Cake Pops Book Anniversary

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Hi friends! My Cake Pops Book turns 10 today and to celebrate, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate treat to make than pops that look like the book cover.

I can’t believe it’s been more than a decade of sharing these tiny treats with you guys and now officially ten years since the book was released. When I started making pops and giving instructions on the blog, I never could have predicted the impact they would have around the world. It’s been so fun seeing your creative treats, meeting you guys on book signings, and sharing so many smiles with you over the past years. Thank you for making this adventure so sweet!

Yay, I’m having a fun Cake Pops Collection Giveaway!!!

You could win a copy of all three of my books, my cake pops toy, kits and cards, too. Basically, everything in the photo below except for the candy jars. ;  ) See how to enter at the end of the post.

Cake Pops Collection


Now, I realize it’s unlikely that you will want to make these book cover cake pops, but I want to show you how to, just in case there’s a part of the process that gives you an idea on your next pop project.


Follow my basic cake pops recipe to roll into balls and shape and decorate with the instructions below.

I rolled these balls a bit bigger at about 2 inches to accommodate the size I needed for the book cover.

Shaping Cake Pops

To shape, I used a rectangular cutter to help with straight edges. Flatten the cake pop mixture and then cut out or cut off the sides with the straight edges. Chill until firm, but not frozen.

I used cookie sticks instead of lollipop sticks to help support the extra weight since these were larger than usual.

Dip the end of a cookie stick into melted and fluid vanilla coating and then carefully insert into the bottom of a chilled, shaped rectangle. Press your fingers on the sides as you insert to keep the mixture from breaking apart since they aren’t as thick as say a rolled ball, the mixture may try to separate. If it does, you can always apply a bit of melted candy coating to any cracks to kind of glue or hold it together.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Now, let’s see how those white rectangles turn into these? It’s time consuming for sure, but worth it for some 10-year celebration pops.

Painting on Cake Pops

First, I used a toothpick to etch guide lines into the candy coating for the six squares. Then I used a small brush to paint on the surface with edible Poppy Paint (Just one of the cool cake pop products that came about over the years from readers like you).

Writing on Cake Pops

Next, I had to write out the title of the book. Gotta say, this was probably the hardest part. And as I was doing it I was super thankful that the cover used block letters instead of calligraphy. That would have been so much harder.

I used the blue Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens to carefully mimic the type as much as possible. Then I used the edge of my rectangular cutter to make two straight blue lines, overlapping the edges of the color blocks.

Cake Pops Sketch

Here’s a drawing I did to simplify the cover as much as possible. I ditched including my name because I would have totally screwed that up at such a small scale.

Okay, lightbulb moment! I was going to draw lollipop sticks on the surface with vanilla candy coating, but how perfect are white jimmies. I mean, it’s crazy all the ways sprinkles can be used to decorate, but this may be one of my favorites. Perfect lollipop sticks and the exact proportion I needed for these pops.

To recreate the six designs on the cover, I used a toothpick to dot small amounts of melted candy coating on top and coerced it into each shape I needed. I placed a small amount of coating first, attached the jimmies and then placed more coating on top to secure the jimmies in place.

Tiny Cake Pops

I used tiny, tiny, tiny non-pareils for the cupcake pop sprinkles and black jimmies for the snowman’s hat.

Tiny Cake Pops

And for the popcorn, I used tiny white sugar pearls and a red edible ink writing pen. All of the other details were just little dots of colored candy coating.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

A book about cake pops turned into cake pops, with tiny cake pops on the cover. So meta.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

Super cute!

Cake Pops by Bakerella

And pretty sweet, too.

Cake Pops Collection



Enter for a chance to win the entire collection including:

  • Cake Pops by Bakerella Book
  • Cake Pops Toy
  • Cake Pops Holidays Book
  • Cake Pops Halloween Book
  • Cake Pops Kit
  • Cake Pops Notecards
  • Cake Pops Mini Kits
  • Cake Pops Buttons

To enter, leave a comment on this post and share your favorite cake pop design or memory. 

Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 10 at midnight ET. (Sorry, giveaway is closed. Winner announced below.)

One winner will be chosen at random and announced here on this post. 


We have a winner! I loved reading all of your comments. So many wonderful memories that made my heart happy. And it was fun to hear all of your favorite cake pops. Definite frontrunners were the original pink cupcake pops, the spring chicks and hello kitty pops. And so many of you love making them for Halloween, too.

Now for the winner … Congratulations Carina Rodriguez! Hope you have fun with all of the goodies!



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770 comments on “Cake Pops Book Anniversary”

  1. I just made some cake pops last week for a bake sale fundraiser and they sold out instantly! 

  2. My favorite cake pop design are the baby yodas!!

  3. Wow! You really are just fantastic! I love all of your cake pop ideas! One of my favorites that you created were the “Beary Sweet” cake pops using the mini ice cream cones…So.stinkin.cute!! Thank you for paving the way for cake pops!

  4. Hello! I love all your amazing ideas of calepops! I’m in love of the christmas theme so I love them! I really want your book!

  5. You post so many amazing ones! But probably the jack-o-lantern, because I can actually come fairly close to making that one : )

  6. Happy anniversary! I came across your blog when you made the edible valentines chocolate box! I love that design and have done similar designs over the years as gifts all based on your original! Thanks for 10 fun years! 

  7. You always make such cute things, but I think the Grumpy Cat pops are my favourite design! Congratulations on your published authour anniversary!

  8. My favourite cake pop memory is the first time I made cake pops myself. The excitement waiting for them to be finished and actually eating them afterwards was heavenly. I especially loved seeing the reactions from those eating them!

  9. I love this book! I’ve had it for as long as it’s been out and have looked through it SO many times. I haven’t made as many as I’ve wanted to, but I had fun with the Easter basket ones with my mom and sisters one year. :) My kids and I will have to get this book back out and make something challenging! I’d love to win this set.

  10. My favorite memory was finding you insta and looking at all the cool things you have made. I started making cake pops to earn a little more money for my mom and family to help pay bills. I wish to get better using your books and tips, I hope I win.

  11. Book cover cake pop. Everything you make is great.

  12. Congratulations on 10 years of success! Many fond memories of making cake pops for family and friends. Thanks for creating something positive and memorable.

  13. My favorite memory was when I was lucky enough to meet you in Salt Lake City at Williams Sonoma years ago. You commented on my cupcake necklace and you were so lovely! Congratulations on all of your success! 

  14. My favourite cake pop design, however amazing and detailed they all are, will always be the cupcake cake pops. They were the reason I started following you back in probably 2008 or 2009. I made a Fourth of July version and they were a hit! 

  15. Happy Anniversary! ? My favorite memory of the book is looking through it with my kids! I’d rather look at the book than actually make the pops, because I’m a lazy baker. ?

  16. I have loved following you for the last decade plus! I just looked and the oldest email I have saved is from September 2010 “Easy apple cake.” I know it was sometime before that in which I had learned what a cake pop was, with the original chocolate with your signature pink colored coating. Over the years I have made numerous batches of them (red velvet flavor is the family favorite) with some successes and many “redos” that ultimately ended up just being the ball instead of the cute characters you create. Lol I think my favorite ones will have to be the cupcake-shaped. I’m a big fan of baking cupcakes and cakes so maybe this is why I love them so much. It’s been a while since I’ve made them…I’m going to have to do it again soon. 
    Congratulations on 10 years of the book! I remember when it first came out! Thanks for your continued inspirations!!

  17. Frogs! I made them for a frog themed shower and everyone loved them. super cute!

  18. Puppy cake pops! It took me almost a decade and I finally have my own little loaf ?

  19. My favorite is the cupcake cakepop, it was shared by Pioneer Woman and that’s how I found your site!

  20. My favorite would definitely be a Christmas tree cake pop, After many tries and attempts of it I finally got it! My 2 year old decided I shouldn’t have a picture of my first cake pop that wasn’t “round” so she ate it! 

  21. I make the pumpkins every halloween. I also make your oreo kisses every valentines day. I know they are not cake pops but a family favorite!

  22. I love ALL the cake pops but my favorites are still the spring chickens :)
    Maybe someday I will attempt to make them!

  23. Thanks for doing this giveaway and for so many years of inspiration!  Favorites are the polar bears!

  24. Wow how is it already 10 years? Congrats and thanks for doing this giveaway!  Love all the designs especially the Hello Kitty design!

  25. Your cakepops are ART! My hand is not steady enough – and neither is my patience!!! But that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at the pictures!!

  26. Amazing cake pop book creations! They are WAY too adorable to eat … well they Do look yummy, though! The very first cake pops I made were Halloween themed (pumpkins, vampires, Frankensteins and mummies) for a kids’ Halloween party. They were a labor of love that took a long time for this newbie, but it felt amazing to have the little costumed kids to ooh and awww over their adorableness, then promptly gobble them up and say how good they were. Thank you for the inspiration and creative ideas!

  27. Happy book anniversary! I loved the Minion cake pops, but these mini books are amazing! My new favorite. 

  28. I, remember trying to make these 10 years ago,when I first saw them. First few attempts, made wonky lumpy pops. I, have them down to a science now, finally.
    Great products too!

  29. When I first stumbled upon “Bakerella” I fell in love with these cake pops that looked like miniature cupcakes with a cherry on top that was a little piece of round red candy. I ended up trying them out and made them for a coworkers party and got so many compliments!! I have been an avid follower for many years and unfortunately missed the chance to meet you at Short Hills mall in NJ a few years back. Hoping to get another chance! Thanks for helping me get my creative juices going and inspiring me to keep baking!

  30. Favorite memory is when I first discovered your blog/website. You are so creative!  I love it. 

  31. I love them all. I can’t pick a favorite. but I do love Sparky from Frankenweenie with his green insides. yum.

  32. Bakerella cake pops are so beautifully detailed. I made the cupcake cakepops for my daughter’s one year old birthday back in the year 2009 and that is how you got me started into making cake pops!

  33. Your designs are so creative and treats look perfect and sweet! The Cupcakes Pops are my favorite.

  34. I bought this book in 2011, and used it to teach myself, quit my day job, and then launch my cake pop business. The owls were one of designs – I still remember following every step in the book, word-for-word to make them! :) 

  35. I’m new to the cakepop world but my 1st inspiration pics came from you. I didn’t even know you were the cakepop queen until I delved into more of your creations. My faves are the pugs and the soap cakepop designs. I attempted the soap design and you even commented on my post. That completely made my day!

  36. I bought your first Cake pops book and since then I was in love with cake pops! I made the pirate cake pops for my son’s birthday when he was 6 for school and he had a pirate party! And now he’s 14 and still loved the pirate cake pops I made for him! You’re my inspiration for creativity with cake pops! Thank you so much for being you!!!

  37. Thank you for always sharing the names and brands of the products you use. I know they will work and it saves me from wasting money on other stuff. My favorite cake pops are the baby faces with the bibs. I made them for my sister’s gender reveal and they were a HUGE hit! 

  38. My favorites are the baby duck from Easter because it’s the first one I made and the mini cupcakes. So fun! 

  39. I’ve been following your journey for years. Everything you do amazes me! You are so talented. The attention to detail is incredible. I’ve loved everything but I gotta say, I have a soft spot for the original cupcake cake pop. It blew my mind! Congrats on a decade of the book!

  40. this was the first BAKERY book that I had purchased, before that i had never bought a book for sweets or pastries in my life, that same week was my aunts baby shower and i had showed her the book like thousands of times so she had the idead that i knew how to make the things that where in there and she told everyone that were attending her babyshower that i would be making some cakepops, aka THE BABY FACES ?, so before i could say NO i was already compromised so I grabbed your book without having ever baked anything before, read the vanilla cake recipe, attempted to make it, didn”t go so great so I ended up buying some Pillsbury cake mix, followed the instructions and made my firts cake pops, No I didn’t do the baby face ones, I made the simple ones and some cake balls, vanilla flavored, with white coatinf and some blue sprinkles, gave them to my aunt and when i got to her baby shower I was actually surprised to see they were ALL GONE people actually ate them ALL and liked them, i had a couple asking ME to do some for them, i had a bussiness for a while but know I make them only for my sons, but your book actually gave me my firts clients so THANKS ?

  41. 10 years! Woooow
    I love alí of your designs. But Animals are my Favourite.

  42. My favorite cake pops are the cupcake cake pops. Loved learning how to make them. I love making cake pops been making cake pops since 2011. And I’m still learning and growing everyday.  

  43. These cake pops are my new favorites, but I have always loved the red nosed reindeer cake pops! What a fun giveaway! Congratulations on 10 years.

  44. I would love to win this so I can make cake pops with my nieces and nephews!

  45. It would have to be the mini cupcakes!!

  46. My favs are the beach balls because I love the beach!

  47. So many, it’s hard to choose! I remember some cute Halloween ?!

  48. My favorite cake pop design are the hearts! They are perfect for Valentine’s Day treats and everyone loves them!

  49. 10years already? I remember being in Ecuador then and doing everything in my power so I could get a copy. Congrats!!! I loved making all the valentine’s day ones :)

  50. My favorite cake pop that I made are the minions characters. Very time consuming but all so worth it to see the result.

  51. My best memory is when my daughter, after many years of cake popping with me, made her first cake pops alone. It was the Christmas tree.

  52. I love these cake pops! The mini cookbooks are just adorable! 

  53. Happy Anniversary! What an incredible giveaway!! I absolutely love all of your cake pops, it’s hard to chose a favorite! My top three favorites are Paddington, Mr. Potato Head, and the cat jack-o-lanterns.

  54. Wow. This book brings back memories. I first tried to do cake pops when I saw your recipes.  Lol… I was to nervous to try anything fancy so the first cake pops I made where just plain Jane cake balls.  They were a big hit thought. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. 

  55. My favorite cake cake pop design was definitely the kidneys. I actually cried happy tears for you when talked about getting your transplant. My mom also has end stage renal desease and I’ll be so happy when I can finally make some for her. Thank you for being such an inspiration in so many ways. 

  56. Hi!
    I love the Christmas cake pops. They are always a hit at my annual holiday party! Thank you for the inspiration to try and share baking fun!

  57. Favorite memory was when I attended Cake Pop Con in Philadelphia.  As a newbie, I learned so many things, met famous cake pop artists and most of all, met a group of friends that shared similar interests.  We hang out and ate lunch together.  To this day, we still keep in touch!

  58. I remember I couldn’t wait to get my hands on your original book! I’ve followed your site from the beginning and it inspired me to get into creative baking. The very first pops I made were the little cupcakes with smarties/M&M on top. They were a huge hit and I’ve been making them since. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  59. Your cake pops inspired me to start baking! I was fortunate enough to raise enough money to participate in a medical mission in Honduras. You were the inspiration behind it! 

  60. I’ve been following your blog since your book came out, and I love seeing everything you make! My 10-year-old has started baking, and he made such cute bunny cake pops at Easter this year.

  61. A co-worker introduced me to your website, & the 1st cakepop I attempted was the mini cupcake pop. I made them for my daughter’s soccer team, and after that, there was no looking back…Thousands of cakepops & cakeballs later, I have gotten so much better & ended up being called upon for school events, church luncheons & tons of parties & sports celebrations. Yet I am always astounded by the intricate & beautiful cakepops you create. You have influenced so many bakers and artists. It is amazing what folks can now create with a little bit of cake, icing & candy coating. Thank you so much for your contribution.

  62. My favorite cake pop is the panda pop. Also the design I have had the most success with?

  63. My favorite cake pop designs are the Mini Minions and the Yoda child. I remember seeing you on Martha Stewart when you ditched work! That was my first experience with your sweetness. I’ve been a dedicated fan ever since, and you never fail to disappoint with your creativity!

  64. Favorite Memory: I distinctly remember seeing your cake pops for the first time and being absolutely delighted by the whimsical cuteness and clever creativity.  To this day, I am still delighted by your creations!

  65. Your kidney-shaped cake pops! Your journey is so inspiring!

  66. Happy 10th Anniversary!! I don’t have one  favorite cake pop recipe but the one recipe I’ve made numerous times and is an instant hit at all parties (young and old!) would be the Panda cupcakes!  So cute and fun to make and eat! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  67. Your book was the first cookbook I ever owned!

  68. The owl cake pops have always been my favorite. I still have your book. You taught me to make cake pops and now, your way is the gold standard. Thanks so much for sharing your story and your cake pops with the world! 

  69. First cake pops I made were the chick ones for my nephew’s  birthday party. 

  70. I think my favorite has been the kidney cake pops! So creative and adorable but special too. 

  71. Can’t believe it has been 10 years! I loved the hello kitty cake pops- finding them is how I found your page. Congratulations! 

  72. I’ll never forget seeing you on the Martha Stewart show sharing your cake pop recipe with the world. My favorite is still the original cupcake pop you made on that show. ??

  73. Congratulations! Wow 10 years already. I love ever single one of your cake pop designs, however, my favorite is the cupcake one. It’s the first one I tried myself. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  74. Ahhhhh!!! This is so adorable!!!

    I remember my friend sharing your website and us creating a bake club to try and create some of your creations! I think we tried (and failed at) turkeys because we seized or burned the melting chocolate – whoops! As for a favorite, it’s so hard to choose because everything you make is so amazing!! I remember some sheep fondly and I am constantly amazed at your creativity and talent!

  75. Cake pops just cheer you up!  When I was having a bad day at work, I used to go across the street and get myself a cake pop.  It was a break from my desk and a sweet treat.  I miss it!

  76. I remember the first chick design I tried for Easter about 7 or 8 years ago! I also remember following during your transplant. 

  77. I made the Lorax cake pops for a work baking contest! They were well worth the effort (didn’t win, but I think it was rigged!). SO many compliments!!! Thanks for amazing recipes!! 

  78. I’m in Pittsburgh, PA the Cookie Table capital of the Wedding World. What did my niece want me to make for her wedding? Cake Pops! 

  79. I love your Red Velvet cake balls. They have become and absolute family favorite and are a hit wherever I bring them.  I love all your designs. You are so talented. 

  80. My favorite design will forever be the little yellow chickies!  That’s what drew me in!

  81. I remember first discovering your blog and being so inspired by your ideas.  My favorite cake pop is the mini cupcake.  I made that one for a birthday party and my family devoured them!  I followed up with the chicks for Easter – they’re sooooo cute!  Thank you for sharing your ideas. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and trying new things.  Most recently I made your berry lemonies and everyone loves those too! 

  82. Oh so many fun cake pops over the years. … when you have children and grandchildren there is always an occasion to make cake pops … from ? caps to favorite doggie ? pops 

  83. My favorite are your kidney pops. A dear friend of mine donated a kidney to someone and it’s lovely to hear when someone is doing well from it ?

  84. I loved the post you covering your kidney transplant surgery and your mom being your donor!

  85. I absolutely love your baby Yoda pops – they are adorable! I have used your basic pop recipe and instructions so many times. My favourite memory is the look of pure joy on my son’s face when he saw the first set of pops I made (to celebrate his preschool graduation). Thank you!! Xx 

  86. I loved the post you covering your kidney transplant surgery and your mom being your donor!

  87. Ya started a craze that is still a craze…Kids and adults both love a good cake pop…Plain or all decked out…I have never had anyone turn one down…Thanks for all ya do!!

  88. My daughter recently became a tiny passionate baker. She loves your book. The other day she made cake pops for the first time and the proud look she had on her face, I’ll never forget it! My favorite ones are still the cupcake and ice cream cone cake pops! 

  89. My favorite ones were the little kidney ones you made when you had your surgery ??

  90. My favorite memory was meeting you for a book signing of this book in Stillwater, MN! And getting my picture taken with you!

  91. Wow, 10 years! I loved your Hello Kitty cake pops… and all of the holiday themed ones you have made over the years!

  92. You are the queeen of the pops! But I love the minions ! Mine came out more like twinkies but I just ate them really fast ;) ?? 

  93. I think my favorite are the kidney shaped as ones as they were for a very special anniversary for you.

  94. Wow cannot believe it has been 10 years!! My favorite memory has to be the first time I made cake pops back in 2011 or so, they were super ugly oreo cake pops. But they blew my mind and tasted soooo good. That is when I discovered how much I loved baking and went on to create amazing stuff

  95. The cupcake cake pop :)

  96. My daughter and I had gone to an event and had our first cake pop. We took one bite and our eyes were as big as saucers as we both looked at each other and went WOW WHAT IS THIS?!?  As soon as we got home we ran to the computer to find out how to make them. We’ve had so much fun making them. 

  97. Happy Anniversary!! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years!! ?

    One of my favorite cake pops are the holiday ones…. Especially the snowmans!!

  98. My all time favorite was the ‘Boo’ (pup) cake pops! Absolutely adorable!! 

  99. I’ve followed you every bit of the way!!! Even met you at a book signing in Atlanta many moons ago! My favorite cake pop design that I did was the turkeys for Thanksgiving!!

  100. I actually made the polar bear cake pops last year for Christmas that’s on the cover of your Holidays book! Everyone loved them at the party we went to. I’ve always been terrified of trying more designs, and there haven’t been any opportunities for parties yet this year, but maybe I can think of something to give my neighbors a sweet surprise!

  101. My Daughter and I love making all of your cake pops but had a lot of fun with the cupcake cake pops for sure. 

  102. This,…just this book pop encapsulates what started my passion for cake pops. Your book was my very first online purchase after I decided to give it a go and it was like opening the Wonka’s World of cake pops and the so many things they can be and so fun! Happy Bookaversary!!

  103. My favorite was the cupcake design.  The minions were super cute too!

  104. I can’t believe it’s been 10yrs! My favourite memory is seeing your pops and getting the book for Christmas from my husband..I tried and failed so many lol..but so much fun! I still try to make cake pops and I’ve gotten better but not much :) I loved the muppets set and the kidneys :)

  105. Wow – what a wonderful giveaway. I doubt I’m eligible in Canada to win this, but I’d love to purchase a kit just like it for my niece! All your cake pops are truly stunning works of art, but my two absolute favourites have to be the sweet little Easter baskets and your mom’s sweet little dog :).

  106. I love all of your cake pops!

  107. Honestly, my favorite cake pops/memory are seeing your cute cupcake pops for the very first time not long after you made them..I was completely new to your blog and Pinterest was still getting it’s start too. One day I saw a pic of those cupcakes on Pinterest and was like, “Oh cute!! What are those?!” Is that CAKE?!” And I’ve been reading every blog post since and have loved your creativity for every pop and recipe! :D

    Congrats on 10 years, that is so amazing!!

  108. We are the winners!! ??
    Our favorite is the cake cake pop and the ghost.

  109. Wow! 10 years already! My sister and I were so excited when we both received our books! It’s impossible to choose a favorite as they are all so amazing! The character pops are incredible and if I have to choose, I guess it would be the Lorax cake pops. Such a cute show with even cuter cake pops to go with it! Love all the amazing work you do and thank you for sharing your baking gift!

  110. My now sophomore in college daughter in 4th grade made the chick cake pops for a school project where they used fake money to purchase i teams and all the teachers were bought her out ?

  111. My favorite is the cupcake. I’ve made them a few times and they are always a hit!

  112. I loved baking cookies with you!! I also loved when my brother and I used to get Halloween cake pops from you all those years ago! Miss u !!

  113. These are amazing! Picking one of my favorite cake pop designs is almost impossible. Because this book changed my life I think I’m going to have to go with this one ?

  114. My favorite were some neon green cake pops with silver skeleton hands on top for a Halloween party. They were a hit and the chocolate was so delicious! 

  115. Happy Anniversary!! It was so amazing to meet you in Coral Gables! I have to say, all of your pops are amazing (I am in awe of how incredibly creative you are!!)…but if I had to pick, I would say the christmas ones! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and your snowmen pops/gingerbread pops are sooooo adorable! My mom’s partial to the polar bear ones, but that’s her favorite animal so… ;)

  116. I remember first seeing you on Martha Stewart making cupcake cakepops which I thought were the cutest most creative thing! I had never seen a cakepop and thought they looked not only gorgeous but soo gravity defying :D I had trouble making my own and keeping them on a stick so I was just so envious and still am of your talent.  Even though my baking has calmed down I still love looking at your baked good. I could stare for hours! Congratulations Bakerella! ? I also always thought Bakerella was such a cute name! 

  117. Congratulations ?,
    I remember when I discovered your blog for the first time , your designs blew my mind! 
    I bought your first book , and I am still in love with the mini cupcake pops ?

  118. It’s hard to choose a favorite! But from your recent designs, I love the little bars of soap! Too cute to eat ?

  119. Happy Anniversary! 10+ years of glorious cake pops. My favorite were the Muppets, which I made for my BFF’s birthday one year! Such a fabulous surprise for that Muppet loving gal! Thanks for all of the inspo over the year.

  120. My daughter was just a toddler when we got your cake pop book. She would look at it for hours (or so it felt like it ?). The book would be missing from my shelf and I would later find it in her room. We made the clown pops for her second birthday which was circus themed! We still have our original book. It’s still in her room and she’s 11 now. Thank you for all the fun you’ve provided us over the years!

  121. My favorite cake pop design is the mummy or the chick…both so cute and easy to work on! Loved meeting you way back on your first book tour!

  122. I love the Christmas ones and the cupcake cake pops!!! It’s been so much fun learning from you!!! Keep inspiring us!! ?????

  123. Favorite pop- baby yoda! 

    Favorite memory- when we all found out you were on Martha Stewart! 

  124. I loved the Muppet cake pops!! Kermit is one of my all-time favorites!

  125. I have to say, I love all of your designs! I can’t believe how you can keep coming up with such cute ideas. I started following you way back, before you even had a book out, I think. 

  126. I love the cupcakes cake pops. My daughter loves making cake pops and would be so excited if I won! ?

  127. I made cakepops for my nieces wedding. They were lemon, dipped in lemon yellow candy melt and a white fondant heart on top. Very sweet! Your tips and tricks made all the difference!

  128. Favorite is yoda because Yoda BEST Congratulations! ??

  129. I have to say it was the muppets cake pops. I had them at my wedding. I handed your book and site to my baker and said make it happen. Lol. Congrats on ten years. I ev been following since day one! Love you and all that you do!

  130. I love your cake pops and books! My best friend and I have started trying to make some of the holiday cake pops over the past year. We have a long ways to go to get ours as pretty as yours, but we’re having fun trying!

  131. I love everything you do! Your Snoopy, hot cocoa, and Hello Kitty were my favorites, but they are all so adorable! Your artistry is amazing. Thank you for sharing your art with us! ? ? ? 

  132. When cake pops first came out, they were a savior. I would bend at show with tons of kids and made enough to pay rent. Fabulous

  133. Hey Bakerella,

    I have been with you since the beginning. You are a great inspiration! I have been making cake pops for all occasions and they are always a big hit. Now I am making them with my four year old grandson and he is having a blast. The pops I make with him aren’t exactly perfect, but no one seems to care and they are eaten anyway! There are too many cute ones to pick a favorite.

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    The multi colored balloons in various shapes appealed to me, because they were so adorable *and* unique, yet (fairly, lol) simple enough for me to attempt on my own…

    Thanks for all the wonderful content!

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    My favorite cakepops to make are geode cakepops. Even though it May take 5-10 minutes to design just one pop, the end result is so beautiful and worth the effort! 

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    Congrats for this 10 years ????????

  190. I remember when you 1st came on the scene, ok I don’t officially know the date and you may have been around long before 2009, but I know my oldest was starting preschool and I still had time to be creative! I saw your apple cake pops online and fell in in love with the ease, fun and multitudes it made for his school class. I will always remember those as my 1st cake pop creations, they were adored by everyone and inspired me to make others over the years!

  191. When I first found out about cake pops, it was when I found the cake pop kit you created online. It was during a tough time for me when my father passed away and I had been laid off from work. I was seriously lost and going through a lot trying to overcome my declining mental health. Coming  across this kit honestly helped me so much. It kept my mind busy from all the hardships I was going through at the time. I practiced with simple white candy coat cake pops with sprinkles and eventually moved onto harder ones with special shapes and designs. I gained some popularity with making cake pops amongst my friends and family to the point that they were constantly being requested for special events like baby showers and birthday parties. Everyone loved the look and taste of my cake pops and that alone shined some much needed  positivity back into my life. Cake pops have become more than just a treat I make for parties. It’s something I do when times are tough. It’s something I do with friends for fun. It’s what I do to show my love for other people. Regardless of the outcome for this contest I just want to say thank you for your book and all the creations you have shared. 

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