Cute as a button

Candy Buttons

No, I haven’t taken up sewing. (Not yet anyway.) These adorable little buttons are all candy.

And, umm… they are like handmade.

Not by me, but remember my crazy talented, cupcake fanatic friend, Julie?

She made them for a friend’s baby shower using a fab tutorial from Bake it Pretty.

Candy Button Display

They are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Candy Buttons

The tutorial even includes a pdf for the labels so you can print them out at home and make your own packaging.

Julie made yellow, pink, green, orange and blue buttons with colored candy melts.

Just melt the candy and pour into a button mold. Let them dry and pop them right out.

Place them in small plastic bags and attach the labels. Just fold them in half and staple them together.

Candy Button Display

Or, if you’re crazy like Julie, then you make the labels work with your own wooden custom candy button display that your awesomely talented husband built for you.

Yeah, I’m sucking up in case he reads this and wants to make one for me, too.

So, instead of folding the labels in half, you can fold them in thirds. Two-thirds in front and one-third in the back so you have enough room to use a hole punch on the labels without messing up the graphics. And then just use a little double-sided tape to attach the labels to the bags.

Candy Buttons

Easy and like I said… cute as a button.

Onesie Cookies

Julie also made these onesie sugar cookies for the shower. I’m gonna work on her to get this recipe because they were really good.

Okay, back to buttons…
Here is the Candy Button Tutorial from

Check out the site when you have some time. Cute stuff for baking AND for decorating!

Guess what else…?
The guys that run the site gave me a gift voucher code to shop at their store last year. I forgot I had it until Julie showed me these buttons and I remembered the email they sent me. I decided that since I had not used it yet, I wanted to give it away to one of you guys. Hopefully it still works. And if not, I’ll buy a new one for you. K?


Enter to win a $100 Gift Voucher to

Leave a comment on this post and let me know what you enjoy more…

Baking sweets or making them look pretty?

Deadline to enter is Monday, February 1st at 6:00 PM ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner Announced Below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

And the winner is… comment #1326.

That’s you, chakins! I’m glad you love to bake. Now, get shopping and start decorating.


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4,124 comments on “Cute as a button”

  1. I love both, but it is much more fun to share treats when I spend the time to make them pretty!

  2. These are just too cute!!! Love your site by the way… you are amazingly talented and patient!!!! :)

  3. I’m all about making them look pretty! Of course, sometimes I think that makes them taste better, too.

  4. I love being creative and making sweets look pretty. =)

  5. I love baking and making them look pretty. That is the best part, making them look so cute that no one wants to eat them, but they will anyway.

  6. I think some of the best desserts are the most hideous, but delicious. But for holidays and birthdays, I like making froufrou, pretty cupcakes and cookies and macarons and whatnot. It does make things feel more special!

  7. Oh goodness, these remind me of button sugar cookies I made last week…so kawaii! But I definitely love baking sweets over making them cute :D

  8. baking for sure although making things look cute is up there as well. is this a trick question? lol i cant decide

  9. Baking them usually because I’m not very good at making things pretty :P

  10. I enjoy making them look pretty! I’m hoping they already taste good but it’s kind of like curb appeal. Something’s gotta look good before most folks will try it! Thanks for the opportunity to win something amazing!

  11. Making them pretty! But baking is also pretty awesome… And eating is even better!

  12. I like to bake the sweets, I try to make them pretty but mostly my kids don’t care if they are perfect and want to devour them before I can do it right.

  13. hmmm…thats a toughy. I love to do both, but i think i love the look on the faces of people who get to enjoy them the most!

  14. I like to look at them, eat them and read about them:)

  15. Definitely baking… Specifically baking it pretty so it requires no decoration!

  16. i like making them look pretty :) but if i had to choose, I’d definitely say eating them! :D

  17. Oh Bakerella ur so sweet and kind…always….i love baking as muc as dressin em up to make ’em real pretty…….

  18. The creativity blows me away! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and inspiration!

  19. Definately making them look pretty….oh, and then eating them :)

  20. Although I’m a Grandma that loves to bake delicious treats for her kids, I’m new at all the ways there are to decorate baked goods beyond the frosting/sprinkles route. What fun I’ve got to look forward to!

  21. Baking, for sure. Some of the ugliest things I’ve baked have tasted the most delicious. :D

  22. I LOVE to bake the sweets, and I try my best to be like you and cupcake Julie but no bueno!! If I win, can I just spend a weekend with you 2 learning how to do some of these things?? =) Those buttons are uh-mazing but the onesie cookies…wowie…I really want a lesson in those! I remember her cookies in the post you did from her Christmas party…WOW, I can’t even fathom how to make them look that fabulous!! I think mine taste pretty great, but if I could make them look like this in the future…now THAT would make me smile!

  23. I like baking sweets and then eating them! I dream of making them pretty but am nowhere near your talent!

  24. I like baking better, haven’t mastered making them look pretty… yet!

  25. I like making sweets pretty, of course!! I just don’t like the cleaning up part of making them.

  26. I like baking them best I think but that’s because I don’t have the attention span to spend hours on end decorating. I have to make things that involve multiple batches or that have lots of breaks in between steps so I don’t get bored. :) Those cookies are adorable btw. So so cute.

  27. Make em pretty. I can’t help myself, I’m vain like that when it comes to baking shtoof!!

  28. Oooh- not an easy choice, but in the end, I would have to go with eating. My creativity is spent on favor combinations, although I am working on making things look pretty. :)

  29. Baking them. Best way to relieve stress, so why worry more about the display.

  30. I love baking sweets!

  31. What a generous give-away! Please enter my name. I love trying to make sweets look pretty, but I’m usually more successful at making them taste good. Those buttons are just too cute! laurie

  32. Baking!! I always mean to make them look pretty, but they never last that long :)

  33. First making sure they taste good, then making them look pretty!

  34. Between the two, I’d say making them look pretty. But if there’s a write in option, I’d say eating them!

  35. I love making them look pretty. The prettier they look the more people will be tempted to eat them! :)

  36. I definitely like the baking most, I find it so relaxing, but every once in a while I like to go crazy and really decorate something pretty!

  37. I love to make em’ cute!

  38. I would definitely say making them look pretty! I like the baking (and eating!), but the decorating is a creative outlet for me that I find SO fun!!

  39. Baking them. And eating them. :)

  40. Baking sweets, just because I’m better at that.

  41. I like making the sweets. I’m too impatient to decorate them I just want to eat them as is.

  42. Definitely baking them!!! It doesn’t hurt to make them look pretty, but I’d rather spend that time eating them! lol

  43. HELLO…decorating! Thats the BEST part! So much fun! Cant wait to get that sugar cookie recipe!

  44. Baking is what I enjoy more than the looking pretty, but looking pretty is GREAT too!

  45. for me, baking and decorating have always gone hand in hand. to see it transform from the beginning to the last touch up to the look of contentment on the face of the taster, it’s the whole process that makes me do it over and over again.

  46. Definitely making them pretty! and then devouring them! :o)

  47. Why isn’t consuming sweets an option? I think good presentation is nice but its not worth a lick (pun intended) if your sweets taste like dookey.

  48. I like adding the extras to make things pretty! If it looks to good to eat, I have succeded! I love your site.

  49. Making them look pretty! – I’m not the best baker, sometimes my desserts look much better than they taste :)

  50. It has to be making them look pretty. I love the oohs and aahs!

  51. Ohhhh.
    I hope I am not to late. Those buttons are amazing and so cute !

  52. I love making them. My son likes to decorate them. Together we are a pretty good team. My whole family loves to eat them. We limit the items we make cause of health reasons. I love your site!

  53. Oooo, tough one. Um, I’ll take C. BOTH! I really enjoy the baking process, while the decorating can be a little frustrating. But really both parts of the process are fun. I also enjoy eating all the mistakes!

    But if I have to choose one… the baking!

  54. Making sweets: 25 mins.
    Making sweets pretty: 5hrs+ + +
    (Eating: 3sec)

    I think it’s a bit of OCD, but they’ve just GOT to look good. Good enough to eat!

  55. I like making them pretty for about 20 mins. Then I get frusterated! These cute buttons would make it easier!

  56. I have to say both, definitely! The mixing of ingredients, popping them in the oven, the smell of the house, too good! Then planning and decorating, trying things you’ve never done before, too fun!

  57. I like the making-pretty part of things (: . Even if sometimes it doesn’t work out…

  58. baking and eating if we are just enjoying at home…makin pretty if we are bringing it out!

  59. Until about a month ago, it was just baking yummy desserts. But I took up decorating and I am OBSESSED!! I am such a perfectionist and I MUST make it look good!!

  60. Baking by far! But I do love looking at your beautiful creations while eating my schlop!

  61. I love baking things the look pretty! I guess this choice is just too difficult for me! :)

  62. That is a toss up…probably making them look pretty, because odds are, whatever it is I bake, it doesn’t come out of the gate looking pretty…I usually have to take the extra steps to get it there!

  63. I loooove baking. Even if it’s not pretty it still tastes good!

  64. My favorite part is EATING the sweets!!! But I love baking too. I would like to say the decorating part, but no matter how hard I try, my things never look even half as good as yours. Thanks for all the great ideas tho. I’ll keep trying!!

  65. I love baking them. Unfortunately, trying to make it look pretty isn’t one of my biggest talents so that usually ends up being more stressful for me!

  66. definitely making them look pretty! Its the best part. After youve baked it you can do anything you want to it! You can make it to suit any occasion. And those buttons look so cute, perfect for a gingerbread man!
    So, deffo making them pretty.

  67. I love making them look pretty most

  68. I absolutely love both parts of the baking/serving process. I’ve just started learning the pastry arts and just find it absolutely magical!

  69. I love both! Baking makes my house smell great, and making them pretty brings out my creative side.

  70. This is adorable. I definitely like the baking of the sweets – it is a bonus if they look pretty too! But taste trumps looks!

  71. Neither – I enjoy eating them most of all!

  72. Making them look cute! So much creativity can go into it!

  73. I like to look at pretty baked things, but me, I’m all about the baking them fast enough to eat them the moment the mood strikes. Most of the time anyway.

  74. I love making them look pretty, but get obsessed so sometimes just bake.

  75. Baking, definitely – that way I can decide just how pretty I want it to look afterwards. :)

  76. Eating them, for sure. I know that wasn’t an option ;) But out of the choices given, making them look pretty. It’s so much fun decorating things!

  77. Definitely baking sweets first. I am still working on the making them pretty, but thanks to your awesome blog, along with others, I am getting there

  78. Baking and Sewing my two passions! I would love to be able to combine them!

  79. Making them look pretty!!

    They taste so much better when they look nice!

  80. I definitely enjoy making them look pretty more than baking, even if though don’t turn out as cute as I hope!

  81. I love making them pretty. Wish I baked better. ;-)

  82. Definitely baking! I’m terrible at making cakes and cookies look pretty – this would be a great opportunity since I have several parties to make cakes for. I need help! :-)

  83. All of the fun is in making them look pretty BUT if they don’t taste good then what’s the point? Gotta have a balance in ’em :)

  84. I definitely love making all my sweet treats look pretty. there is just something in the look on someones face when they see all the work you have done and how beautiful they look.

  85. I’m just awful at decorating. I lack the patience and the skill so baking!! :)

  86. Although the smell of baked goods is magically delicious, I like making them look pretty.

  87. I love making things cute and pretty….much more fun than the baking itself. Love your blog!!!!!!

  88. I like both but I rarely have the time or patience to make things look too pretty. I guess I like baking them the best.

  89. Eating them is definitely best, so baking them would have to come second (becuase you can taste test). I’m still working on the making it pretty part – I come to your blog for inspiration. Thanks for my weekly dose of sweet!

  90. Baking, definitely baking!!

  91. Baking. I do like to make things look pretty, though. Sometimes I don’t ever get my sugar cookies iced. That said, I do enjoy it when I get to it! Oh and I am much better at making something taste good than look good.

  92. I love making things pretty :) I try my best to make things look pretty, but it doesn’t always work. I always say as long as it tastes good…

  93. Making them look pretty is the fun part of baking. When your family and friends see what you have done and think it is special, it just makes you want to learn more things that will make your baked items look pretty.

  94. I utterly adore making them look pretty. The more infinitesimal the better. I love beautiful small items to give as presents :)

  95. Both. I enjoy the whole process–cooking, decorating, eating and watching others enjoy the creation.

  96. Eating since i don’t have a lot of supplies to make them pretty!

  97. baking. i am a HORRIBLE decorator, when it comes to sweets anyway.

  98. hm.. for me.i like making them to look pretty (: its a lot more fun giving out good and pretty baked goods

  99. I love the buttons. What a cute idea!!

  100. I have never been good at making desserts look pretty so I defiantly like making them better. I would love to learn how to make thing look pretty.

  101. Definitely making them look pretty! Those buttons would be PERFECT for the cake I want to make my quilting-like-crazy mother-in-law.

  102. *THANKS* for the giveaway! I LOVE to make them pretty. That’s half the taste, right??

  103. I love making them look pretty….if I think about how tasty they are, I’ll eat them all and gain 100 pounds.

  104. It’s a little redundant….if you bake a sweet, no matter how sloppy, it’s looks pretty to me! So can I choose both?

  105. baking them, definitely. I know it’ll taste good, not always sure how pretty it’s going to be, though!

  106. So eating them is not a choice uh? For sure making them look pretty then!!!!

  107. i like making things look pretty.. there’s so much you can do!

  108. Making them! But, doesn’t that include making them pretty too? Who wants to eat an ugly cupcake? :) :) :)

  109. I love making them look pretty; it seems to make them taste even sweeter :)

  110. I am a baker at heart. I am not creative in the least, so I would rather perfect a recipe and make it delicious. And, in the off chance that I do get creative, I never want to eat what I just created!

  111. I would love to say making them pretty but unfortunately not everyone is that talented lol so I will definitely have to say baking the treats :0) Hopefully one day my answer will change!

  112. I like baking sweets and eating them before I’ve had time to make them pretty.

  113. I looove decorating them. Bake It Pretty makes me bonkers for that exact reason.

  114. I enjoy making them look pretty! Presentation is key in the “first appearance” of my treats! :)

  115. I love these buttons and I love making sweets look pretty because it will make you want to eat them even more!!!!

  116. Making them look pretty, of course! The baking part can get tedious, but I always feel proud when I manage to make my amateur baked goods look like something professional.

  117. Baking, of course! There’s a whole realm of fun to be had in decorating, but nothing beats the smell of something ready to come out of the oven. Plus, you get to lick the spoon while you’re waiting!

  118. i’m not a very good/experienced baker, so i can’t rely on the taste of my creations to really wow people. therefore, i must say that i enjoy decorating and making cupcakes and cakes look prettier than they may taste!

  119. I like baking better because I cant bare to spend all that time making them beautiful only to have them demolished by my family in 10 minutes!

  120. Sooooo cute!!!! I much prefer making them look pretty, because it’s so much fun!

  121. baking them…and tasting along the way ;)

  122. I like to perfect the taste first…no matter how cute or pretty it is, if it does not taste good it is a waste because no one eats it. Once I have a tried and true recipe then it is all about making it pretty!!

  123. I love baking sweets mostly because I’m not good at making them look cute/pretty. Most people I bake for don’t appreciate a good looking cake or cupcake, so long as it’s moist and delicious and hits the spot.

  124. The part I like most is EATING the treats. But I also love baking and making them look good! I love your ideas and hope I can be as tallented soon!

  125. My husband always asks me if they actually taste good or just look cute!! Sometimes I will sacrifice taste (mixing weird things together) to make it cute!!

  126. Hard to choose…baking wins. If i can make it look cute, it’s icing on the cake…

  127. I enjoy baking sweets more. I have every intention of making them look pretty, but they never come out as cute as I would like because I just don’t have the patience for it. :(

  128. Get out! and then Get out again! You gotta be kidding me. Buttons, candy. Candy and buttons. i’m crying and laughing at the same time. I’m so happy I would love to win.

  129. For me, it depends on the day/occasion! I love baking sweets more but I also LOVE to make them pretty for birthday party, etc so that I feel like I am making that occasion even better!

  130. I like eating best :) But besides that I like making them look cute.

  131. I would have to say making them pretty. And I love Bake It Pretty. They were mentioned in a magazine a while back (I think it was O) and I have had them on my favorites ever since!

  132. i loooooooove bake it pretty.
    i use her huge round tip to make my cupcakes extra special… that and who doesn’t like the extra frosting?

  133. Hmmm…I’d have to say making them look pretty – or destroying (ahem…eating) the evidence of those that didn’t turn out so well!

  134. I love baking! I love the smell when it’s just about ready, and I love eating baked goods piping hot out of the oven. I love decorating, too, but the taste is the most important thing!

  135. Hmm that is a tough one. I really love to cook but I also like to make them look pretty. I guess I look at it like this. If you can bake/cook well then you know the pretty ones will taste fabulous… make sense.

  136. Decorating for sure! Anyone can bake a cake but it’s your talent and creativity that makes sweets, well, shall I say… Cute as a button! :)

  137. I have a hard time making them look pretty so I just bake for the deliciousness!

  138. I like baking sweets more than making them pretty. It’s about the taste more than the looks.

  139. making them cute! without a doubt. however, it always has to taste as as sweet as it looks.

  140. Being a perfectionist I prefer baking sweets. Because making them look pretty means 5 no’s to my 1 Yes. o_O

  141. Guess I’d have to say both…I like baking and making candy, but knowing that we eat with our eyes, too, I like them to look pretty, too.

  142. I always try to make my sweets look good, but I find that working more on the actual taste works best. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  143. I like the baking part, but making them pretty is my favorite part. I love the chance to get creative!

  144. i enjoy baking, but making stuff pretty is the fun part!

  145. I am good at baking them but not so good at making them look pretty. I am a work in progress!

  146. i love baking the sweets…..and i’d love to learn more about making them pretty.

  147. i like to make them look pretty, thats where i can be most creative…..and if i dont like it, i just eat it before anyone can see it :)

  148. I used to be all about making stuff look pretty but now I’m more into making it taste yummy

  149. Baking sweets…I’m not too good at making them look pretty. It doesn’t matter what they look like when I’m eating them :)

  150. What a fantastic idea! I am sort of on the down-swing of friends having babies, BUT! I bet I could make these for someone soon!!

  151. Making them look pretty! I’m an art student, so decorating definitely wins!

  152. I love baking sweets! I love trying to make them look pretty also..but I’m not very good at that! :)

  153. Such a CUTE idea! May be using for an upcoming baby shower. I love to make the yummy stuff pretty!

  154. Making them pretty is the most fun part!

  155. Making them look pretty! I just love when people ooh and aahh over something I have worked so hard on, and to see the joy it brings to them!

  156. Hmmm… baking is fun, but decorating them is definitely more exciting!

  157. I definitely like making them look pretty! The baking part is just that essential step that gets me where I want to be – creating cute stuff! :)

  158. Baking…well actually licking the bowls after baking, but you get the point!

  159. Once I have a good recipe that I know will taste yummy, then I definitely enjoy making them pretty the most.

  160. I just like baking goods… mostly because I’m not good at making them look pretty…just good at making them taste pretty!

  161. Making it pretty!

    Those buttons are so cute!

  162. I love baking anything but I need to pratice on making it look cute !

  163. making them pink pretty~

  164. I prefer the making them pretty part!

  165. Both! Although I need patience and practice on the make it pretty part!

  166. I love baking with my wife. Actually I just help get stuff and enjoy the end results!! Yum-O!!!

  167. I love to make them look pretty! And if they taste awesome, that is the bonus (it should be the other way around though shouldn’t it? LOL)

  168. I LOVE baking sweets but I am now learning how to make them pretty…its so hard to choose!

  169. Baking them! If I get better at making them pretty, I could see how that would be equally as enjoyable ;)

  170. I love to taste good tasting goodies, bit I prefer to make them look cute and homemade!! I made cupcakes for a friends baby shower today!!! And they looked AND tasting good!!!!

  171. omg!! baking them!!! and then looking at my final touch!

  172. I think I like to bake things more than making them pretty! Don’t get me wrong I love decorating I just don’t think I’m very good so I’d rather bake things!

  173. I am the newest fan of Bakerella! This is so much fun.

    To answer the question…I would have to say both. My kids love to bake with me and I really enjoy that time I have with them. And I love to make things look Pretty. With 4 boys and now 1 girl, making things look pretty helps me deal with all the testosterone :)
    Winnipeg,MB Canada

  174. Making them pretty for sure!

  175. those are sooo cute! I like baking more!

  176. Oohh… making them look pretty only beats out making them by a little.

  177. I love to bake, but the pretty part, doesnt come easy :)

  178. I love making them look pretty, but then I never want to eat them- just look at them!

  179. ha! I love eating them most of all!!

  180. I like making things pretty. It started with just baking sweets, but now I find I really enjoy the challenge. Thank you for all of your inspiration and all that you do!

  181. Before I started my blog, I was more interested in baking sweets. But now that I have to take pictures of my creations and post them up for the whole world to see (or just whoever happens to stumble upon my site) I am more interested in making them look pretty!

    If I won this giveaway, I would buy the Bridal Shower Cupcake Kit to use for my friend’s upcoming bridal shower and pasty bags and tips so I learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes!!

  182. I love baking pretty sweets :)

  183. My very favorite is eating the sweets, but making them look pretty would be my second favorite. I don’t mind leaving the baking to someone else.

  184. I love looking at pretty desserts, but for me I love to bake. That is what makes me happy and trying new things. Thanks for the cute button idea!

  185. Making things pretty!

  186. I love piping the frosting, baby! And the edible glitter, of course.

  187. I would love saying the baking is the best part, but lately I’ve become obsessed with cookie icing! Pretty (and hopefully always tasty).

  188. That’s a tough one! But I have to go with baking them because then I get to eat the batter :)

  189. I will do one or the other: either a beautiful treat packaged simply, or a simple treat packaged beautifully. It’s all about prioritizing :)

  190. Making them look pretty .. I’m a cake decorator by profession for goodness sakes .. XD

  191. Oh, I definetly enjoy the baking part! And if the making them look pretty is easy enough, I enjoy that as well!

  192. I love baking great tasting sweets and I always have good intentions to make them pretty, but they never turn out pretty. Edible, yes. Pretty, no.

  193. It seems like all of my friends are pregnant and I am going to make these and those cute sugar cookies. I love them! They are really cute.

  194. Baking the sweets! I’ve made plenty of tasty things…but they don’t always look cute. And I’ve been to some places that have really cute things…but don’t taste all the great. So, I think taste should come before cuteness, even though cuteness is a great addition!

  195. I enjoy BAKING more! I’m not very good at decorating (yet), but I hope to improve upon that with some classes. I love the wonderful smells filling the entire house and turning on the oven light to watch my sweets transform into yummy goodness!

  196. OMG too cute!! I just love your site. Thank you so much for the chance to win, keeping my fingers crossed :)

  197. Definitely baking, the whole process is relaxing and the smell of the kitchen is wonderful..and besides, my decorating skills are not quite like Bakerella!

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