Bluebird Cake Pops

Bluebird Cake Pops

Chirp! Chirp!

I had wanted to make these bluebird cake pops around Easter, but I decided on these bunny cake pops instead. I sketched out my birdie ideas and tucked the paper away for later. When I came across the sketch the other day, I decided I had to make them this weekend to share with my mom. They’re pretty cute for Mother’s Day – plus, I didn’t want to wait until next spring for a reason to see how they would turn out.


To shape the heads, mold cake balls so they are bigger at the top than the bottom and have a slight indentation on the front side. If you were to look at them in profile, it might look like a big, round bean shape. Hmmm or a big round kidney shape. : )

And if you need the basic cake pop instructions to get started, check them out here.


I made these little birdies blue, but they’d be cute in pink or yellow, too. How fun would they be for a baby shower. And of course they’d work for Spring and Easter time, too. Plus, all yellow would be great for Tweetie Birds.

Or make them any time. Cute is always in season.


I wanted the bluebirds to have big eyes. So I had to improvise a little bit… with these Marshmallow Bits.

I usually use white confetti sprinkles for eyes because the size and shapes work so well. They come in mini, regular and jumbo sizes. But the mini and regular size was too small and the jumbo was too big.

So I went into my sprinkle stash for a solution.

Blue Bird Cake Pops

If you flatten marshmallow bits, (smaller than mini marshmallows) they are the perfect size for big eyes. Just use a flat surface to press the bits onto wax paper. Attach them to the cake pop with melted candy coating and you can add details to make them look less like visitors from outer space.

Blue Bird Cake Pops

Big pupils and eyelashes go a long way don’t you think? Yes, much better.

You can draw them on with a black edible ink pen. I like using Americolor pens. Then you can dot the eyes with melted white candy coating to finish them off.

Blue Bird Cake Pops

But eyes weren’t enough. I wanted them to have flower bonnets for spring.

Blue Bird Cake Pops

Sometimes I like using a toothpick to apply melted coating instead of a squeeze bottle. It can be easier to control where the coating goes since you are working on a small round surface. Easier for me anyway. Draw on the bonnet and straps on either side of the head with the toothpick. And after applying the melted coating, just add some small sprinkles on top to represent flowers while the coating is still wet.


I used these powder blue nonpareils for tiny flowers, green daisy sprinkles for a large accent flower and yellow rainbow chip sprinkles for the beaks.


Then you just need some ribbon to finish the bonnets off…

Blue Bird Cake Pops

… with a pretty little bow.

Blue Bird Cake Pops

Hope you find a reason to make these. They’ll bring big, bright smiles.

I’m so glad I didn’t wait to try them, because I love them. My mom did too. But you know – I think she would have loved anything I made. Last year I was on dialysis and this year because of her, I’m not. We were both just happy and grateful to enjoy Mother’s Day together… without me feeling sick. Can you believe it’s been almost a year since the transplant? Mom … you deserve Mother’s Day every day and so much more. I love you.

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  1. BEURIFUL,FRIEND OH I LOVE very good my friend very good
    your friend katherine love

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  4. trop beau ces oiseaux dommage que ce ne soit pas en français mais merci pour vos merveilles !

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  17. Me and my mom are going to make cake pops today and I like the ones that u make

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  85. Ironically, my hubby tore down an old grape arbor in our yard this weekend, unknowingly knocking down a nest of two baby birds. We found them the next morning and momma hadn’t been back and we ended up taking them to a wildlife sanctuary in Ann Arbor. They are expected to be fine and we may be able to release them back in our yard in about a month. Your pops are just in time. :) We are amazed some wildlife didn’t get to these chicks but happy they have as best an outcome as they can. Love the pops! I will make them when re get to release our peeps… celebration!! :)

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