Blue makes me happy


I made a cake and put it on a plate. A pretty blue glass plate that I ordered the other day. It came in this weekend so I decided it must be put to use right away… or else forever be united with my other cake plates that have yet to see the light of day.

So I made a cake. Several of them. I thought it would be a good time to finally venture into the scary world of cake stacking.


But first… mad respect to all the cake decorators out there. I’ve only made small cakes before. This was a task. And I didn’t even do anything fancy.


I made this recipe. TWICE.

The first time I baked three 8 inch cakes. And the second time, I baked three 6 inch cakes and 2 five inch cakes. Use two inch high cake pans and spread the batter evenly among the pans when you bake. You’ll have just enough batter for all 8 layers.

I wanted to try the recipe to see if how well it would work for stacking. It’s not very dense, so it wouldn’t be great for carving. But it bakes up nice and even so there is no need to level off the tops. Yay, one less step.

I baked the cakes at night and wrapped in plastic wrap so I could devote the next day to decorating.


Unwrap a layer and place it on a cardboard cake circle cut to size. Frost the top. Layer on the next one and repeat.


Then frost the sides. This is the called the crumb coat. You just want a thin layer of frosting. It’s okay if crumbs get in.

I placed the layers on top of the cake pan I baked them in as a stand and to make frosting the sides down to the bottom a little easier.

Once frosted as evenly as possible, you can place the cake in the freezer for a few minutes. The frosting will harden and when you remove the cakes from the freezer, you can use a knife dipped in a little warm water to help smooth out any uneven places.


Repeat with the 6-inch cakes. Kinda crumby.


And the 5-inch cakes.

Did I ever tell you that I’m a really, really messy baker? Like real.

When all the cakes are crumb-coated, you can apply a pretty layer of frosting without worrying about tearing the cake or getting cake crumbs on the outside.

Or you can cover them in fondant. Eeek. That’s what I did.

(I used the frosting recipe from this post and doubled it. Triple it if you want to frost it all in buttercream instead of covering in fondant.)

Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the covering.

Just imagine I rolled out fondant on a powdered sugar-dusted surface and then carefully placed the fondant over each tier. And then smoothed out the sides.

And imagine that it looked perfect. Because it did not.

Once each tier is covered in fondant you can get ready to stack away.


To stack the cake, you’ll need wooden dowels or even straws to support each tier, so the cake doesn’t smoosh in on itself.


Push the dowel in and mark the height of the cake on the dowel. Remove and use it as a guide to cut the other dowels. I used four for the bottom tier and the middle tier. Make sure the dowels are all placed within the diameter of the tier above it. So the dowels won’t show when you stack them all up.

Then just stack the cakes and decorate.


I cut white fondant hearts to keep a clean, simple look.

Okay, not really. I did it to help hide the slightly uneven surface.

And also because I ran out of time to do anything else.

I think it looks pretty cute. Even if I don’t really know what I’m doing.

What I do know is I need another lesson in covering fondant cakes. And then one in making sugar flowers and of course piping and then carving. And then I’ll need some therapy.


I like it with a single pink heart, too.


But what I like most is the cake stand.

That’s why I bought two of them.

One for me and another for one of you.


Want it?

Enter for a chance to win this happy blue 10-inch glass cake plate.

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell me something that makes you happy.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, August 23 at 6:00 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

P.S. Here’s where I bought them.

I’m really glad I choose winners randomly or I’d be in a tough spot. Thanks for sharing all that makes you happy.

Now for the win, it’s comment #3612!

Congrats Angela from Memphis – I’m glad baking makes you happy. Now you have something new to put your treats on.


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6,801 comments on “Blue makes me happy”

  1. Sunshine, spring time, butterflies, and hanging out with my hubs & our dogs.

  2. The smell of something sweet baking makes me very happy :)

  3. the lemon cookies i made tonight (and ate) made me very happy

  4. My family and chocolate make me happy

  5. Awww…the single pink heart on your cake made me very happy, indeed!

  6. OMG Pretty cake plates make me soo happy! My best friend and I have been on the hunt for fun ones lately. This one is just a doll!

  7. LG Twins! They’re a baseball team in Korea and I love watching their games :)

  8. My hubby makes me happy, especially since he lets me be as creative as I want when baking and always tells me they are great, even if they didn’t turn out like I wanted. Love makes me happy.

  9. *Love* the cake :)
    Getting ready for fall makes me happy – thinking about sweaters and boots, spice cakes… and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes!!

  10. I love this cake stand!!!
    A lot of things make my heart happy, but what made me happy today was harvesting loads of green beans, tomatoes, onions and cantaloupe form my back garden :)

  11. My two beautiful daughters, son on the way and cute hubby make me the happiest person there is!

  12. I just made my first loaf of homemade bread from scratch, and it came out well! And that makes me very happy :)

  13. My brand new kindergartner, upon picking her up from school and hearing about her day…that makes me happy.

  14. Creating something cute is what makes me happy. I definately adore the one pink heart on your cake. Thanks for all the things you share with your blog viewers :).

  15. pink highlighters and leaves changing color in the fall.

  16. My son makes me happy! :)

  17. Cheese, Cats, my daughter, and making cupcakes make me happy.

  18. Watching my husband play with our daughters makes me happy! Especially when he’s playing “princess” with our 3 year old. :)

  19. Things that are blue make me happy!! :) Really!

  20. thinking about the baby growing inside me makes me happy, and decorating cake, and cake stands!!

  21. When my twin boys take naps at the same time :)

  22. Little 2 year old giggles, indicating no good actually makes me happy!

  23. My dogs’ sweet faces when I come home never fail to make me happy.

  24. A friend pre-ordered the Cakepops book for me for my birthday, that is one great friend, and she and her gift make me happy!!

  25. learning to bake new things makes me happy =)

  26. My family and chocolate chip cookie dough. :)

  27. Fishs Eddy makes me happy! I love their stuff. Did you see the Alice in Wonderland dishes?

  28. Cakestands — and cake, of course! — make me happy. Mmmm…

  29. Open space and freshly cut grass makes me happy!

  30. My 13 month old baby girl makes me happy every day.

    A couple cupcakes don’t hurt either.

  31. Licking the spatula after making a delicious batter makes me very happy and takes me back to my childhood when my grandmothers let me do that very thing. It’s something I let my grandchildren do! I hope they remember it.

  32. the sound of kids laughing!

  33. Something that makes me happy? Waking up to hear a little voice from the crib across the house saying “I waked up!” Nothing makes me happier… except maybe sleeping a little while longer BEFORE hearing that little voice!

  34. Flash mobs make me happy. The pure surprise and joy of the onlookers makes me grin ear to ear.

  35. Watching my beautiful 3 year old daughter lick the beaters after helping bake a birthday cake for her Daddy makes me so happy my heart skips a beat!

  36. Your cake is super cute!!! I’ve always wanted to try fondant but it really scares me. especially getting it rolled out evenly… I kinda suck at using a rolling pin :-)

    Picnics for some weird reason make me really happy.

  37. Creating new baking creations and seeing people enjoy them makes me happy!

  38. the color yellow.

  39. Cakes, and cupcakes, and cookies, and brownies, and basically all things sweet make me happy. :)

  40. Oh my word! I love everything about this!! And I want to make a cake just like this tomorrow and put it on that perfect plate!

    What makes me happy?
    Watching my kids play in the waves at the beach and knowing that they are experiencing pure and total joy.

  41. seeing the sights of the world with people I love!

  42. Things that make me happy? My family, my dogs, licorice, red bull, the color red. I could go onl making cake pops makes me happy too!

  43. baking…pretty cake stands…fresh fruit from the farmers market…red kiddos…my really handsome hubby.

  44. My new found love of sewing makes me happy. I made a purse today! :)

  45. Knowing that I’m moving to Washington State in 16 days with my son makes me happy!

  46. Autumn makes me happy

  47. mac products, and sugar cookies!

  48. That cake! And my family, and my dog, and chocolate, and books, and sometimes shoes… I like a lot of things

  49. Besides your blue plate and cute cake?

    My babies blue eyes when he smiles at me make me oh so happy!

  50. Making stuff for way cheaper than I could have bought it makes me incredibly happy.

  51. Traveling home to see my family makes me happy!

  52. My husband who just so happens to be my best friend.

  53. Tacos make me happy. Like… REALLY happy. And so does chocolate. If I’m in a bad mood or sad I just get some dark chocolate and let it melt in my mouth. Oh… oh yes. That’s it. Just like that. It’s wonderful. :)

  54. that little pink heart makes me happy…

  55. ur blog makes me happy :D

  56. listening to my boys brag about the cake balls I’ve made makes me so happy!!! I love it that they love them as much as I do!

  57. baking anything makes me happy :)

  58. listening to the rain while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a yummy treat makes me happy.

  59. Making cakes and delivering them to children in need make me happy. Their smiles melt my heart:) Also, spending quiet time in the evening with my hubby makes my heart happy.

  60. My husband. My dogs. Baking. Winning cute cake plates ;-)

  61. Cake stands make me happy! I just made 2 myself but a pretty blue one would be an awesome friend to the others. All the cupcakes bites don’t fit on 2 anyway.. :)

  62. Your website makes me very happy and inspired!

  63. My daughter makes me happy. And planning her first birthday party (which will include cake pops!) makes me happy. And thinking about having this cake stand for her first birthday cake makes me happy. :) And the color blue. That makes me happy as well.

  64. Sunshine makes me happy. And summertime. And lately, the idea of fall and eating things made with pumpkin and apples again (which is totally weird for me!)

  65. Spreading sunshine thru my website.

  66. Video games and cupcakes definitely make my happy…. as does that light blue color of the cake stand. TOO CUTE.

  67. having blue toenails makes me happy! Add a glittery layer and I’m ecstatic!

  68. Daisies make me happy.

  69. Baking and decorating/throwing parties makes me happy! I love it and I love seeing all of your amazing creations!!!

  70. . . . watching my kids as they make new friends or spend time with great friends they already have. I love watching children who are mastering language communicate with each other.

  71. I’m happy when my daughter giggles.

  72. chocolate cake with penuche icing makes me VERY happy!!!

  73. My cat makes me happy! He’s so goofy and adorable, it’s impossible to be sad around him.

  74. my family makes me happy & my Jesus!

  75. spending my ridiculously small college budget on baking supplies! also pole vaulting and singing in the car :)

  76. What makes me happy… eating sweets of course. I believe in indulgence lol!

  77. I love this cake topper and your cake :)
    My husband, family, and friends make me happy as well as meditating and BAKING!!!

  78. Being creative makes me happy. So does sleeping.

  79. Knowing that people appreciate the work I put into my baking and cake decorating makes me happy… and seeing the joy in their faces when I make something nice for them, makes me extra happy.

  80. ahhhh the hubby the daughter the son makes me happy… seeing them happy always puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

    thanks for always inspiring…

  81. What makes me happy is when my firls wake up in the morning and the first thing they see is me in the morning and they have a huge smile on there face!!! Fills my heart !!!

  82. my snuggly cuddly baby boy.

  83. The crumb coating is a key step. Without it you will not get a smooth fondant. Coming from experience.
    Love Your Site!!!

  84. My sister! Cupcakes make her happy!

  85. Watching my babies sleep makes me absolutely content and happy.

  86. ok, this sounds stupid, but I realized today that math makes me happy. contented, wonderful happy when watching a calculus video with my son. call me sicko. (well, cute cupcakes make me happy too, does that redeem me?)

  87. Pokemon. and mommy. and teti. <3

  88. LOve it!

    the cake, the cake stand, the idea that you baked such a beautiful cake just so a cake stand would not stand around loney!!!

    What makes me happy? a clean kitchen—a book store—the first day of school-the last day of school–!!!

    Have a happy Monday!

  89. Getting an excited smile from my 4 month old daughter when she wakes up in the morning makes me very very happy

  90. my husband and my lovely kids make me happy:)

  91. My family, friends & yummy cakes make me happy! I want that cake :)

  92. Girls time with massages make me happy. :)

  93. Making cakes makes me happy. And I need lessons in how to do fondant smoothly, too. Gorgeous cake and I NEED that stand!! :)

  94. My little boy that will turn 6 in two weeks. He is the comedian in our family. The thing that makes me happy is his laugh. It’s one of those laughs that either makes you laugh with him or brings the biggest grin to your face.

  95. My sweet girls make me happy :0) nothing fancy just perfect!

  96. fresh baked bread makes me happy. yum.

  97. Having my hubby back after a 5 day fishing trip makes me happy but not much fish makes me not happy!

  98. Winning a 10 inch Blue Cake plate make me happy! :D

  99. Freshly painted toenails, a diet coke and a pack of gummi bears make me the happiest girl ever!!

  100. What makes me happy is that god heard my prayers and my son is cancer free thank you god, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jesus Christ my son is 17 months old and healthy as can be I love him so much

  101. Being snuggly with my husband and new technology makes me happy!!!

  102. baking makes me happy!

  103. Nothing makes me happier than cooking/baking with my girls. Wait, that’s a lie….nothing makes me happier than cooking/baking with my girls AND THEN eating our efforts :)

  104. My beautiful children and my wonderful loving husband!

  105. Cooking up yummy foods that my family can enjoy makes me happy! =)

  106. Cream cheese frosting and my husband make me happy!

  107. Alex and Lauren (my children) make me happy!

  108. Baking cookies for my friends makes me happy. :)

  109. when I think of eating any of the yummy treats that are going to be displayed on this gorgeous plate, THAT makes me so very happy!

  110. Simply beautiful. The thing that makes me happy is seeing my dogs lying in the sun and not having a care in the world. I am such a fur baby lover can’t you tell?

  111. Very cute – love the simplicity. Looks great for a first attempt!

  112. Movie nights make me happy. Just staying in all day eating sweets and watching movies :)

  113. GOD!!! and pretty flowers!

  114. Spending time in the kitchen, at home with my kiddo’s makes me happy! And the fact that I’m redoing my kitchen in blues and greens and can possibly have the chance to put this super cute cake plate in there makes me happy too!! :)

  115. Looking at that cake makes me happy… I too love the single pink heart.. and that STAND IT WAYYYY TOO CUTE.. GOT TO HAVE IT!!!!! It really would get used.. to cute not to use it… hehehe

  116. staying up late chatting with my girlfriends makes me happy. especially when we’re munching on my latest sugary creation :)

  117. Decorating my house makes me happy…having money to buy every decoration for my house would make me really happy!

  118. My great-niece & great-nephew!

  119. Making decadent cupcakes and cakes for people, and seeing there reactions when they taste my baked goods. This makes me happy. Also, my husband and my job make me happy. I get to bless many lives everyday at the Ronald McDonald House; giving these families some comfort; makes me happy!!

  120. Cake balls make me smile. I just like saying the name!

  121. nice perfume and thrift store t-shirts.

  122. My kids :)

  123. seeing my friends and family enjoy all the baked good I make makes me the HAPPIEST! and eating the frosting too!

  124. Cooking with my husband makes me super happy!!!

  125. Cooking makes me happy – especially when my kids rave over what I cook!

  126. All things Bakerella make me happy :) – look forward to your posts every week. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring!

  127. My brand new triple helix piercing makes me happy :D
    (Ok, except for sleeping. And showering. And getting dressed. And brushing my hair. And wearing my hearing aid. And, uh, yeah, I think that’s it :D

  128. Looking out my window and listening to the raindrops make me happy.

  129. Date night with the Mr. makes me happy.

  130. of course my kids make me happy but so does a quiet house, a cup of coffee and reading some great blogs like this one

  131. Cake makes me happy! I really love rainbow cakes. =]

  132. my husband makes me happy :)

  133. Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate butter cream & rainbow sprinkles make me happy!

  134. There are a lot of things that make me happy. Top 3… My children, my husband, and sweets!

  135. cupcakes, creme burlee, and red velvet.

  136. A warm, purrrrr-ing cat on my lap makes me happy.

  137. Dark Chocolate makes me happy…o, especially with Coffee!

  138. Writing my own blog about baking (and now crafting and cooking) makes me happy! :D

  139. Peonies make me happy :)

  140. Life makes me thrive with happiness

  141. When my 4 year old and 2 year old smother me with kisses and tell me they love me. It melts my heart.

  142. Spending time with my kids and baking make me happy!

  143. Family hands down.

  144. blue cakestands make me happy ;) and spending time with my family

  145. My husband and 3 kids make me happy.

  146. My boyfriend is property of the US Army, so we really only get to see each other on the weekends… hearing that knock on my front door at 5PM every Friday makes me happier than anything else on the planet, because it’s always him and he always makes me smile :)

  147. Having a good time with old friends!

  148. A visit to the park on that perfect day. You know, in the spring, when the sun is shining and it is slightly warm. The gentle breeze keeps you from being too warm, and the sunshine keeps you from being too cool. The kids are playing and not throwing the sand at the other kids nor each other…. Mmm perfect happiness right there!

  149. Back rubs!

  150. Winning cute stuff makes me happy! :)

  151. I love the color of this! Watching my kids play together nicely makes me happy!

  152. My daughter…I never even KNEW happiness until I had her… Hubby is a close second…then puppies…then sprinklers in the yard that diapers-only children run through on a spur-of-the-moment kind of summer day…and cupcakes. LOTS of cupcakes!!! ?

  153. Cooking for my family makes me happy.

  154. snowflakes make me happy

  155. old movies, sweets, miniatures, books, family, seasons, back rubs all make me a happy gal

  156. Coming here and checking out your goodies….it makes one happy!

  157. When my son’s give each other a cuddle and say l love you!

  158. Baking with my kids makes me happy! (all four of them!)

  159. Super Cute! Watching my 2 year old daughter use her imagination outside with sticks and rocks! so much fun! and so simple!

  160. Seeing the smile of accomplishment from my daughter as she completes another cake / project

  161. My baby girls! :) My 4 year old daughter told me yesterday that she had the best birthday party EVER…. that melted my heart! :)


  162. fresh rain, a comfy hammock, and a fresh book.

  163. My wife makes me happy.

  164. My son makes me happy!!!!

  165. snuggling with my daughter makes me happy!

  166. Knowing that Jesus is my Savior makes me happy. That and Chocolate.

  167. Dreaming that I could one day be a great baker makes me happy. I love this site…and again, thanks for your posts! Keep them comin’!

  168. Baking with my two year old son makes me happy! And hoping that this could be in my kitchen makes me happy too!

  169. Walnut Brownies make me happy!

  170. My family makes me happy!

    And I absolutely LOVE that cake! Simple but beautiful! If I were getting married, I would want that cake for my wedding. :)

  171. Taking a bubble bath makes me happy…and sleepy.

  172. Going to the movies and getting popcorn makes me happy!

  173. Spending time with my family and close friends … baking … planning out cakes I’m going to be decorating … Christmas … Christmas movies … reading … doing things for a good cause … and scrapbooking all make me happy. =)

  174. Holiday baking for my family and friends! (Can you tell I’m already preparing?)

  175. 2 things that make me really happy.
    1) baking. and. eating.
    2) harry potter.

  176. The smell of something baking in the oven.

  177. living, laughing, loving!

  178. A lot of things make me happy: cupcakes, boba tea, otters, soft blankets, nice perfume, nail polish, libraries. I really just can’t choose one thing, haha. :-)

  179. Having the most amazing husband makes me happy!!

  180. God, Family and Honor make me happy!

  181. Baking for other people makes me happy

  182. Writing stories and working on projects for my little shop makes me happy.

  183. My Jack Russell Terrier, Rocko, makes me very happy. :)

  184. Coming home to my fiance’ and our pups

  185. Jesus makes me happy! : D

  186. Watching people enjoy eating my baked goods makes me happy :)

  187. Knowing there are two beautiful little boys who count on me each day makes me happy.

  188. LIFE makes me happy!

  189. My dogs and my hubby make me happy! Oh, and cake!

  190. Hawaii makes me happy. I’m here with my family right now :)

  191. What a beautiful cake stand! While spending time with my family makes me happy, spending time with my bff Christine makes me a special kind of happy. Be it to crochet, bake, decorate cakes, or watch movies, we ALWAYS have a good time…and SMILE!

  192. Good wine and good friends!

  193. My hubby makes me happy!

  194. trying new baking recipes makes me very happy. Also, hearing my kids laugh, of course.

  195. Oh… Cake makes me happy! I have to stop looking at baking sites so late at night (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it)! Ohhh… Sweet cake…

  196. Crocheting in the fall while waiting for cupcakes to cool makes me very happy :)

  197. My 11 month old nephew and my dog make me the most happy!

  198. I have been spending time with children all weekend and I can’t help but be happy. They are so entertaining.

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