Cute as a button

Candy Buttons

No, I haven’t taken up sewing. (Not yet anyway.) These adorable little buttons are all candy.

And, umm… they are like handmade.

Not by me, but remember my crazy talented, cupcake fanatic friend, Julie?

She made them for a friend’s baby shower using a fab tutorial from Bake it Pretty.

Candy Button Display

They are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Candy Buttons

The tutorial even includes a pdf for the labels so you can print them out at home and make your own packaging.

Julie made yellow, pink, green, orange and blue buttons with colored candy melts.

Just melt the candy and pour into a button mold. Let them dry and pop them right out.

Place them in small plastic bags and attach the labels. Just fold them in half and staple them together.

Candy Button Display

Or, if you’re crazy like Julie, then you make the labels work with your own wooden custom candy button display that your awesomely talented husband built for you.

Yeah, I’m sucking up in case he reads this and wants to make one for me, too.

So, instead of folding the labels in half, you can fold them in thirds. Two-thirds in front and one-third in the back so you have enough room to use a hole punch on the labels without messing up the graphics. And then just use a little double-sided tape to attach the labels to the bags.

Candy Buttons

Easy and like I said… cute as a button.

Onesie Cookies

Julie also made these onesie sugar cookies for the shower. I’m gonna work on her to get this recipe because they were really good.

Okay, back to buttons…
Here is the Candy Button Tutorial from

Check out the site when you have some time. Cute stuff for baking AND for decorating!

Guess what else…?
The guys that run the site gave me a gift voucher code to shop at their store last year. I forgot I had it until Julie showed me these buttons and I remembered the email they sent me. I decided that since I had not used it yet, I wanted to give it away to one of you guys. Hopefully it still works. And if not, I’ll buy a new one for you. K?


Enter to win a $100 Gift Voucher to

Leave a comment on this post and let me know what you enjoy more…

Baking sweets or making them look pretty?

Deadline to enter is Monday, February 1st at 6:00 PM ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner Announced Below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

And the winner is… comment #1326.

That’s you, chakins! I’m glad you love to bake. Now, get shopping and start decorating.


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4,124 comments on “Cute as a button”

  1. I like to enjoy the talent of people who can do both, like you and your friend Julie. I wish my cake pops looked as cute as yours, for example, but it’s been fun trying. Congrats on the blog awards!!!

  2. I like making them look pretty but I’m not very good at it… but baking is also half the fun!

  3. I can’t just pick one, it has to look good but taste amazing too!! You have to have your cake and eat it too!

  4. Hmm…I am not a good decorator at all but I love packaging my goodies up to detract from that!!

  5. ooh that one is hard, I would like to enter a third option, taste testing as you work ; ) but if that’s not allowed I enjoy the gussying up of things!

  6. Great minds think alike! I just got my button mold in the mail last week and rushed to make these same little treat bags. They’re super cute!

    I’m all for making things pretty! With so many decorating options out there, it’s always fun to add the extra oomph!

  7. Wow, them everything! My kids would love baking with these fun items

  8. It’s always so much more fun to make my sweets look pretty; then I have a brand new, cute subject to photograph!

  9. I LOVE making them look pretty. Years ago i made some balloon cakes for my mom’s birthday and my bro.-in-law didn’t believe that they did not come from a bakery. There’s just something about making it yourself and thinking ..Wow! I did THAT? But your expertise and creativity is really AMAZING! I told my baby sister about your site and she really loves it! I just stumbled upon it myself right before Christmas and check it @ least once a day for new posts! Thank-you for all the fun and adorable ideas :)

  10. Definitely making them pretty!! I love decorating cakes and cupcakes. :)

  11. I’m definitely better at baking them but I want to get better at making them pretty!

  12. Oooooh I don’t think I can choose. I pick both!

  13. Definitely baking. I don’t have much patience to make them pretty..cause I always pick at the goodies the moment they’re out of the oven..

  14. Oh, how does one choose!?!
    I absolutely LOVE baking but the joy of making those delicious baked goods cute makes it even more enjoyable….how about EATING the baked goods….I think that is my favorite!

  15. If I had to choose, I’d say I “pretty” but truth be told I most love the eating part!

  16. is eatting sweets an option? Out of the two, I would say I enjoy making sweets. I’m not that good at making them pretty but they always taste good.

  17. I have always been more into baking, but recently I started getting into making everything look super cute too. I have a great friend who I love to bake with. She always finds cool ways to decorate :)

  18. Definitely baking. I don’t have any decorating skills but reading some of the decorating blogs is a great source of ideas.

  19. Can I like both? I like baking and then having the reward of making whatever I baked look pretty!

  20. I always know how I want them to look, and they never look that way, so I’m really glad I can make them taste good!!
    Baking them!

  21. I love both! The actual baking is tons of fun, but Im never fully satisfied until my project is properly decorated and displayed! Baking for me is a two part project :)

  22. Definitely making them look pretty, especially if it’s a gift for someone I love!

  23. oh, gosh. i think i like making them pretty, but there is something to be said for making something completely delicious!

  24. My answer would be a combination of both. I do like things to look pretty but generally not if it is going to take all day to do it. I just don’t have the time to commit. They are awfully tasty though

  25. Baked goods MUST taste wonderful. That’s goal number one– but I still try to make them look super cute too :) Bake It Pretty’s Ultimate Cupcake Kit makes that REALLY easy. Highly recommended. The huge icing tips are awesome.

  26. If what I make is cute but doesn’t taste good then of course I won’t give it out. So the baking is definitely the most important thing. But I do love hearing people “ooh” and “aah” over how it looks after I decorate it!

  27. Personally, I like the baking part better. While I love making things look pretty, they never look quite as cute as I hope they will in my head. Plus, I love snacking on the dough. :)

  28. Both! Love to bake and if I am taking it somewhere special, making it pretty!

  29. Baking…. but I especially like it when I bake something pretty

  30. I’m better at making things taste good than making them pretty. So definitely baking sweets!

  31. That’s a tough question….but I would have to say I like making them pretty. I’m a perfectionist!

  32. Confession: I really really really really really dislike the baking part. I KNOW! I’ll probably regret telling you that shortly. HOWEVER, I live to make my baked goods pretty!!! And even though, I don’t enjoy the measuring and mixing and waiting (it bores me), I bake all the time so I can have a little treat and give the rest away. Nothing compares to the smiles that the pretty AND the yummy give to people!

  33. Baking things!!

  34. making it pretty, it teaches me patience and reward for looking so nice :)

  35. Without a doubt, I love making them look pretty. I get that puffed up bit of pride when someone asks me where I bought one of my creations and they can’t believe it when I say I made it. Pushes me to get even more creative the next time :)

  36. Even if it’s not pretty it can still be tasty, so I’m definitely in the Baking camp. Those are just too cute though!

  37. I vote baking sweets more. I like to make them pretty but after a few of them I just want to eat whatever I was making. (It’s the worst with cupcakes they never all make it to being pretty)

  38. I love baking more! Thanks for doing this, I love your blog! :)

  39. I have to make them look pretty. I will work and work until they are perfect in my eyes..

  40. I love baking sweets. I like trying to make them look pretty but am not that successful at it.

  41. Hmmmm….this is a hard one…I love making them look pretty but they gotta taste good as they look! My son tells me to hurry up so he can eat it! =)

  42. I definitely like baking goodies more; I think taste is more important than presentation. However, for special occasions, decorating is just as important!

  43. I like baking best. With two young helpers it’s hard to make it look pretty before they are teting it.

  44. I definitely love to make them look pretty, but I’m a perfectionist and never have the patience to do them. I’d rather focus on making them yummy. :)

  45. making them look pretty! :) Although baking is the best part!

  46. For a long time I simply enjoyed baking them, but recently I have taken more care with making them look pretty. This site has been a great inspiration!!

  47. Oh my gosh, I LOVE BAKE IT PRETTY! I go to the site all the time, drooling. I’ve only been able order once though, so this would be AWESOME!

    to answer the question, I think I like a mix of both, equally. There is a time and a place for the pretty…I find I get frustrated trying to make things pretty, but I do enjoy it (I just bought Cookie Craft, so hopefully the pretty will come easier soon…)

  48. Making them look great is my favorite! But I appreciate the baking process!

  49. I love baking things that taste good, and that make people happy. The way to anyones heart (who isn’t obsessed with calorie-counting) is through good food. It just adds to it if I can have more fun and make it look as pretty as it tastes :)

  50. decorating! and of course eating!

  51. Baking…but I do aspire to be good at making them pretty one day.

  52. I’d rather bake. I’m too impatient to make them all pretty!

  53. Baking is fun But you’ve got to LOVE making them look pretty. THAT’S THE BEST PART! I wish I could find someone to do my baking then I’d only have to decorated.
    Love your site, Keep up the good work!!

  54. I love to make things look pretty. With a two-year-old running around it makes the taske hard! The buttons are pretty cute.

  55. I love baking! I wish I could always make it look pretty, but I do not have very steady hands or the patience. Sometimes, I just want to dig in!

  56. Baking the sweets is my favorite part…but I enjoy doing what little I can to make them look pretty too!

  57. I would have to say baking. There’s nothing like having someone rant and rave about how delicious your food is. The other day my friend was having a bad day until I gave her a cupcake. It was pretty magical how excited and happy it made her.

  58. Very cute! I love baking them more… mostly because that gives me bowls and beaters to lick… but I sure love making everyone ohh and ahh over them too.

  59. For sure my favorite is making them pretty. I will sacrifice sleep to stay up and decorate cookies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. I love to make baked goods look pretty, but have a hard time doing so. Luckily, most of them turn out delicious, regardless of their appearance.

  61. I like making them look pretty. I like when people don’t want to eat them because they like them so much!

  62. I love making them pretty the most!

  63. I love baking them because my kids love to help me. I love to make things look pretty but I am not very talented at it so the result is usually pretty laughable ;)

  64. I like baking sweets more, I haven’t ventured into decorating them yet lol

  65. I love baking first and foremost. I find it really relaxing and a good creative release. I try to make my baking look pretty but it doesn’t always work out! I take a lot of inspiration from the internet (including your page!)

  66. Making them look pretty! I love being creative. The best part of decorating the baked goods is having fun with it — creating all kinds of cute animals & what not. Haha, don’t forget the photography that comes after!

  67. I like to bake them since im not good at making them pretty

  68. I love baking…but definitely love making things pretty better! Few things are more fun than getting creative with frosting and sprinkles!

  69. Oooo…that’s a tough one. I enjoy baking but I must say I LOVE to decorate my sweet treats! Whether it be cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, I love making them look as amazing as they taste!

  70. I like baking sweets, but trying to get a little better at making them look pretty too!

  71. hmmm, I love to bake them, but I think I have a little more fun making them pretty – so many possibilities! :)

  72. Love, love, love the buttons. And definitely making treats look pretty. I don’t really love sweets, so for me, its all about the decoration :)

  73. Love baking new sweets with my little bakers (5 & 2)! And thank goodness at their age – everything looks pretty!

  74. For cookies, I would say both since I can make those from scratch and they actually taste good. For cakes, I would say making them look pretty since I usually bake out of a box. My last attempt to make a cake from scratch resulted in a super dense yucky tasting sponge. Mmmmm! :(

  75. I am aspiring to be a better decorator….. and am getting great inspiration from your blog and others, but currently enjoy baking (and eating!!) delicious treats! This gift voucher would really help my aspirations. :)

  76. Hard to make a decision between baking and making them look pretty but if I had to go with ONE I’d say I like them to look pretty! It’s much more enjoyable to eat something that looks totally fabulous too!

  77. I like baking! But decorating is so fun too!!

  78. Most of the time I just have enough time to make something, but when time allows I have fun making it pretty.

  79. I like baking, but I LOVE making them look pretty! :)

  80. OOOOH I LOVE Bake it Pretty! I’m probably more about the baking than the making them pretty, but that’s only because I’m not so good at it. I would be though if I had the supplies! ;-)

  81. These are so adorable! I have three baby showers coming up, how perfect!!

  82. I don’t know they are both pretty high on my list. I love baking, but I love it when they turn out looking pretty.

  83. I like baking more, but have been practicing my skills in making what I bake look prettier as well–thanks to you and all of your super skilled readers who share pictures!

  84. Definitely baking the sweets. I always rush to try to make them pretty when I rather just eat the yumminess!

  85. Baking them. Because even if they aren’t pretty they can still taste delish!

  86. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I checked out bake it pretty and I’m going to shop there even if I don’t get win! My daughter loves to make sweets for her friends at school and the molds they have are awesome!

  87. Definitely baking — I love the feeling I get when I put a pan of something yummy into the oven.

  88. i love baking them…and eating them too! I’m not patient or talented enough to make them look pretty.

  89. I love baking sweets and giving them to friends, or just to make them in general. I love how I can brighten someones day just by giving them a lil something sweet :)

  90. I always enjoy baking. If I have the patience and the time, I love making them look pretty (not always the case, but I do make bang-up birthday cakes for my boys most years!)

  91. As much as I’d love to say its making them look pretty. I’m really no good at that. I plan on taking a cake decorating class in the future and hopefully that will help me. So I say… making it. Plus with a house full of boys, they dont look at it, they eat it, quickly!

  92. What?!?! How can you decide. You should always do both. :)

  93. I love the decorating. (My husband likes to taste test everything.) I love looking at things you have made too- my cake bites are not always very pretty- but it is amazing what some sparkly sprinkles can do!

  94. Making them look pretty of course! I’m not the best baker but i know how to apply sprinkles like a champ!

  95. i dont know which one i love more… i love the smell of when your baking something sweet but i absolutely enjoy being creative with be decorating… making sure that when people see them they look as appetizing as how they taste

  96. I love to make things look pretty!

  97. Baking them!

  98. I admire people who make their treats pretty, but I’m pretty content as long as they taste good! Just tried Smitten Kitchen’s Best Cocoa Brownies today and was thrilled with the result!

  99. I enjoy making sweets look pretty. But what about the “eating them no matter what” option? :)

  100. I love Bake It Pretty! They have such cute stuff!
    I like to bake but I put way more effort into making it look pretty. I’m not very good at it yet but I sure try!

  101. That’s hard. I like eating them the best. Second would be baking them I think, because my treats are tasty, but I haven’t mastered the pretty yet. :)

  102. SO cute! I love making them look pretty the best, of course! :D

  103. Baking! No matter how often I bake it still makes me smile to see that moment when my bowl goes from full of ingredients to batter. My husband always makes fun of me.

  104. I’m definitely all about baking rather than the pretty. My cookies might be misshapen and lumpy, but they taste amazing!

  105. I definitely like making them look pretty. I think people appreciate the special touches that make them look nice, plus, I have to admit, I like the attention I get when people oooh and aaah over how everything turned out. :-D Thanks for this contest!

  106. I love pretty sweets, but I don’t have the patience for it. So I prefer the baking. I sure could use some practice making pretty – so I’d love to win!

  107. i love making it pretty and then eating them of course!

  108. What about c.) eating the sweets? That’s my favorite thing to do!

  109. It’s so hard to choose between baking and beauty.. I love the baking part, but I’m such a perfectionist! Everything has to be pretty!

  110. These are soo cute…she is so talented! I would love to do a little shopping with that voucher!

  111. i love the baking part! i haven’t had to much luck with making them pretty so I try to stick to the basics. hopefully one day i’ll be able to make them pretty too!

  112. This is an amazing giveaway! I’ve been cooking and baking more and more and your blog is invaluable to me

  113. I always WANT to make things look pretty, but it never really works out that way, so I spend more time making it edible… ;)

  114. hooooo these are the cutest things ever :)

  115. I love baking sweets! Even if they don’t look so pretty they are still yummy to eat!


  116. I love to make things look pretty. They taste better that way. : )

  117. Making them. Decorating is so much more work. But I am usually happy with the finished prodcut.

  118. I’m a make ’em pretty gal for sure! I rush through the baking and get to the decorating part! :)

  119. I definitely like to make the things I have baked pretty! The details- that’s my favorite part.

  120. I vote for make it pretty!
    Most people can bake, it takes real talent to bake something great and make it look too pretty to eat :)

  121. Where’s the fun in baking if you don’t end up with an adorable creation? I have a huge sweet tooth, but dessert tastes a thousand times better if it’s pretty to boot!

  122. i love to make my sweets look pretty, much prefer it to the baking. also? i adore this store — they have amazing customer service and such an amazing selection! really, really hoping i win this! thanks!

  123. Making them look pretty for sure!

  124. I LOVE the baking part…. The pretty part would be fun if I had anything close to a steady hand. :)

  125. i love trying to make them pretty…but still learning :)

  126. do i have to choose??? I like doing both!

    I love to make them look pretty tho. :D

  127. Baking sweets&treats for people I love. Nothing gets better than that(: Seeing the happy faces after eating the treats and getting asked ‘can I have another’ is one of the best feelings.

  128. Definitely making them look pretty. I’m not good at it, but I’m learning!

  129. Making them look pretty! No one understands it, but I don’t mind.. as long as they make people smile :)

  130. I cannot make things look appealing at all. I always make casseroles for potlucks since it doesn’t matter what a casserole looks like lol. I do love baking sweets though.

  131. I love the baking most. I wouldn’t mind the decorating if I didn’t make such a mess!!!

  132. What? EATING sweets isn’t an optional answer? I definitely like baking them more, but I like presentation as well. You eat with your eyes first! But I tend to go for the gourmet messy look….like a warm brownie with caramel and ice cream melting all over. Golly, I have to go get one right now!

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks, Bakerella!

  133. I definitely enjoy the baking over the decorating…but that’s because I’m more experienced (and thus faster, more efficient) on that side of things. I think decorated sweets are the best of both worlds, though!

  134. I like to do both, but eating them is my favorite part! =)

  135. I DO love my sweets to look pretty- but I love baking and eating them more!!! I love having other people make my desserts look pretty, though!!

  136. I love making sweets, but also making them look adorable!!! It just makes it more fun!!

  137. This is a tough call! I love to bake and make things look pretty. Of course, if they don’t come out as pretty as hoped, as long as the baking is good, you can “get rid” of the evidence yourself :)

  138. I had to really think about this one….. I love making sweets look pretty, but lots of people do that. I think it’s equally important that they TASTE good! So, I’ll have to say I enjoy baking sweets a little more than decorating them.

  139. Definitely the baking. I try to make them look pretty, but I’m not so good at it!

  140. I LOVE making them look pretty and cute and fun and festive!!

  141. I love baking more than decoration, only cuz my creative side shrinks when it thinks about decorating!

  142. I love both!! But I think making them look pretty is first on the list. :o)

  143. Baking them!!! If they dont taste good it doesn’t really matter how they look!! The whole point it to EAT them!!! :-)

  144. Baking, definitely. I desperately want my desserts to look pretty, but somehow, it never turns out quite like I hope. I’ll keep trying though! :)

  145. The designer in me likes things to look pretty but taste overcomes all…baking!

  146. I’m all about Making sweets. I get very fustrated when I try to make them look pretty and they are anything but that.

  147. I prefer baking them! I’ve made plenty of things that look ridiculous, but taste delicious…like when I tried that macaron recipe from last weeks post, haha

  148. aah i have been wanting so much from bake it pretty! definitely decorating.

  149. The buttons are soooo cute!

  150. Making it look pretty!!!

  151. that’s a very tough question… I love to bake sweets, but learning to make them cute and pretty is very fun too! but, to choose one, I’d have to say making them look pretty and cute! the possibilities are endless!

  152. I love decorating because that is when it really gets personal and creative for me.

  153. I definitely love baking more than decorating. I don’t currently have the time, patience, or steady hand to make things look all pretty. But how I wish I did!

  154. I love baking sweets! I’m not that great at making them pretty, but I love baking them! :)

  155. I’m all about Making sweets. I get very fustrated when I try to make them look pretty and they are anything but that.

  156. Who cares if they are pretty… most of them end up in my belly anyway!

  157. Making Them Look Prettyyyy O:)

  158. Ooo, I love making them look pretty! I’m a perfectionist though, so sometimes it ends up being to my detriment… :) Still I love it! And as a side note, I am new to your site, and wow, am I in love!! I absolutely love what you do, thanks for sharing!!

  159. both! But if the baking is bad it’s not going to matter how cute or artistic they are.

  160. Oooh, those buttons are adorable! I might have to give ’em a try one of these days.

    Hmmm, I’d say baking, but that part is kind of boring. So, I’m going with making them pretty. Decorating is one of my favorite things about the baking process.

  161. I love baking sweets, and usually do not take the time to make things look pretty. The buttons are just adorable!

  162. I enjoy making them look pretty. My personal goal for 2010 is to make sugar cookies look great. There are my personal favorite. But they are soooo time consuming!!!! And I never get the amount of icing correct. I need to practice, practice, practice! Love the onesie cookies!

  163. Both!

  164. Although I like to make them look so pretty, I am just not good so i guess i just have to love the baking part of it and eating them :)

  165. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! I am taking my first cake decorating class on Tuesday and can’t wait to make lots of pretty little edible things :)

  166. Making them look pretty!!!!! It’s all about the “packaging!”

  167. I love making baked things pretty, just wish my skills were a little better!

  168. I’d definitely say “making them pretty”. Those are awesome!

  169. These are the cutest things ever!

  170. I like making them pretty. Presentation is key!!

  171. Making them look pretty! But i’m horrible at doing that, so I enjoy baking. =] =]

  172. Both! But I suppose if I had to pick, then making them look pretty. I genuinely believe that no matter how tasty a baked good is, if it looks prettier, it’ll taste prettier (psychological mind games).

  173. those are so cute! i like baking more than making them pretty because it’s no good if they look pretty and don’t taste good!

  174. I like making them look pretty. Baking is technical and creating is natural for me.

  175. Those are so pretty but I enjoy baking more.

  176. Definitely baking them tasty! I think that baked goods look pretty all on their own. Just imagine a big plate of chocolate chip cookies! MMM

  177. Probably making them look pretty. I loooooooooove SUPER cute things that are edible, too!

  178. Making them look pretty. Although they don’t always turn out the way I’d like.

  179. I like baking the sweets more. Because even if you have a deformed cookie or cupcake in your batch, it probably still tastes delish, and it’s one more reason to try a sample of your work. :)

  180. Baking… I’m getting better at the making it pretty part though.

  181. I love baking, but the end result of making them look pretty is what I really love!! It’s so much fun!

  182. Umm…those are sew cute!!

    I like to bake way better than cook, and I like to make things look pretty, but rarely do. So we’ll stick with baking.

    Love you Bakerella – you rock!

  183. Baking them!! I’m better at that part than the making them look pretty part!!

  184. I love making sweets look cute or pretty! Something that looks great always tastes great!

  185. I’m all about making them look pretty! To me presentation is key :) if it looks amazing, it must taste amazing right?
    I adore your blog! You have such great recipes and creative ideas!

  186. Definitely making them look pretty. I’ve been known to buy a cake from Costco, scrape off the frosting, then redecorate it to my liking. (The last one I cut into a fish-shaped cake with necco candies for scales.)

  187. If I knew how to make sweets look pretty than I probably would like that more but I love to bake sweets! The mixing, the tasting, the smell that overcomes the house… I might have to go bake right now. ;)

  188. Making them look pretty… sometimes they look better than they taste when I bake. Is that bad? yikes..

  189. I love baking them! I wish I were better at making them pretty, but I’m just not creative. I need lots of help!!!

  190. Both! I love to bake yummy stuff AND I’m all about pretty presentation.

  191. That is a tough choice! I do enjoy making them look pretty, but I usually don’t have the patience. Everything ends up getting eaten before I can finish! :)

  192. I love making them look pretty, although some things come out of the oven looking divine;) It is great when people don’t believe that you made it.

  193. I’d love to say that I prefer making sweets look pretty; however, I have notoriously little patience in the kitchen–it’s all I can do just to wait long enough until dessert is ready to be eaten! I get my fill of looking at “pretties” by visiting your site. :)

  194. this is adorable! i’m going to try this out for the next baby shower i go to!

  195. I love baking sweets! Even if they don’t look too pretty, at least people can be surprised by the amazing taste :)

  196. Lately I’ve had so much fun making treats look pretty and I definitely spend more time thinking about presentation…I love to mix cooking and creativity!! :)

  197. Oooh!! What a terribly cute idea! I would love to shop around with your gift voucher!!

  198. Oh, baking them, then consuming in divine quantities. Though, dear Bakerella, if I could make them look so pretty as you do, I might just be more of a decorator!

    Happy Baking, Decorating, and Devouring!

  199. I love baking sweets because I am no good at making them look pretty at all!

  200. I love making sweets look pretty. It always feels good when you give them to a friend or special someone and see their face lite up!

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