Pop Star: Jaden in Florida

How to make Cupcake Pops from Jaden Hair on Vimeo.

Watch Steamy Kitchen (Jaden) make Cupcake Pops!

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4 comments on “Pop Star: Jaden in Florida”

  1. Yes, thank you for the tutorial. The key to smooth icing is the added oil which most how to blogs never tell you! And do not add the whole jar of icing! You get mushy pops when you bite into them and it tastes uncooked. Very good video tutorial with the “secrets” revealed.

  2. Thank you for posting this video! It makes the process seem a little bit less intimidating. Now I know I can make these with my 5 and 8 year olds. Can’t wait!! ;0)

  3. love the video, love the colors and i really like how you put the hearts on the side..they look artsy! wonderful :)

  4. Great picture/video tutorial! After watching this, I feel more confident that I could make them!

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