Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate or Vanilla

Which would you choose?

Would it matter if I wasn’t talking about cupcakes that you eat?

What if it was something that you wear?

Johnny Cupcakes

Hmmm? I wonder what’s in there.

Well, I ordered something a few weeks ago from Johnny Cupcakes. They sell tons of cool shirts with their cupcake logo in all kinds of designs.

And this one is really cute. Like super cute. At least I think so.

As soon as I saw it, I had to place an order online.

Frosting Cans

And then these arrived a few days later. Magic.

They’re frosting label paint cans. But instead of paint or even frosting, they are filled with a fluffy t-shirt in chocolate or vanilla.

I’m a sucker for cute packaging and these are over the top.


The shirts are designed to look like the packaging label and would be adorable on.

That’s if you can bring yourself to open the can.

Me? I would have to sit mine on a shelf unopened with the shirt cuddled inside so I could look at it all the time. And especially after I found out these frosting can t-shirts were printed as a limited edition. When I bought them, I didn’t realize they only printed 200 of each. And, yes – they are sold out. All sizes. All colors. Gone. They had strawberry too, but those were scooped up first.

The good news is I have two of them. I was going to keep one. But since I’m only going to put it on a shelf and look at it. And since I don’t even have a bookshelf to put it on – I thought I would give them both away.

So which would you choose?

Chocolate Frosting Can


Vanilla Frosting Can

Or vanilla?

Frosting Cans

Enter for a chance to win
A Sold Out Limited Edition Johnny Cupcakes Frosting Label T-shirt

(in a super cute can – Size XL)

  • To enter, just let me know which flavor you’d like to have in the comments section here on the website. Easy.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 6th at 6 pm ET. SORRY, Time’s Up! Winners announced below.
  • Two winners will be chosen at random and announced on this post at the end of the week.
  • The first person chosen at random will win the shirt and can in the flavor of their choice and the second winner drawn will win the remaining flavor. And if we’re lucky they’ll be both person’s flavorite!

Good Luck!

Giveaway sponsored by me.

We have winners. And a lot of chocolate lovers. No surprise. I wish I had time to create a chart to show the comparison from all of the entries… that would be interesting. But luckily this little giveaway worked out great and for both winners.

The first winner is Charlton (comment #1927). Congrats! You’re getting the chocolate shirt.

And the second winner is Tami (comment # 301) Yay for you too! You’re getting the vanilla shirt.


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4,215 comments on “Chocolate or Vanilla?”

  1. Chocolate, all the way!

  2. Vanilla!!

  3. Chocolate for sure! Vanilla is great but nothing beats chocolate


  5. Chocolate :)

  6. Chocolate ~ yummmmmm!!

  7. Vanilla. Well, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for edibles, but in this case, vanilla. :-)

  8. Definitely vanilla

  9. Vanilla Shirt, Chocolate Dessert!
    Thank you!

  10. Sooooo cool! Vanilla would be my first choice.

  11. Give me a choice between the two and I will always choose chocolate!

  12. Vanilla, the shirt and can are adorable!

  13. Oooh…vanilla! No, chocolate. NO! Vanilla!! Will you be giving away any prop cupcakes as a consolation prize? :-P

  14. Chocolate, all the way! :)

  15. Hmm, even tho’ I love vannilla, I’d definitively go for the chocolate one !! :)

    Well, right now, it’s time to eat and I want cupcakes haha !

  16. Both are adorable – but I will go with VANILLA

  17. Chocolate!! So cute!

  18. Chocolate!!!!

  19. Chocolate for sure!

  20. So adorable, I would say chocolate is slightly cuter :)

  21. Chocolate all the way!

  22. Vanilla is my pick, but both are super cute!

  23. I definitely prefer chocolate over vanilla as far as flavour is concerned… but I think I like the vanilla T-shirt more than the chocolate one :-)

  24. Mmmmmmmmmm! Vanilla…

  25. I would have to open it just to find out if it smelled like chocolate!

  26. Oh my goodness Angie they are fantastic! I think both of them are equally delicious looking but if I have to choose…VANILLA! Haha! But controversially, I would be choosing a gorgeous German chocolate cupcake if you were offering…

  27. Vanilla

  28. Vanilla!!

  29. chocolate!!!

  30. They’re both adorable … and I wouldn’t turn down either flavor in cupcake (although my first choice would be chocolate). But if forced to pick which shirt I like best – I’d go w/the the vanilla/white … only because I don’t look good in brown!

  31. Vanilla its original and soooo cute!

  32. Chocolate (of course!)

  33. I’m a chocolate girl,but I LOVE the blue on the other one,so I.ll call it ‘white chocolate’,love your recipes..hope I can win this…love,love,love it!

  34. they both look super cute..but i’d have to say vanilla, simply because i love vanilla cupcakes more :)

  35. Mmmmm both please!

  36. I don’t even know how people could pick vanilla. CHOCOLATE!

  37. Chocolate!

  38. well, chocolate is just dirty vanilla. sooooo vanilla!!!!!!!!!

  39. CHOCOLATE!!! or no wait Vanilla!! oh noo noo noo Chocolate, they are beyond cute =] <3

  40. I love Chocolate! But, I would choose the Vanilla tee ;)

  41. Yum! Chocolate all the way!

  42. Definitely vanilla! Love the design and adorable-ness :)

  43. Vanilla for me please!!

  44. Chocolate! Always, always yummy chocolate! Oh, I so do hope I win! This would be a great B-day gift for me!!! ;P

  45. Yum! Vanilla!

  46. Vanilla!!! :)

  47. Vanilla!

  48. Chocolate!

  49. Definitely chocolate!

  50. If it was cupcakes, I would choose the vanilla over the chocolate. However, in t-shirts, I really like the chocolate t-shirt. What a cute and novel idea!!

  51. Chocolate all the way!!! Love it! What an awesome giveaway! You are the best Bakerella!

  52. Chocolate!!!

  53. Vanilla! Cupcakes for breakfast, YUM!!

  54. I’d definitely have to go for chocolate! Scrummy *and* cute – what more can you ask for? And those cupcakes look scrumdiddlyumptious!

  55. No question – vanilla!

  56. def vanilla!

  57. Hard one. I think………chocolate! what a cute pkg idea!!

  58. Chocolate for sure…100% of the time! :)

  59. VANILLA!

  60. Definitely chocolate! mmmmm!!!

  61. Vanilla! Hands down, vanilla :)

  62. Chocolate!! :)

  63. Oh wowser, these are awesome!
    Tough decision, but it has to be chocolate!

  64. chocolate if you please…. :)

  65. Vanilla!!

  66. the vanilla! these are super cute!

  67. Hmmmmm…..lemme think. Chocolate please!

  68. Chocolate :-)

  69. These are adorable, I would be happy with either but if forced to make a choice, I would go vanilla on this one. Thanks for sharing your awesome find.

  70. I say chocolate! My 4 year old Daughter says vanilla! :)

  71. Vanilla!!

  72. Chocolate!!!

  73. Chocolate!

  74. Chocolate!!!!

  75. Chocolate, duh!

  76. Vanilla please:)!!

    Lori R

  77. Chocolate! I just made chocolate/chocolate cupcakes last night!

  78. Vanilla for me please!

  79. CHOCOLATE!! I love chocolate frosting…the richer and darker the better.

  80. Definitely CHOCOLATE…!! ^_^

  81. Such a toss up!! Chocolate!

  82. Chocolate…definitely chocolate!

  83. OMG those are so cute! It would HAVE to be chocolate.

  84. I would always pick chocolate, if given the choice! (and I’m sad that the cupcakes aren’t included!)

  85. Chocolate, please!

  86. Give me vanilla any day!

  87. Chocolate for sure!

  88. Love the vanilla one!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Ohh chocolate, most certainly, thank you!

  90. I would choose vanilla cupcakes over chocolate anytime! It has a light flavour and gives me just the right amount of pleasure!

  91. Hmmm… I’m (very very very) addicted to chocolate… So I choose chocolate!! ;)

  92. I would say chocolate but the vanilla looks very tasty, too!:)

  93. I’d be a vanilla kinda gal!!! The real cupcakes looked delicious also by the way!

  94. Chocolate…yummmmmm!

  95. Vanilla! But I love the Chocolate model’s hair :)

  96. OMG … they’re awsome … Chocolate is Awsome … But Now I’m Angry …

    I … Want … Cupcakes … =^_^= !!!

    I really love what you do … =^_^=

    So I hope this GA is worldwide …

    See You Soon

  97. Chocolate, please. Thx!

  98. Chocolate of course!

  99. Chocolate for me… can’t keep a white shirt clean to save my life!

  100. Lately, I’m feeling very vanilla :-)

  101. Chocolate :) I might eat that shirt hehe :D

  102. Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Chocolate

  104. Oh love chocolate!! Yum!

  105. OMG! This is too cute, but I think the vanilla wins out for me. I wouldn’t say no to either of them though. :)

  106. Hands down, no question, it would be CHOCOLATE!

  107. Chocolate!! These are adorable!

  108. chocolate ;)

  109. The white can works into my room decor. Vanilla for me please. Any cupcakes with it?

  110. Oh i must have Chocolate, please. Yum! :)

  111. Vanilla!! Ummmm….:D

  112. Vanilla all the way. I still love chocolate though.

  113. Chocolate is my favourite :-P

  114. Mmm…Chocolate!

  115. I love vanilla :-)

  116. Chocolate!!!

  117. chocolate :) these are so cute

  118. Chocolate :)

  119. Chocolate! (And I wish I could pull off the model’s pink hair!)

  120. Vanilla!!!!

  121. I will choose Vanilla and always will. (Btw, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I visit it everyday!)

  122. OH MY! Definitely chocolate! The cupcakes look super delicious, too! :)

  123. i’m a chocolate lover myself and would always choose chocolate first, even in a tshirt!!

  124. chocolate!

  125. chocolate!

  126. Chocolate.

  127. Vanilla cupcake!
    I want to bake some for me too,,,

  128. Awwwww! Chocolate please!

  129. Chocolate.

  130. Definitely chocolate!

  131. Chocolate! Easy choice! ;)

  132. Normally I am a chocolate girl all the way but I love the vanilla shirt!

  133. It must be VANILLA m-m-m-m !!!!!!!!!

  134. Chocolate! Seeing Sachertorte is my favorite cake in the world it has to be chocolate! :)

  135. without a doubt, VANILLA:)

  136. Chocolate please! :]

  137. Chocolate!

  138. Chocolate, chocolate, ummm, chocolate!!

  139. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Yum :-)

  140. I love chocolate, in terms of flavor and color. And I’m a sucker for cute packaging too :)

  141. Vanilla of course!!! Since everybody wants chocolate)))

  142. Chocolate! Those shirts are too cute!

  143. Chocolate all the way!

  144. The decision took some time, It’s both so pretty. Honestly, i’m a sucker for cute packaging too. haha. I’d like CHOCOLATE! :D though VANILLA wont be too bad either (: BUT CHOCOLATE! <3

  145. It would be awesome to have both, but I’ll go with Chocolate :D btw, the cupcakes look soooo delicious!


  147. Chocolate of course. Thanks for sharing.

  148. Chocolate yumminess!

  149. Vanilla! With all that naughty cupcake goodness, i need a bit of white purity!

  150. Chocolate!

  151. definitely, vanilla! the frosting looks incredibly amazing! :)

  152. Chocolate please:@)

  153. Vanilla love!! :)

  154. Tough call, but I think I’d go for the chocolate!

  155. Chocolate!!!!! xD

  156. Chocolate please! What a cute giveaway.

  157. I’m a chocolate girl. Mmm.

  158. Chocolate, please 8D Oh my, the boxes are made of win <3

  159. Chocolate….oh yeah, chocolate!

  160. I love everything chocolate, but the vanilla is so cute too!

  161. I usually LOVE chocolate, but that vanilla is irresistible! :) Both are great though!

  162. Vanilla!!

  163. Chocolate! Yummy! :)

  164. Chocolate please!!
    And I could use a couple of those cupcakes too!!

  165. I would choose the chocolate flavor! Chocolate is the BEST!

  166. i am am a sucker for both, but i would love the vanilla! :)

  167. Chocolate! I love chocolate! :D

  168. Chocolate! To wear on myself and on my tastebuds, too! :) Thank you for always sharing your loves, Bakerella.

  169. As a flavor – vanilla; But as a t-shirt – definitely chocolate.

    (I would look hideous in bright white/pale blue; but if I happen to be lucky winner #2, I do know someone who would be a happy and pretty vanilla)

  170. VANILLA!!!

  171. So hard to pick… Chocolate!!

  172. CHOCOLATE! !!!!!!

  173. chocolate for me please. I just wanna make some frosting now and lick the spoon :)

  174. Vanilla…. they are adorable. What an amazing packaging idea.

  175. Chocolate!

  176. Oh it has to be Vanilla! Vanilla, all day, all night!!!

  177. I want VANILLA!

  178. I’ll take the chocolate, please. Thank you!

  179. VANILLA !!!!! i love the shirts :D they are so awesome

  180. No chocolate for me, it has to be vanilla!

  181. I would really like the chocolate one. It isn’t sold here in the Netherlands so When I’m wearing the t-shirt I will be the only one here!

  182. Chocolate..please.

  183. Chocolate all the way!

  184. Chocolate…always chocolate!

  185. Those shirts are beyond clever and the packaging is perfect! I love the chocolate but the vanilla is a very close second.

    You have a wonderful eye for design!

    I hope I win one! Fingers crossed!

  186. Vanilla for me! Nom nom nom :)

  187. Chocolate, please :O)

  188. Ooooh, chocolate!!!

  189. chocolate :)

  190. Chocolate please.

  191. Chocolate, please! And thanks for the giveaway!

  192. Chocolate ^^

  193. CHOCOLATE!!!

  194. Vanilla! I love it! <3

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