Cake Pops Book Anniversary

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Hi friends! My Cake Pops Book turns 10 today and to celebrate, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate treat to make than pops that look like the book cover.

I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade of sharing these tiny treats with you guys and now officially ten years since the book was released. When I started making pops and giving instructions on the blog, I never could have predicted the impact they would have around the world. It’s been so fun seeing your creative treats, meeting you guys on book signings, and sharing so many smiles with you over the past years. Thank you for making this adventure so sweet!

Yay, I’m having a fun Cake Pops Collection Giveaway!!!

You could win a copy of all three of my books, my cake pops toy, kits and cards, too. Basically, everything in the photo below except for the candy jars. ;  ) See how to enter at the end of the post.

Cake Pops Collection


Now, I realize it’s unlikely that you will want to make these book cover cake pops, but I want to show you how to, just in case there’s a part of the process that gives you an idea on your next pop project.


Follow my basic cake pops recipe to roll into balls and shape and decorate with the instructions below.

I rolled these balls a bit bigger at about 2 inches to accommodate the size I needed for the book cover.

Shaping Cake Pops

To shape, I used a rectangular cutter to help with straight edges. Flatten the cake pop mixture and then cut out or cut off the sides with the straight edges. Chill until firm, but not frozen.

I used cookie sticks instead of lollipop sticks to help support the extra weight since these were larger than usual.

Dip the end of a cookie stick into melted and fluid vanilla coating and then carefully insert into the bottom of a chilled, shaped rectangle. Press your fingers on the sides as you insert to keep the mixture from breaking apart since they aren’t as thick as say a rolled ball, the mixture may try to separate. If it does, you can always apply a bit of melted candy coating to any cracks to kind of glue or hold it together.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Now, let’s see how those white rectangles turn into these? It’s time consuming for sure, but worth it for some 10-year celebration pops.

Painting on Cake Pops

First, I used a toothpick to etch guide lines into the candy coating for the six squares. Then I used a small brush to paint on the surface with edible Poppy Paint (Just one of the cool cake pop products that came about over the years from readers like you).

Writing on Cake Pops

Next, I had to write out the title of the book. Gotta say, this was probably the hardest part. And as I was doing it I was super thankful that the cover used block letters instead of calligraphy. That would have been so much harder.

I used the blue Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens to carefully mimic the type as much as possible. Then I used the edge of my rectangular cutter to make two straight blue lines, overlapping the edges of the color blocks.

Cake Pops Sketch

Here’s a drawing I did to simplify the cover as much as possible. I ditched including my name because I would have totally screwed that up at such a small scale.

Okay, lightbulb moment! I was going to draw lollipop sticks on the surface with vanilla candy coating, but how perfect are white jimmies. I mean, it’s crazy all the ways sprinkles can be used to decorate, but this may be one of my favorites. Perfect lollipop sticks and the exact proportion I needed for these pops.

To recreate the six designs on the cover, I used a toothpick to dot small amounts of melted candy coating on top and coerced it into each shape I needed. I placed a small amount of coating first, attached the jimmies and then placed more coating on top to secure the jimmies in place.

Tiny Cake Pops

I used tiny, tiny, tiny non-pareils for the cupcake pop sprinkles and black jimmies for the snowman’s hat.

Tiny Cake Pops

And for the popcorn, I used tiny white sugar pearls and a red edible ink writing pen. All of the other details were just little dots of colored candy coating.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

A book about cake pops turned into cake pops, with tiny cake pops on the cover. So meta.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Super cute!

Cake Pops by Bakerella

And pretty sweet, too.

Cake Pops Collection



Enter for a chance to win the entire collection including:

  • Cake Pops by Bakerella Book
  • Cake Pops Toy
  • Cake Pops Holidays Book
  • Cake Pops Halloween Book
  • Cake Pops Kit
  • Cake Pops Notecards
  • Cake Pops Mini Kits
  • Cake Pops Buttons

To enter, leave a comment on this post and share your favorite cake pop design or memory. 

Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 10 at midnight ET. (Sorry, giveaway is closed. Winner announced below.)

One winner will be chosen at random and announced here on this post. 


We have a winner! I loved reading all of your comments. So many wonderful memories that made my heart happy. And it was fun to hear all of your favorite cake pops. Definite frontrunners were the original pink cupcake pops, the spring chicks and hello kitty pops. And so many of you love making them for Halloween, too.

Now for the winner … Congratulations Carina Rodriguez! Hope you have fun with all of the goodies!



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770 comments on “Cake Pops Book Anniversary”

  1. By accident I watched Martha Stuart cupcake week and yours was the only one I watched! The cupcake pops are a tradition in my home made at least twice a year! Every Valentines I make with friends at least 500, one year it was close to 700?

  2. My favorite design is your original cupcake pop that was featured on Martha Stewart! Congrats on 10 exciting years! 

  3. I was enchanted by your book and can’t believe it was 10 years ago that I bought it! Actually just used it again last week for a young friend at work! 

  4. I fell in love in Santas cake pops

  5. I had just gotten a new job and the Bakerella herself was coming to a local Williams-Sonoma for a book signing. I waited in line for 20 minutes and ended up having to ditch to go back to work. I was able to leave my book with the staff who kindly agreed to have it signed :) Your cake pops inspire me! My favorite are the original simply decorated with sprinkles – so easy and versatile. xo!

  6. I loved the Halloween cake pops – I’m a sucker for fun Halloween treats! 

  7. When my daughter turned 13 I made cake pops for her birthday! All Halloween inspired. 

  8. Most amazing cake pop designs that I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail and creativity is unparalleled. I’ve shared your website with so many people and they all stunned as well. Too hard to choose which I like the best but your Christmas designs especially the Reindeer are on the top of my list. True artistry. Keep up the awesome work!

  9. I think I love the book replica cake pops the best! I have been following you for a while now, before any books were published!

  10. Congratulations! I can’t believe I’ve been following you for so long.
    My favorite might be the little ghosts but really all your creations are super cute.
    Wishing you many years and milestones to come!

  11. Your book started me on my cakepop journey!! I got it right after you released it and now own my own biz! I am soooo thankful for your insight and creations! My favorite Cakepops are probably the owl ones I made for my first event nearly 9 years ago from this very book. Thanks Angie!

  12. Just wanted you to know that my now six year old grandson LOVED this book. His favorite book by far when he was just learning to talk. We have the cutest video of him pointing to pictures and saying, “Oooooh dat one’s so cute!”

    I had big plans but I actually only made one of the cake pops in the book. This book will remain a treasured part of his library and will probably never return to my cookbook shelf!

    You are so very talented!

  13. My favorite is the Powerpuff Girls cake pops.

  14. Oh my! A fav cake pop?? Just one? Impossible! There are waaaaaay too many! Robots! Cupcakes! Owl! Vampires! Mummys! Apples! Chicks! I could keep going!
    Happy Ten Year!!!

  15. Aw, your CakePHP are so beautiful!!!
    My favorite cakepop is the owl but mine did not come out looking like your in the least! Wish I had a pic to show you. Ugh… they actually looked hilarious.

  16. My favorite bakerella moment ?…. so many to choose but i’m going to go with you being on the Martha Stewart show! You were the sweetest, I love Martha but she can be tough. That was the moment I became cake pop OBSESSED!

  17. Your cake pops are like magic to me! I can never make them look like yours, but trying is really fun. My 12YO daughter wants to start cake-popping, and this set would put some wind in her baking sails. Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

  18. Wow, 10 years!?! It feels like maaaybe a year ago when my field hockey teammates and I picked up your book to make some Cake pops for a bake sale for our team. We made all sorts of pops inspired by your book. I saw inspired because although we followed all the directions, we were athletes not artists and they looked nothing like the photos in the book haha. Still tasted amazing though!! Congratulations on 10 years!!

  19. I love the Polar Bear cake pops. My grandkids had fun making them although they didn’t look exactly like yours

  20. I have had so many wonderful memories thanks to cake pops. Tons of holidays and special occasions made better because of them. I would love the toy to pass the tradition down to my kids! ?

  21. Amazing giveaway,  all the character designs are my favorites, thanks for sharing all this time

  22. i love all your cake pop recipes and cookies! i think my favorite one is the one for mothers day! i loved how the cookies came out with the word mom! so elegant! thank you for all your wonderful recipes and ideas!

  23. Cake Pops have been so fun! Gosh, I remember watching you on Martha Stewart. What a fun time it has been just as an observer. I bet you’ve had a blast! My favorite memory is your mama donating a kidney and, of course, the adorable cake pops that followed. <3

  24. I love all things holiday related and your Halloween designs are my all time favorites. I especially love the Frankenstein cake pops! Congrats on all your success! 

  25. These pops are just ADORABLE.

    I couldn’t even begin to pick a favourite cakepop design, I have loved them all from the beginning. I love to browse your posts for hours looking at all the amazing supplies you have access to and the wonderful and clever designs you come up with.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this amazing selection of products.

  26. Congrats on 10 years!  My favourite cake pop moment was you asking if you can use my snow globes design!

  27. Too many faves but especially the unicorns and mini cupcakes. ????????

  28. You’ve made so many good ones over the years, but I’m going to have to go with the Georgia Bulldogs cake pops because #GoDawgs!

  29. I love the Christmas stockings?

  30. Congratulations! I love your elephant cake pops that held the little sign that said ‘love’ for Valentine’s day. We all need a little extra love in this day and age. Thank you for providing so much joy and easy instructions for us to follow to show our loved ones we care.

  31. In my household, our favorites are always the Christmas-themed. I found you on Pinterest years and years ago – you’ve always been such an inspiration ?

  32. Congratulations on 10 years! Your book was our introduction into making cake pops (and all the other goodies you shared). Love your blog! Thank you for all you do!

  33. I used to make cake pops all the time! Loved decorating them like ice cream cones.

  34. Any holiday design is for sure a fave!! Christmas and Halloween are some of the best! I mean, who doesn’t want a festive spooky cake pop or a cheery Christmas cake pop? ?

  35. Hello Kitty ones are my favorite!

  36. Made the simple round cake pops for a sweet friend’s wedding. Turned out beautifully using your techniques. You’re so gifted….thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

  37. I love the OG cupcakes with the little mini M&M cherry. So cute!!

  38. I made cake pops for my office for Valentine’s Day!

    My son and I make handmade valentines every year (he’s 14 now and we still make a few). One year we made cake pops to go with them which was a huge hit! And, trust me, I needed it as I felt like I was drowning socially. It was a rough place to work but it was so nice to see everyone smile for a day. 

  39. I love anything Christmas related. Those are always my favorite.

  40. I had so much fun making cake pops with my oldest daughter!  Now that I have 2 more younger daughters, I look forward to making some with them, too!

  41. I’ve been following you from the beginning! You’ve inspired my love of cake decorating . I could totally see doing this with other book covers. Congratulations on 10 years!

  42. Congrats on 10 years! My favorite cake pops are the owls! 

  43. Oh my gosh – 10 Years!
    I love all of your designs but especially Christmas themed pops:)

  44. Angie, you are just so creative and imaginative and your work is perfection. It is so impossible to pick a favorite. I really love all your creations!!!

  45. I am a Christmas fanatic and the very first blog post I ever saw on this page was your Coca Cola snow globe cupcakes and I fell in love! I’ve been admiring your work ever since! It’s impossible to pick a favorite. 

  46. Too much cuteness! Congrats on the book anniversary! ?

  47. This seems unreal !! Happy anniversary I’m a super fan, I remember looking back at the first cake pops I made and they were a complete fail…lol but thanks to people like you we can make ourselves better! So Thank you!!!! You inspired so many of us and help us be a better version of ourselves so thank you so very much. And again CONGRATS!!!

  48. I love all of your work.. but if I had to choose one.. My favorite cake pops are the Sesame Street ones you did!!! Love them! 

  49. oh that looks yummy. Congratulations!

  50. My favorite holiday is Halloween. We really “go for it” every year. The mummy cake pop is my all time fave because you can make the faces as whimsical or menacing as you like.

  51. I can’t believe it was over a decade ago but I made my first cake pops for my sister’s graduation! ? I’ve made so many more since then and want to thank you for all the fun you’ve created!

  52. I’ve been making them since 2008. It is so hard to pick my favorite, but I always get compliments on particular holiday themes like Christmas or Halloween.

  53. So many favorites! But if I have to choose, I’ll go with the snowman. The first cake pops I made were for my son’s 3rd birthday party and since then we have them at every occasion we celebrate.

  54. I can’t believe it’s been ten years!  I used to love making cake pops for fellow roller derby referees and officials.  Your suggestion on edible markers upped my game 100%!

  55. I bought the Cake Pop book right when it came out. I was actually teaching cake decorating classes at that time and had been using your recipe for some time. I was excited to show the class some of your creations and then we did get to hold a cake pop class. My favorite was making some Halloween themed treats :)

  56. I loved the Winnie the Pooh ones you did!!

  57. 10 years! I’ve been following you for some time, your blog was my first introduction to cake pops. I was drawn in by the muppet pops initially. Love the creative ideas for different pops!

  58. You are so talented! I’ve been following you since the beginning and I still love your very first cupcake cake pop!! Happy 10th anniversary!

  59. CONGRATULATIONS on your book-versary! You have achieved so much!!

    My kids were four and one when the first book was published, so we made a LOT of Bakerella and Bakerella inspired treats! I remember the Hello Kitty cake pop was the first one where I got to use food-safe pens. I was so excited! And they were super cute. Thanks for all the awesome recipes, ideas and inspiration!

  60. I also  love  your cakepops your made ice cream cones. My husband loves them!!!

  61. I remember making your eye ball cupcakes for a little girl’s birthday. She was born on Halloween and loved everything scary.  Thank you for your creativeness!!! ??

  62. I have always loved your Halloween cake pops. I try them every year, but they never look quite like yours!

  63. I’ve been following from the very beginning, pre-book. No idea how to pick a favorite. So many wonderful choices. Maybe the cupcakes? Simple and cute

  64. I have so much fun reading your blog’s en enjoy trying to make cakepops the way you do. It never really comes out the same way, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the fun that counts.

    I have made lots of cakepops over the last years but I think my all time favouriet are my Minions, although the reindeer always work great on a christmaslunch at school.

  65. I think my favorite cake pop was the first time I ever saw one I thought genius and I could not wait to try it and it just keeps getting better and better and better your designs are creative and adorable and I want to try everyone of them a close second would be hello kitty but really  I love them all!

  66. I love the Hawaiian flower cake pops!

  67. Oh! My favorite cake pops are the mini ice cream cones. When you break off the top of the ice cream and fill it with a cake pop!! I did them for my daughters bday years ago and still love them most! 

  68. Your Cake pops are so amazing! I discovered making cake pops when some of my past foster kids moved in. One of the best ways to connect with these kids after everything they’ve been through us buy food. Learning to make cake pops is so fun for them and rewarding and helping to build their self-esteem. I wish I would’ve taken pictures of the times that I have made them with these kiddos but look forward to making more with the next kids who move in.

  69. My favorite cake pops memory was meeting you at your book signing in LA! You liked my cupcake shirt and I had such a moment haha

    Baking wise, I loved making the bat cakepops for my first halloween supervisor meeting after a big promotion. It was really a great way to make an impression!

  70. My favorite cake pop from the book is from cake pop holidays it was the polar bears

  71. The OG original cupcake cake pops are always my fav to make!!!

  72. All of your cake pops are adorable and creative; but one of my favorites would be the Mrs Potts teapot pops!

    I’m a child at heart, and Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies.

    Congratulations on celebrating this milestone 

  73. Favorite memory is how fun these pops are. I loved seeing the new pop options come out week after week. My first cake pops were a messy fail but they were still yummy!

  74. We have one book and cupcake Cakepops have been favorite for years! This would be amazing to win ??

  75. Congratulations! I’ve been following you for a long time – my absolute favs are the little white sheep ?, but really any animal pop gets me ??

  76. I started following you a couple years ago and to this day my favorite is the gingerbread man faces! I love all your Christmas pictures, but I’m a huge fan of gingerbread. Thanks for all the sweet years and I’m looking forward to seeing everything you create in the next 10 years! Congratulations!!

  77. Yay! Congrats lady! Love these! ???

  78. I love flipping through your cake pop books with my kids. They pick out the one they want to try and we give it a shot! 

  79. I loved your Halloween cake pops, and it’s my favorite time of year! They’re just so cute and perfectly Halloween!

  80. So many favorites! One of favorite cake pop design was when I made fish bowl cake pops for my grandsons 1st birthday! These were very special to me because not only were they for him, but it was the first time I did something like that and they came out amazing AND delicious! ?

  81. I received your book a little over 8 years ago, a gift from my aunt as I was starting to explore cupcakes and cake decorating !!! The first pops I attempted were the monsters for my son’s 4th birthday, and I have made so many more since! My favorites to date being beach balls for a summer birthday party! I am thankful for your tips/tricks to guide me through many of them! Your pops are truly an inspiration!

  82. Super Duper Cuteness OVERLOAD!!

  83. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your cake pop expertise! It has brought my family happiness through holidays, birthdays, and weddings! Cake pops make the world better!

  84. Congratulations on 10!!! Years!!! Oh my goodness, I love all your work and your patience to do all the little details. One of your recent cake pops I found so adorable was the soap cake pops. So cute and adorable and two of my favorite video’s to watch soap making and cake making. LOL! Hope you have many more blessed cake pop years to come!

  85. My favorite cake pops are the chocolate cupcake cake pops. I have made them a few times since they were originally posted and they were the first ever cake pops I made! They are so delicious and I got so many compliments on them. All thanks to YOU! Thank you for sharing all of your delicious, creative cake pops with us! 

  86. Hello! I can’t believe it’s been 10 yrs already. You have inspired so many. Thanks for your ideas and letting us all know about the adorable, delicious treat that is a “cake pop”.  

    My favorite memory is when I made cake pop apples for my niece’s Snow White theme birthday party.  That was 8 yrs ago…  her face was the best. It was a complete surprise and she absolutely loved them. She still talks about it today. She said it made her birthday party the “it” party. Lol.   They are so cute when they are tiny and simple. Lol. 

    Thanks for all the recipes and ideas Bakerella!

  87. My absolute favorite cake pop that I made from your blog was the hello kitty cake pop. It was just the cutest! 

  88. Favorite has to be the kidney ones! Just because you & your mom are so close, and that you are both doing well in your health journeys. I think all of your designs are beautiful & so creative. But props to mom for helping making you into who you are for sure. 

  89. I love the Mother’s Day pops and all the Disney pops and the Halloween pops! And I loved that story you told about meeting Blake Lively and finding out she was totally into baking and followed you and had all the pics and fan  girled  over you! You are awesome, Bakerella!!

  90. I love your cake pops!! I have been trying to make some and following the tips you give! I love your Halloween cake pops! Congrats on 10 years!! 

  91. I remember my very first attempt—it was an epic fail! But I kept coming back to your site and learning and practicing and I am pretty good at basic cake pops now! I love seeing all of your amazing designs and your book is still one of my faves! 

  92. I can’t believe it has been 10 years!!!! There have been many wonderful treats but I’m most excited about sending some off to my son who just left for college!

  93. Happy Anniversary!  I absolutely love this book! My favorite memory was going to your book signing for this book. It was so fun and great to meet you in person! 

  94. I have the tips and tricks book. This book was one of the very first gifts that my mother in law got for me when she found out that I loved to bake. I still have it and I still reference it! My teenager has recently asked me to teach her how to bake and it has quickly become her go to for ideas. 

  95. I love the mummy and duck cake pops.

  96. I love the cupcake pops! Hard to choose just one favorite. They’re all adorable! 

  97. I loved any of the Disney themed pops and as a cat lover any sort of cat related pops you have done. I really love them all and wish I had your talent

  98. 10 years ago when this book came out, I knew I had to try to make these awesome creations. I made 150 cake pops for my wedding reception in October and they were a HIT. So I decided to make it into a business. I was no cake decorator but I was able to work with these. I ended up having twins the following year and was in no position to pay for day care for them so I worked full time doing the business and being a stay at home mom. It has been successful and I thank you for the inspiration. 

  99. I love you Bakerella! You are the best! I love all of your creation! But i loved your Halloween guys so much more! Wish me luck!

  100. So proud of you!! Who would of guessed?!
    I remember when you first posted a
    The little pink & brown cupcake pop – and that is how my business started over 11 years ago – still going strong and still hoping to be as good as you – some day!  Thank you for all the inspiration and for changing my life!
    Aledo Cake POP Shop

  101. Congratulations on 10 years!! Hard to believe it’s been that long since your book came out. Thank you for bringing such joy, bright happy colors (I always love your photography), and tasty treats into our homes! How can we choose just one favorite from such amazing cake pop designs?! Your classic cupcake cake pop is what drew me to you in the first place, so we’ll go with that. Thank you for encouraging us to bake, have fun in our kitchens, and to spread joy to everyone around us through sharing our baking adventures! After moving four times in the past 12 years, I practice “dessert diplomacy” by baking cookies, muffins, or other sweet treats to go meet our new neighbors wherever we move. Thank you for providing a safe, happy, inspirational corner of the internet where we can all bake together and spread smiles!

  102. Hi! I love all your cake pops, but the sunshine ones just really make me smile. :)

  103. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years!  My favorite cake pops were thanksgiving turkeys!!!  If I win my nieces and nephews are going to have a cake pop paaaartay!!!

  104. My favorite cake pops are the sugar skulls. They are so bright and fun and I absolutely love anything to do with Halloween. 

  105. My favorite cake pop is the cute puppy! 

  106. Wow it’s been 10 years. I love all your cake pop designs. They are like little pieces of art.

  107. Congrats on your anniversary! My favorite is the minion cake pop! So cute and fun!

  108. Congrats! It is hard to pick a favorite – all of your designs are amazing!!

  109. I’ve been following you since the beginning! Now my daughter is 11 and loves to create desserts too. ?

  110. My favorite cake pops we’re the box of ‘candy’ in the Valentines heart.  

    Happy 10th!!   Stay safe 

  111. My first memory of you was seeing your cupcake pop and how perfect it was!  So satisfying to look at. 

  112. I loved your cake pops from the moment you first introduced them! I remember making my first batch of cupcake bites in 2009 and then introducing your upcoming book in June 2010 (all on my blog I’ve been following your journey since. Congrats on your success and bringing happiness to all of us with your cake pops. 

  113. Cake Pops have been a part of our lives for 10 years?!? Wow. I have always enjoyed making these for bake sales, parties, and especially for my kids. Now, getting to make them with my 13 year old daughter is such a treat in itself! We have bonded over the creation and execution of cake pops projects! Love them so much and thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world! 

  114. Happy 10 year anniversary!!!!! I’ve been following you for SO LONG! So happy for you! My favorite cake pops are your Curious George ones! My daughter is obsessed! I’ve also tried to recreate your Buster Moon from Sing cake pops… they were mildly successful! Thanks for everything!

  115. Congrats on 10 years! Have followed you from the beginning and adore you and your work. One of my all time faves has been Beaker ?

  116. They’re super cute and look tasteful. Can’t wait to try them. 

  117. Love your cake pop recipes and designs. Can’t wait to try the book one!!

  118. The scarecrows are my favorite! I’m making them again next week to kick off fall! 

  119. OMG I can’t believe it’s been 10 Years!! Woo hoo! Love the all your Halloween pops! Love your Minions !!

  120. You are the queen of cakepops and I love everything that you’ve done. My favorite memory is when your Sesame Street cakepops saved the day for my Son’s 2nd Birthday. I had no clue where to begin and your step by step instructions helped so much! The cakepops were a hit! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and tips with us!

  121. Congrats to the cakepop queen!!! Thank you for ur inspiration 

  122. You have inspired me in my own cake pop making! My favorite memory is making the cupcake cake pops out of your book for the first time! I realized I could do it! Thank you! 

  123. My absolute favorite design is the koala one!  It is actually the reason why I even own a cake pop company.  My MIL purchased your book for me soon after you published it only so I could make the koala pop, and now Daisy Cakes has turned into a business that pumps out 50K+ pops a year!  Can’t say thank you enough,  Angie!

  124. I love the christmas wreath , all of them ate beautiful ? i really need this in my live.

  125. I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since this book came out!! But then again, I can… I found your blog on Pinterest and fell in love with cake pops immediately… they are just so, so cute.

    The problem was that at the time, I lived in Germany and the trend would take another few years to arrive there. Many supplies were hard/impossible to find: Lollipop sticks, bright food colors, frosting in a can, candy melts, fun sprinkles… I made it work with local ingredients (developing my own recipes) and also ordered some stuff from overseas, haha. My friend’s mind were simply BLOWN and the pops were always a huge hit.

    The favorite designs by far were owls (chocolate Nutella flavor!) and sheep (Red Velvet with coconut “wool”). Thanks for inventing this fun, new way of baking <3!

  126. The little ghosts with pumpkin pails are the cutest and my favourite cake pops, Halloween always wins my heart! ???

  127. I liked the Minions! ?

  128. Oh my! Happy Anniversary!
    So many cake pops memories! And so much cake pop inspo! I remember getting the book when it first came out and had so many tries to get perfect cake pop covering consistency! Can’t believe that was ten years ago!

  129. The Lorax is my favorite!!

  130. Hi bakerella!
    I will never ever forget meeting you at your book signing event in PA for the release of your holiday book. It was for my 14th birthday, I had my copy of your first book ready in hand to sign and got your holiday edition at the store.

    Little did I know my mom contacted you ahead of time telling you how much I adored you, and that it was my birthday. When I met you and your mother, you said oh! I have something for you! You reached into your purse and handed me a Bakerella T Shirt. I was crying. You were crying. Our moms were crying.

    Both you and your mom are such special people. Bakerella, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve followed your blog since I was a little girl, and still do. You are truly an inspiration.

    Thank you for being you and sharing your journey with the world. And with a young, aspiring baker like myself. You are one of a kind. Congratulations Bakerella ?

  131. I remember meeting you at a book signing (at William Sonoma) maybe 10 years ago!! That was such a highlight for me!! 

  132. The Sugar Skull cake pops are my favorite! So beautiful and intricate!

  133. I love the owls!!

  134. It’s impossible to just pick one cake pop because you make the cutest ones around!  I guess my current favorite pops are the Baby Yoda pops. You were one of the first bloggers I started following and I have been following you for over a decade now! I’m glad you are doing well and still sharing what you make with us. ??

  135. My daughter is 10 and she loves baking and making cake pops! Awesome giveaway! 

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    Christmas balls in white chocolate drizzled  with gold and glitter are a favorite. They are all festive and are a great addition to a treat table. 

  139. LOVE your Halloween cake pops! ?

  140. This is amazing! I just purchased your book and am waiting for my candy melts to arrive before I try making cake pops for the FIRST time. I can’t wait!!! I love the beach ball design you recently shared and although summer is coming to an end, those little treats will always bring a smile to my face :) Hopefully I can make them look as good as yours though!

  141. I love the stay safe and soapy pop! I thought it was sooo cute and a nice way to bring some smiles during the pandemic!

  142. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite design! I always love seeing how you’ll recreate things as cake pops! (But the cupcakes are still one of the best ones!)

  143. My favorite creation was one of your first simple red velvet cake pops!!!! I also love the square ones usually baby blocks because it’s always tough to work with square shapes!

  144. Love the Halloween cake pops !

  145. Congratulations! I remember using ideas from your website and cookbook when I first starting making cake pops 10 years ago. I was living in a tiny apartment with an even tinier kitchen, but it was so much fun!

  146. Love them all! But a simple chick stole My heart!!!

  147. I love all the christmas ones

  148. I love them all! 

  149. My friend gifted me this book a few years ago. I  was making cake pops for my baby showers,  kids birthdays and just for fun for friends and she thought that I would be inspired by your creations. She was right – you inspired me to be more creative and to step out of the box.  I love this book and refer to it quite often. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us. Happy 10th anniversary!!! 

  150. I remember making patriotic cake pops for the 4th one year. I made red, white and blue ones, and some of them had a bright blue cake inside that looked super cool! They were very yummy and everyone loved them. They were the perfect treat for taking with us to watch fireworks! 

  151. Been a fan since 2014! Love your cake pops – my favorite is the Power Puff Girls and the super cute Vampires!

  152. Absolutely love you and your creativity! My favorite is definitely your shih tzu pops I have a little shih tzu named Punch and my god the detail in those pops is just amazing I hope to be that good some day! Practice practice practice! 

  153. So many favorites but grumpy cat and the ghost with the pumpkin candy bucket  tops the list. :-)

  154. My favorite design is anything 3D character. I’ve never done one but I admire all the work that goes into the details

  155. I started following you when you were blogging about cake pops! I have always loved and admired all of your work! 

  156. Happy Anniversary! My favorite Cake Pops memory is sitting with my grandson and looking at each design. He wanted them all for his birthday!

  157. Cake pops have been a special treat to share with the class on each of my children’s birthdays! My favorite post was the sneak peak into your pantry – seeing the before and after of your organization of all those adorable and delicious supplies!

  158. My first cake pops were apples and pumpkins. I fell in love with them and never stopped making cake pops for all occasions.

  159. Your book is what had inspired me to start cake popping! 

  160. You’re so Amazing & Talented!
    My favorite cake pop is the soap bar. Given the times we are in I am making the best of it. My family got a kick out of the soap pops! #cleanhands

  161. The first post I ever saw of yours was many years ago and Hello Kitty cake pops that brought me to your blog! I have folowed you ever since then, and you also introduced me to Ree when she started her Pioneer Woman blog! Happiest Anniversary!

  162. Wow! 10 years flies. We just had cake pops over the weekend. I think my favorite cake pop design are the carrot cake pops. They just have so much personality! 

  163. My favorite cake pops are the Mr. Potato Heads from this book! I made them for my oldest daughter when she turned 3. She’s about to be 11 tomorrow! You have made birthdays in our house so much more fun!! Thank you for sharing your awesome talent!! 

  164. I made cute baby boy and baby girl cake pops for my friends’ twin baby shower! They turned out really cute….and gave me an INCREDIBLE respect for cake-pop-ers…holy moly they take so much time!

  165. I love all of them!

  166. It is impossible to pick a favorite. I’ve been following you and your adorable pops forever. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  167. My daughter and I would love to win! I’m an experienced baker but she’s just learning and absolutely LOVES cake pops! Our favorite memory would be the first time we made Christmas cake pops for her and and brothers to take to school and share! 

  168. Congratulations!! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Yikes!  
    We make cake pops all the time   Mostly plain but mm mmm mmmmm good! I think the reindeer are my favorite but honestly it’s hard to pick.  They are all so damn cute! ?

  169. I love any of the animals!

  170. Any holiday cake pop is my favorite. They bring so much joy to those who see them and eat them.
    Congrats on 10 years!

  171. By far, I love your minions! Everything else is beautiful and fun. Thank you for showing your work in details.

  172. 10 years?! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! I really like your chick cake pops because they are so adorable! And my favorite memory would probably be discovering your website! It just made my whole life sweeter! Thanks for all you do.

  173. My sister made cake pops with my 3 nieces this past spring and they lit up when they saw the finished results! Would LOVE to give her the gift of cake pops for birthday #37.

  174. Happy 10th Anniversary! My favorite cake pop design is still the cupcake. I had made them for my daughter’s first birthday and she just turned 10!

  175. Polar bears are my favorite with owls coming in second.  My fondest memory I hope will come this year, teaching my 4-year old great niece how to make cake pops.  She loves making cookies and cupcakes…decorating needs a little work, but she loves spending time in the kitchen.

  176. Congratulations on 10 years of cake pops! I can’t believe it’s been that long, time does really fly! I love all of the posts you make and one of my favorite is your whoopie pie recipe, it’s the BEST! You need to try a whoopie pie cake pop! :)

  177. This book is the reason I started making cake pops, and now want to start my own bakery!! I loved the cupcake pops, and the Santa hats. : ) 

  178. Cant pick one. Love them all and so much fun

  179. I have loved seeing all of the different cake pops! It makes me dream/wish I could make anything near the quality of yours!! I loved the little animals that you made at one time.

  180. My first book I’ve bought to learn how to make cake pops ?. I remembered making for Halloween the ghost ?, the witch, the pumpkin n the mommy with my then 3 yrs old daughter! We had so much fun making them in perfect shape ??

  181. Congratulations! My favorites are your Halloween cake pops. 

  182. I’ve known about your book and website for as long as I can remember. When I was about 8 y.o., instead of playing video games, I would spend my screen time browsing your website:) I got one of your books when I was a kid and spent HOURS looking through that thing! Huge fan!!! I’ve never gotten super complicated with cake pops, but I’ve made the basic kind a few times and it never fails to please!

  183. Thank you so much for everything you do! I love going on your site (all the time!) and just go scrolling through all the amazing creations you’ve made. Congrats on 10 years! That is AMAZING! How are we supposed to choose a favorite? I can’t! I love them all! But if I were to narrow it down I would choose, the animal cake pops. They are definitely cute! Thank you!

  184. My family really loved the robot cake pops. 

  185. My first cake pops were in the shape of a baby head ? for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. They were not perfect but I was really proud of them. Congratulations on your book anniversary!

  186. Wow! Ten years! Congratulations on reaching such an incredible milestone – and for making such an impact on creativity and sweet deliciousness all in one treat! 

    My favorite Cake Pop memory is when I first discovered your blog…I think it was probably by way of Facebook. The pop looked like a cupcake and I was fascinated! I’ve always had a thing for miniatures and this just made my sweet snacking and mini-loving heart SING! I shared the post with my family, friends and co-workers – anyone who had littles in their family. I thought everyone should get creative and make some Cake Pops! (We’re a pretty creative bunch, my family and friends. ?)

    Of course,  every new blog post with another amazing creation was a heart-party all over again. 

    Thanks for all the JOY Angie! Truly. ?? And congratulation again! ?


  187. My favorite cake pop is probably the reindeer! They were just so cute!!! It makes you think, “They’re too adorable to eat!”

  188. Are you kidding me? How can anyone pick a favorite design. They are all amazing!!

  189. One of my favorite cookbooks! So fun! 

  190. There are too many cute designs to choose from. My kids are partial to the cute little animals. I like the holiday pumpkins and snowmen. 

  191. I love you Minions Cake Pops! Happy Bookiversary! and thanks for the great giveaway!

  192. Congratulations and Happy Birthday & Anniversary!!! I still remember reading about the classic Cupcake Cake Pop and just absolutely fell in love. My favorite cake pop to make is the Red Velvet pops and they’ve earned me many friends in the last 10 years. haha I am amazed at your every creation and am never ceased to be wow-ed by your creativity. Thank you for sharing your creations and talents with us!!! You’re amazing!

  193. I think my favourite memory is the excitement around the release of the first book, preordering and getting it in the mail!

  194. I’ve followed Bakerella for a long time. It’s been fun watching the evolution of Cake Pops from the simple tasty treat to elaborate, but still tasty designs. There are too many to list just one favorite, although I enjoyed the dachshund in sweater cookies enough to order the cookie cutter.

  195. Omgoodness!!! Happy Bookiversary!!! That’s is so awesome 10 years!!! Congratulations! ???  My favorites are all of the Halloween ones! I am going to decorate for Halloween today, Yay! ?

  196. My most requested cake pop in massive amounts are the snowman with the Oreo hats.  Have been making them for 10 years for sure!

  197. I love your Christmas themed cake pops

  198. This is my one and only cake pop book!  My favorite are the popcorn buckets. 

  199. Baby Yoda cake pops!!! I’m a bit obsessed lol

  200. I am a beginner to cake pops. I bought the kit for my granddaughter and we are having so much fun making them!  No photos, yet!

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