And, we have a winner!

Thanks for being so patient … it’s been a busy day. But, I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Fiesta Head Chefs line (as selected by is…

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That’s you Emily!

Head Chefs Winner!

So get ready, these little guys are on their way to your house. Congrats!

Head Chefs Winner

And thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and shared their cake style. Check the chart below and see how you guys roll when it comes to cakes. And, don’t worry, no homemade cakes were harmed in the making of this chart. Just one sacrificed lemon cake mix and one can of ready-made cream cheese frosting.

Cake Style Results

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26 comments on “And, we have a winner!”

  1. classy rules

  2. congratulations emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The divided cake….is that your yellow cake recipe? It looks so
    delicious, I would love to try to bake this cake….so moist?

  4. congrats!!

  5. Thank You, Emily

  6. Hi Emily, I am Chucks wife Patty and like the small cake, where could I purchase a cake cutter?

  7. Kim – the chocolate takes practice to work with. But, I’ve never used the brand you mentioned, so that could be part of it.

    Cakespy – I know. Random just won’t get specific will it?

    Wendy – Yep! – you may be on to somehting

    Sarah – I sure do. And I try to get it really smooth.

    Chef Chuck – thanks chuck. Tell your wife to come and visit the site, too

    Tasha – thanks for thanking emily

  8. Congratulations Emily

  9. These cake’s are great, I like the size, more personalized. You have a feel for baking that is nice!
    Now with some help from you my wife can advance in her baking skills. Can you give her a pointer on baking?
    Thanks for sharing, Chef Chuck

  10. Hi! I love your blog, and congrats to the winner. I do have a question. On the fondant, do you add a layer of buttercream to your cake first? I’ve been trying to research how to do a fondant decorated cake! I just love the smoothness of them! Thanks!

  11. Maybe the cracking only happens when you dip the whole pop (ball) at a time. When you do the cupcakes, you did the bottoms and the tops, maybe that makes room or something for expansion. And I was attaching heads to warm chocolate and not dry, I’ll try that next time! Thanks for your expertise!!! danielle

    Congrats Emily!!

    Looks like we’re one messy bunch ;)

  13. Wait, was wrong again–I was supposed to win!!

    Ok, ok (slightly sullen)–Congratulations Emily! :-)

  14. Hi! First time commenter and as of this weekend, first time cake ball maker. I brought them to work yesterday and everyone loved them, they tasted so good. I did red velvet cake and white Log House Candi Quik coating for the outside and drizzled it with some semisweet chocolate. I’ve got a crappy pic from my cell phone here.
    I was wondering if I did something wrong though, because I had so much trouble working with the candy/chocolate. I eventually added some shortening to make it easier to work with. Any idea what was wrong?
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipes and creations, they inspire me to try new things. I look forward to doing even more in the future!

  15. Thanks for thanking Emily!

    danielle – That has happened before to me too, but not with the turkeys. I do think it has something to do with chocolate too hot and balls too cold. Also, If you are sticking the decorations in while the chocolate is wet, that can affect it. I did all my gluing after they had dried. As far as the heads falling off, try using a little more chocolate and let it set up for a while before you use it as the glue. And you’re right, I haven’t had any issues with the cupcake pops, either. If they do crack, before you decorate, you can also try redipping them and or covering the cracks with your decorations.

    Morena – Just a lemon cake mix and canned frosting.

  16. I love how creative you are with giving the results. So cute!

  17. That sliced cake looks so freaking moist and delicious! Which recipes did you use for the cake and the icing?

  18. Hi Bakerella! I made the ADORABLE “Turkey Pops” and the chocolate cracked as they cooled. On some poor little guys, the heads even popped off as they awaited decorations! It was as if the cold cake expanded when warmed by the melted chocolate. Have you ever had this happen before??? Even the cake that got dipped later on (not right out of the freezer and had warmed up a bit) cracked. This has not happened when I made the cupcake pops and I did everything the same! danielle

  19. Congrats Emily – that’s great!

  20. Congrats Emily and YAY to all us kids who love the messy cakes! :)

  21. They are adorable.

  22. Alright Emily! Good buttercream is GREAT!

  23. congrats emily!!

  24. Um, I am in LOVE with the little guys holding MY name. I could get used to this!!!

    Thanks, Bakerella! An email is already in your inbox!


  25. Congrats, Emily!

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