours but i’d choose the pink!
    Is it possible for me to enter from Austria? There is no way we can get your great stuff over here – i always have to improve things! And i’m following your blog ever since I first heard of cakepops…
    Regards Catrin

  72. I love the green – my favorite color. I’d love to make some wrapping paper with my son’s early coloring pictures!

  73. Both colors are gret but I pick pink!

  74. SO CUTE!!! I would love the pink!

  75. So cute – I’d love the pink!

  76. Green is my favorite color, but the pink is just as adorable!

  77. Love the green! My 11 year old daughter would just die to receive this. So cute!!!!

  78. They are both beautiful with a pop of color, but I have to go with the pink! My signature color :)

  79. I’ve always been a tomboy but this year the pink wins, maybe it’s because I have 2 boys and still want that girl (which will never happen) :).

  80. They both are great! I think I would choose pink!

  81. I love both! But I would go with the pink! Love it with the bakers twine! Can’t wait for the holidays!!! ????

  82. Green would be perfect!

  83. OMG!!!! These are so darn cute. :) Love the pink.

  84. Love the way these are wrapped……so pretty! I can’t decide which colour, so asked my little boy and he said GWEEN! X

  85. I absolutely LoVe the wrapping paper!!! I would have to choose pink since I have little girls to wrap for, but I think they are all super cute!!

  86. I love love love the pink! BUT both are so cute! I would be absolutely thrilled with either! :-)

  87. Both colors look awesome! I’m choosing green.

  88. I like both but I will go with the pink wish they had it in purple my favorite color.

  89. This is such a hard decision! They are both adorable looking. If I had to choose, I would pick the pink for my daughter.

  90. I would love the pink wrapping paper, adorable!

  91. Green! I love the green!

  92. They are both so cute. I really like the pink.

  93. I LOVE the green one!

  94. Love the pink!

  95. Green! I love the green!

  96. I prefer pink but love both of them!

  97. I love the pink!

  98. I like both but I chose the pink I wish you had it in purple my favorite color.

  99. Very cute! I love the green wrapping paper.

  100. Green!! So cute!

  101. So cute! I love the green!

  102. Omg, they’re so cute! I love them both.

  103. Pink, please!

  104. So cute, love the green just a bit more

  105. They are both so lovely that I just can’t consent to pick one. On the other hand, if I get to decide the design of the wrapping paper to dress up my presents – I’ll personalize it with quirky and funny pictures of my (black dogs) – Glory (Black Lab) and Harry (Black Cane Corso). Angie, your big heart is as beautiful as your wonderful creations! Thank you very much for everything!!!

  106. I love the green!

  107. Love Cake Pops and the wrapping paper is adorable. My kitchen is pink and green. I love both wrapping paper designs! But my baby girl would love the pink.

  108. I think the pink looks adorable…thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I love the green paper!

  110. I love the green!

  111. I’d love the green. So adorable!

  112. I love both! I would love to win the green!!!!

  113. I love the pink! The whole thing looks sooo cute!

  114. Green… I love love love the snowman kit, such a great idea!

  115. I would LOVE the green! THANK YOU so very much for the chance to win.

  116. Oh my goodness! That is soo cute! I like both the green and pink wrapping paper but gotta lean towards the pink. I have to think about doing some of my own coordinating wrapping paper, cards and stamps but I think it’s gonna be next year!

  117. I definitely would go for green – even I’m not sure, if fans from Germany are also allowed to take part at the game.

  118. Pink all the way!

  119. They are both so pretty! So hard to decide but… I really like the green!!!

  120. I’d love either, but I do prefer green a little bit more! Especially that particular shade, it is absolutely beautiful!

  121. Pink of course!!

  122. I think they are both adorable but I just might like the pink more! And I’d love to make some wrapping paper covered in macarons! Wouldn’t that be cute?

  123. Would love the pink …. hope I get 1 :)

  124. Green, it’s my favorite color :)

  125. love the bows and the filler!! pink for my girls please

  126. So Cute! Love the design! My favorite is the pink:)

  127. love the pink

  128. Too cute!!! Both are adorable but green is my daughter’s favorite color so I would choose green:)

  129. Green is my favorite color!!!

  130. the pink is so cute

  131. How CUTE is this! I’m all about the packaging, it makes a special gift even more special. I’d choose the pink!

  132. It’s hard to pick but I love the green.

  133. Loving the pink!

  134. I choose pink. My daughters favorite color.

  135. Green without a doubt!

  136. Love the green! Such a cute package!

  137. Pretty in PINK!!!

  138. Pink please!

  139. Love this idea! I’d choose pink :)

  140. Green please

  141. I would love both! lol
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us
    Love this blogg! God bless you!:)

  142. LOVE IT!!!!! Both are super cute but I choose the green…..very festive!!

  143. Pink or Green Wrapping Paper would be fantabulous and then I would coordinate other wrapped treat boxes in coordinating shades of that color with festive bows!!! P.S. Zazzle has a new client…I want to make wrap with different pics of holidays gone by:) Thank-you Bakerella!

  144. Pink, as it would be perfect for wrapping my 2 granddaughter’s gifts.

  145. I love the green!

  146. I am a fan of pink anything!

  147. Pink with green bow :)

  148. It’s too hard to choose! I love them both! Great job!!! If I had to pick one though, my default is green!! ;) thanks. Bakerella!

  149. I love them both!! Super cute!!! As I’m pregnant and I feel it’s a baby girl, I’d choose the pink one!!

  150. If I won, I’d choose the green wrapping paper. What a sweet giveaway!

  151. They are both super cute, but I would choose my favorite color green. I’ll definitely be checking out Zazzle as well. Thanks :)

  152. <3, <3, <3…Cutest idea EVER!!! Both papers are absolutely adorable! I wish I lived closer, love to get the chance to get a signed book. Can't wait to get my hands on that. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  153. I like them both! If I had to pick I would say green :)

  154. Love the pink a tad more

  155. The green is my favourite for Christmas!

  156. So cool!!! I choose a green wrapped present :)

  157. I would choose the green! Very cute!

  158. Prefer the green wrapping….as it can be presented to both male and female friends who love to bake! Plus it gives a nice feeling of festive cheer :)

  159. I love green and pink!. They are both so beautiful. We have six rescued kitties that we love and I would really like to use their faces on cards and wrapping paper.

  160. PINK! So cute.

  161. The pink is just too cute!

  162. I choose green and pink lol they both are cuite..thanks bakerella for this blog I love it! Happy holidays! :)

  163. Green! What a fun idea too! Thanks!

  164. Green for me.

  165. I choose green…my daughters new favorite color!

  166. I would prefer a pink wrapped present. To be honest I’m a girly girl :).
    The wrapping paper is adorable, so sweet.
    I would love to win such a gift set.

  167. Bakerella has been such an inspiration wirh the cake pop ideas and kits! :) I’d be honored to receive a pink wrapped signed gift set! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  168. I love them both!!

  169. Definitelly green, but any color would be great with your fun gifts inside! Happy Holidays! :-)

  170. Pink, of course!!! What a darling concept to make your own paper, stickers, etc!

  171. It is hard to pick, they are both super cute! I think the cupcake themed cakepops would be a fun theme!

  172. Love the mint green and no I’ve not even started thinking Christmas until now. Love it.

  173. Such adorable wrapping paper! I think I favor the green just a tiny bit, so holiday themed!

  174. Definitely pink! my favorite colour, AND the best colour for Christmas!

  175. Pink Please :) Super cute!
    Paramus, NJ so close but I work that day!! I will see what I can do :) I would love to come!

  176. I love the pink color, but then again I love the green. I can’t decide, maybe both!

  177. love the pink! omg can’t wait to see you at the nj signing!!!

  178. Green Green Green…

  179. I love the pink, I see Christmas Whimsey and an all sweets decorated tree.

  180. I choose GREEN!

  181. Love it! Going to check out Zazzle right now! I’d choose green if I won.

  182. These are absolutely adorable! I love them both but the green is calling my name :)

  183. I love the pink! Darling!

  184. I love the pink one

  185. These are so pretty. I would love to win. Green is my favorite color, but I love them both (they are too cute) so you could just surprise me. Good luck everyone. Thanks for the giveaway.

  186. Me encantaría envolverlos en verde, el color de la esperanza, del arbol de navidad, y tal y como están las cosas hoy en dia,no nos vendría mal .El verde sin duda.

  187. You are so amazing! I can never decide on wrapping paper really. But if I were to make my own, it would be one of those flowery spring type ones. I love bright happy colours. :-)

  188. I would definitely choose pink. this is tooooo cute!

  189. You rock! Thank you so much for this awesome give-a-way! I want to jump up and down and say “PICK ME, PICK ME!” LOL

    Honestly I love both colors and would be happy with either, so the choice is yours!

    Thank you!

  190. I would choose pink. Such an adorable set. Love it.

  191. I love, love, love the PInk!! Too cute!!

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