Christmas Letter Cookies – Four Ways

Oh What Fun Sugar Cookies
Oh what fun is right! I made sweet sayings for the holidays using the cutest alphabet cookie cutters and just three royal icing colors to decorate chocolate sugar cookies four different ways.

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutters

The cutters are from my friend Sweet Sugarbelle’s product line and I love all the lowercase letterforms.

Lowercase Letter Cookie Cutters

They make an adorable alphabet.

Letter Cookie Cutters

The sugar cookie and royal icing recipe I used is right over here. But, I made the cookies chocolate to accentuate the first design that’s below. Just substitute a 1/c cup of flour for 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa in the linked recipe.

What Fun

Oh What Fun It Is

To decorate these cookies, pipe white royal icing to outline the shapes of the letters and then pipe drips on the tops of the letters. Fill in the dripping area using a more fluid/flood consistency of the royal icing.

To make the cookies look like they have a light dusting of snow on them, I used a cheesecloth filled with a small amount of this non-melting sugar and shook it over the cookies. This gave me more control on the amount and evenness of the sugar that covered the cookies. Once the tops were dry I also added a few dots of royal icing on each letter.

Oh yeah, the holly. I made red and green royal icing decorations to attach to the cookies. Pipe green holly leaves on wax paper and when somewhat dry, pipe berries on top. Let these dry overnight before removing them from the wax paper so they don’t break. And if you save a little royal icing in an airtight container, you can use it to glue the holly to the cookies.

Fun Cookies

Fun fun!

Holly Jolly Sugar Cookies

These jolly cookies were inspired by Christmas tree branches. I used a stiffer piping consistency of royal icing for the branches and tinted it green. The bows were piped on wax paper (like the holly decorations above) and attached to the cookies the next day once the bows were completely dry.

Holly and Jolly

To pipe the branches, layer lines of thicker consistency royal icing all around the cookies. Let layers dry a little before adding the next helps the icing not blend together into a blob.

Dust the tops of the cookies with non-melting sugar wrapped in a cheesecloth like the “oh what fun” cookies above and then attach white sugar pearls to decorate.

Oh Joy Sugar Cookies

For the this easy design, I just used alternating white and red royal icing to look like candy canes and then dotted the J with a peppermint candy.

Making Candy Cane Cookies

Before decorating, you can use a black edible ink pen and an offset spatula as a guide to draw evenly spaced stripes on top of the cookies. Outline the cookies in red royal icing and then pipe the diagonal lines. Fill with red flood consistency icing first and then fill in the alternating areas with white.

Let it Snow Sugar Cookies

Sweater Letters! These cold weather cookies look cute and cozy.

Make sweater cookies

Pipe and fill the cookies with white royal icing and let them dry completely. Once dry, pipe parallel lines, criss crosses, dots and loops on top to imitate the look of a big bulky sweater.

Let It Snow

That’s it! Four fun ways to decorate letter cookies with just a few colors.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I always enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I absolutely adore these. Thank you. 

  3. You never cease to charm us with your talent and whimsy, Bakerella!  Merry Christmas!

  4. What great ideas for Christmas cookies, and the cookies all came out beautifully. Can’t wait to try a couple of these. Thank you!

  5. I am in awe!! These beautiful cookies are just breathtaking!! You are so creative and your work is just amazing…thank you so much for sharing these….These would be so fun just not at the holiday’s but for a birthday or a special event…sooooo cute!!!!!

  6. I absolutely love these. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and expertise.

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  9. They’re so cute and pretty!

  10. I love your designs and I love how patiently you make them perfect.   You and your talents are a gift to us.   It does my heart good to see someone put their ALL into their work.   You deserve an Oscar for all you do.   Loving everything you create.   Merry Christmas!

  11. These cookies are adorable! So fun and creative! Thank you for sharing :)

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  13. Merry Christmas Angie! Once again I have to say, YOU ARE AMAZING! I would be able to come up with one idea, but you rock it with 4 and I’m sure you had a dozen more floating around inside that creative brain of yours! Thank you for sharing such creativity!

  14. This is all so cute ! I always love the sweet ideas you come up with !

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  16. These cookies are so cute and creative! Merry Christmas ?

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