Blue makes me happy


I made a cake and put it on a plate. A pretty blue glass plate that I ordered the other day. It came in this weekend so I decided it must be put to use right away… or else forever be united with my other cake plates that have yet to see the light of day.

So I made a cake. Several of them. I thought it would be a good time to finally venture into the scary world of cake stacking.


But first… mad respect to all the cake decorators out there. I’ve only made small cakes before. This was a task. And I didn’t even do anything fancy.


I made this recipe. TWICE.

The first time I baked three 8 inch cakes. And the second time, I baked three 6 inch cakes and 2 five inch cakes. Use two inch high cake pans and spread the batter evenly among the pans when you bake. You’ll have just enough batter for all 8 layers.

I wanted to try the recipe to see if how well it would work for stacking. It’s not very dense, so it wouldn’t be great for carving. But it bakes up nice and even so there is no need to level off the tops. Yay, one less step.

I baked the cakes at night and wrapped in plastic wrap so I could devote the next day to decorating.


Unwrap a layer and place it on a cardboard cake circle cut to size. Frost the top. Layer on the next one and repeat.


Then frost the sides. This is the called the crumb coat. You just want a thin layer of frosting. It’s okay if crumbs get in.

I placed the layers on top of the cake pan I baked them in as a stand and to make frosting the sides down to the bottom a little easier.

Once frosted as evenly as possible, you can place the cake in the freezer for a few minutes. The frosting will harden and when you remove the cakes from the freezer, you can use a knife dipped in a little warm water to help smooth out any uneven places.


Repeat with the 6-inch cakes. Kinda crumby.


And the 5-inch cakes.

Did I ever tell you that I’m a really, really messy baker? Like real.

When all the cakes are crumb-coated, you can apply a pretty layer of frosting without worrying about tearing the cake or getting cake crumbs on the outside.

Or you can cover them in fondant. Eeek. That’s what I did.

(I used the frosting recipe from this post and doubled it. Triple it if you want to frost it all in buttercream instead of covering in fondant.)

Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the covering.

Just imagine I rolled out fondant on a powdered sugar-dusted surface and then carefully placed the fondant over each tier. And then smoothed out the sides.

And imagine that it looked perfect. Because it did not.

Once each tier is covered in fondant you can get ready to stack away.


To stack the cake, you’ll need wooden dowels or even straws to support each tier, so the cake doesn’t smoosh in on itself.


Push the dowel in and mark the height of the cake on the dowel. Remove and use it as a guide to cut the other dowels. I used four for the bottom tier and the middle tier. Make sure the dowels are all placed within the diameter of the tier above it. So the dowels won’t show when you stack them all up.

Then just stack the cakes and decorate.


I cut white fondant hearts to keep a clean, simple look.

Okay, not really. I did it to help hide the slightly uneven surface.

And also because I ran out of time to do anything else.

I think it looks pretty cute. Even if I don’t really know what I’m doing.

What I do know is I need another lesson in covering fondant cakes. And then one in making sugar flowers and of course piping and then carving. And then I’ll need some therapy.


I like it with a single pink heart, too.


But what I like most is the cake stand.

That’s why I bought two of them.

One for me and another for one of you.


Want it?

Enter for a chance to win this happy blue 10-inch glass cake plate.

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell me something that makes you happy.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, August 23 at 6:00 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

P.S. Here’s where I bought them.

I’m really glad I choose winners randomly or I’d be in a tough spot. Thanks for sharing all that makes you happy.

Now for the win, it’s comment #3612!

Congrats Angela from Memphis – I’m glad baking makes you happy. Now you have something new to put your treats on.


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6,801 comments on “Blue makes me happy”

  1. My Dachshunds & the color blue, too. My wedding ring is a sapphire, even!

  2. Watching my children play in the rain

  3. Baking makes me happy. Without it, I am very sad.

  4. Reading food blogs with beautiful pictures makes me happy.

    Watching a good movie with a great screenplay makes me happier than most things.

  5. Reading about recipes – viewing great photographs – getting inspired – all make me happy!

  6. such a cute cake stand! Baking makes me happy…hmm just not baking cookies! I’m a cupcake and cake girl!

  7. A movie with the family and Ben&Jerry!!

  8. Moving from NYC to Southern Oregon..just absorbing the smells of trees and river. Bliss.

  9. Love this and baking/sewing makes me happy

  10. today makes me happy cause we bought a new house and hike our first 14er here in Colorado

  11. winning one of the blue cake stands makes me happy~

  12. Anything turquoise makes me so happy! My favorite color in the world!

  13. My giggling kids…and creme brulee. :)

  14. Hanging out with my nephews makes me happy:)

  15. The sound of my kids’ laughter makeme happy as well as watching them interact with other. It’s awesome!! Have a great night!!

  16. Being with my hubby makes me wonderfully happy.

  17. Jesus & kids;)

  18. Seeing the Bride’s face when she walks into her reception and see’s the decorations I have spent lots of time doing! (You don’t often get to see this as your gone when they arrive, but on the occasion’s I have, it makes 12 months of planning so worthwhile!) I love my job! xx

  19. Listening to my 4yr old son and husband laugh in the other room. That sound makes me so happy!

  20. my friends and a law school free evening make me happy (it’s even better if there’s wine and chocolate!)

  21. Playing with Sunshine (my kitty) makes me so happy.

  22. How cuuuute is that cake stand?! Something that makes me happy is the sound of my kidlets playing happily together :)

  23. AH!
    everything you do is adorable.
    i love the cake with one pink heart.
    so creative!

  24. I love, love, LOVE the blue!! And what makes me happy?? Knowing, as a single mom, how much God has provided for me and my two kids, and how much joy we find in the simple things and each other! I have everything I need! Except that cake stand. :):)

  25. baking & sharing it makes me happy, reading my favorite baking blogs, like Bakerella, and of course, my family!

  26. Picking my tomatoes today made me happy…although it was darn near 100 here today!

  27. Getting away with my husband for a lazy Sunday afternoon, just the two of us, no time constraints. Perfect!

  28. Belly dancing makes me happy. It’s fun to shimmy!

  29. Going to the Farmer’s Market and finding black krim heirloom tomatoes… my favorite!!!

  30. My little grandson who is visting from Denver makes me happy :)

  31. My kids make me happy, fresh produce from my garden, sweet peas growing in my back yard, big mugs of steamy hot Chai Tea…..

  32. being with my family makes me happy

  33. Eating something delicious makes me happy! I can always find the perfect recipe for that on your website :)

  34. Monsoon season in Arizona makes me happy. What does not, however, is how it’s so hot and humid here right now that it’s difficult to frost things and not have the frosting melt into the cake.

  35. Being able to take a nap during the day with my 2 baby munchkins and NOT feel guilty about it. :)

  36. A long nap makes me happy.

  37. caramel popcorn with hidden m&ms while watching a chick flick with my little sister.

  38. Baking with my kids makes me happy. We baked cupcakes today and I let them decorate them all by themselves. (but the funny part is that neither of my kids like to eat cupcakes, they just like to bake them, so getting to eat all of the cupcakes myself makes me happy too)

  39. My teenager going back to school on Wednesday not only makes me happy, it makes me want this cake!
    You did a great job and made it look easy…..though we know it was a ton of work. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Great job! I am dying to make a layered cake and i LOVE cake plates.

    Truly, a beautiful cake on a beautiful cake plate makes me happy! :)

  41. My husband returning from combat deployments always makes me happier than anything else.

  42. Being in the kitchen and baking makes me happy….every single time!

  43. Watching a great movie with my family makes me happy!

  44. Snuggling with my new dog lanie makes me happy

  45. today I attempted my first cake balls & pops. I made the red velvet cake for the first time too. It made me happy that it turned out yummy!

  46. My husband and son make me happy. :)

  47. My cat laying on my tummy purring like crazy makes me happy. he’s so cute. :)

  48. That single pink heart makes me pretty happy :) Actually, my recent happiest moment was my 4 year old reading his first book to me :D Pure happiness!

  49. listening to my 2 year old sing along during our worship practice makes me happy. That and cuddling with my baby :)

  50. The single pink heart makes me happy.

    And when both kids go to bed with no arguing? Then I’m in heaven!!

  51. what makes me happy is my fiance. There hasn’t been a day since we don’t laugh together…and it makes people around me sick. I’ll take that as a good thing :) -sophi

  52. what makes me happy is my fiance. There hasn’t been a day since we don’t laugh together…and it makes people around me sick. I’ll take that as a good thing :) -sophi

  53. seeing my roommates after a loooooong summer of being apart!!

  54. My familiy: my husband, mom and sis, but much more my 2 nephews and 5 nieces… I love them! all of them make me happy…

  55. So many things make me happy… family, friends, food… :)

  56. What makes me happy is being with my family and spending time with them :) Also, being with my boyfriend. :D

  57. little baby arms wrapped around my neck.

  58. my husband, a big cup of coffee, and a delicious pastry make me oh so content!

  59. My hubby makes me happy!!!

  60. other than the obvious son and husband stuff…Drinking Cherry Squirt on a hot day, while listening to 80’s country music makes me happy!

  61. The Italian Love Cake I made today. It was divine!

  62. I adore that stand! I’m obsessed with cake stands!!

    Being a girl make me happy! I love being a girl in all it’s girly-ness!

  63. Seeing the reactions from everyone when they taste something I’ve baked. It’s what motivates me to follow my dream of going to culinary school. That is what truly makes me happy.

  64. Between my daughter, Pioneer Woman and you- I am a very happy person!! Thanks Bakerella!

  65. Sharing the pictures on your blog makes my 2 year old and myself very happy! She loves to bake and most importantly decorate! LOVE all of the eye candy you provide. :o)

  66. Sharing the pictures on your blog makes my 2 year old and myself very happy! She loves to bake and most importantly decorate! LOVE all of the eye candy you provide. :o)

  67. My family makes me happy – simple as that!

  68. I know this sounds so little girl’ish but kittens still make me happy. Even just pictures. Oh and when my craft table is clean. It’s so rare that it brings about pure bliss and joy. That’s why I don’t clean up my craft table often- wouldn’t want to get too used to that great feeling ;)

  69. cupcakes and military life makes me happy

  70. Baking with my daughters then licking the egg-free bowl while my husband cleans up our mess makes me VERY happy! :)

  71. Cupcakes and my sweet babies make me COMPLETELY happy!

  72. Making cupcakes with my daughter makes me happy

  73. Such a cute cake! I have made the cake and cupcakes for my godsons last 2 birthdays,and it makes me want to learn to do more!

    And Edy’s ToyStory Lemonade Swirl Ice Cream made me happy! Had it today with cousins! Go try it! it is limited time!

  74. What makes me happy… Is my ability to laugh at anything! Humor gets me through so much in my day to day life… Without that, I would have nothing.

    Also, I love trying new things. :) A teired cake is one of those things I’ve not yet been brave enough to try… But I want to, someday!

  75. Cake makes me HAPPY :),,,and cookies, cupcakes, pie……

  76. Butterflies and my boys make me happy.

  77. It makes me happy to play board games with my sister.

  78. My kids make me happy. Oh and mochi. Yep. Those two things.

  79. my fuzzy family – husband, son and 3 dogs, they complete me :-)

  80. My husband makes me happy :) him and images printed on paper towels ;)

  81. Honestly, baking makes me so happy. Eating what I bake makes me even happier. :)

  82. What makes me happy? CAKE PLATES! No joke–I absolutely adore them and I so love this blue one–it is cheerful, indeed!

    A few other things that make me happy–my daughters’ pictures of fairies and princesses, knitting baby clothes, pedicures with girlfriends, gardening, refurbishing old furniture. The list could go on and on and on… :)

  83. My daughter… she is the reason I smile.

  84. Being pregnant with my second daughter and the smell of our first after she’s done with bath time. And my husband of course. Thats 3. I think I cheated.

  85. The love that flows in our family is what makes me happy :)

  86. It looks beautiful! What makes me happy is the simple things of life that ome overlook… like the way my daughters eyes look when she smiles or how my so always burps after feeding him.

  87. One of the things that makes me happy is hearing the laughter of my three daughters (Ages 13, 11, and 6)
    Happy Baking :)
    Tonya B

  88. The rain outside makes me happy!

  89. Happiness is dessert!

  90. Clean sheets and a great book after the kids are asleep :-)

  91. Today making cupcakes with my daughter makes me happy!!!

  92. What makes me happy is your blog!!! (I am hoping that sucking up will help me win) Also my family makes me happy. Check out how cute my little monkeys are at http://busylizzybows.blogspot,com

  93. watching my children grow makes me happy..

  94. the four essential F’s currently in my life: fiance, family, friends and food!

  95. I love the cake, it’s so me…
    I always want to add something different, something that pops!
    loveee it!
    WOW I just read the post #56
    Betsy @JavaCupcake said…
    Being in the arms of my soldier…. that makes me happy. Oh…. and it’s gonna be VERY SOON when that gets to happen! He’s almost HOME!!!
    so cuteeeeee :)

  96. God has blessed me to see another day, opened my eyes to all the beauty in this world and to enjoy it.

  97. Doing anything crafty usually makes me happy, followed by watching Disney movies ;) Love that cake stand!

  98. What makes me happy is when I hear my fiance’s keys in the door just before he walks in from work ;). I LOVE the cake! And the single pink heart too. Great job!

  99. baking my children’s birthday cakes.

  100. Snuggling up with a book and a cupcake makes me happy.

  101. my kids laughing…..

  102. My grandchildren make me happy!

  103. Making cakes and scrapbooking make me happy!
    You did a great job on this one and remember there are
    no mistakes, just places to add decorations!!!

  104. Besides health and family…seeing such wonderful creations, like this absolutely adorable cake makes me really happy! And the cake stand…so cute I can hardly stand it! =)

  105. My baby girls :)

  106. When my boyfriend says “wanna split a cupcake” I can’t help but smile. He’s not really into sweets, but he knows I am =)

  107. I like the lone pink heart ?

    It looks like a little smile :)

    Cake makes me smile…

    Old-fashioned-looking cake stands also make me smile :)

  108. Sewing makes me happy

  109. My family makes me happy.

  110. I want it!
    Blue also makes me happy. But what makes me the happiest is accomplishing something that I didn’t think I could do/stick with.

    Reminds me that I CAN do it. I AM something. I AM going places. :)

    Have a great week everyone!
    *Be Blissful Always*

  111. Wow.Amazing!
    Thanks so much for explaining how to do a layer cake. I am both scared and excited to try it out- and have been wanting to for a while.

    Sharing baked goods makes me happy. To have other people enjoy your food makes the effort worthwhile and makes up for things not looking perfect!

  112. Hearing my girls’ laughter as they play together and act silly… makes me happy

  113. First of all-I think this is absolutely stunning! So simple, so clean lined, so elegant! I so wish I could have had this as my wedding cake!!!

    What makes me happy is getting to be a stay-at-home-mom. Its tough financially, but we seem to get by on life’s necessities. But my daughter feels my heart with such joy, love, and life that I never knew possible! I am happier than I have ever been and it is all thanks to God blessing me with such a wonderful hubby and amazing little girl!
    ~Im also happy crafting~

  114. making cakes makes me happy, though not as happy as eating them, and the new bakerella cake pop book coming makes me SUPER HAPPY…yummmmmmmmmmm! but mpstly im happy we just got a new car and are moving all at once to a new exciting life

  115. I’m happy for my children….2 of them have endured life threatening diseases, watching them grow up brings me joy ( and gray hairs!)

  116. The thing that makes me the most happy? Unexpected kisses from my little boys… and the flowers they found for me this evening to put in my hair. I love being a mom!

  117. Waking up with my two dogs little smelly feet in my face pushing and letting me know it’s time to take them to potty makes me happy :) Best way to start my day!

  118. bicycling with my hubby makes me happy!

  119. I think it came out really cute! If you lay sara wrap on your fondant prior to cutting out your hearts (press the cutter down into the plastic) you’ll get puffy hearts with rounded edges.

    Right now we’re remodeling our dining room. We just put in new wood floors and painted the walls. The room is looking like a model home and it makes me super happy!

  120. Actually cake stands make me happy as well, I make them all the time, and can’t help buy them at every opportunity.

  121. Baking and frosting and EATING cakes makes me happy!

  122. A hug from my daughter and when my hubby washes the dishes.

  123. eating cake makes me happy!!

  124. Hugs make me happy! :) Also making cakes for and with my friends and family! :) Love this site!

  125. My family and job make me happy! :-) and cake…..cake makes me a bit more than happy….;-)

  126. Making cake pops makes me happy!! They taste great and everyone LOVES them! :)

  127. laughing with my friends make me happy, mixing the perfect shade of barbie pink frosting makes me happy, kid’s art work makes me happy and singing, singing makes me really happy.

  128. This site makes me happy… and the thought of making red velvet cake balls next weekend!!!

  129. my boyfriend tim. :)

  130. oh my goodness, can i just say that this cake is perfection esp. w/ the single pin k heart! this would be totally cute as a wedding cake! :)

    what makes me happy? seeing my nephew grow up makes me soo happy (he lives in california and i live in missouri so i don’t get to see him often)!

  131. my husband and 5 children make me happy

  132. This cake stand makes me happy. All my cake stands make me happy!

  133. reading ur blog posts makes me happy! :)

  134. 78 and raining – makes me happy :)

  135. I love blue…..I’ve decided to put a little pop of blue in every room of my house!
    Starting in the Kitchen would be perfect!
    I could even use it in my displays for my Stella and Dot trunk shows.

  136. Chocolate makes me happy! :D

  137. Beautiful cake and cake plate!!

    Hearing my kids laugh makes me happy!

  138. Watching my little boy sleep & baking beautiful cakes makes me happy.

  139. Spending time cuddled on the couch with my fiance and our kitty cat makes me happy!

  140. Suzy’s Zoo, baking, teaching, and my children make me happy!

  141. What makes me happy? Laughter… having a great day…. friends…. relaxing…

  142. You did a great job! And hey, I am a messy baker too, but so what? We can still get the job done. :P

    As for what makes me happy, well my 5 year old son… and baking. Even better, baking WITH my son. :)

  143. Being in the arms of my soldier…. that makes me happy. Oh…. and it’s gonna be VERY SOON when that gets to happen! He’s almost HOME!!!

  144. My sister makes me happy right now.

  145. Cupcakes make me happy. :)

  146. It makes me happy when my girlfriend is with me.

  147. Hanging out with my kids….especially fireside:)

  148. Relaxing with a cupcake & a glass of wine, while reviewing ur site after a long day at work makes me happy.

  149. Baking makes me happy!!

  150. My almost 3 year old son and 4 month old daughter! And looking at recipes for my almost 3 year old’s “happy birthday cake” (that’s what he calls it).

  151. Back to school makes me OH so VERY happy!

  152. tonight, Key Lime Pie filling made me happy, very very happy

  153. Reading blog posts like this make me happy. I love when a plan (even though spontaneous) comes together!

  154. cake decorating classes that start tomorrow make me happy! :)

  155. seeing cute, yummy sweets on your site never fails to make me happy :)

  156. You did great!

    Watching my boys eat cupcakes make me happy!

  157. Oreo truffles and anything Nutella makes me happy =)

  158. Cake makes me happy. Very happy indeed. :)

  159. Being with my family & listening to my nieces & nephews play together makes me happy.

  160. My son makes me happy (when he’s behaving, haha!)

  161. Oooo I want one. Beautiful cake.

  162. my friend Bennie makes me extremely happy :)

  163. Seeing my boyfriends face when I bring him little surprises out of the blue makes me the happiest.

  164. Pop music! Never fails to put me in a great mood :) Also, cats haha. Love your site. Pure eye candy <3

  165. Sleeping in on Sunday morning with my puppy by my side makes me happy.

  166. reading your blog, making your suggestions and then eating all of them… that makes me pretty happy!

  167. seeing my coworkers fight over the things I bake makes me happy :D

  168. Listening to my daughters giggle and laugh makes me happy.

  169. Youre amazing photography skills make me happy! Such artistic shots make me want to make all these amazing desserts! Oh and planning my wedding makes me happy

  170. Skyping with my hubby… he’s deployed so its awesome when we get to!

  171. Spending the day with my husband and my 2 year old son makes me happy <3

  172. Finding a new recipe using chocolate and then making a mess in the kitchen trying out the recipe. And, finally, licking the bowl to make sure it will taste yummy when it comes out of the oven.

  173. Seeing people enjoy what I’ve baked makes me happy! I love loving people with homemade goodies!

  174. My Ferret makes me happy, he’s so silly!

  175. My kids and husband make me happy.

  176. Making cupcakes for my boyfriend makes me happy!!! :)

  177. My husband and daughter make me happy, my dogs and horses make me happy, and Sunday nights when there is a new Bakerella post make me happy!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful cake!

  178. My kids going back to school tomorrow! :)

  179. scrapbooking makes me happy

  180. Nail polish makes me happy. :)

  181. What makes me happy is… when I take a look at my life and realize how lucky I am to have two adorable boys, a loving husband, food on the table, and a roof over my head. No bad day or mishap can take that away… That’s what makes me happy!

  182. Though I recently started baking…I enjoy the look on the face of the gilrs I made barbie doll cakes for…basically I like that what I have baked is enjoyed :)

  183. Bakerella you make me happy!!!!!! I have already preordered your book and am looking forward to it coming in the mail!!!! Thanks again!


  184. My nephews and nieces make me happy :)

  185. making cupcakes makes me happy and watching wedding shows with my boyfriend he would kill me if he knew i said that lol i hope i win!

  186. Sharing my baking makes me happy–otherwise I’ll eat it all myself (which only makes me happy for a little while)!

  187. Having a lazy Sunday where I just lay in bed alll day and don’t have to worry about doing anything makes me happy!! Back to the grind tomorrow =(

  188. being able to stay home to watch my son….

  189. I have so many things that make me happy these days. Feeling my baby bump around in my belly as his older brother tells him how much he loves him is my top pick though.

  190. My cute kids and wonderful husband

  191. baking makes me really happy. I LOVE to try new things.

  192. Cozying up with the newspaper on Sundays after church makes me happy.

  193. baking and sharing yummy treats makes me happy. stupid scary movies make me happy. and huge cups of iced tea with lemon make me ecstatic!

  194. Wow! What a cake! Sounds corny, but being with my kids (when they’ve napped) and friends makes me happy.

  195. making everything from this website with my daughter makes me happy…ur so amazingly talented

  196. Snuggling with my kids makes me happy. That and my Fiestaware mugs.

  197. So cute! Looking at this makes me happy. :)

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