French Fry Sugar Cookies

Yay… It’s Friday and I’m super excited to share these french fry sugar cookie cartons with you guys.

French Fry Carton Cookie Cutter

I bought a bunch of random 3D printed cookie cutters and have been eager to try out this one (the 3 inch tall size) for a while now. A fave by the way. Also, can I just say, custom cutters are one of the neatest practical uses I’ve seen people do with those printers. I mean literally, endless inexpensive customizable options.

Cutting Cookies

Okay, so for these cookies, I used this sugar cookie and royal icing recipe.

To shape these little fry guys to look like they are sticking out of a carton I made a couple of adjustments to the straight-up carton shape.

  • Cut out the french fry carton shapes first.
  • Use a straight edge to delineate the fries and where they would likely meet the carton. Don’t cut through the dough though, just make a defined impression.
  • With some of the sugar cookie dough, cut thin strips for extra fries.
  • Cut short pieces from some of the strips and then place a few on top of each cut out carton. The trick is to shape the strips of dough so that they taper down flat (or as close as you can get) against the cookie underneath. This is so that when you pipe the carton shape with icing, it doesn’t look too bumpy going over thick square french fries.

French Fry Cookies

And then, with the rest of the cut strips of dough, you can bake them just as is. I love how real they look!

Sugared French Fries

When you remove the carton cookies from the oven after baking, immediately sprinkle the top french fry section with granulated sugar while they are still warm so it will stick a bit and give them a salty look. And go over your indented lines with a toothpick to ensure they look separated.


Now, because I love Fridays, and maybe french fries even more…  let’s celebrate and say YAY.

Bakerella Candy Wafers

To make the letters, I used my little letters candy mold and melted yellow candy wafers from my line with Make’n Mold. They fit just right for the cutter I used. But, you can also just pipe the letters on with royal icing. Easy peasy like.

Candy Letters

Yeah, Yay!

Piping Cookies

To decorate, pipe and outline carton shapes with tinted royal icing and then fill the interior of the shapes with flow consistency icing.

FRIYAY Cookies

I mean, these guys lay flat, but still look real enough that you can reach right in and grab a fry. I like.

Fry-yay Cookies

I think I know someone else who will, too. My mom. She loves fries more than anyone I know (Mickey Ds to be specific) and sugar cookies are probably in her top ten so I think she’ll appreciate these.

YAY Cookies

Hope you enjoy them, too … and Happy Friday!

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14 comments on “Fri-YAY!”

  1. Whenever I need good recipes, I come here

  2. These look absolutely wonderful! 3D sugar cookies, well worth the extra work.

  3. You are amazing. I don’t make cookies but I love looking at all the creative ideas you come up with. Maybe when I retire??? Oh, I would have to spell it yea and not yay but that’s just me being the work nerd that I am.

  4. I love fries and cookies too!!! Your creativity inspires me!

  5. I’m definitely adding this to my cookie repertoire – very cute! I’m going to see about sprinkling just a few grains of salt on a test cookie for the idea of enforcing the saltiness we all look forward to on real French fries, but so gently, after the sugar. Thanks very much for this one! :)

  6. Aww those would be soo cute in a fast food themed cookie basket :D

  7. Cute!!  Love the new blog layout, by the way!

  8. As creative and adorable as these are, I just want to eat one! Where is my cookie???!!!

  9. These are super cute and creative! Just like everything you make! Yours was the first food blog I ever read or followed back in 2007 (ish) and you inspired me to start my own blog in 2013. I bought the camera you recommended and the lights too. Now I’ve upgraded my camera. I’m a graphic designer as well. Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. You have a great imagination! 

  11. YES!  I love fries, especially McD’s and sugar cookies and these are perfect. Actually, I think I’m a fryaholic!  Love you Bakerella. ???

  12. I realize sometimes I repeat myself, but here I go again … You never cease to amaze me with your talent and creativity! Love the Friday Fries!

    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Love these!

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