A LoveLee Giveaway

LoveLee Soaps

How does a whole bunch of yumminess sound?

I’m talking cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, crullers and much more.

Sounds pretty sweet to me… only you can’t eat these little treats. No sirree.

You can shower, splash and scrub-a-dub-dub with them though.

That’s right. They’re not sugar, they’re soap. But, they’re still totally sweet. Like literally.

Wafer Cookies Soaps

These wafer cookies? Yep. Soap.

Doughuts and Cinnamon Roll Soaps

Doughnuts. All soap.

LoveLee Soaps

And the crullers. Well, they’re just cruel. I mean they’re soap, too. But they taunt me because they look too real … I just want to wash my mouth out with them.

But seriously, these soaps are super fun. And I can’t help but smile when I look at them. They’d make great gifts or party favors and they’ll certainly sweeten up your soap dish.

They’re all from Leeana of Lovelee Soaps. A while back Leeana surprised me with some adorable cupcake pop soaps and now I’m happy to be giving away gift certificates to three lucky winners to choose their own clean, sweet, fun.

Here’s some more samples of her work.
(P.S.… she has some savory soaps too if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Lovelee Soaps

Enter for a chance to win one of three $75 gift certificates to
LoveLee Soaps and 
choose your own treats.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and let me know which sweet soap you’d pick first.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 26th at 7:00 pm ET.
  • Three winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Sweet Soaps by LoveLee Soaps

Soaps for photos provided by LoveLee Soaps. Giveaway sponsored by me.



Okay, I have have some sweet soap winners to announce. Congratulations Clarissa, Jackie and Karen!!!

It’s time to get your hands dirty so you can have fun cleaning up.


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2,006 comments on “A LoveLee Giveaway”

  1. So cute! Love me some Oreos!

  2. I love the twizzlers – so cute!!

  3. Cinnamon roll !

  4. I would pick any soap that looks like a donut. Hands down! What a sweet giveaway. Thanks!

  5. The donut! I’d ALWAYS pick the donut first…even if it is soap! :)

  6. It would have to be the Hostess Cupcake with the curly white icing on top!

  7. Most certainly – the vanilla and strawberry wafer cookies. I love eating them, why not wash with them as well!!!!

  8. i’m torn between the doughnut and the cinnamon roll! probably the doughnut would be my first pick :)

  9. Cinnamon roll, for sure!

  10. THe Oreo and the doughnuts! They look soo cute! God please let me win… I’m crossing my fingers for this one!

  11. Cruller are my fav.

  12. OMG that is the cutest thing ever! i would have to say the gummi bears or honey grahm cookies are my favs. could you imagine having a pile of those in your guest bath?! how many friends would try to have a bite!!

  13. I love the ice cream sandwich! So cute!!

  14. The rock candy soaps ROCK! And I love all the rest too . . .

  15. The wafer cookies caught my eye first! It would be so hard to choose though, because all of them are so cute!!!

  16. I love the Oreo and the ice cream sandwich soaps!

  17. I would pick a cinnamon bun! They are just amazing and smell so sweet!

  18. Oreo soap first!

  19. You know the cupcake is my favorite, right? :-)

  20. So cute, hard to choose. I’d take the wafer cookies or the mini donuts!

  21. Macarons!

  22. They look so good! I honestly thought they were edible when I first started reading. It’s such a hard choice. Everything she makes is so cute. I think I would have to choose the ice cream cone soaps. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. the cruller! it looks SOOO good!

  24. The ice cream sandwich looks delicious!

  25. The icecream sandwich!

  26. I’d pick the sugar Wafers first. It’s a snack I gave my girls when they were little and did something good.

  27. Ice cream sandwich! Perfect for summer :D

  28. Cinnamon rolls!

  29. Any of the doughnuts, my boys would get a kick out of using them, heck, so would I!

  30. Omg! Those are adorable!

  31. The cinnamon roll!! so so cute! thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Totally need the ice cream sandwich!!

  33. They all look so real and yummy, I would go for the donuts.

  34. I love the wafer cookies but the rolls looks like they would smell incredible… Love love love the soaps!

  35. I love the gummy bears. They look so real!

  36. Oh my gosh these are seriously ADORABLE!!! Would absolutely love to win :-) I would pick the cinnamon rolls first, yummm!!

  37. The cruller! It looks so real!

  38. Are you sure those are soaps ? They just look too real, especially the licorice and the rock candy. Thanks for the chance win these delicious looking fun soaps !

  39. The cinnamon rolls look heavenly!

  40. Ice cream sandwich!!

  41. I love the donut soaps! The sprinkles look so realistic!

  42. Definitely the cinnamon roll! Totally a tease this morning lol.

  43. NOM NOM! Lol, just kidding, that wouldn’t taste very good! But these are THEE cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile, and I have no idea which one I would pick first if I won! They’re all WAY to cute!

  44. I’d have to do the donut, it’s too cute!

  45. Definitely the sprinkled donut!

  46. I love the Animal Crackers!!

  47. Ice Cream Sandwich! Yum!

  48. I love the donuts. Love philosophy Cinnamon buns so think this would be similar.

  49. These are so adorable! Such wonderful pieces of art! My favorite are the wafer cookies! They made me smile as my late MIL used to love them, and each week I would take her some. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. These are so adorable!! I would go for the chocolate bar soap first:)

  51. The cupcake soap of course!

  52. Donuts for sure! TOO CUTE! :)

  53. The wafer cookies are adorable!

  54. The frozen Popsicles! They all look so good!

  55. the cinnamon bun!

  56. sorry…”choose”…

  57. OMG! Those are the cutest most unusual soaps I’ve ever seen! Not sure how to I can say which one I’d choose. The ice cream, candies, donuts, and cookies are all so cool! If I had to choose though, I think I’d pick the hostess cupcake, no wait, the ice cream sandwich, no wait, the oreo cookies, no wait, the rock candies. Oh I can’t choose!

  58. i would chose the oreo’s….definitely NO guilt ‘enjoying’ these little soapy treats :)

  59. I’d pick the cinnamon roll first!!!

  60. I love the ice cream sandwich!

  61. I’d totally pick the hostess cupcake or the donuts. Yum!! :)

  62. The mini donuts!

  63. I would choose the Vanilla Marshmallow Soap Set.

  64. Oh my gosh they are all soooo cute!!! They look so real AND delicious!! I would def choose a few.. But the pack of 4 sweet frosted mini doughnuts would prob be my first choice!

  65. they are all so amazing, ive nvr heard of this company before so glad u are doing this giveaway since i learned of it now and will buy tons im sure lol..with all the different types and them all being so cute its hard to choose but id have to say id probably pick the sprinkled donuts 1st if i had to choose, who am i kidding id buy them all if i could lol.

  66. Those are so cute! I’d go with the sprinkle doughnuts or the strawberries.

  67. I’d choose the cookies cause I’m a cookie monster!

  68. The doughnuts look cute!

  69. I would totally go for the animal crackers!

  70. I’m craving cinnamon rolls!

  71. These are so cute!!! I would have to start my day with an Oreo soap …. nothing better than cookies and cream in the morning ;)

  72. The cinnamon rolls, licorice, gum drops, Popsicle…I’d pick them all first! Thanks, Bakerella!

  73. They all look great but I like the Oreos.

  74. I love the little spice drops, they are just too lovely! I wonder how many people would be confused if I put a little glass bowl of them in my bathroom? :)

  75. Those look delicious!

  76. I’d pick an ice cream sandwich soap!

  77. The cinnamon rolls, yum!

  78. It would be hard to choose. Probably cookies would win.

  79. How can you choose!?!? The chocolate chip cookies and doughnuts are super cute, but they are all amazing!

  80. I would have to go with the wafers because they are my hubbys fav and I love April Fools day!!! (these look so real! I would pack them in his lunch!!! hahahahah) Thanks for posting.

  81. the gummy bears are so cute!!

  82. Gummy bears and oreos for me please :)

  83. Hostess cupcake.

  84. I love them all but I would go for the ice cream sandwich!

  85. My first pick would be the cinnnamon roll! I’m hoping it smells just as yummy as it looks…the aroma of cinnamon would be wonderful in my guest bathroom!

  86. They are all adorable but I would choose the pop tart first for all my grandchildren to see when they come over!!

  87. The cupcake is so adorable; I would have to buy that one first! I can’t believe they are all soaps…they look sooo real!

  88. The wafers!

  89. I want the Hostess cupcake!

  90. How do you pick just one?! The French Macarons are just adorable!

  91. I love the twizzlers, but I think I’d have to choose the rock candy!

  92. I would chose the vanilla wafer cookies! Yummy!!!

  93. ice cream sandwich soap!!! These are so cute!

  94. Cinnamon roll! Oh my gosh…they all look great though and I bet they smell wonderful too!

  95. I’d pick wafer sticks.. Could they get any cuter!

  96. The ice cream cone soap for sure! Very cute!

  97. The doughnuts! They are adorable!

  98. They are all so beautiful… I love the donuts, though!

  99. I love the little donuts with the sprinkles!!! So cute!!! :)

  100. sprinkle donut!

  101. Ice cream sandwich

  102. Oh the cinnamon rolls!

  103. I think my favorite is definitely the ice cream cone! Or the cupcakes, those are pretty adorable too!

  104. Anything cookie!

  105. Sooo cute…I love the little package of dounts. Adorable!

  106. The chocolate cream-filled cupcakes are so cute. I grew up in NJ, and trips to the corner store allowed us to buy hostess cupcakes! They are a perfectly sweet replica!

  107. I’d go for the donuts, but they’re all just lovely! :D

  108. Love the cinnamon roll!!

  109. I love the Strawberry Swirl Cupcake Soap, but they all look yummy.

  110. I love them all! The ice cream sandwich is just too cute!!! also love the gummy bears but I would be scared I might eat them

  111. Tooooooo cute! Those poptarts look mighty fine!! I’d eat- I mean- use that one first!

  112. So fun! I would love to give these as gifts!

  113. I would pick the gummy bears or the doughnuts…. OMG they are all so cute! They would make the perfect gift for my little girl :)

  114. The wafer cookies! As a kid, whenever I visited my grandpa, he would slip me one of each flavor when none of the other adults were looking. It was our secret, and to this day I can’t see them without remembering him.

  115. Those cinnamon rolls are GORGEOUS!! I mean so realistic I seriously want to slather butter on em and pop those puppies in the microwave! Haha

  116. Love the Cinnamon Roll. Thanks for pointing out this sight to us.

  117. Oh wow, they’re all SO cute! I really love those Pop Tart soaps, though – just darling!

    Thank you!

  118. Super cute and oh, so sweet!

  119. Wow…these are fantastic…love the gum drops!

  120. Love them all, but I’m definitely a cupcake girl:)!

  121. I’d totally scream for that ice cream!

  122. I’d love to have those Oreo cookies. I love ’em!!!

  123. I love the sprinkled donut one!

  124. I would go with the rock candy on a stick since it is my sister’s favorite and her birthday is coming up soon.

  125. Adorable!!!!
    Hot summer day…ice cream sandwich!!

  126. My, this is a hard choice. The wafer cookies or the donuts.

  127. MMM! The cupcake is so cute! But I do love the cinnamon roll, too!

  128. LOVE them all but I choose the donuts. Too cute!

  129. My 6-year old daughter would LOVE to have donut soap!!

  130. The wafer cookies are adorable! Thank you for sponsoring another great giveaway!

  131. These are too funny! I would pick the cinnamon roll first!

  132. The cinnamon roll looks so yummy! But I love them all!! thanks for the sweet giveaway!!

  133. I would totally go with the cinnamon roll! yummm

  134. So cute! I love the hostess cupcake!

  135. They all look delicious, but I’d have to pick the Hostess cupcake!

  136. Wow touch deciding ! There all so cute! I would have to go with the hostess cupcake if had to choose only one!
    Keeping fingers crossed that I’m lucky enough to win

  137. The red licorice soap is what I would choose first! Love the selection!

  138. So, so cute! The sprinkle doughnut totally caught my eye!

  139. Those licorice soaps look so sweet. There were some S’more soaps on her web site that looked fantastic!

  140. The little donuts, so sweet!

  141. The doughnut soaps. And/or the oreos. :)

  142. They are adorable I love the Ice cream soaps! Xxx

  143. The circus peanuts are super cute. I loved those as a kid, and still do, mmmm.

  144. OMG…sooooooo cute!! Those would be dangerous in the bathroom :-) I would love the cinnamon roll :-)

  145. Those soaps are the most realistic fake food I have ever seen. The crullers are my favorite!

  146. The doughnuts are adorable!

  147. Such cute soaps!!! I love the Chocolate Dipped Sprinkle Doughnut Soap …
    Thanks for the chance …

  148. DONUTS! for my sister who’s birthday is one Christmas day. She’s a donut manic and would get such a kick out of these. I’d take the animal crackers for me though! Thanks for the website info!

  149. OMG!!priceless ice cream sandwich have HYSTERICAL memory w them!!! ;)

  150. OMG how cute are these?! Since I’m trying to eat clean these days, I’d have to give in to one of my biggest cravings and have some of those donut soaps in my life!!

  151. Chocolate bar! Thanks!!!

  152. Cinnamon roll soap!

  153. They are SO adorable!!! Look so edible!!! Such artistry!!! I’d pick the donuts, rainbow sprinkle, of course :-)

  154. Love love the wafer cookies!!

  155. I would choose the glazed doughnut with sprinkles. So cute!!!

  156. I want the chocolate bar, oreo cookie or cinnamon roll soaps-those are all my favorite baked sweets :D

  157. ooooh…. the gumdrops! …or the gummibears!…. or the Oreos! Clearly I need one of each ;)

  158. I’d probably grab the cinnamon roll soap!

  159. I just adore the cinnamon bun soap!

  160. It would most likely be the gumdrops!!!

  161. The donuts! they just look too good!

  162. Ohhh, hard choice between cinnamon rolls and cupcakes!

  163. Donuts! For once I can choose the donuts without the slightest hint of guilt! Hahaha. These are so super cute!

  164. I’ve never seen anything like these, they are adorable! I think I’d pick the hostess cupcake soap.

  165. ice cream sandwich definitely!!

  166. so so sooo cute!!! The Oreo’s!!!

  167. so cute! i would get the ice cream sandwich.

  168. These are amazing. I’d go for the doughnuts and the cinnamon rolls first.

  169. I love the donuts; they look so yummy :)

  170. Cupcakes for me!!

  171. I would pick the sandwich ice cream i have never seen a soap like any of them so it was a hard choose

  172. The cruller – DEFINITELY the cruller!

  173. Oh my! Never have I seen something so amazing, I’d have trouble just picking 1! First instinct would be to go with the Ice Cream Sandwich and work my way from there.

  174. They are all sooooooooooooooooo cute! I love the mini donuts! They all look real, I bet they smell just as good! Man, now my mouth is watering!

  175. How cute are these?!?!?

    I think I would have to start out with a cupcake first!

  176. It’s gotta be those super-adorable & colour-perfect gummi bears!!! They even look chewy!!

  177. The DOUGHNUTS (with big letters). And I wonder if they aren’t just look yummy, but smells great too….. *-* hmmm…..

  178. that ice cream sandwich looks awesome!

  179. Love the cinnamon roll soap.

  180. I’m going for the chocolate chip cookies!

  181. That package with the mini doughnuts is so cute! Can you imagine keeping kids from eating them?! These would definitely go in the “guest” bathroom.

  182. I would pick the mini donuts! So cute!

  183. That is so cool!! I would pick the little donuts! :)

  184. Let me have those Oreo cookie soaps…delicious AND delightful!!

  185. I love the wafers! (They are also one of my favourite treats!)

  186. I would choose that divine looking donut. Looks so yummy I think I would consider taking a bite, it looks so good!

  187. I’d get one of everythiiiiiing!!!!! <3

  188. I would pick the ice cream sammy for sure! All so cute!!

  189. I would have to choose the cinnamon roll because it’s my favorite breakfast treat. Of course I would have to remind myself NOT to eat it!!

  190. They are all absolutely incredible, but I love the gummi bears!

  191. Doooooooonuts, especially the cruller!

  192. My first choice would be the donuts

  193. Yep, they look good enough to eat…. Matches the rest of your site this way….

  194. Oh my goodness how does one choose?
    I love the rock candy!

  195. Absolutely the gummy bears! So cute, colorful and petite. I’m a sucker for miniatures and/or fake food, and these are just too adorable.

  196. I would have to say the French Macaron Soap Complete Set. I don’t know how anyone could just pick one of these. I love them all and they are the coolest soaps I have seen yet. wait till the kids see these!

  197. these are so cool!

  198. I love love love the popsicle sticks!

  199. We love donuts/pastries, so it would be either the sprinkle donuts or the cinnamon rolls. What a fun product. Thanks for the chance to win.

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