Wrapped and Ready

Cake Pops Holidays Wrapping Paper

Have you guys started getting ready for the holidays yet? For the last few years, I’ve waited until the last minute, but this year I’m trying to get ahead of the game and wrap some gifts that I already know I’ll be giving.

Cake Pops Holidays Books

My Holidays book is a good way to start. And I wanted to wrap them in a cute, quick and totally customizable way. So I’m working with to create fun, custom cards and packaging. You can upload your own photographs or artwork to their site to make endless types of unique gifts from shirts and phone cases to lunch boxes and lamps. Lots of stuff.

Cake Pops Cards

I stayed with paper products though and made something special for the holidays. I used some of my photographs from the book to create illustrated versions of my cake pops, so the whole gift could be one cute coordinating package.

I started with cards, but soon stumbled onto stamps!

Cake Pops Stamps

Ack! Have you ever made your own stamps? This is such a cool extra touch that makes mailing something more special.

The only problem is they are so cute I don’t know if I can stand to send them away. I think I’m going to just have to order more to keep for myself.

Custom Cake Pops Stickers

I also made these sweet stickers in pink and green… because, as usual I couldn’t decide on just one color to stick with.

But let me show you my favorite new thing to make.


Wrapping Paper!!!!

Custom Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Yes, rolled wrapping paper. You can get so creative with this for special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, of course. I can’t wait to make more.

Okay, let’s get wrapping!

Cake Pops Lollipop Sticks

Oh yeah, I’m popping a few sticks inside the box with my book, so I relabeled them to match the packaging.


Wrap in tissue, stuff with some coordinating paper filler and then seal with a sticker.

Cake Pops Wrapping Paper

Add a coordinating bow and it’s wrapped and ready!

Yay! One present down.

Cake Pops Frosty Friends

And here’s a few more. Pink wrapping paper for these adorable little Frosty Friends Mini Kits.

I’m thinking stocking stuffers.

Cake Pops Stamped Envelope

Now, who should I send some to?

Cake Pops Custom Packaging

I thought I’d give away three gift sets if you’d want to get ahead of the game this holiday too and let me wrap a present for you.

Enter for a chance to win one of three (3) Cake Pops Gift Sets that includes a signed Cake Pops Holidays Book with lollipop sticks and a Frosty Friends Mini Kit all wrapped in cute custom paper.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on the blog and tell me if you’d rather have pink or green wrapped presents. Or if you can’t decide, then just share what kind of wrapping paper you’d like to make one day.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winners announced below.
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening.

P.S. Two new December Book Signings! – I’m happy to share that I’m making up the Cake Pops Holidays book signing from last year that was cancelled in New Jersey due to Superstorm Sandy. And I have a new one in my home state of Georgia. I hope you can make it if you live nearby.

Good Luck on the Giveaway!


Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find gifts they’ll love at Zazzle.


Okay guys, we have three winners. Joanna McC, Jenn and Sophie! I hope you enjoy your holiday gifts.

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2,307 comments on “Wrapped and Ready”

  1. They are both cute but I would choose pink!

  2. How adorable! I like both, but I think I prefer the pink.

  3. Green! So Cute :)

  4. I know green is a typical Christmas color – but who could resist that pink. PINK. PINK. PINK

  5. Green! I love Green :)

  6. I would love to have the pink! It’s so adorable! :)

  7. What is more perfect than give away cake pops for the holidays!! Definitely I choose the GREEN wrapping paper since it is the holiday season and also because the little cake pops details already show the bakerella style!

  8. I would love either one. I would love to design a North Pole exclusive type wrapping paper, something that was property of the North Pole so you know it came from the big guy himself.

  9. I love pink! The wrapping paper is super cute, i’m going to have to chek it out and create some!

  10. My forever-loving Pink girl is now into Green. So green is my choice.

  11. How did you make wrapping paper? That’s so cool! I love the green. But I’m a sucker for traditional Christmas colors.

  12. I like the pink paper best and love the idea of designing your own wrapping paper!! So stinkin’ cute!!

  13. Love them both, but loving the pink a little bit more! Thanks for having this giveaway! :)

  14. Love them both! I think I would let you surprise me. :-)

  15. Green!!! Really cute wrapping…

  16. So cute I can’t believe it! Pink for me!

  17. Green all the way! It’s both of my daughters’ favorite colors!

  18. Love the Pink and all of the coordinating other items that can be made on Zazzle, thank you for sharing the fun!

  19. Green. I would like to make wrapping paper with origami figures on it.

  20. Pink for my new baby girl!

  21. love the green. You are so creative!! Great marketing!

  22. Love the pink! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I love the pink!!!! (I´m not from USA so I hope I can enter the contest) :D

  24. I love them both – but if I was able to customize my own paper, I’d pick something with the Mandelbrot set on it.

    Seriously. Google it. You’ll want it too.

  25. So adorable!! I love it! Green is my very favorite color, so I would have to pick it, but pink is my second favorite! I love those two put together! What a fun give away! I might just have to start always making my own wrapping paper!

  26. PINK, PINK, PINK…. I have a 5 year old Pink Princess who would just scream with delight!!!!!

  27. How neat !! Always something great on your website!
    I like both – although partial to the green..
    Custom wrapping paper – how awesome !

  28. at our house it would have to be green. Because, that is the color of alligators. I wonder how it would work to make alligator cake pops? my grandson is obsessed at the moment!

  29. That wrapping paper is the best! I love both, but I’ll go for green!

  30. Love the green!

  31. Green Please!

  32. green is so bright & cute looking…

  33. I have to choose???? They are both soooo cute!! Green goes better with Christmas but pink is my favorite color. I think pink. I should make some wrapping paper using my oil paintings!! Great idea!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  34. That’s really cute. I love it!
    I think I prefer the pink one but the green one is beautiful too!

  35. Green or Pink with a Silver Bow:)

  36. love both colors and the ideas you inspired!

  37. Green one please! :)

  38. Ooh, it’s such a tough call, they are both so pretty! I think I have to go with green.

  39. Pink please :)

  40. im not a pink fan, but i rather go with pink…

  41. I love both the pink and the green and the stamps! I think I would like a general cake pop wrapping paper for all occasions not just Christmas!

  42. I am a big fan of pink, but would love any color you generously send. Thank you dear, and I hope you are feeling well!

  43. I am loving the pink wrap! I am so jealous at your creative abilities… Love,love, love it!

  44. I would opt for pink as I just love that color (I even made my stamp room pink!)

  45. Pink for sure-it’s the ultimate girly girl!! Love what you have done. Happy holidays!!

  46. Loving the pink!!! :)

  47. always pink!! so adorable!

  48. Pink please – my daughters favorite color!

  49. Pink I think! :)

  50. Waaaay cute! I pick the green!

  51. too hard to choose. They are both adorable. Can you please choose for me? thank you.

  52. The paper is sooo cute. I would choose the pink. Like they say “pretty in pink”

  53. I like the green one, and the pink. lol you are gonna have to pick FOR me…..thank you. <3

  54. Definitely the green. Would love to make my own paper – will have to try one day :)

  55. OOOO. I love both of them. But I think pink is my most favorite. I can’t wait to check out that website. So many exciting thoughts going through my head with all the wrapping paper options. I LOVE IT!!

  56. Easy peasy! I love PINK especially wrapped around a holiday gift. Thanks for the chance.

  57. So adorable! Since green is one of my son’s favorite colors, I’d have to pick the green. Thank you!

  58. Pink please!

  59. Both wrapping paper colors look so good together. Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations! But if I had to choose, I think I’d go with green, just ecause it’s a bit more Christmas-y. :)

  60. WOW!!!! They are so cute!!!!
    Green and pink are my favorite colors, hmmm tough choice. But I think I’ll go with the green one :)

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  61. i love them both! I would want to make wrapping paper out of pictures of the recipient of the gift– then I don’t have to tag it!

  62. I would love the pink wrapper!! It’s so pretty!!

  63. I think both are super cute, but I would have to go with pink! :)

  64. Oo I love both! But I think I’d prefer green for the holidays!

  65. So cute! Love the pink:)

  66. Green – it’s such a lovely shade!

  67. I love the Green!!! I am so excited to start making the holiday pops this year! Too cute :)

  68. Green is my favorite!! So cute!

  69. I love the green and it’s my son’s favorite colour and hé loves cakepops!!

  70. Love how festive it looks!! I would choose green!

  71. Those stamps are sooooo cute! Pink is my absolute favorite.

  72. Pink for me!

  73. I love the green wrapping paper!

  74. PINK!!! Sorry, did I shout?? Love the pink! :)

  75. Love, Love Love! I think green…..or maybe pink……oh it is so hard to choose…….both are sooooo adorable. Welllll, I guess I will choose Pink, no,no, no Green. I’ll stick with the Green.

    Happy Holiday!

  76. I love them both but if I have to choose, I’ll pick pink! So excited if you come to jersey!!!!!!

  77. I love the green wrapping paper! So cute and so creative!!!!

  78. Green! It is my mom’s favorite color. Mine too!

  79. They are both cute but I love the pink!

  80. So cute. Love the pink.

  81. The pink and green are both so pretty! I would love to make some wrapping paper with cute little owls some day.

  82. I love both of them! If I could make wrapping paper, I think I’d customize it to have my kiddos’ faces on it…easy to identify whose packages are whose!

  83. Definitely pink! Love this!

  84. PINK – Amazing idea – love it! :-)

  85. Love the green one! Such a fun and cute idea!

  86. Pink, I think. But green would be nice too.

    If I did my own paper it might have dogwoods or hydrangea as I love to paint both.

  87. They are both adorable, but nothing’s better then pink and Christmas!!

  88. Both are adorable but I prefer pink!

  89. either one, they are so CUTE!!! If I were to design wrapping paper: hmmm, the possibilities!! but I think I’d take a favorite drawing from my 5-year-old grandson and use that… how cute would that be???? :)

  90. lovely green!!!!

  91. My favorite color is pink so that is what I would have to go with!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  92. I would love to get the pink one ! Pink is my favorite color : )

  93. Green!

  94. I love them both! So cute.

    I am loving owls and turtles so I’d probably make wrapping paper with each of them.

  95. I love the green! :) Must supress the urge to make my own wrapping paper… :)

  96. Green and all of that is so totally adorable!!

  97. Love a gift with a theme! Green please!

  98. Oh my word!! Such cuteness!! I choose green, no pink, no GREEN! Ack!! Green it is! LOL! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  99. Green for Christmas! adorable in either color!

  100. They are both darling, but I think the green one is my favorite. I am still so happy to learn that you can make your own cards, stamps, stickers, labels, and wrapping paper! Oh what fun!!

  101. These printables are awesome. The mind is just a flowing with ideas. thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I love the green.

  102. Adorable! Sounds like a fun place to have custom cards made with my twins artwork.
    Love both wrapping papers, but green is my favorite.

  103. I can’t decide! I love pink, but the designs on the green are SO adorable….no choosing there! Anyway, I’d like to make wrapping paper with pictures of my family on it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway; you are, as usual, AWESOME!

  104. I like the green wrapping papaer but the pink is also very nice…oh the dilema

  105. love the pink!
    I can’t wait to make some paper for my kids

  106. Pink oh definitely pink not that the green isn’t festive but I love pink.

  107. I love the pink one! But both are adorable :)

  108. I love the green! It goes best with the Christmas season!

  109. Super cute! I love the pink.

  110. Oh my goodness! Both are so cute! I think I do like the green a little bit better though!!! :)

  111. I would choose green, if I were to win. Thank you!
    God’s Blessings!

  112. Pink please!!! Adorable! !

  113. Definitely pink – it’s so cute!

  114. Green, it goes more with the Christmas theme.

  115. While I usually love anything pink, the green is so cute I’d like that one.

  116. So cute!! I love the pink paper the best.

  117. I like the green. What fun wrapping paper!

  118. Green is so festive – cute beyond words!

  119. OH both are SOOO Cute!! You are so creative and how wonderful to see you work come to life. You are now able to share your visions with others!

    While I love both, I have a great niece who believes you can never have too much pink!!

    Thank you!

  120. That is so fantastic that you can do that all on zazzle!! I am so going to make wrapping paper for my kids birthdays, so awesome!
    Would love to win these to shower on friends and family.

  121. Love both of the colors but I’d go with pink!

  122. I’d like mine wrapped in pink :)

  123. OMG- I want pink please! :)

  124. I love the pink wrapping paper! But green is very festive!

  125. I love both of them, but green is my favorite color so I choose the green paper! This whole picture screams the holidays! As the season draws nearer, I get more eager! Love, love, love this!

  126. I love the green paper! It is all so cute…I think I really like all of it.

  127. The pink is adorable, but the green is so much more holiday-ish.

  128. Both are very cute, but I would prefer pink.

  129. So fun and a great idea! I am partial to the pink though :)

  130. Both colors are adorable, but I’d go for pink.

  131. Green – so cute!

  132. I would LOVE a pink present. I used Zazzle for our wedding stamps, and was thrilled with the quality. They are a great company to work with.

  133. Green please!

  134. Love both of the colors but I’m a pink kinda girl so pink it is!

  135. Wow. Very cute. Hard to pick, how about green.

  136. This is an amazing idea! I;’d prefer the green wrapping paper! Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. I have 2 granddaughters who favorites are each of those colors. My 9 year old Morgan is the one who loves to help me bake. Her favorite is green. Olivia is 6 and her color is pink. She is just learning to help and loves to help make cards and tags. They both love crafting and is helping me make teacher gifts.

  138. I love the pink! They are both cute though!

  139. The GREEN of course! It’s my FAVORITE Color!!!!!

  140. So cute! I would have to go with green.

  141. Love the green! What a fabulous idea to make wrapping paper, it’s so festive and crafty.

  142. I think the pink is very pretty!

  143. They are both absolutely too cute, but have to admit I partial to the green! Great job on the books and the packaging!

  144. I would definitely choose the pink!!! It’s part of my favorite color family and I think it makes me think of yummy things to eat more than the green does!!! Thank you so much for your book and website about Cake Pops!!! My little cousin (she’s in her late 30s) told me about Cake Pops and told me to get your book and go to your website and now my Grandkids think I’m the best thing ever!!!! They LOVE Cake Pops and always want me to make some for them. We will be together for Thanksgiving and they are looking forward to making Cake Pops with Nanny!!!!!

  145. Green!!!! it’s a really cute color :)

  146. I think Green is perfect for the Holidays! Love it!

  147. I love the green! This is so cool.

  148. They are both great! I think I like the green just a little more though. :)

  149. Pink!!

  150. Of course the GREEN!!!! It’s my FAVORITE Color!

  151. Love green but they are both cute!

  152. Love the idea-so cute! I have to go green, it just seems so perfect for the holidays:) I think it would definitely be fun to do this with the picture of the person who’s gift it was too-no gift tag needed!

  153. Love it! Both are very cute, but I will be going with PINK! :)

  154. I think both of the stickers and wrapping paper of beautiful. If I had to choose I would pick the green stick because it stands out, you know? Thanks for the chance at another awesome giveaway!

  155. I love green but this time im choosing pink wrapper:))

  156. I love your ideas! Green is the one for me!

  157. This is the cutest thing ever. It made me feel really HAPPY

  158. The paper is so adorable!!! I especially love the green:)

  159. That’s the cutest holiday wrapping and accessories. I love the green one most!

  160. Those are adorable! I choose green and I’d give it to my niece for Christmas.

  161. Holycakepops! I love it all and on my way to check out Zazzle!
    I’m a pink girl all the way! Thanks!

  162. I love the green paper!

  163. Pink!!! Wait, no…green!! But I love the pink! Oh and the green!! Love them both – super cute! I want to make ‘retro’ looking wrapping paper! The possibilities are endless….

  164. I love both, but…I’d have to go with Pink!

  165. I am such a pink person but I love the green! Such a cute giveaway! I can’t wait to make holiday cake pops!

  166. I love the pink, but I have to go with the green… It just speaks to me!

  167. Green for me… adorable!

  168. Oh my! So so cute!!! I love them both but maybe love the pink a little more!

  169. The green. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  170. Would love to win and have it wrapped in PINK!

  171. Green!!! I am a sucker for anything bright and green!

  172. So stinkin’ cute! I love the green! As always, you make the cutest goodies! Thanks, Gale

  173. Green, please. Super cute!

  174. Love the green!

  175. I would choose green. Very cute!

  176. I would love the pink!! :) Very festive, and now I am inspired to make my own wrapping paper.

  177. Would love Green!

    Thank you!

  178. I love them both, but I think green is my favorite!

  179. Love love love the pink!

  180. You did a great job with both colors but if I had to choose, I love the green. It’s so festive and a lovely change from the traditional Christmas green.

  181. Oh, definitely the green. Such fun presents!

  182. I love them both, but the green looks more like Christmas!

  183. I choose green. Beautiful, beautiful paper.

  184. My favorite is green! Adorable color.

  185. i would love the green paper!!

  186. I’d love the pink one!! Super cute :)

  187. Oh my hosh these are so cute :) pink for me please!!!

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