Sunday, December 20, 2009

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Candy Cane Christmas Trees

I went to a Christmas party last weekend that ended up being the inspiration for these decorated cupcakes. The home of the party was filled with sugar and pink and the absolute sweetest decorations. Wait until you see. I’ll show you soon. Maybe tomorrow. I still need to edit all the photos I took because it really deserves it’s own post.

But back to cupcakes. I was playing around with decorating, so I just used a cake mix for these cupcakes. But if you decide to try them, use a recipe that is more dense, more pound-cake than fluffy because the weight of the trees can cause them to tumble if you’re not careful.

Anyway… Christmas Tree Cupcakes. You’ve seen them before, I’m sure.

Sugar Cones

They use sugar cones for the base of the tree. But all the ones I’ve seen use the entire cone and then rest it on the top of the cupcake like these from Martha Stewart. This would obviously make sense if I was smart.

Candy Canes

But no, I wanted them to be smaller … (go figure)… and stand above the cupcake with candy cane stems.

Candy Cane Christmas Trees

Just like this. Pretty cute.

But, just a little plain I think.

Snowflake sprinkles

So, I tinted some fondant and made little presents to go under the tree. And these snowflake sprinkles made perfect little bows.


Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes

I think I could have stopped here and they would be just fine.

Instead, I added some pink, blue and white confetti sprinkles for decorations.

What do you think? Too much? or Too cute?

Candy Cane Christmas Trees

To decorate, you’ll need:

Sugar Cones
White Candy Melts
White Sugar crystals
Pink Sugar crystals
Candy Canes
Icing colors (I used Wilton Dusty Rose & )
Snowflake Sprinkles
Confetti Sprinkles

  • Cut off ends of the sugar cones, so the tree section is around 3 inches long. Use a serrated knife to carefully saw through without shattering the cone.
  • Dip cone sections in melted white candy coating. If you use a tall plastic cup, it will be easier to coat the entire cone.
  • Remove and let excess coating fall off.
  • Sprinkle white sugar crystals or sanding sugar over entire surface of the cone. Sprinkle over a large bowl and you can reuse the sprinkles.
  • Set on wax paper to dry completely. When dry, you can redip the bottoms to make sure the cone is completely coated.
  • Use 6 inch long candy canes and break the handles off so you are left with a straight piece that’s around 5 inches.
  • Cover cupcakes with tinted pink frosting.
  • Fill a small dish with the pink sugar crystals or sanding sugar and press cupcake tops into the dish until the entire surface is covered with sugar cyrstals.
  • Dip one end of the candy cane in some of the melted candy coating and insert the other end straight into the cupcake.
  • Place a Christmas Tree on top of the candy cane and let the candy coating dry and work like a glue.
  • If you want decorations, it would be a good idea to add them before you attach the tree. Just dot a small amount of coating on the surface and attach a colored sprinkle.
  • For presents, tint white fondant and shape the fondant into small squares by hand. Then use some of the white fondant, roll it out and use a knife to cut thin strips for ribbon. Attach the white fondant ribbon to the presents with a small dab of water. Then attach the snowflake sprinkles the same way.
  • Remember, use dense cupcakes instead of light and fluffy ones so the trees will not want to tip.
  • Or skip the candy canes, use the entire sugar cone and make big trees. Then you won’t have to worry.

Either way… enjoy!

P.S. The baking cups are from in case you’re wondering,

Faye said...

Definitely not too much, absolutely cute!!! The only thing I worry about is if they would be yummy. For me, flavor is more of a bigger priority than how it actually looks.

December 20, 2009 09:24 PM
Caressa Sharp said...

So cute!

December 20, 2009 09:30 PM
colleen said...

why is everything you do so stinking cute!? too bad i dont have the patience to make these :(. maybe one day when im retired…

December 20, 2009 09:31 PM
Yan Bing said...

you kept my heart warm with those lovely sweet things!!

December 20, 2009 09:32 PM
Julie said...

SO STINKING CUTE!!! I ADORE them and wish I had time to make them!

December 20, 2009 09:32 PM
Gerardina said...

These are very cute!

December 20, 2009 09:33 PM
Bree Harris said...

Too cute!!!

December 20, 2009 09:33 PM
Jen said...

Soooo not too much – I love the finished product the most!
I also love that you call the curl in the candy cane “the handle” hee hee, it’s cute. No wonder you make such cute sweets… you’re cute by nature!

December 20, 2009 09:33 PM
Michelle said...

I think I’m going to have to boycott your site from now until next June… about the amount of time it’s going to take me to work off all these pounds I’m gaining by attempting to copy all your yummy looking treats!!!

<3 you Bakerella!!! Those are too flipping cute!

December 20, 2009 09:33 PM
Cathy Musson said...

Not too much – Just right. Soo Cute! :)

December 20, 2009 09:33 PM
Sue said...

Those are the cutest Christmas trees ever! And they even look pretty easy without the presents.

December 20, 2009 09:34 PM
Melanie said...

much cuter than the ones from Martha!

December 20, 2009 09:34 PM
Felicia said...

Ummm….TOO CUTE…as always.

December 20, 2009 09:34 PM
stephanie Renea Clements said...

Cutest thing EVER!!!! Martha’s are put to shame next to these!

December 20, 2009 09:34 PM
Felicia said...

Oh and how did you cut off the cone without totally crushing it?

December 20, 2009 09:35 PM
bakerella said...

Felicia – good call. I just updated the directions. Basically, you saw through the cone slowly. If you rotate and saw, its like scoring the cone and it will break pretty easily.

December 20, 2009 09:40 PM
Charity Donaldson said...

So precious…I haven’t seen them before!

December 20, 2009 09:42 PM
Kandi said...

Oh. My. Gosh. These are so cute. I’m such a sucker for these. We’ve been using ice cream cones for trees on our gingerbread houses for years. Can’t wait to make these.

Just so you know – you have turned me into a bakerella groupie. I rearranged a drawer this morning in my kitchen to boot out all the unused playdough toys and make room for my growing collection of sprinkles.

December 20, 2009 09:43 PM
Lauren said...

This is the reason why I LOVE your blog!!!!! You constantly amaze me with your absolutely precious, yet still delectable desserts! Thank you for another great idea that I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and try out!

December 20, 2009 09:44 PM
Bakezilla said...

Did you fill the cones at all like other recipes do? Or are the cones empty?

December 20, 2009 09:51 PM
Kitchenette said...

I’m on the too cute band wagon. Christmas trees NEED ornamentation.

December 20, 2009 09:51 PM
Nikki said...

Way too cute!!! One of these days (maybe Christmas break) I’m going to try one of these adorable recipes!

December 20, 2009 09:51 PM
Keisha - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams said...

Oh man! What little tiny confection fairies live in your head?!!! These are so cute!

December 20, 2009 09:55 PM
Rachel said...

And just when I thought I was done with my holiday baking, BAM- this comes along!! I am SO making these. If I didnt spend 9 hours in the kitchen today I woul make them right now, but it will wait until tomorrow. You are super talented Bakerella… Merry Christmas to you!

December 20, 2009 10:01 PM
Nicole said...

These are the CUTEST cupcakes I have ever seen in my LIFE! I can’t cook worth a darn but if I’m ever feeling cupcake-brave this will definitely be one I’m going to want to try!!!!

December 20, 2009 10:03 PM
bakerella said...

Bakezilla – No they’re empty inside except for the candy coating used to attach the cone to the cane

December 20, 2009 10:03 PM
Kim said...

Super cute!! I just can’t wait to get baking for Christmas myself!

December 20, 2009 10:08 PM
goodie2s said...

These are adorable! You have such an artistic mind and come up with such adorable ideas. Thanks for continuing to share them with all your fans/followers.I look forward to checking your site every Sunday evening. I am hooked and have encouraged so many friends to check out your site.

December 20, 2009 10:11 PM
Margaret said...

AWWW look how cute… Adorable little trees.

December 20, 2009 10:12 PM
Heather Allen said...

Oh my word! They are too cute to eat! I want to decorate with these!

December 20, 2009 10:12 PM
Anonymous said...

super cute!!! I think they are too cute!

December 20, 2009 10:13 PM
Alice said...

So friggin’ cute!

December 20, 2009 10:13 PM
Dani said...

I keep thinking that you can’t possibly come up with anything to surpass your latest creation, and then you do. Every time. These are. Just. Too. Cute. You really are just SO talented and inventive. Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays!

December 20, 2009 10:15 PM
Donna said...


December 20, 2009 10:16 PM
katie o. said...

unbelievable how talented you are bakerella!

love, love, love these!

December 20, 2009 10:17 PM
Jaden said...

Honey, I just wanna fedex you (and your cupcakes) over here right this instant!

December 20, 2009 10:19 PM
Janet said...

These are seriously too cute! Makes me wanna climb on top of the cupcake and throw some snowballs!

December 20, 2009 10:19 PM
Amanda Formaro said...

Those are wonderful! I actually was surprised at home many pink Christmas decorations I saw on the internet this year. I love what you did with these and look forward to seeing the other post.

December 20, 2009 10:20 PM
megacrafty said...

Amazing- I love these!!!

December 20, 2009 10:20 PM
Sandra Williams said...

Way, way, way too cute!! I love it!

December 20, 2009 10:22 PM
Becca said...

TOO cute!! They’re adorable!

December 20, 2009 10:24 PM
Chelsi said...

OK… while you officially rule and should take over the world, my husband blames you for our expanding waist sizes…… :) I can’t help but to look at your blog and then run out to buy goodies to make all this stuff. You are amazing and have helped me become a hit at some family/friend/co-worker parties with your ideas!! THANK YOU BAKERELLA!

ps…. my Christmas wish? To be a fly on your kitchen wall and watch you work…. and to meet you…. :) Let me know if you are ever going to be traveling to the NW!

December 20, 2009 10:25 PM
Bree said...

Yours are definitely cuter than Martha’s.

December 20, 2009 10:27 PM
patsy said...

these are perfect!

December 20, 2009 10:27 PM
Marcia said...

Way cute!!!

December 20, 2009 10:29 PM
sandee said...

spectacular! and…you can NEVER add too much.

December 20, 2009 10:29 PM
Stacey N. said...

So cute!

December 20, 2009 10:29 PM
Ariel said...

Those are soo adorable!!! I have ton’s of baking to do this week and I think I am going to have to give those a try!! You are so creative!
Take a look at my blog. You have inspired me to blog about some of my own baking adventures!
link to

December 20, 2009 10:32 PM
darlingbeatrice said...

Too cute! I love the little presents.

December 20, 2009 10:33 PM
Rose said...

Crazy cute!

December 20, 2009 10:34 PM
Katie said...

These are adorable! You are so creative!

Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009 10:35 PM
bertha said...

OMG! i SOOO love ur creations!!
I wish i could be JUST LIKE YOU

December 20, 2009 10:36 PM
PeachRainbow said...

Too Cute, of course!

Love those presents!

December 20, 2009 10:46 PM
Theresa Forseth said...

TOO CUTE!!!! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your delightful creations!!!

December 20, 2009 10:48 PM
Runnin' Momma said...

Ooooo, Martha Stewert’s going to be BUMMED! Two questions: did you take a lot of care frosting the cupcakes or just get it on & dip it in the sugar? #2 from start to finish how long did it take you? These are the Nth degree of cuteness, well done.

December 20, 2009 10:48 PM
Lindy said...

You are amazing to me! I can’t thank you enough for your amazing creations and for sharing them with all of us! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009 10:51 PM
mayra said...

they’re adorable… i love ’em! Merry Christmas :)

December 20, 2009 10:55 PM
Spicy said...

You always make things look so easy, but when I do things they look like crap.

December 20, 2009 10:56 PM
Robin said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

December 20, 2009 10:56 PM
JenChastain said...

looooove these! ADORABLE!

December 20, 2009 10:59 PM
Nikki said...

These are soo cute! You are so creative Bakerella :)

December 20, 2009 11:01 PM
Ashley Jones from Dallas said...

How cute! I wish I could come up with a fraction of the things you do. You’re amazing!!!!

December 20, 2009 11:03 PM
Laurie said...

You are sooooo creative!!!! Love these!!! Great work as always!

December 20, 2009 11:04 PM
Kayleigh said...

These are really cute! To cut down on time you could use starbursts for the presents instead of fondant and I think it would look pretty similar. Love your site, and Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009 11:06 PM
Jamieanne said...

Oh my gosh, these are now my favorite thing made by you! These are jaw-dropping incredible and adorable, Bakerella!

December 20, 2009 11:11 PM
em-jay said...

Definitely too cute–I’d never be able to make those! Just adorable.

December 20, 2009 11:15 PM
Sally said...

I am having a sugar high just looking at them. :) You never cease to make me smile!

December 20, 2009 11:21 PM
Melissa Victorio said...

Like everyone else, I think these are so cute and I love your website. To say that you have inspired and changed the way I bake sounds cheesy and generic, but I sincerely mean it. Do you have a book, or are you thinking of doing one soon?

December 20, 2009 11:22 PM
Tiffany said...

wow these are adorable.
you never fail to amaze me

i think i’ll have to hold off my other projects until i make these. christmas is coming soon and i won’t have any other reason to make these once december’s over. :]

December 20, 2009 11:26 PM
Carrie said...

Wow, I think these are hands-down my favorite of all of your creations. Have you seen the movie “Down with Love”? Because this perfectly captures that kitschy ’60s Who-ville Christmas feeling. Love love L-O-V-E love it!

December 20, 2009 11:26 PM
Kimm Geria said...

So cute. Love the color theme. Thank you for sharing your talented ideas.

December 20, 2009 11:29 PM
Anna said...


December 20, 2009 11:33 PM
Cindy Craig said...

My kids and I are going to make these tomorrow! I absolutely love them and they are going to be perfect for little hands to decorate. Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2009 11:35 PM
jennifer said...

YOU ARE CRAZY RIDICULOUS COOL. Did you actually ask at the end of your post “too much or too cute?” Too cute. No question! These are marvelous. My 40th birthday is Tuesday December 22nd. Will you come to my house with these cupcakes? It would make this old girl very, very happy! Love what you do. Keep rockin’ it!

December 20, 2009 11:37 PM
Sarah said...

very very cute bakerella! you’re awesome at what you do!! Merry Christmas :o)

December 20, 2009 11:38 PM
Becca said...

WOW! I am just blown away with these! sooo awesome! keep these great ideas coming!

December 20, 2009 11:42 PM
Leighann said...

You have way too much time on your hands!! Kidding, of course. Not too much at all. They were too plain without the confetti. Very cute.

December 20, 2009 11:55 PM
Mandy said...

super cute and so whimsical! These just make me happy. Good job!

December 20, 2009 11:59 PM
CC said...

Adorable, of course! I don’t have the time and patience this year to make them, so I’ll have to be content with just looking. I will go back and make the pumpkin/chocolate chip/cream cheese/etc. pie from Thanksgiving, though– yummy! And better baking for someone who can’t sit still long enough to decorate anything right now!

December 21, 2009 12:01 AM
veena said...

wow.. they look absolutely festive …. i love your wesite… this one is brilliant.. you have left me craving for those cupcakes early in the morning… love your work….

December 21, 2009 12:05 AM
Tori said...

Definitely too cute!! Love how they turned out, I like them better than the big trees resting right on the cupcake.

December 21, 2009 12:15 AM
Shana said...


December 21, 2009 12:47 AM
Phyllis said...

These are so adorable! Way cuter than Martha’s!

December 21, 2009 12:51 AM
violarulz said...

I found you some square candy! Fondant is good, but candy is better. Especially if you go all sorts of nutty and make your own square gummy candy or marshmallows…. I’ve never tried, but I heard it isn’t too terribly hard.

December 21, 2009 01:06 AM
Rose said...

I think it’s hilarious that you think I could do that! You even list things I would need and directions! You can do amazing things with cupcakes and sugar, but let me tell you, I’ll do better to just stand back and watch. Seriously, those little presents? Where do you find the time??

December 21, 2009 01:12 AM
Christina said...

These. Are. Too. CUTE!!! I am a new reader of your blog, and am addicted, you are amazing!! First those cupcake sugar cookies and now this…I showed my husband, and i was like, “who does this?” I LOVE em’ Don’t know if I will try them..I tried to make some sugar cookies with the siver balls, like on the good housekeeping mag, well mine looked far from those!!!
Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2009 01:12 AM
Sarah said...

Okay, I think I love you.

But seriously, these are the CUTEST little cupcakes I have ever seen. Really. You are so incredibly awesome.

December 21, 2009 01:12 AM
Ana Clara said...

Too darn cute…like always!!!

December 21, 2009 01:19 AM
Jess said...

I think that the confetti sprinkles are the perfect touch to those cupcakes! They’re so stinkin’ cute!

December 21, 2009 01:22 AM
Michelle said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!

December 21, 2009 01:30 AM
Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Oh my, these look wonderful! Too scrumptious to eat!

December 21, 2009 01:34 AM
Cathy F. said...

Oh my! You are truly a genius! Too cute.

December 21, 2009 01:36 AM
Aubrey said...

Definitely TOO CUTE! These are definity on my MUST BAKE list for next year!!

December 21, 2009 01:40 AM
Marie said...

I LOVE THEM!! they are TOO CUTE! but I must admit I don’t think I would dare to give it a try, they look too hard, specially the part of cutting the sugar cones. Anyway, they look fantastic!
Merry Christmas Bakerella!
PS: Today I did your red velvet cake balls with my best friend to give out for Christmas. We spent the whole day doing our holiday baking and they came out awesome and delicious!

December 21, 2009 01:40 AM
Aubrey said...

ps….yours are way cuter than those ones on Martha Stewart!

December 21, 2009 01:42 AM
Creative Coquette said...

These are the most adorable Christmas cupcakes EVER! I love your blog!!!

Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2009 01:46 AM
Catherine said...

are the sugar crystals you used extra fine or are they just the normal size?
and, if theyre extra fine, where can one find those?

December 21, 2009 01:48 AM
Joy said...

Oh my gosh they are awesome!!!!

December 21, 2009 02:28 AM
Catie said...

WAY WAY cute :)
You are a hoot Love it

December 21, 2009 02:30 AM
Kendall said...


December 21, 2009 02:30 AM
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