I have a cute post to put up. It involves cookies and cupcakes and Christmas. But I can’t. I think my camera is broken. Dead. Unresponsive. Lifeless. And my photos are on it. Well, they’re on the compact flash card, not actually the camera. Now, I know why people have card readers. I used to think they were unnecessary, since cameras come with a cable to connect to your computer. Not anymore.

Tomorrow… get a card reader. And maybe … I can hardly say the words… a camera. Hopefully, it’s just teasing me and it decides to start working in the morning. But, seeing as how I dropped it earlier today, things aren’t looking too good. Just wish I had noticed it wasn’t working before now. Ughhhh!

Kerplunk and camera do not mix.

In the meantime, enjoy this Cakespy stop animation cupcake video I did a while ago. And smile.

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124 comments on “Bummer.”

  1. Rats, that stinks. :(

  2. Bakerella, Bummer, and SO CUTE!!!

  3. Dear Unlucky Ella,
    I hate lost picture/broken camera moments. I accidently erased my son’s birth pictures recently. I was just sick about it. I ended up swallowing my pride (these were BIRTH pictures afterall) and asking a guy I dated ten years ago, who is a computer whiz, if he could help get them back. He was able to recover most of them thank goodness!!!
    Blushing But Breathing Easier in Nebraska

  4. Love those sugar cookies…they’re adorable!

    My main wishlist item this year is the clarisonic facial brush…I’m a vain girl :p

  5. Adorable! My kids have watched this video about 23 times today! Love your blog and recipes!!

  6. I would just like my husband to have his health back. He has been chronically ill for 8 years.

  7. It’s a bummer about your camera. Hubby bought me a new one and a computer with a card reader when decorated cookies started to take over!!!! Love all your ideas, keep them coming.

  8. oh goodness! I love your giveaways! *fingers crossed*

    This holiday I would love a chance to visit my old friends at home…and a pair of new boots!

  9. Adorable, as always!

    As for my wish list, I’m hoping for some fancy knitting needles….

  10. You are such a talented photographer- you could take a great picture with a 5 dollar disposable camera!

  11. ugghh – I hate having camera problems! It’s the worst. But the video is amazing – totally love it.

  12. booo.. bummer. i would have loved to see your new creations! hopefully your camera comes back to life…. SOON! :)

  13. I am so sorry to hear about the camera. That totally sucks! Your pics are always so amazing. I hope it is just one of those flukes that remedies itself on its own.

    On a side note, how was dinner with PW Sunday night? She twittered about it and I am waiting to see which one of you blogs about it first. I hope you don’t think this is stalker talk but to be a fly on the wall would be amazing. You ladies come up with such wonderful ideas and recipes that make my mouth water.

  14. Sorry about your camera! I don’t know what I would do if mine ever broke. You said your pictures are on a card…they should slide into a slot on your computer (unless your computer is really old) and you could pull the pictures off that way. I’ve never had to buy a card reader because I can always just pop my card into the laptop!!!

  15. What camera do you have your eye on?

  16. Thank you for that darling video! I just sat and watched it with my five boys (ages 2-14) and all of us loved it. My 2-year-old (who is just learning to talk) laughed out loud several times and said, “dooce!” (meaning juice–he doesn’t know what Coke is yet). Very fun and well done. Thanks for making us smile!

    So sorry about your camera! Maybe a miracle will happen and it will heal on its own :0)

  17. That’s a really cute video!

    Hopefully your camera woes will be fixed soon. I love the card reader, but I find that I just cannot stand looking for a cable and climbing all over my desktop computer to plug it in. It’s easier with our battery hog of a camera to just use a card reader!

  18. Always use a card reader. Downloading your images directly from our camera puts a huge drain on your camera’s battery. I hope your camera feels better, if not, treat yourself to a new one and just consider it a holiday present to yourself!

  19. Another good reason to get a card reader is that it saves the life of your camera. Just a idea. I just learned this myself not long ago. Good Luck. Love your Blog.

  20. Aww :( Well I hope your camera decides to start working! I have a camera related delema too. Not a broken one, but forgetting my card reader and card in another city, so I can’t upolad any pictures! But yes, definatly get a reader!

  21. I love cakespy and I love diet coke, that rocks!

  22. Hey–just a suggestion, Dear One (love your website and can’t stand the thought of no pictures!!!!!)–if you have a newer printer–they have slots on the front that allow you to download your pics…..

  23. but….but…but… I am having baking withdrawl….I’m going to go cry in my diet coke

  24. Oh my my my. I am SO sorry about your camera! I have a camera like that as well and i know the pain you must be feeling for it. I cherish it, like it’s my child. I hope it somehow magically comes back to life. :( Such a horrible, horrible ordeal! I always had a card reader. I find it to be much easier than to use the cord. You just plug it in and voila, pictures.

  25. UUUUGHHHHHHh! Kerplunk is the worst noise in the world to hear when it’s your camera. :-( OH, I SO hope it was just faking you out and will be fine in the morning. Where is the Camera Fairy when you need her? You leave your broken camera under your pillow and in the morning…Poof… your camera works again! AND she leaves you a giant compact flash card, and you get to keep all your teeth. hehehehe :-)

  26. Sorry about your camera but your video was cute.

  27. First- That is a bummer. My camera is my life so I understand your dilemma. Don’t know what I would do if I suddenly was not able to use it or upload pictures.
    Secondly- That is super cute, and definately made me smile. I have always wanted to do that, and love yours!

  28. Cute as always Bakerella!!

  29. You can use a program to retrieve pics of you card. I have done that before. You can most likely down load it off the web. good luck

  30. Sorry to hear about the camera. It was so nice to meet you tonight at Borders for The PW book signing. Here’s the link to the conference I was telling you about:

    So…when are we gonna have a Bakerella book signing?!?!

  31. adorable animation!! I smiled :)

  32. not sure what kind of camera you have but i just had to send mine to nikon to be fixed, it was worth it but luckily there are some great deals on cameras for the holidays if you have to get a new one. can’t live without the camera, especially with a blog!

  33. Such a cute video! Hope your camera perks up soon.

  34. Good thing there are so many holiday sales out there going on! :D Keep up the creative & inspiring work, you’re freaking awesome.

  35. I am in the exact same situation with my Canon XTi. It slipped off my shoulder the night before Halloween (onto the carpet) and I didn’t realize until Halloween night when I went to take pictures of my twins that it was dead. I am devastated over this, so I know just how you feel. I will find out what it costs to fix it, but I am in the market for a really great point and shoot so I have one for Christmas (and Disney World this weekend). I love your site and tell everyone I know about you. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  36. Hi bakerella, sorry about your camera thats too bad, I always always check your site on mondays, its so exiting to me! Im 21 and studing photography, and I really really love your pictures your are very talented. maybe you’ll wanna look to the stopmotion i made about my card Business taller arcoiris wich means rainbow workshop. here it is! :)

  37. OMG I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I took pictures of the first snow that actually landing and stayed on the ground a week ago, but my laptop isn’t reading my memory card ): so sad

  38. Oh that IS a bummer! Good luck getting it fixed :) I do have a cake pop request, though: how about Christmas ornaments??

  39. I want to see the cupcakes!! :) Good luck… I hope you can get your camera fixed with no problems :)

  40. So sad, about the camera and not having a Sun night / Mon morning post. Hope everthing is up and running soon, need some good ideas for my holiday party this Sun. Hope you had fun last week with PW!

  41. Sorry about your camera….I also love your photos…..

    Thanks for the video….it´s cute…

  42. I hope you will try taking the card to a photo store and see if they can download the photos to a CD. My card reader started corrupting my SD cards. Now I plug the camera directly to the computer, and I haven’t had any problems.

    Hope this helps.

  43. coke commercial?

  44. I’m so sorry about your camera :( I have to say that my kids *love* your cupcake video. My 4 year old has asked to watch it over and over and over…

  45. I’m making a sad face for you right now. Didn’t you just get that camera not too long ago?? So sad. Sounds from the comments like you might have your eye on another model, though. Maybe that’s what happened, your camera jumped because it thought you loved another, teehee

  46. Oh that is so sad!

  47. Good luck with the camera!! My camera fell out of the back of the car last year. I was lucky – I only had to replace the lens.

    Hope it turns out well.

  48. ALOT OF TIMES IT IS CHEAPER TO BUY A NEW CAMERA THAN HAVING THE OLD ONE FIXED! I know this from experence. And newer cameras have more to them. Much nicer than our old beloved cameras. I KNOW this from expericence too :) Good luck.

  49. That. Was. AWESOME!! How in the heck did you do that?!?!?

  50. Oh no!!! Hope it works out soon – cookies, cupcakes and Christmas sounds like a perfect combination :)

  51. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but check your printer. Many of them nowadays come with a card reader slot, and your printer then just acts like an external harddrive.

  52. That sucks! Here’s another video that might brighten your Monday. My husband laughs at it every time:

    The name of this post reminded me of it.

  53. Booo! This blog is my Monday morning break at work. Now…no break. Sorry to hear about your camera! I hope you get it fixed soon!

    The video is too cute!

    And to Marie, comment #11, try a chocolate cake with mint buttercream for the 4th flavor! A great summer treat!

  54. Haha, cute! Sorry about your camera!

  55. Oooch. Been there. Sorry. I had wondered where you went. I’ve been itching to know what you’ve been up to for holiday cooking ideas. Can’t wait to see your latest creations!

  56. Sorry about your camera! Love the video! Cute!

  57. Oh no! I hope your camera starts working again soon!

  58. Sorry you kerplunked your camera…….a new one could be the Christmas gift you buy for yourself!!! LOVE your blog. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. I made the peanut butter balls with the Nutter Butters for my cookie exchange and I won BEST COOKIE!!! YIPPIE!!!! Thanks again.

  59. Awesome! I think you should take this as a definite sign it’s time to upgrade!! Someone’s trying to tell you something! :o))

    Cute video. Can’t wait for your next sweet fix installment.

  60. impressive video! I love it

  61. Hoping your camera pulls through!

  62. Oh no! That sucks about the camera. I had a friend who once dropped hers in the ocean. Yeah, it didn’t survive.

  63. Ugh, on the camera. Is it just a memory card in the camera? You do know that you can just download them directly to your computer via a memory card slot on your computer or printer? I’m sure that you know this and I’m missing something, just thought I’d throw it out there.

    Cute animation and can’t wait for the post to come…my friends, family and neighbors love it when I make cake pops – especially themed ones =}

  64. Sorry Bakerella. Hopefully it will mysteriously start working again. Can’t wait to see those photos :)

  65. thats terrible! i hope ur camera is ok:( as an owner of a canon rebel i can relate. im always so worried about mine. just wanted to thank u for the inspiration. i bought some of those americolor food color pens and loved em!

    So, because of u, i’m doing a GIVEAWAY on my site for a set.

    thx bakerella, and goodluck!

  66. Oh the heartache! I hope it decides to wake up and work this morning, maybe after a little coffee! :)

  67. I’m SO sorry to hear about your camera, Bakerella! I hope that it starts working again and I really hope that all the data is still on your card! Sending positive comments your way!

  68. That is so cute! It reminds me of the Teeny Little Super Guy from the Sesame Street glory days!

  69. That totally stinks about your camera. Just a little suggestion, when you get a new camera, insure it. You can add it to your homeowners or renters policy as a personal articles policy. It doesn’t cost much at all and then it’s covered if you lose it, break it, or if it’s stolen. I have done that with our camera and laptop. Give your insurance agent a call I am sure they would love to give you more information about it. Good luck!

  70. Sorry about your camera, it’s always frustrating when technology has no respect for your personal life =) Good luck with the camera (whether it works again or you get a new one) and thanks for the explanation about the card reader…I’ve had that happen where the camera dies while i’m downloading but it honestly never occured to me to get a card reader to solve that problem =)

  71. Aw I’m so sorry. I’ve been refreshing bakerella since yesterday haha. atleast it broke at the best time for deals in the year! make sure you check out the sale papers!

  72. Oh, if that doesn’t sound like a “me” moment!
    So sorry for your camera mishap- hope it’s tired
    and decides to work when you try again!

  73. Sorry to hear about your camera. What a cute video, I hadn’t seen before!

  74. Bakerella,
    you can look on your printer to see if it has a card reader. many printers today have such nifty functions so you can load the pictures from teh card to computer rather than connect the entire camera to the computer.

    give it a looksie and a try!

    good luck!

  75. SAD! Say it ain’t so! =[ I loved your video! Hopefully your camera will realize that it’s too early for April Fool’s and it’ll pull it’s act together soon!

  76. Awesome awesome animation!

    I hope your camera survives the accident :(

  77. That video was so cute!!!!!! Luckily, we still have a few weeks to Christmas. I can’t wait to see your post, full of Christmas cheer I am sure!

    How did you get Cuppy to jump in the air like that?

  78. that’s a bummer about your camera! That little video is super cute! thanks for making it and sharing with us!

  79. that’s sad! We have a card reader built into our computer’s tower, so that is really nice. It’s the only way I upload pictures because I always lose those cords, hahaha.

    And super cute video!

  80. I’m sorry to hear about your camera, if you have a local shop in town. You can take your reader to walmart if you don’t have one in your computer. I’m still leery of the readers as I put on in to download and it just fried. I lost everything.

  81. awwww. so sad to hear about your camera. :(

  82. Card readers are the best. You can always carry a small one in your purse or camera bag and have access to your pics at someone else’s computer.

  83. Oh sadness.

    Here’s the plan.
    Take the cuteness you are ready to show us and wrap it up all nice & purty.
    Take cute&purty with you to the repair shop.
    Tell repairman of thousands of sad, sad readers.
    Tantalize repairman with cute&purty.
    Leave camera for repair.
    Take home free loaner camera to use in the interim.

    That’s how I’d do it.

    ;) Annie

  84. Sorry to hear that! Is your camera a Canon? They were wonderful when my camera stopped working. They fixed it for free! Give them a call, its definitely worth a try.

  85. Definitely take it to the repair shop! I thought my camera was dead but it was a really easy fix and MUCH cheaper than a new camera!

  86. Oh how I feel your pain!!!! I had an issue with my camera a couple of months ago. The on/off switch spontaneously stopped working (from overuse I’m sure). Thankfully I can still use the camera because of the “save battery” feature which puts the camera into sleep mode after a few minutes. A quick touch of the shutter button turns it back on again.

    In closing, I really hope you get your camera up and working again. If not, I hope you get the exact upgrade of your dreams!


  87. oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your camera… I take it that it’s not a disposable? LOL! JK- I know it’s high end… praying it’ll work soon or it will be something easy to fix. Awesome job on the animation!

  88. Bummer! I lost my camera on Halloween when a coworker dropped it on the ground. My new camera has a mini card as well and you post got me to thinking about getting a card reader.

    Cute video! Thanks for sharing!

  89. Oh no! At least you have a good excuse! I baked Gingerbread cookies this weekend and was too busy to blog about it! There’s just not enough time in the weekend! ..I hope that I will get around to it tonight and I hope that you can have your cmaera repaired as opposed to having to buy a new one! I’m keeping my figers crossed for you!

  90. Total Bummer!

  91. Have you heard of a product called “Eye-Fi”
    It’s a WIFI enabled SD card. You just upload your pictures via your wireless router. Such GREAT technology! No cords or card readers necessary.
    Martha Stewart profiled the product on her show…that’s how I heard about it. I’ve asked for one for Christmas this year. :)

  92. Bless your heart! I can only imagine how awful you feel. I’m a firm believer that things tend to happen for a reason…and that they almost always work out for the best. Hang in there!
    On a side note…We got a card reader after our son’s wedding – a friend took some great photos and just handed us the card and of course we had no other way to get to the photos! :)

  93. You’re a lady of many talents! So cute.

    Happy camera shopping!

  94. Check your computer. Ours and many others have a port that the camera card will slip right into. That has saved me before!! Good luck!

  95. OMG. I hope you can solve it and recover yout photos from the memory card and if you have to buy another camera… Choose a very good one and enjoy it as an advanced Christmas gift.

    Cheers from Spain.

  96. Very cute video! Hope you camera can be revived. :(

  97. Hey you poor ole thing …. hope that you are having some luck getting you camera sorted and that it’s not as bad as you thought.
    Love your blog and all that you do thank you so so much
    xx Suzi
    Cornwall.. England

  98. I think a dropping of the camera calls for weeping and gnashing of teeth. I feel for you!

  99. Awww that is a bummer…..I love the little animation though very CUTE !!!

  100. Sorry to hear about your camera. Thanks for posting the video though, made my birthday that much brighter :)

  101. Oh, the pain! As one who has been known to smash expensive stuff in the car door by accident, I know that things like this hurt. But I was delighted to see my (admittedly biased) favorite piece featured! I had an art show this weekend in Seattle and if I had a dime for everyone who said “I discovered you through Bakerella”…well, let’s just say I could buy you multiple fancy lattes. WITH whip.

  102. That was the cutest stop motion EVER! I know all about the kurplunking of cameras. No fun. I even sent mine off to Canon for repair and now the flash is so bright. Best wishes and get well wishes to your camera!

  103. Hope that the camera mystery is solved soon. Cute movie! Can’t wait for the next post! :)

  104. Big Bummer!!! My camera card was just crunched with a ton of pictures on it so I can sort of feel your pain! Hey! PW is having a camera giveaway – maybe we can win a new one ;-)

  105. So sorry to hear about your camera. I know Christmas isn’t here yet, but now you have the perfect excuse to get the Canon EOS 5D Mark II you blogged about. I’m excited for you and that camera. I can only imagine the pictures you could take with it. Okay, maybe I am imagining it for myself…and you. :)

    Wishing you good luck, either way!

  106. You can never trust electronics :p
    Hope you get it fixed or get a card reader!
    I cant wait to read your next post!
    You are SO creative! Its amazing!!
    p.s. I bought a card reader when I bought my camera…just in case
    Good Luck!!

  107. Hey! you never know….I dropped my camera a few months ago and I really thought it was dead. A couple of days and a $3 part later, it was totally back in working order. Those camera repair people are MIRACLE workers! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! In the meantime…a card reader is easy to come by. I got mine at Target!

  108. Oh no!! What a bummer about the camera! But, on the plus side, it’s a cute cupcake video!

    Can’t you post the blog, minus pictures? :)

  109. So sorry about your camera. That stinks!

    On a side note, I have to ask…are you going to PW’s signing at Border’s on Peachtree Rd. Monday night? If so, there will be two celebrities there and I won’t know what to do with myself!! :) Hope I get to meet you both!

  110. I have dropped and broken not one, but TWO digital cameras, and my husband broke a third! So sad. Maybe it’ll be a blessing in disguise though. Maybe you’ll find a holiday deal on a even better camera!

  111. seriously? how do you come up with all this stuff. so creative, i love it!

  112. Bakerella,

    Sorry to hear about your camera. I LOOOVEE your camera, it takes awesome pictures. Hopefully it will get itself together and start working in the morning again.
    On another note, I wanted to ask you something, have you ever tried an almond cake? if so do you have a good recipe? I am baking my brother’s wedding cake (it’s for the summer, but I’m starting to do the first attempts since it is the first time I bake a wedding cake). It will be 4 tiers. One will be red velvet with cream cheese filling, another one will be chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling, I was thinking the third one could be almond, and I still have no idea what the fourth one could be… any suggestions anyone?
    Well, I know you probably have a lot going on, but if you happen to have a chance for suggestion I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you!! and I hope everything gets resolved with your camera. If it doesn’t work in the morning just think that everything happens for a reason! :o)

  113. Oh that really stinks. I totally understand not being ready to buy something. We want a new rig but not ready. So when we wrecked ours a few weeks ago it was a little sad. Good luck. Love your blog.

  114. What a bummer.. what type of camera do you have? Maybe try taking out the battery and replacing it again, it might work?

  115. That is a bummer! I hope your camera starts working again, too!

  116. What a cute little animation! I recently had to get a new camera after my son took mine outside (without me knowing) and left it out all night-and then the sprinklers ran on it all night long!

  117. oh total bummer, I just went through that in october. dang cameras!

  118. Thanks Erin. I just don’t think I can wait for it to go in for repair. Crossing fingers, it’s a temporary ailment.

    Sunny – I do have my eyes on a certain camera. I just wasn’t ready to buy a new one yet. We’ll see.

  119. Sorry about the camera! Time for an upgrade :)

  120. You are very talented. Sometimes it is cheaper to fix a camera then to buy a new one. Unless you are excited about getting a new camera. :)

  121. That IS a bummer… :(

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