Candy Apples

Apple Cake Pops

Candy Apples… minus the apples.

It’s back to school time already, so I thought I’d show you these super cute apple cake pops to celebrate. They are among some of the 50+ designs I’ve worked on so far. (I know, I know… I’ve lost it. But I just can’t stop.) I’ll try to showcase some new ones here and there in between baking other fun stuff.

Anyway, I thought these would be good today – and a great way to earn your kids brownie points right off the bat. Hmmm… brownie points with cake pops. I like it. They’re also a fun way to just say “Thanks, Teach!” You can save the idea for later and they’ll make great Teacher Appreciation gifts, too. You could even make tags for the lollipop sticks and they’ll be extra special. Or maybe I’ll make some for you that you can download. Wait, did I say that. Yikes. Okay, I’ll do it. But not today. Or tomorrow… Soon, though.

Cake and Candy

Okay, I think you all know the drill by now. We need red candy melts. White works too if you add red “candy” coloring. I used chocolate cake for these, but use any flavor you want. Apple even. Follow the basic cake pop instructions and instead of shaping the cake and frosting into round balls, make them a little wider at the top than the bottom. Then press in the center of the top and the bottom with your fingers a little bit to make subtle indentions. You can also use a lollipop stick to make a spot for the stem.

And for the stem, you’ll need pretzel sticks.


Not this many however … about 25 will do if you use the rounded ends. And if you don’t care about the ends being pretty and round, then you can break each stick down into several pieces and use less sticks. Each stem piece only needs to be about 1/2 inch at the most. While the candy coating is still wet, attach the pretzel piece and leaf and then place in a styrofoam block to dry.

Diamond Sprinkles

For the leaves, I used jumbo diamond sprinkles … the green ones. But, feel free to use anything you think will work. Check out the candy aisle for inspiration.

Apple Cake Pops

And voila… candy apples.

No… candy covered apple-shaped cakes.

Okay, how about just apple cake pops. Simple and cute.

But wait, something’s missing.

Confetti Sprinkles

Let’s see what happens with a few large white confetti sprinkles

and …

a black edible ink pen.

Apple Cake Pops

What do you think? Personality?

Apple Cake Pops

… or plain?

Apple Cake Pops

I say personality.

Just use a little bit of leftover red candy melts. With a toothpick, dot on some of the coating and glue the eyes in place. Then, use the black edible ink pen to bring them to life. When you use the pen, draw on the details with a very light touch to avoid candy residue clogging it up.

Now… Take a bite out of the little apple!

Bite me!

Ha. They’re so happy, they don’t even seem to mind their buddy being bitten.

Hey! You on the left. Wipe off that grin … you’re next!

Here’s what you need to decorate them:
red candy melts
lollipop sticks
jumbo diamond sprinkles
large confetti sprinkles
styrofoam block
black edible ink pen
pretzel sticks

And, here’s the basic cake pop how-to.


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348 comments on “Candy Apples”

  1. Beautiful! perfect to make for the kids during apple picking season!

  2. Cute! Your inspire me to keep baking and creating new ideas! Thank you! <3

  3. Hey i make cake pops a lot! And whenever i make them i onky get 25… i read your book and it said i should be getting 48 with the box. HELP!!!

  4. sooooooo cutie i have to make them i love the faces

  5. Also, there are “Holly Mix” sprinkles out (saw them @ Wal-Mart & Michael’s) that mostly green leaves, with a few medium red nonpareils mixed in. Used the leaves for these!

  6. Made some of these today and found a plastic citrus reamer worked AWESOME for indenting the top & bottom of the apples!

  7. You are fantastic!..I love your creations…Per me sei unica e mi piaciono da morire tutte le tue creazione…
    Tanti tanti baci da Venezia.

  8. I LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!! I JUST BOUGHT YOUR BOOK! I am so excited to make some of these cake pops! I have a question for you. I have made cake pops before….does your cake pops SWEAT? Going from cold (fridge) to hot (chocolate cover)???? I just made some for my church dinner on Saturday and they were a HIT!!! I posted them on my blog!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi! We don’t have candy melts in Argentina. Do you know about a homemade recipe that can replace it? Good coverage power and not too sweet…. I’ve used a kind of froasting ( icing sugar and water) but it was either too sweet or too light to cover the pop…hope you can help me!

  10. Loved them, they’re so beautiful, and I especially like the pictures and funny explanations…..great job!

  11. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back once more taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  12. yhprhru?rügkpswmupuyot.deopn?h?gur?dk?tfpdp5o6p6ph?gr?opy

  13. I love the simple ones. I’m going to try your idea about the apple cake. I’m going to use your easy apple cake. I think its goin to be amazing!!!!

  14. This is awesome! I’m making this apple cake pops for my daughter’s 2nd birthday which is a snow white theme this Sunday! Thx for the idea…now how about iron man??? hmm…

  15. I love them!! Soo cute!! I’m a 13 years old Dutch girl and in 4 days I’m turning 14, I want to make them for my friends, where can you buy this book?? Just in a bookstore??

  16. I made the graduation cap pops for my daughters boyfriends graduation (They were a HIT). I am making these for my son’s kindergarten graduation, can’t wait for all the kiddies to see them!

  17. These would work well for a “Twilight” themed party too.

  18. I prefer them plain lol got the book and when I read the description i thought perfect because I was gona make them for a teacher and what a qwinki dink the teacher’s name is apple

  19. Oh my word i have just got to make one of these for my teacher as well as making smiley ones for my class (my 11th birthday)

  20. How do you keep them from sliding off the lollipop stick…once I dipped it in chocolated some of them would slide down…

  21. Totally just dove into the whole Bakerella cake pop thing after purchasing the Betty Crocker Fall Baking recipe card book. Decided I just had to try the “Candy Apples” first!!! After making 2 batches (each of which the kiddos LOVED!” but not getting anything to look remotely like your pictures — I finally figured it out! I added the entire can of frosting, instead of just 1 cup of the container! HOLY SPRINKLES Batman! Maybe I just try making sure I read and understand the directions first! Now – for my 3rd batch – I bet those apples will stay on the lollipop sticks now! THANKS!

  22. I just finished making a batch for my son’s preschool class. This weeks’ “theme” was Apples and I just couldn’t pass up this opprotunity to make these!!!

    The local store didn’t carry sticks so I gave it a whirl just making them as apple balls and they turned out super cute. So excited to have him bring them in tomorrow to school!

  23. Where do you buy your sprinkles from? I can only find the white confetti sprinkles in the multi-packs, and they don’t come with very many white ones for the eyes…

  24. Hey bakerella did you ever upload tags for the lollipop sticks? would love to have some with these :D

  25. My sister is moving to NYC in a few weeks for grad school – these will be perfect for her “Big Apple” themed going-away party. Thanks for the idea!!

  26. Hi! Your cake pops are absolutely amazing. I’m thinking about making about 100-150 of the apple ones for the teachers…but need to display them somehow on a table for their back to school meeting. Do you have any ideas on the best way to display these adorable cake pops??? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks sooooo much!!!

  27. Did u ever get a chance to make lollipop tags we can download (;

  28. Can you use red food coloring to dye white candy melts or would that just make them all weird?

  29. thank you for sharing your creativity.

  30. i love the idea i will try and do it

  31. I want to make these for teacher appreciation week next week, but I’m not sure how to present them to the teacher. Any ideas? I like that the Mother’s Day Cake Pops were in a cute little pot, but I can’t think of a good way to present the apples. Any ideas???

  32. so cuteeeee the ones with the faces remind me of sesame street

  33. OH MY! My 2.5 year old son has been asking me for 6 MONTHS to give him an apple themed party, which is next month. I’m making a cake and shaping it like a large apple but how cute would these be to have too! I just might have to do this. I’ll look around and see if I can find the right stuff for it!

    Hmm…..I’m getting inspired already!

  34. I just read your answer to my question from another poster, I’m thinking my cake was too tight and too cold. You are so amazing at these!

  35. Help! I have made the turkeys, trees, eggs, and chicks, but these apples….they keep cracking! I have never had this problem before, what am I doing wrong? Too cold of chocolate cake? To thick of candy melt? Please help I am really dissapointed with these ones (myself really)

  36. Just wanted to let you know I made these today for our teachers (80 in total!) to celebrate our completion of NAEYC re accreditation. They were a HUGE hit and I shared your website with many of them who came looking for the recipe. Here’s how one of the baskets came out.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea and can’t wait to make them again for my other child’s school for Teacher Appreciation!

  37. This is perfect for teachers week

  38. Thanks for linking to places where we can get our own jumbo sprinkles and such. Sometimes supplies aren’t so easy to find in Oklahoma!!

  39. Lucy – do you have any cake supply stores near you?

    If you can order from, they sell them.

  40. aww so cool!
    where would you get an edible ink pen in england? because i cant find any….
    but stiilll these are really nice!

  41. anythingthingsugar – 1- don’t roll them too tight and make sure they aren’t too cold when you dip in the hot coating. 2 – your coating may be too thick or the balls not firm enough. 3 – use the americolor brand and write with a very light touch.

    Brenda –

    Corey – Use americolor edible ink pens. You may have overheated the coating. Heat on medium in 30 sec intervals stirring in between. If still too thick then add some shortening or veg oil to thin it out. And make sure you use a deep bowl so you can dip and remove easily.

  42. This is the first time I’ve ever seen cake balls before. Girl you are obsessed! And friggin’ BRILLIANT. Seriously. I am SO gonna make these.

  43. love them! so cute! i think i’ll make them with a white-coloured cake so it looks like it’s a real apple.

    wow, you’re so creative! i’m 12 and i love looking at your blog and showing the awesome things to my mum and sister! I always want to make some cakes, but i mostly want to try make your cake pops!

    i wish to be just like you!


  44. I tried making jack-o-lantern cake pops the other night. I used devils food cake mix & cream cheese frosting & the little pumpkins were pretty easy to mold. I couldn’t find orange candy melts at the time so I melted red & yellow together…which really didn’t work very well…it came out more of a salmon color….but anyway, even after adding some oil to the melted candy, it was so thick! When I dunked my pumpkin pops into it, it was almost too heavy to pull out because the candy was so thick. So I tried using a spoon to cover the pumpkin pops, but I couldn’t get it smooth. How do you get your cake pops to have such a smooth finish? I figure it would be easier to do that if I could get the candy a lot thinner.
    Also, I picked up a Wilton black food coloring marker, & I couldn’t even get it to write on the candy once it dried. It was almost like the candy was too waxy. What kind of marker do you use?
    Thanks! I love all your ideas!

  45. How can I obtain the recipe for the cake pops! They are adorable!! And I would love to make them for our Autumn Harvest Bonfire!

  46. wondering if you can help? I have been making your awesome cake pops…..having a little trouble. #1 my chocolate is cracking after they are cooled. do you think the choco is too hot, too much paramount chips, are the cake balls too cold??? #2 some of my lolli sticks dont stick in the ball and when I dip they fall off, i am using th choco to insert? any ideas? #3 last one….I bought the food writer pens and mine to not write on the choco coating??? yours look so vibrant and just like a marker on paper, my color wont transfer from the marker to the chocolate coating to make the cute faces on the pumpkins, etc. do you use a certain brand, do it at a certain time, use the thin or bold???? you are amazing! thanks for your help!

  47. hey,
    i LOVE your cake balls!
    i really like the ghost ones and would love to make them for my best friend’s bday. how did you get the melting chocolate like that? and where did you buy the edible marker?

  48. have you ever made any elmo pops? any suggestions? my 2 year old loves elmo and her birthday is coming up. i am going to try to make cake pops tonight

  49. Does anyone have any design ideas for a baby BOY's first birthday cupcake pops?

  50. I was wondering if you've made any basketball sports themed cake bites- i've been asked to do some, and I need some help!! also, do you store your edible pens in the fridge??
    one more question..if you bake cupcakes for someone, and they pick them up the next morning, do you store them in a cardboard box, or somethign airtight, then transfer them to the box the next morning?? thanks – your website is such great inspiration!

  51. Hello!
    My name is Andrea! I´m writing you from Chile about the book "crazy about Cupcakes" wondering if you have an ex in spanish? I hope so beacuse I will be interested in buying one ex.

    Thanks for a super site!

  52. HELP! How do you give these to people? I mean, wrapped individually, not wrapped at all, stuck in syrofoam? and how many? Help! what do you do??

  53. These are so adorable! GREAT job…You always come up with something adorable!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    You cannot go wrong on the best security systems

  54. These are so adorable! GREAT job…You always come up with something adorable!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    You cannot go wrong on the best security systems

  55. Totally cute!!! I went and tried it and mine weren't nearly as cute as yours. But I'll have to try and try again.

    Here is my attempt, don't laugh. Haha ok fine you can laugh. I did the whole time I was making them =)

  56. sydney85 – you can. you'll need very little if any frosting.

  57. Clare – you're right. Try using them like a paintbrush and barely touch the surface. Don't bare down if you can help it.

  58. Help! You have probably answered this A BILLION times….but how do you get the chocolate so smooth??

  59. Made these today for my daughter to take to class for her first day of second grade tomorrow.

    I have a whole new admiration for you. Yours are so perfect! Mine? A little lumpy but still cute. Thanks so much!


  60. Hi, I love all of your cake pops. They are so cute, and I've made a bunch of them myself. I have a question, though! I have gone through the Wilton and the Americolor brand pens, and they both work terribly. It is almost like they get a buildup on them when you use them on the hardened candy coating… Do you have any recommendations on how to work with these pens?!


  61. You're right. She used different leaves and didn't do faces though.

    Apples have been one of the most requested pops to be made believe it or not. I've given lots of tips to readers on how to make them. Several have even sent in their own apple designs. All slightly different. It's fun to see everyone's imagination at work. Apples aren't too hard to figure out, but the different details are all cute.

  62. They are among some of the 50+ designs I've worked on so far.

    WOW. This is the same exact thing that someone created months ago here:

  63. I did these at the end of the year for our teachers. I guess great minds think alike;>

  64. I just adore these little apples!! Then again, I love all apples, you should see my kitchen it is in all apples. I can't wait to make these… the possiblities are endless! super cute ~ can you see them in a granny smith apple color?? Thank you for sharing this adorable treat with us!!

  65. Can I use a brownie mix instead of a cake mix for these candy apple pops? Also, do I need to use the cream cheese as well to mix. I have a brownie pop mold and was just going to invert the brownies out so they had the apple shape and cover with melted candy melts. I have not done these before so I am needing a little help. Thanks

  66. You're not doing anything wrong. They should be really moist. But, try less frosting if you like.

  67. Jaaami!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  68. They are looking so cute ..Candy apple…
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  69. They are looking so cute ..Candy apple…
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  70. So cute! This teacher loves 'em!!

  71. Its really cute one,
    You should have made some horror stricken faces

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  72. So good! These are just perfect for my cousin who is going on her 10th year of teaching. What a great suprise for her!

  73. These are just too cute! I am definately going to need to make these for my kids' classes.

  74. wow soooooooooo cute

  75. those are the cutest little things I have ever seen! i love the smiley faces…almost too cute to eat. almost. :)

  76. I absolutely LOVE them w/ personality!! Too freaking cute!!!

  77. Your creativeness just blows me away :-)

  78. I really want to make these for the teachers next week, but I have a problem with making them, they always come out like mush – never slightly dry and moist… what could I be doing wrong!!!

  79. I made these for my sister's first day of school. She and all the other teachers LOVED them! Mine were definately not as cute as yours, I had a hard time getting them to look smooth. But no one cared because they tasted to great!

  80. these are so super cute with just a little modifications we can make them as a project at the preschool

  81. these are adorable! I like them with personality!

  82. So cute!!!!

  83. MsSpy – monkey pops or yellow hats. (chocolate and peanut butter coating)

    priscillapastries – red melts, sugar pearls for seeds – green candy tops.

    Anonymous – yes you can. look for CANDY coloring. Some craft stores carry and so do cake decorating shops.

    Josie Angel – peanut butter candy coating and morsels for a mane

    Wendy Lou – I think simple and less cute. A contrasting color scheme on reg cake pops and maybe tags like you mention.

    beyond pots and pans – colored papers from craft stores. I didn't buy the light that came with papers.

    Cheri Nicol – make sure the balls are chilled and firm, not room temp, thin your coating with shortening or paramount crystals, use a small deep bowl to dip and tap off excess.

  84. You never cease to amaze me I love it and just might have to make a few of these to butter up my daughters teachers your a baking genious!!!

  85. how in the heck do you get your coating of candy melts to be so perfect? mine never look that good! :(

  86. OMG how wondefully sweet and funny! I love them.

  87. Seriously – what you do is ART! :D Love it! I'm following your blog from Sweden, enjoying every view!!

  88. Totally adorable!

  89. How cute!!!

  90. Oh, I love your blog! So beautiful photos.. So beautiful pastrys (is that the right word :D ?).. Oh.. I can't put it into words.. I just LOVE your blog :) !

  91. Just amazing. Thank you for giving me a smile today!

    ~Cleo Coyle
    Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

  92. LOVE IT!!! Two of my sisters are teachers… I'm going to have to make these for them before school starts! =)

  93. Too cute! How in the world do you get the candy melting to be so smooth of the cake? Mine turn out lumpy.

  94. So cute! I just love your ideas! My mom works at a school in town so I am making them for her inservice. PS..when looking throught the sprinkle aisle at JoAnn's, I found Wilton autumn sprinkles. They are little leaves in green, yellow, orange, red, and brown. I decided to try them out for leaves!

  95. Hi – I tried to make these and they fell off the sticks when I tried to dip them in the chocolate? Any suggestions? Could I have used too much frosting – I did not use a whole can?

  96. These by far are my favorite! I thought the pies were the best but nope these are. You keep bringing new ideas to the table we LOVE it

  97. omg! My 4yr old niece would bug me to make these if she sees them!

    But I want some for myself!

  98. so sweet..adorable:). i knew about u through the MarthaSteward Show. that was the 1st time i saw u. that show recently played in Malaysia. u're really creative person:)

  99. These are adorable. Though I think the ones without faces would be nicer to eat, since I would feel badly taking a chunk out of such a happy little thing!

  100. First of all I love, love, love all of the cake pops. I have a silly question: What do you use for the backdrops of your photos? Is it the background paper that came with the lowell light? We have a kitchen store and you are our absolute favorite blog!! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!

  101. Love these! You have so much patience making all of those little guys!

  102. Can I be you when I grow up?

    Too dang cute. Somehow I can't find time enough to get the pops to look smooth the way you do. Could it be the 4 little monkeys nipping at my feet?

  103. Wow… After 242 comments, I hope you get mine! I am making treats for a bake sale Aug 22nd. The sale is being held at a Run/Walk for 4 employees of my husbands company who were killed in a plane crash last year. The proceeds from everything go toward scholarships in memory of each of the four individuals. I want to make cake pops!!! Do you have a suggestion on what kind? (Candy apples don't seem to fit the occation.) I may just go with your military idea and put their names on paper.
    Thank you in advance!

  104. Great idea. I bet green apples would also be very cute. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  105. Wow Bakerella, you have really outdone yourself this time. These are darling! I for sure prefer the ones with personality

  106. Great idea, I love them…
    A kiss from Spain

  107. SERIOUSLY? You never cease to amaze me!…you are just too good. These made me smile and I needed that today! Thanks for all your creativity…I check your blog all the time to see what you have new today? Thanks for sharing;)

  108. I Bakerella !

    You are truly an inspiration ! How would you make a lion cake pop ?

  109. I Bakerella !

    You are truly an inspiration ! How would you make a lion cake pop ?

  110. I Bakerella !

    You are truly an inspiration ! How would you make a lion cake pop ?

  111. They look so pretty !!!!!

    But, I have a hard time finding red candy melt and i must make the cake pops for saturday, so no time to order on line… Can you dye candy melts ?

    thanks !

  112. They look so pretty !!!!!

    But, I have a hard time finding red candy melt and i must make the cake pops for saturday, so no time to order on line… Can you dye candy melts ?

    thanks !

  113. These are soooo, adorable :)

  114. They are absolutly adorable ! I wish I could buy Candy Melt here. I wonder how much Cake Pops you can coat with 1lb of those melts..

  115. YOu really don't ran out of ideas for cake pops :-)

    I so enjoy looking at all your creations – oh everytime LOL

    What do I choose? PPersonality 100% :-)


  116. e are just too cute! Thank you:)~

  117. That is jsut the cutest, smartest thing I've seen in a long while. I love them! laurie

  118. These are the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. Totally made my day. :-)

  119. I adore this blog, and these are SO cute! (Definitely the "personality" apples!)

    Can you post a picture of a cupcake pop with something next to it? I can't tell from the image how big you make them, I'm afraid if I make them too big they'll fall apart and too small they'll be too hard to decorate.

  120. Wow! They are awesome! I like the plain ones best.

  121. I absolutely LOVE your "site"! You are so talented & creative. I don't mean to bother/make you do all the work but I wanted to know if there was anyway possible that you could make strawberry-shaped cake pops. My nieces birthday is coming up & the theme is of "Strawberry Shortcake" (the cartoon)& I'm trying to figure out how to make them. You'll be an immense help! Thank you for sharing your gifts with fellow bakers.

  122. Your sweets are amazing. I was wondering since you did apples if you can do them as strawberries? Reason beeing is that my daughters birthday is coming up and the theme is strawberry shortcake. I would love to see what you can do!

  123. You are amazing!

  124. These are so cute!! My mom is a teacher. I'll have to make her a few of these.

  125. i am torn, i love chocolate but white cake would look more appleish. these are so much fun to make and my art kids can even make them. last time i made the balls too big and they fell off…thats what i get for wanting a bigger bite!!! love love love these!

  126. reallly cute! will definentally keep them in mind when back to school comes…which is too soon! check out my cake balls at

  127. Hahahaha I LOVE those! Very cute!

  128. everything you do is cute. :)

  129. Once again you've just made something go from delicious and edible to incredible! I home school my son so I think these would be fantastic to make when we talk about the fall and Johnny Appleseed. Or maybe I'll just make some for the teacher, I know for a fact she will love them.

  130. These are just to cute! Question for your creative brain… I have to do a curious george cake the second week in September. Any ideas on some cake pops that I could make to go with it??
    Your Dothan, Alabama fan!

  131. You are too amazing! How does everything you create instantly become adorable?! Love them!

  132. your blog is crazy delicious good!!!! Wish i could eat the treats right from my computer!!! YUMMY!!!!
    ? Rebecca

  133. Love this!! A fantastic idea for teachers! Thanks!

  134. So yummy!..
    here's a li'l sumthing for you..
    Thanks for being my inspiration! :D

  135. Gosh you are just amazing with all of your yumminess:)

    I am so glad I found your blog and that it just keeps on coming.

  136. So cute!!!

  137. Elle Bee – already done. check out October 08

    Miranda – make sure you only stick the lollipop stick in about halfway and that the coating surrounds the stick at the base

    Miranda – sucker sticks can be found at craft stores or click on the link in the post.

    oneordinaryday – maybe

    Maria – I know, I thought about that afterwards

    Michelle – try making your coating thinner by adding shortening.

    Crazy Lady – you might have had an old batch of candy coating

    Sue Sparks – working on it

    DawnP – get a cupcake courier and use it to store until ready to serve.

    postcardgirl said…

    Juli – not really. because you have so many bites to eat. try the cake balls. you can nibble on them all week.

    rachel – you are welcome!

    Jess and Jen – yes you can

    Marianne – tapping. it allows the excess chocolate to fall off.

    Rachel – thin chocolate, a deep bowl and tapping. you can use shortening to help thin it out.

    Kate – pumkins are in oct o8

    lau080285 – write lightly – almost like painting the ink on and use americolor ink pens.

    bttrflybabydoll – make sure they dry completely before you serve them.

    lia-shoshele – try it. you may need to add shortening to make it easier to work with.

    Nicole Rios – i've made cakes like you mention, but haven't tried them with the cake pops. It should work okay though.

  138. Seriously, is it possible to hug food? These are about the cutest things EVAR. Of course my attempt wouldn't be nearly so cute as I am decorating-impaired.

  139. You always do such a great job dipping things in candy coating. It always looks so smooth. Would you be willing to do a step-by-step tutorial or share some tips?

  140. im from chile and i just love your blog!!!

    there are a lot of art pieces on this blog

    really nice job

  141. omg……………this is the cutest thing i have ever seen………this is the best ever site…thanx for all the inspiration……..

    thanx from australia

    …….now i need to find some of those edible ink pens lol

  142. Amazing and so cute!

  143. WOW ~ You are SO creative!!!

  144. TOO CUTE…love the personality ones. Will definately add these to the school bus cake I'm making for my son's Open House. Thanks for all your totally AWESOME ideas Bakerella! Love this website!

  145. My favorite apples are chocolate apples. Yes. Indeed.

  146. HA HA HA it's me in cakepop form! Love it! x

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