Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate or Vanilla

Which would you choose?

Would it matter if I wasn’t talking about cupcakes that you eat?

What if it was something that you wear?

Johnny Cupcakes

Hmmm? I wonder what’s in there.

Well, I ordered something a few weeks ago from Johnny Cupcakes. They sell tons of cool shirts with their cupcake logo in all kinds of designs.

And this one is really cute. Like super cute. At least I think so.

As soon as I saw it, I had to place an order online.

Frosting Cans

And then these arrived a few days later. Magic.

They’re frosting label paint cans. But instead of paint or even frosting, they are filled with a fluffy t-shirt in chocolate or vanilla.

I’m a sucker for cute packaging and these are over the top.


The shirts are designed to look like the packaging label and would be adorable on.

That’s if you can bring yourself to open the can.

Me? I would have to sit mine on a shelf unopened with the shirt cuddled inside so I could look at it all the time. And especially after I found out these frosting can t-shirts were printed as a limited edition. When I bought them, I didn’t realize they only printed 200 of each. And, yes – they are sold out. All sizes. All colors. Gone. They had strawberry too, but those were scooped up first.

The good news is I have two of them. I was going to keep one. But since I’m only going to put it on a shelf and look at it. And since I don’t even have a bookshelf to put it on – I thought I would give them both away.

So which would you choose?

Chocolate Frosting Can


Vanilla Frosting Can

Or vanilla?

Frosting Cans

Enter for a chance to win
A Sold Out Limited Edition Johnny Cupcakes Frosting Label T-shirt

(in a super cute can – Size XL)

  • To enter, just let me know which flavor you’d like to have in the comments section here on the website. Easy.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, June 6th at 6 pm ET. SORRY, Time’s Up! Winners announced below.
  • Two winners will be chosen at random and announced on this post at the end of the week.
  • The first person chosen at random will win the shirt and can in the flavor of their choice and the second winner drawn will win the remaining flavor. And if we’re lucky they’ll be both person’s flavorite!

Good Luck!

Giveaway sponsored by me.

We have winners. And a lot of chocolate lovers. No surprise. I wish I had time to create a chart to show the comparison from all of the entries… that would be interesting. But luckily this little giveaway worked out great and for both winners.

The first winner is Charlton (comment #1927). Congrats! You’re getting the chocolate shirt.

And the second winner is Tami (comment # 301) Yay for you too! You’re getting the vanilla shirt.


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4,215 comments on “Chocolate or Vanilla?”

  1. I love them both!! But chocolate is my favorite.

  2. Chocolate for me please! So cute Bakerella!

  3. Generally prefer chocolate as a flavor but the vanilla shirt is too cool. Vanilla, please.

  4. Chocolate please!

  5. Chocolate!

    No, wait, vanilla!

    No, no… Chocolate!!

    Aaaahg, I’m going crazy here! Cuteness overload!

    I’ll pick chocolate because that t-shirt looks too yummy to ignore it ;)

  6. Chocolate!!!

  7. definitely the chocolate one! the packaging is so adorable!

  8. Ooh, I love me some chocolate!!!! These shirts are adorable!!!

  9. Chocolate. All day, everyday!

  10. Chocolate :)

  11. Vsnilla tshirt but would eat the choc cupcake!

  12. Chocolate of course!! :)

  13. I’m torn… I love vanilla but the chocolate shirt is super cute!
    Ok… chocolate it is!

  14. Vanilla for sure!!!

  15. Definitely, chocolate!!!

  16. they are both delicious but I still like the chocolate better

  17. Vanilla every time for me, even though I love chocolate – you can’t go wrong with vanilla :)

  18. I would pick the chocolate… cant go wrong with chocolate!

  19. Chocolate for me!

  20. I choose chocolate!

  21. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E…..but of course!

  22. Chocolate!! *keeps fingers crossed*

  23. Probably chocolate, cuz it reflects my personality: Girly Girl but One of The Boys. Also, both are delicious, but vanilla is super sweet and I am prone to getting tonsillitis. I get reviews the Johnny Cupcakes were good, hope I can taste them here at the Philippines!

  24. Those are the dream! Super cute! And I’m choosing Vanilla because of the adorable can!

  25. Chocolate, please!

  26. Chocolate please.
    Thank you

  27. CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate!

  28. I like the chocolate-shirt best, but of course I wouldn’t be unhappy with a vanilla-shirt, too. :)

  29. Vanilla, please! :)

  30. vanilla please :)

  31. easy choice… Chocolate! :)

  32. I think they’re both adorable. But i have to say i’m a chocolate kinda gal :)

  33. Chocolate.. always chocolate!!!

  34. Vanilla! wow these are amazingly cute!

  35. OMG they are so cute it’s too hard to choose!! But chocolate wins me over this time! Thanks :)

  36. These are too cute! Definitely would want chocolate.

  37. Chocolate!! How cute are those t-shirts! Love them

  38. Vanilla :)

  39. Omg, they are so cute! I want the Chocolate one!! ^^

  40. Vanilla :D x

  41. I swear by chocolate!
    (but both tshirts are equally cute!)
    Thanks for the chance.

  42. Chocolate!

  43. I want Vanilla

  44. The chocolate one looks pretty yummy!!

  45. Vanilla!! Yes!!!!!

  46. Chocolate, for sure!

  47. Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla….vanilla for life!!!

  48. VANILLA….I loce vanilla icing, and the classic vanilla cake/frosting combo is just so…heavenly. Worth every calorie and extra time on the treadmill-come to think of it, I’d look pretty cute on the treadmill with a cupcake shirt on! An onymoron perhaps?!

  49. vanilla, VaNiLlA, VANILLA!

  50. I’m a huge CHOCOLATE lover!

  51. Chocolate !!

  52. Chocolate most definitely!

  53. chocolate definitely!!

  54. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

  55. Chocolate! ;)

  56. I would choose vanilla! The tin is soo cute and I love vanilla cupcakes!

  57. CHOCOLATE!!! Please…

  58. My first pick would be vanilla – but I just love mixing them togeather as well

  59. Vanilla!!!

  60. I would love the chocolate it is sooo cute!! :D

  61. Chocolate!! Especially since I’m dairy-free and can’t really eat it anymore! XD

  62. hands down Chocolate!!!

  63. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! I prefer vanilla cupcake but I like the chocolate frosting / t-shirt.

    And … do not worry about my Indonesian address. If you choose me, I will provide a USA shipping address :))


  64. Wow!!! I LOVE them. I think I like the cans almost as much(!) if I had to chose I’ll go for chocolate – pleeeeeeese pick me!!!!!!!

  65. I love them BOTH!…but I think I’ll have to go with the vanilla tee on this one! Lovin’ the colors ;)

  66. vanilla!!

  67. chocolate of course!

  68. Chocolate everytime!! :-) x

  69. Usually can’t deny chocolate but I’m gonna have to go with VANILLA this time :D too adorable!

  70. Most definitely CHOCOLATE!


  72. Doth are to die for, but I do love my chocolate more :) Chocolate!!!!

  73. Chocolate!! These are super cute!

  74. I am in love with chocolate ????

  75. Chocolate!! These are so cute!

  76. Normally I would choose a vanilla cupcake, but I love the chocolate shirt! (plus I can’t be trusted in white :p)

  77. Usually cannot deny chocolate but I’m gonna have to go with VANILLA this time :D too adorable!

  78. Chocolate please!

  79. Chocolate :-)

  80. Chocolate chocolate chocolate! I couldn’t bear the irony of staining the perfect vanilla tee with chocolate frosting while devouring my favorite baked goods. :D

  81. VANILLA!! :)

  82. Chocolate for sure!! Shirt and flavor!

  83. Chocolate!

  84. It’s gotta be Chocolate :)

  85. Choc pleassssssssss……

  86. Chocolate icing and vanilla sponge. mmmmm….

  87. My whole family is chocoholics, they die for chocolate cupcakes, so would defiinitely go for the chocolate…
    But, if Vanilla is the only option then Vanilla it would have to be

  88. Chocolate for shuz. I want a chocolate cupcake now.

  89. Both of them are so cute <3
    But I guess I prefer chocolate :)

  90. Chocolate for me! So cute!

  91. Vanilla :-). I love this cute idea of a t-shirt. Unbelievable.

  92. I would love the Vanilla!

  93. I’m a vanilla gal all the way

  94. EITHER!! They are the CUTEST!!!

  95. Vanilla! I could eat it without cupcakes! yummmm! :)

  96. Vanilla! ALWAYS in the mood for vanilla!

  97. CHOCOLATE :) Nom nom **

  98. Vanilla…yes please! Om nom nom!! xx

  99. Chocolate! Both would be good but chocolate is a weakness of mine. At first when I saw the picture I fhougjt the paint cans were filled with frosting.and got super excited haha. But I love the shirts toolbox –

  100. CHOCOLATEEEE!! :)

  101. Chocolate! Love Johnny Cupcakes, I have 5 other shirts by him! I even got to meet him when he did his last suitcase tour. What a great guy!

  102. well chocolate of course. i <3 johnny cupcakes. they have the coolest designs

  103. Vanilla! Yummy:)

  104. Vanilla for me uhmmmm yummi!!!!

  105. Chocolate:)

  106. Vanilla! =)

  107. Chocolate please! But that’s for taste.

    The vanilla t-shirt looks awesome!


  108. Those are so cute! I generally go for darker colored clothing, but the white and blue look so good on the vanilla t-shirt. So, I choose vanilla! :)

  109. i <3 the vanilla tee!

  110. Choclate please :)

  111. Chocolate!

  112. c h o c o l a t e

  113. Chocolate all the way! Yumm

  114. Both are very cute but chocolate is always the best!

  115. Chocolate, but why chose, I’d take one of each!

  116. Chocolate, of course!!!!!

  117. Vanilla! Those shirts are so cute!

  118. Chocolate for sure!!!

  119. Vanilla!

  120. Chocolate…yum!

  121. Make mine Chocolate!!

  122. Chocolate! (“,)

  123. Chocolate….like my wedding cake

  124. I would LOVE the vanilla one, way adorable!!

  125. Vanilla now I want cupcakes!

  126. Chocolate!!!

  127. Vanilla :D

  128. I looooove Vanilla!!!

  129. Chocolate for sure! Super cute shirts, and even cuter packaging!

  130. Definitely CHOCOLATE! :)

  131. Chocolate. Cuz who doesn’t love chocolate?

  132. hmmm vanilla definitely !! The most difficult will be to chose : either keep the can or the t shirt, i think i will have to fight with my daughter !!

  133. Yumm yumm.. J’adore chocolate. The cupcakes look so amazingly good.

  134. Vanilla please!! :)

  135. I would have to go with chocolate :)

  136. Vanilla!!!

  137. Vanilla would be perfect for the summer!

  138. Definitely, chocolate! Super cute.

  139. Chocolate for sure!!! Can’t go wrong with chocolate, whether eating it or wearing it!!!

  140. Baaaniilllaaaa!!!

  141. On cupcakes, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! and on the shirt too, hahaha. I looooove vanilla ice cream though, but bittersweet chocolate icecream beats it big time. But I guess a bit of both wouldn’t hurt!

  142. Baaanillaaaaa!!!

  143. Chocolate! And holy mother of whoa the packaging is awesome!

  144. Chocolate, now must have cupcake.

  145. Chocolate for the win!

  146. Definitely chocolate! No matter what the question is, the answer is always chocolate

  147. Chocolate please!

  148. Chocolate for me!!!

  149. I would choose chocolate for sure!

  150. I love me some vanilla…yummy fluffy vanilla!

  151. Yum…..chocolate !

  152. chocolate! hungry now! :)

  153. Chocolate!

  154. Ohh tough making a choice…But chocolate :)

  155. Chocolate Always!

  156. Chocolate please! these are sooo cool!! :D

  157. Totally the Vanilla!!

  158. Vanilla all the way! :)

  159. Oh chocolate always

  160. The chocolate looks awesome, but I would be happy with either! Good luck everyone!

  161. I completely agree with Snoopy! Even though I prefer vanilla to chocolate, white shirts are very tricky to keep stain-free. But, unlike Snoopy, I’m choosing the vanilla. I would have to be very careful with it’s delicate color scheme though…

  162. Chocolate! or Vanilla! or Chocolate or Vanilla! LOL!

  163. chocolate chocolate chocolate!

  164. Chocolate would be the best!!

  165. chocolate! hmmm yummmy!

  166. Vanilla :))

  167. Chocolate!! Yummy. :)

  168. Absolutely chocolate!

  169. CHOCOLATE <3

  170. Chocolate all the way! :)

  171. Ooo I would love the vanilla! Such cute t-shirts!

  172. Chocolate , definitely chocolate *-* !!!!

  173. So hard to choose…but it has to be chocolate!

  174. VANILLA all the way!! :)

  175. CHOCOLATE all the way!

  176. I admire great looking packaging along with the product itself. Johnny has always gone above and beyond with his brand. These special frosting cans definitely is one of the best branding/marketing strategies I have ever seen. I love both flavors, but chocolate would have to be my choice. I appreciate the opportunity. This is very neat. Hopefully, the odds are ever in my favor! (:

  177. Vanilla…so cute :)

  178. Chocolate!! This is the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen

  179. i would love either one. But the blue on the vanilla is awfully cute, so that is my choice :-)

  180. Vanilla! Nummy AND cute!

  181. Chocolate for me, thanks!
    I love your site Bakerella! Thank you for all of the great baking tips!

  182. Chocolate!

  183. As much as I’m a chocoholic, I’m going to have to say vanilla.

  184. The answer for anything and everything is CHOCOLATE. What can I say? I am female after all ;) There are super cute! (Even the vanilla :) )

  185. I always go for the chocolate! After the chocolate I am so happy, I’ll go for the vanilla!

  186. I LOVE vanilla!!! Your picture make me wanna lick my screen lol >___<

  187. Chocolate chocolate chocolate…

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