Cake Pops Book Anniversary

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Hi friends! My Cake Pops Book turns 10 today and to celebrate, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate treat to make than pops that look like the book cover.

I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade of sharing these tiny treats with you guys and now officially ten years since the book was released. When I started making pops and giving instructions on the blog, I never could have predicted the impact they would have around the world. It’s been so fun seeing your creative treats, meeting you guys on book signings, and sharing so many smiles with you over the past years. Thank you for making this adventure so sweet!

Yay, I’m having a fun Cake Pops Collection Giveaway!!!

You could win a copy of all three of my books, my cake pops toy, kits and cards, too. Basically, everything in the photo below except for the candy jars. ;  ) See how to enter at the end of the post.

Cake Pops Collection


Now, I realize it’s unlikely that you will want to make these book cover cake pops, but I want to show you how to, just in case there’s a part of the process that gives you an idea on your next pop project.


Follow my basic cake pops recipe to roll into balls and shape and decorate with the instructions below.

I rolled these balls a bit bigger at about 2 inches to accommodate the size I needed for the book cover.

Shaping Cake Pops

To shape, I used a rectangular cutter to help with straight edges. Flatten the cake pop mixture and then cut out or cut off the sides with the straight edges. Chill until firm, but not frozen.

I used cookie sticks instead of lollipop sticks to help support the extra weight since these were larger than usual.

Dip the end of a cookie stick into melted and fluid vanilla coating and then carefully insert into the bottom of a chilled, shaped rectangle. Press your fingers on the sides as you insert to keep the mixture from breaking apart since they aren’t as thick as say a rolled ball, the mixture may try to separate. If it does, you can always apply a bit of melted candy coating to any cracks to kind of glue or hold it together.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Now, let’s see how those white rectangles turn into these? It’s time consuming for sure, but worth it for some 10-year celebration pops.

Painting on Cake Pops

First, I used a toothpick to etch guide lines into the candy coating for the six squares. Then I used a small brush to paint on the surface with edible Poppy Paint (Just one of the cool cake pop products that came about over the years from readers like you).

Writing on Cake Pops

Next, I had to write out the title of the book. Gotta say, this was probably the hardest part. And as I was doing it I was super thankful that the cover used block letters instead of calligraphy. That would have been so much harder.

I used the blue Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens to carefully mimic the type as much as possible. Then I used the edge of my rectangular cutter to make two straight blue lines, overlapping the edges of the color blocks.

Cake Pops Sketch

Here’s a drawing I did to simplify the cover as much as possible. I ditched including my name because I would have totally screwed that up at such a small scale.

Okay, lightbulb moment! I was going to draw lollipop sticks on the surface with vanilla candy coating, but how perfect are white jimmies. I mean, it’s crazy all the ways sprinkles can be used to decorate, but this may be one of my favorites. Perfect lollipop sticks and the exact proportion I needed for these pops.

To recreate the six designs on the cover, I used a toothpick to dot small amounts of melted candy coating on top and coerced it into each shape I needed. I placed a small amount of coating first, attached the jimmies and then placed more coating on top to secure the jimmies in place.

Tiny Cake Pops

I used tiny, tiny, tiny non-pareils for the cupcake pop sprinkles and black jimmies for the snowman’s hat.

Tiny Cake Pops

And for the popcorn, I used tiny white sugar pearls and a red edible ink writing pen. All of the other details were just little dots of colored candy coating.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

A book about cake pops turned into cake pops, with tiny cake pops on the cover. So meta.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Super cute!

Cake Pops by Bakerella

And pretty sweet, too.

Cake Pops Collection



Enter for a chance to win the entire collection including:

  • Cake Pops by Bakerella Book
  • Cake Pops Toy
  • Cake Pops Holidays Book
  • Cake Pops Halloween Book
  • Cake Pops Kit
  • Cake Pops Notecards
  • Cake Pops Mini Kits
  • Cake Pops Buttons

To enter, leave a comment on this post and share your favorite cake pop design or memory. 

Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 10 at midnight ET. (Sorry, giveaway is closed. Winner announced below.)

One winner will be chosen at random and announced here on this post. 


We have a winner! I loved reading all of your comments. So many wonderful memories that made my heart happy. And it was fun to hear all of your favorite cake pops. Definite frontrunners were the original pink cupcake pops, the spring chicks and hello kitty pops. And so many of you love making them for Halloween, too.

Now for the winner … Congratulations Carina Rodriguez! Hope you have fun with all of the goodies!



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770 comments on “Cake Pops Book Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary Cake Pops! I love all the cake pops but but I was happiest when you did Curious George. My favorite childhood book and cartoon. So I loved making them the most but if I think about it I can name like a dozen more Lol! 

  2. Congratulations on 10 years! ??  ? ? 
    My favorite one are all the animals ?

  3. So cute! I always enjoy your creations. ?

  4. I remember making my first cake pops for a little girl I babysat.  She wanted to give a cake pop to each person in her grade on her birthday in May.  The tradition continued throughout grade school and high school.  She is now applying to medical schools!  Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes!

  5. My son picked your book out with me, so we could do the cake pops together. ?

  6. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been ten years! My favorite memory was going to the Oregon Coast cupcake camp and watching you teach us how to do them live. My sisters and mom and I had such a fun weekend together and I still have my swag bag from that event. 

  7. I remember discovering you in high school and I’ve been using your method for cake pops ever since. Friends and family love them so much! 

  8. Awesome! 10 years! Congrats! I found your book at a TJ Maxx and I’ve been making cake pops ever since! It saved me after a sad divorce.. keeps me busy and makes people happy!

  9. My favorite cake pop memory is the cupcake pop because that’s the first one I tried making after you came out with you book and posts. Since then you’ve helped me overcome my fears of making cake pops and I enjoy making them!! I’ve loved following/getting your emails and making new things!! Thanks so much for sharing and helping others live making these awesome pops and more!! I’m forever a devoted fan, and to win your whole collection would be a dream come true!!! 

  10. I can’t believe you did all that detail!! They look amazing!!
    Your spring chicks are one of my favorites because those are the ones that got me to try to make cake pops! ? You’re so talented and inspire so many of us! Thank you!

  11. First of all congratulations! I am so happy for you! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I have been following you since the start and I was so excited when I could actually get your cookbook! You are a true pioneer and made an original product! My favorite were the little mugs with the ?? heart! I tried and they were a fail, but always yummy! I have followed your Actually story and loved getting to know you via the blog, you have a true fan here! I am so proud of all you have done! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love cake pops. My sister was the first to make these in our family. She doesn’t decorate like these but they sure are delicious and fun! I would love to win this for her. I’ve been a follower of yours for years!

  13. My favorite memories are when I first made Halloween cake pops ! Sooo fun ! 

  14. Cake Pops allowed for a creative outlet for me in a time in my life where no other creativity was really possible. It helped boost my self confidence, and lift me up because it wasn’t easy, but I could do it, and do it well! Bakerella, thank you for sharing your art, techniques, and positivity!

  15. I love the cupcake cake pops! I remember finding you in the early days of this blog and pre-ordering your book and my family getting me things to make cake pops that year for my birthday presents.

  16. I have loved and followed you and Cake Pops since the beginning. My granddaughter and I have too many memories of making cake pops to count. I treasure every second spent trying to decide which pops to make. ?

  17. My younger cousin posted pictures of cake pops she had made for her nephew, the year was 2011.  I asked her about them and she told me about your website.  I went to your website and decided I would make pumpkin cupcakes for my grandkids since it was October.  I enjoyed making them so much and couldn’t wait for my grandkids to see them.  Only problem was 2 of my grandkids lived out of state.  My cousin told me how she ships them to her nephew.  The grandkids reactions were even better than I anticipated!  I’ve enjoyed making cake pops for them ever since.

  18. I remember reading your first posts and thinking you were just the cutest thing, ever. Such fun ideas and creative ways to make your vision a reality. Congratulations on your success and cheers to many more!

  19. I love your Baby Yoda ones!  I haven’t attempted to make them yet though, lol. 

  20. Congratulations. I have loved creating cake pops for my daughter’s parties. My very favorite memory however is meeting you at a book signing in Colorado. I brought all my “flat friends” paper dolls of friends who could not be there.

  21. Congratulations Angie! You started such a sweet revelation & thank you for sharing all your amazing creations! Your cake pops have been a big part of birthdays, celebrations & special treats for us. Many great memories we have, had your cake pops in them. Thank you for always being so generous with your creations, for inspiring & for helping make the world such a sweet place!!+

  22. Congratulations Angie! You started such a sweet revelation & thank you for sharing all your amazing creations! Your cake pops have been a big part of birthdays, celebrations & special treats for us. Many great memories we have, had your cake pops in them. Thank you for always being so generous with your creations, for inspiring & for helping make the world such a sweet place??

  23. I love all the Sesame Street characters! Your attention to detail is always incredible.

  24. Hello from Gensac, France. When I lived in the states I was known for my cake pops. I used your method and always got rave reviews. My favorite that I made from your books has to be the frog. I had a friend a work who loved frogs so I made them for her. I have also made owls, chicks and softballs. I have made WAY more plain ball ones with lots of colors, sprinkles and sanding sugar. I was asked to make cake pops for the senior class prom and they wanted 500! That took a few days.
     I cannot get (can not afford to get) candy melts here, so I have not made them in years. Your cake pop book pops are super sweet.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so that I could make thousands of cake pops. 
    If you ever want to come to the SW of France in the middle of wine country, let me know!

  25. I love all your cute cake pop designs. I wish mine would come out as nice as yours.

  26. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the Halloween cake pops!

  27. I have been following you for ten years! What a treat. My favorite cake pop was a chocolate owl of which we made for a one year old birthday themed “who’s turning one?”   The pops were a hit and yummy! Thank you for ten years! 

  28. I love all the characters! Specially Mr. Potato Head, the Powerpuff Girls, and the Minions.

  29. Happy 10th Anniversary!!!  I can’t believe it has been 10 years!  Thanks for sharing all of your creativity!  My fave cake pops are all things CHRISTMAS!!! ?

  30. I love the soap bar ones you did!

  31. I still remember the first time I tried a cake pop! My friend made them for a get together and I’ve loved them ever since! 

  32. Happy anniversary! My favorite cake pop memory is pre-book launch, making your cupcake pops. Just adored them and following your blog to see what fun ideas you always had – and not just the pops!


  34. Congrats to you! I saw you in person at a cooking demo inAustin, Texas and was so inspired by your creations. No-one has been more creative than you in the field of baking. I have loved so many of your cake pops. My favorite have been the halloween cake pops as my daughter’s birthday is in October and we have really enjoyed making the cake pops so special.

  35. My favorite were the Christmas Snowglobes I made with my daughters when they were in college 

  36. Congratulations on 10 years. My daughter and I have had so much fun making many of your creations. I think one of my favorite pops we made of yours was your minion pops! We all loved the movie and grand kids had to have Minion birthday parties

  37. I love the chicks from the first book! It was my first time making cake pops and I was beyond proud how well they came out! Now I am teaching my 4 (almost 5) year old how to bake and make cake pops and she just loves sitting there looking at all of the pops from the very first book!!! 

  38. I love any bird related cake pop design – especially your Baby Bluebird design. 

  39. Hello, my favorite cake pops, I make are the red velvet cake pops and depending on occasion coat in various colors and Holiday decorations. Thank you, Dale

  40. I’ve followed you for about 10+ years now! I don’t make cake pops, but your Just A Cake chocolate cake recipe is my go to, and everybody that tries it loves it!  I have three kids now, and cake pops might be fun to start making with them. Congratulations on 10 years with your Cake Pops book! ?

  41. I love the lamb pops – that was the first pop that lead me to follow you and the first ones my Mom & I made for my baby shower.

  42. Congratulations on 10 years!!! I still remember how excited I was when I first brought your book home. There were so many incredible looking cakepops with easy to follow instructions. To this day I still enjoy making the adorable stocking cakepops at Christmas with different toy sprinkles peeking out of the top. Thanks for all your incredible posts, recipes and tutorials over the years and keep up the fantastic work!

  43. Bought two of your books and gifted one right away and then another when a sweet little girl feel in love with it. First ones I made were the jack o latern ones for my son’s class

  44. I’ve been making cake pops for a while now and love making them! You inspire to be so creative! It’s so hard to pick my favorite from your collections! Curious George, the scare crows, Paddington bear, the snowmen, Yoda

  45. I really love the ice cream cake pops!! Adorable and yummy!!

  46. I love to make Halloween cake pops, jack o’ lanterns, monsters, ghosts, etc. They are so much fun to have since it is not a holiday for which I would make a cake. But I love them all!!

  47. My mom got me your book as a birthday present 7 or 8 years ago. It was fun to look through it with her!

  48. I really like the Cocoa cake pop. The tiny marshmallows on top are so cute.  I could only make simple ones since there are no candy melts where I live, but it’s a lot of fun anyway.

  49. My fave memory was the cookie dough pops!!

  50. Your talent is amazing! My favorites are always Halloween cake pops. My family loves my cake pops. They aren’t anywhere as amazing as yours but that does t stop them from eating them! Congratulations on 10 years!!

  51. Have followed Bakella for the entire 10 years! The first “pop” I made were Thanksgivjng Turkey Pop. Not very pretty but the kids loved them!

  52. My 12 year old son’s favorite is when I made the turkeys for his Thanksgiving party when he was in prek

  53. One of my favorites is the ice cream cones! These are as fun to eat as they are to make.  Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! It has been a true inspiration in my own baking! ??????

  54. I discovered your blog when my 2 kids were small. They’re now both in college! We have sweet memories of making cake pops together for birthdays and holidays  (and many of your other unbelievably creative desserts!) Thanks for the memories!

  55. Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment :) My favorite cake pops are always the ones inspired by characters. I think the Mr. Potato Head was especially awesome! And so were all the Muppets!!

  56. My favorite cake pop moment was making them for my daughter’s graduation from Pepperdine (Go Waves!) in 2011. Big hit with her & her friends. Fun colors of Blue & Orange!  I remember the excitement of standing in line for your book signing in Walnut Creek, CA.  It was fun talking with the gals around me. Wishing you continued success and health! 

  57. I remember when the book came out and being so excited! I’ve been following you for so long! Congrats :)

  58. My favorite cake pop memory was the first time I had one.  My coworker and I had started to follow your blog pretty early, before cake pops blew up into the international sensation.  One day my corker brought a big batch of them to the office.  It was so satisfying biting into the candy shell and then soft cake in the center.  

  59. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary!  I enjoyed seeing you at the book signing at Williams Sonoma in Oak Brook, IL. The little store was packed!  My favorite cake pops are the ice cream cones.  :-)

  60. I love all of your Halloween designs – they are so cute!

  61. Wow, congratulations on 10 years! I remember the cupcake cake pops from so long ago! I made them for a Labor Day party. 

  62. The cupcake cake pops will always be my favorite!

  63. It always amazes me how bakers can take the simple basic idea of the cake pop, actually created as a way to stop wasting extra cake and frosting and create small works of art with them. But whether they are small Rembrandts prepared intentionally for a special function or event or simple basic cake pops created only to use leftover cake and frosting, everyone loves them just the same. And my favorite is still the basic cake pop is the simple cake pop covered in one basic sprinkle or coating.

  64. My favorite pops were Garfield. I couldn’t believe how really they looked!! You are so amazingly talented. 

  65. I think the red velvet cake balls will always be my favorite. And I just looked back at the date and found–omg—have I really been making these for nearly 13 years??


  66. My favorite is still the cupcake pops!

  67. So many memories. I remember when you were so excited about your book and book tour. I also enjoyed all the pops and making the baby ones for my friends babyshower. But what I remember most is about your health issues. When I had read about your health issues, my girlfriend had just donated a kidney to her brother in law. I knew she had two small little girls at home, yet stated ” how could she not donate”. That started me on my path to become a nurse at Red Cross, working with blood, platelets, and plasma donations. Our wonderful donors enjoyed many of your cake pops. You never know what happens in your life and how it can change so many other lives.

  68. I’m still amazed at how talented you are with the details. My favorite were the cupcake shaped cake pops. 

  69. Congrats!!! You have such patience. My favorite pop designs are the owls.

  70. My favorite are the owls. We decorated with Owls for our first child’s room. And, I made the owls for her first birthday! Both my kids LOVE looking at this book :)

  71. I made the robot cake pops for a STEM event at my daughters school. They turned out so cute and everyone loved them. 

  72. I found Cake Pops for my daughter’s 1st birthday party! The theme was cupcakes, so everyone to a goodie bag home of your amazing cupcake cake pops. Your recipes have inspired me to include a dessert buffet every year! She’s now 11 and has a younger sister who also enjoys he creativeness of these tasty treats! Congratulations on 10 years!

  73. I think the very first cake pop I saw on your blog was a bumble bee and hamburger and I have been hooked ever since! Congrats on your Cake Pop-iversary!

  74. I love making the traditional cake pops, red velvet cake and milk chocolate…no one can resist them!

  75. The first book is still my favorite!

  76. I made bunny cake pops for my mother’s 70th birthday around Easter. She loved them. Chocolate coated almond for ears, different shaped sprinkles for nose and eyes. I could never have done it without all those sweet ideas and helpful instructions on this site.

  77. When my daughter did an internship for Disney, she knew she wanted to go to work for the company. So, of course, I made the Mickey head cake pops for her to give out to friends telling them that she had been hired by the company!

  78. It’s been 10 years??!!! Congratulations! Wow, seems like yesterday that I saw these cute pops for the first time. The Christmas themed ones have always had my heart. I had to get the book so I could keep looking at them after the pops were eaten!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us over the years….and for those of us that are local, thanks for also sharing your source for supplies!! (Cake Art store… heaven. ?)

  79. Love the Christmas cake pops.  I have two granddaughters who are asking to make cake pops so we plan to start “experimenting” soon! Probably start with Halloween.

  80. Ahhhhhh where does one even begin to narrow down their favorite cake pop design? I stumbled across your page one day… sooo many years ago.  What caught my eye though first, if memory serves… were Halloween cake pops! I didn’t do well making them, at first, but my favorite was Frankenstein ?.  

  81. Thank you for 10 years of “ YUM”, I love all the cake pops but my favorites are the animal ones, as I am an animal nut

  82. I made cake pops to celebrate graduation. Thanks for the inspiration!

  83. I’ve made snowmen, reindeer, turkeys, unicorns, chicks, carrots, so many great ones! My favorite part is the creative journey you take just making them. You learn something new about the process every time.  

  84. These cake pops are amazing! It’s hard to believe that the Cake Pops book is 10 years old. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations and delicious recipes.

  85. My 12 year old would love this collection! I am horrible at pops, but she is amazing. It has been 10 + years of enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your telent!

  86. The book cover is the best!! My fav! Congrats on 10 years of hard work!

  87. My sweetest memory with cake pops was when my kids actually gave me your book as a gift because they noticed how much fun I was having just reading your posts ‘way back when! 

  88. I have always loved seeing your adorable cake pops and all the cute designs you come up with. My favorites are the ones that look like little cupcakes. Those are the only ones I’ve tried to make too and they turned out super cute!

  89. Hi…Been following your blog since years! I introduced it to my daughters and over the years we all follow and bake your amazing recipes!??

    One of the memories I have of this blog is when you went for kidney transplant and I was terrified and thought you would never blog again :))))) Happy to see you healthy and thriving! 

    I love every single recipe on this blog and each one inspires for different occasions.

    Take care and keep that beautiful smile on your face?

  90. My favorite pop is the little sunshine you made a couple years ago. It can be used for so many reasons and is just so fun and happy – so cute! 

  91. Happy anniversary! My favorite design is the cupcakes. They are fun to make and go with so many occasions. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

  92. My favorite thing I make from you is the OREO balls! So tasty. Congrats on your decade anniversary of bringing so much joy to us all!

  93. The first time I saw cake pops it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It inspired me to make my own, red velvet heart shaped cake pop which were a hit with my coworkers. 

    • I loved making the smiley face and the baby block cake pops! I never thought I’d be able to pull off the baby block ones especially since they were for a baby shower but you really walk us through each step and it helped build my confidence.

  94. Congratulations! I was a follower of your blog right from the get go and am thrilled for you to see how much you have accomplished to date. 

  95. I loved your Humpty Dumpty cake pops. So adorable! I also look forward to your Christmas decorations each year.

  96. I was so excited when I first saw cake pops – had so much fun making and experimenting with them. Thanks for the happy memories.

  97. Love all you cake pops! The owl is my favorite since I did the for my daughter’s first birthday ??

  98. My first time making cake pops was for a friend’s baby shower, but when I discovered your book I realized what little pieces are art cake pops can be. My favorite design are your pug cake pops!  

  99. Cake pops are part of my kids’ childhood memories! I made so many of them for birthdays, school functions, fundraisers, (and just because) they are quite frequently part of our conversations about growing up. All five of them are nearly all adults now, but sometimes I still make them.  You’re never too old for some cuteness and fun!

  100. Your cake pops are amazing!  I can never get them to look anywhere close to how you get them but my daughters and I love trying!  Thanks for allowing us to make memories! 

  101. Bakerella, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent over the years.  You have inspired so many bakers, including myself, to keep on going even when the going gets crazy rough.  I am very sure I speak for all of us when I say you have our love and gratitude!

  102. Congrats on 10 years! Awesome giveaway. My favorite memory was meeting you during one of your book signings!

  103. I discovered your blog almost 10 years ago when we first moved up to Wichita, Kansas in 2009. My three kids were still toddlers and at a staying home mom in a strange new town, I didn’t know where to go so keeping my kids busy was my number one goal.  The first cake pops we did together was for my oldest girl Christmas party in school. We made chicken and snowman cakes pops. Thanks for being a part of my life and my kids childhood’s memories. 

  104. I love your cake pops! My favorites: the snowmen…the teddy bears…and I love the animals! :)

  105. I have the original Cake Pops book and really enjoy it. Hope you continue to do well. 

  106. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I stumbled upon the Bakerella website! I remember seeing that cute little cupcake cake pop and I couldn’t wait to try making them. Let me tell you it was a disaster! But after some practice cake pops have become one of my favorite things to make. Even after 10 years. Congratulations!

  107. I made your “Sweet Solider” cake pops two years ago for Christmas!  So impressive! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary :D

    • My favourite cake pop is the mr potato head ones. I remember making them for my nephews third birthday. Congrats on ten years :)

  108. I have loved that you have shared your knowledge over the years. I have learned a lot. I don’t have the patience for pops like these books, but I enjoy making simpler ones and sharing with family, friends and charities trying to raise money. Congratulations!!!

  109. I loved that my daughter in law asked me to make cake pops for my grandson’s birthday. So many compliments.

  110. 10 years, Congrats!! My favourite cakepop is beary sweet ice cream cone. Those are so cute!

  111. I can’t bake or decorate at all but I love, love, love looking at all of your creations. They are all amazing but I think my favourites were the snow globes.

  112. Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary of your Cake Pop book. I have a copy and refer to it often. I admire your beautiful work and share your love for making cake pops!

  113. I remember following your blog when it was still fairly new and making cake balls. I didn’t have the sticks to put them on but couldn’t wait to try them anyway, so we had cake balls instead of cake pops! 

  114. What a ride it’s been! and look at all these wonderful comments and the lives you’ve touched! You’re a very special person, Angie. Even bigger than your talent and your creativity is — your heart!   HAPPY CAKE POP ANNIVERSARY! I LOVE YOU!

  115. My favorite memory of them is making theTurkey Cakepops with my girls when they were little and trying to figure it all out was funny!

  116. I was in awe the first time I saw your cake pops and set out on my own journey to make them for my family. The first time I ended up with more cake in the icing than on the stick in some cases but it has been fun learning.

  117. Congratulations on the huge milestone! All your designs are so cute and unbelievably creative, but I think my favorite is still your classic cupcake cake pop!

  118. I cannot believe it has been 10 years! In some ways it feels longer and others like I just started following you yesterday. My all time favorite has to be the kidney, because it was so meaningful to you and you were so generous to share your personal journey with all of us! I cannot wait to open a Bakerella email when it comes because I know it will always include something amazing!

  119. My SIL introduced us to cake pops when this book first came out. My favorite memory is when she made Christmas cake pops for my kids. She told them they could have one but they ended up eating all 24 in one afternoon. It was a crazy fun afternoon of cake pops and loads of laughter.

  120. I would have to say being a Georgia Girl, my favorites were/are the Ga Bulldawg cake pops ? but I’m never short of amazed at all of your creations! 

  121. Oh wow!  So hard to choose a favorite. But I would have to say the little yellow chicks. They were my very first attempt at making cake pops nearly 10 years ago. Most people had never even hear of cake pops at this point. I made dozens of little chicks for my children’s Easter themed birthday party. They were a huge hit. Since then I’ve made hundreds of others. So much fun. Thanks for always providing easy to follow directions.  My Pinterest board is called Bakerella wannabe!  

  122. Wow has it been that long? They are all too cute, but the one I use the most is the slice of cake, cakepop to celebrate for any occasion.

  123. I loved making ghosts at Halloween with my son and cupcake ones for parties! 

  124. I think this one is my favorite! The detail is astounding!! Bravo, Bakerella! And if I win this, I’m going to wrap it up and give it to my 13 year old daughter who is dying to be a baker. ?

  125. Wow. Hands down this book
    Cake pop is the cutest ever!

  126. I remember your Minions cake pops! I thought those were so well made.

  127. The first time I made this was with friends, and we tried to copy the original cute cupcake look. That pretty quickly warped into fist-sized monstrosities we called “beetis balls” that became a party staple for years…

  128. I fell in love with cake pops because of your books and website. I have never been able to master the creation but loved you creativity. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  129. Congratulations! Love the puppy love cake pops.You have such clever ideas.

  130. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. Hard to believe it’s been that long. You have so many cute and creative designs it’s hard to choose a favorite. I love the mini cup cakes. 

  131. I love the cute, patriotic pops you made in honor of a marine and his girlfriend.  Also loved the kidney pops. You made, just adorable.

  132. I have enjoyed following you from the beginning!  The transformations you have made in your designs and your creativity have been an inspiration in ways that many will not understand.  My girls and I have made cake pops, while none were as complex as some of your creations, the time spent making them were priceless.  Thank you for sharing your journey!  Looking forward to seeing many more of your creations in the future and to the making of many more family moments!

  133. They weren’t in the book but I loved the Sesame Street cake pops. That show holds a special place in my heart. Every year since I was a baby, my mom makes me a Cookie Monster cake for my birthday. I’m 36 and I still get one! She really got a kick out of these cake pops! Now, I love making them for other people for baby showers or A first birthday part. It feels full circle.

  134. All of your cake pop are adorable! My favorite pops are the cake-sickles that have been really popular. They are super cute.

  135. My favorite cake pop are the Lorax and Halloween. My son love Halloween and we love it the one eyes cake pop. 

  136. I can’t believe its been 10 years since I found your book and started making Cakepops! I have made so many and my family has always been amazed. The one memory that I love was making bride and groom cakepops for an engagement party. They were so detailed, I couldn’t believe that I made them. Thank you for all your ideas.

  137. I love all your cake pops, they’re all adorable! I especially like the Scarecrow pops. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  138. I have 2 amazing memories!!!  1) I made the Helli Kitty cake pops for my daughters 5th birthday 2) when I got to meet you in SF!!  I was so great, you were so sweet and I had to promise my daughter that I would take her to meet you on your next book signing tour!!!

  139. Great giveaway.
    I made little Teddy Bear pops once.

  140. I made cake pop bees for my daughter-in-laws birthday. They were a HIT, and everyone thought I was so professional! :D

  141. I still have the first cake pop book. I bought it to make special cake-pops for my daughters birthday. I have been making them every sense. Your book helped this uncreative mom make some super cute cake cops over the years! My husband even made me a cake pop holder! 

  142. I have followed you from the beginning! I decorate vicariously through you as I consider myself a mediocre baker.?? You’ve brought so much joy to our planet with your stunning/surreal creations. My favorite was a snow globe you made-jaw dropping-unbelivable! 
    Congratulations, Bakerella!! ????

  143. I love making cake pops with my 10 year old daughter.  She has helped me make them since she’s 4. We love making the ice cream cone cake pops.  ?

  144. I loved them all your imagination and skill at being able to do all the different ones you came up with was amazing. My favourite to make however was just the plain cake pop balls as they were the only ones that looked similar to yours and that i could do that looked good. Plus you could make them suit any occasion.
    Thank you for the inspiration

  145. My cake pops are not enough close to how amazing yours look but they do taste good ?

  146. Love your rectangle celebration pop! Congratulations on your 10yr Anniversary!

  147. My favorite is always Halloween ones but if I had to pinpoint it would be Frankenstein pop.

  148. I have your first book and love to look in it for inspiration. My favorite cakepop to make is the spring chicks, so cute!

  149. I would love this so my Angie can have her own copies. I can’t part with the ones you autographed. 

  150. I remember making the yellow chick ones when you first posted them. I put them on Facebook and still get loads of comments on them if I share the post when it comes up on my memories

  151. I love seeing how you design your decorations and how you use ingredients to achieve your look. I’ve got to say my most referenced post is your original one. In my opinion your Easter pops are the cutest (the chick) but I do love me some Christmas ones as well! Congrats on the anniversary! Cannot believe it’s been that long!

  152. Congratulations on 10 years?! I have been following along since the beginning. My favorite pops were the muppets, but honestly there are so many great ones.  

  153. Congrats!! My favorite is the popcorn box.

  154. As much as I love this book and all of your creations my favorite part is that my 7 year old son LOVES browsing through the pages with me! He loves to imagine what other shapes we could try out (although we have only made the basic pop recipe so far!) Thank you for introducing me to cake pops and for making them so fun!!

  155. I don’t think I could pick just one favorite of your cake pop designs (though it would probably be one of your Christmas ones!), so instead I’ll share that my favorite cake pop memory was making your basic cake pop recipe with my four-year-old daughter to surprise my husband for his birthday. They didn’t look nearly as perfect as yours, but they were fun to make and man did they taste good!

  156. My favorite ones I ever made were for Halloween! I made eyeballs on tiny forks. I could use this giveaway. My ex friend still has my books :(

  157. Happy Book-iversary!

    My favorites are the simple designs like the Chick and Snowman (face). I have made cake pops several times and while they taste good and I have fun, they definitely never come out nearly as cute as yours (doesn’t stop me from trying though).

  158. Love all of your muppet cake pops!,

  159. I have to say one of my most favorite pops has been the cauldron pop. A fun and somewhat easy one would be the ballon pops!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!! 

  160. Love your cake pops!  I think my favorite were Halloween ? 

  161. I like to make the basic cake pop!

  162. Congratulations!!! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years either!! I love all your cake pops!! But my favorite are definitely all your doggy cake pops:) they are so cute!!

  163. My favorites of yours have to of been your Hello Kitty and Picachu. The Hello Kitty was the first shaped cake pop I tried to make and the instructions helped so much, it gave me the confidence to do whatever my imagination could come up with. The Picachu was a recent one I made for my son, and you are crazy- it was crazy, but I was able to make. Could not of done it nearly as well without your help. 

  164. I remember seeing you on social media and falling in live with Cake Pops. It was right before Easter so I decided to make some for our family’s Easter dinner dessert. We were having a small family gathering, but I had so much fun that I ended up making a couple hundred. I wanted to play with different cakes and flavors.  The yellow chicks were my favorite to make and eat!  In the fall I helped a friend make Star Wars themed ones for her son’s birthday. Those were lots of fun too!  

  165. CONGRATULATIONS ON TEN YEARS! You basically created a new food group with your cake pops, and you should be so proud of that! There are so many darling pops vying for my favorite, but I think that the darling Blue Bird Pops are probably my favorite. So, so charming!

  166. I love all the character ones. Cats are a fave so Hello Kitty!  But Garfield and Grumpy Cat are also awesome. 

  167. My favourite cake pop memory is attending Cake Pop Con in Philadelphia, and meeting my cake pop heros – Bakerella of course, Angie & Yuki. It was a dream come true, and I still am in contact with many of the wonderful people I met there, and am still making cake pops years later! Thank you Bakerella for being so awesome!

  168. The owl is my favorite. I made them for my daughter’s “Look whoo’s One!” 1st birthday bash! People still comment on them to this day!

  169. I love the cake pop owls.

  170. I have to give my love to a throwback cake pop, the puppy dogs with long ears! I’ve made them so many times!

  171. We love cake pops and have tried making them many times, but they’ve all failed! So my favorite to make are just cake balls, My favorite to eat are whatever ones I can buy! 

  172. The chicks are the most because they were my first attempt at cakepips and theu were pretty hideous lol. Ive gotten better over the years with practice. My favorite ones are the mini ice cream cones!

  173. I made cake pops for the first time with my two young girls during the first week of the pandemic lockdown. It was a good reminder that we can still have fun together :-)

  174. Oh wow, 10 years already!! Congrats!!! I have made a few of your designs, but I think my favorite one was the robots!!!

  175. I have loved this book and making cake pops for my kids birthdays and parties.  All the Halloween designs are my faves, especially the witches!

  176. I love all your designs.  My favorites are the we
    Cupcake looking cake pops.   

  177. Wow the detail on the cake pop book! I love all your designs. Everything is so cute. My favorite is the original cupcake pop! 

    • Oh goodness, I have been following since before the book. It’s been that long?!?!?!

      When I had my second baby, I announced it to my co-workers with cake pops shaped like baby blocks. I love your Christmas trees in the white/candy colored theme. I remember your post on the candy-themed Christmas.

  178. My favorite cake pops to make were the cute chicky ones! So easy and love the step by step directions in the book. ?

  179. Your cake pops have always been a delight and inspiring.

    • I’ve been following you since before the book! My favorite was the owl! Could be made so girly with the flower!! Your blog is always a bright spot for me! I’ve made cake pops for years with your guidance and still do!! Thank you for always sharing with us. 

  180. I found your blog back when I was planning my wedding starting in 2008. For me, I always associate your blog with the brown and pink cupcake pops. You’ve done so much in these years since. Congratulations! 

  181. Wow! 10 years. So crazy. My favorite cake pop design/memory is making santa belt cake pops (red cake pop, black icing for belt) for my friends Christmas party. They were such a hit & so fun!!

  182. Hello Kitty has always been my favorite!

  183. Congrats!! My fave still had to be the pumpkin cake pops. And it’s about time to make some more. Lots to be thankful for this year in the midst of all the chaos of 2020!! 

  184. Hooray for 10 years! I always get excited when I see your emails because I know everything will be so delightful.  I love all the Halloween pops, especially the very cute vampire…it’s just so so cute!  Keep up the good work! 

  185. My kids and I first tried to make your chick cake pops. They weren’t lookers but we had a blast and have gotten better since then.

  186. I think you were the first food blogger I followed, I drooled over so many of your designs but the Halloween ones are my favourite. Your cute ghosts are the best.

  187. My favorite cake pop that you made is Rowlf from The Muppets. Rowlf is my favorite Muppet and I don’t think he gets enough fan love lol. Your cake pop version of Rowlf is absolutely perfect!

  188. Any of the Christmas pops – but the reindeer are my favorite!

  189. Definitely Grumpy Cat!!’

  190. delicious

  191. I love this post and those books had to be super hard to make.  Because of the memory I choose this book of all the rest. Love it all!

  192. 10 years is amazing! I still remember meeting you when the first book came out! 

  193. I stumbled upon your blog from Joy the Baker (I made your red velvet cake balls) and have never looked back! The classic mini cupcake is my go-to cake pop design. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! I met you during a book signing in Denver, and still admire how you’ve managed to blend baking and art into a cute and delicious treat!

  194. My favorite cakepop you made was the ice cream cones. Those have been a hit around here.

  195. It’s been a while since I’ve made some cake pops, but I enjoyed the ones that look like apples and tiny cupcakes. I made the apples for my teacher friends on the first day of school. Your cake pops are always so beautifly done. Thanks for the chance at the contest.

  196. I made so many holiday-themed cake pops for office gifts, they were always a big hit!

  197. I loved the cup cake pops that you did early on. I’ve also made them over the years and while they are a bit tricky in this hot climate to stop them from breaking.

    • I got your book for Christmas, and had so much fun looking through it with my then 3 yr old son. He’d tell me which ones to make and what flavors to use. They never came out looking anything like yours, but we had fun!

  198. There are so many cute ones but I sure do love the scarecrows!

  199. Your first book was something my now BFF and I bonded over after we frost went, 10 years ago!! 

    • Favorite cake pop to make with my daughter was the cupcake cake pop. Now I rarely bake because I’m alone and can’t get motivated to bake. But I saw this post and was like wow, I need to get back to “stress baking” LOL! I really wish I win!

  200. I loved the instagram cake pops back in the day 

    • This was the first ever cookbook I bought and got me started on my sweet journey

      • So many favorites! The memories are easier – discovering your website, and coming home with the first cake pop book! The first time I made cake pops, my husband and kids actually ate the cake balls before I had a chance to decorate them ?

      • So many memories …. the first time I attempted to make cake pops was for christmas … following your instructions I was able to make pretty decent Christmas wreaths, trees and even snowmen… it was tons of fun. Thanks so much for all these years of sweets sharing.. congrats!

      • This is such an awesome giveaway. So far, my favorite design is a simple scroll. I’m new to the cake pop world so I’m so excited for the future!

      • The cupcake cake pop is my favorite. Your work is great. Thank you for posting all that you have!

    • Congratulations!my favorite is the cupcake cake pop. I love the content and quality of you book.

      • I used your book to make pops for family and friends and LOVED being able to tell them where I learned how to make them. I loved, and still love, pushing people to your website. You are the OG!

    • I remember meeting you in Seattle WA. I came down from Vancouver BC. I made these for birthdays and other special occasions. My family loved them. I called them Party Pops. My favorite are the red velvet pops made into raindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees. I also used to make them from crushed TimTam cookies. Thank you so much for all the love you taught us@ congratulations and cheers to another decade of sweet adventures?

    • I remember going through your first cake pop book at our kitchen table when I was really little, and I couldn’t comprehend how someone would have the patience to put all the tiny details on each individual cake pop! ?

    • I love all the cake pops! They are so amazing!

    • First of all I want to thank you. Your book inspired me to make cakepops myself being a single mom of two at the time let me just tell you they helped me bring food to the table and for that I have nothing but gratitude. My favorite of your cake pops has always been the snowman one thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

    • Oh man, my favorite cake pop memory was probably 12-13 years ago when I was in the military. I needed a hobby and I started making cakes. I found your blog within my cake decorating searches (before Pinterest was a big go-to for most people—myself included). Words cannot describe how EXCITED and mesmerized by all of your tiny, cute, adorable, creative designs…made. Out. Of. Cake!! I started making cakes, sugar cookies and cake pops for friends and I feel these cute little things are part of the foundation that made me the Pastry Chef I am today. I ordered the cake pop book as soon as it came out and I still have the Thank You note you hand signed (in pink hi-lighter) by THEE Bakerella! <3

    • Congratulations on 10 years!!
      I’ve been following you since before the book, and I was so excited to have you sign it up in MN!
      You’ve totally topped yourself with those book pops!! I gasped out loud when I saw them, just imagining the time and effort that had to have gone into them! Your creativity always astounds me!

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