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I’m hosting a fun giveaway today from my publisher, Chronicle Books. Last year they launched a GIVE BOOKS holiday campaign to encourage people to share the love of books during the holiday season, to support local bookstores and to help promote literacy. And I’m excited that they are doing it again this year. But this year they are doing it bigger. Giving bigger. They’ve joined forces with First Book, a non-profit organization that provides access to new books for children in need. And for every #GiveBooks tweet, pin, and online pledge, Chronicle Books will donate a children’s book to First Book.

Here’s how you can help them reach their goal of giving 10,000 books this holiday with a simple tweet, pin or pledge.

#GiveBooks this Holiday

And now let me show you ten books I picked out from Chronicle that I want to give this holiday. They’re cookbooks of course. Sweet ones.

Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot Hand-forged Doughnuts
Secrets for the Home Baker


Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey
Desserts for the Serious Sweet Tooth! Every one of the recipes in this book are calling my name.


Cake Pops Holidays by Bakerella

Cake Pops Holidays
Hmmm… this one looks familiar. I couldn’t resist : )


Pretzel Making

Pretzel Making at Home
Make your own crunchy, chewy, savory or sweet artisan pretzels. Fried Pretzels with Cinnamon Sugar? Why yes.


Hand-crafted Candy Bars

Hand-crafted Candy Bars
From-Scratch, All-Natural, Gloriously Grown-Up Confections


Snoopy and Friends Cupcake Kit

Snoopy and Friends Cupcake Kit
Okay, this isn’t a cookbook but you do get to make cupcakes. That counts, right. Besides … it’s Snoopy with adorable liners and flag toppers. Chronicle has the cutest gift items too.


Flour, too

Flour, too
Joanne Chang shares recipes for her Café’s most loved sweets and savories.


Tarting Book No 3

Tartine Book No. 3
This soon-to-be-released cookbook is third in a series of collectible titles from Tartine Bakery & Cafe in San Francisco. We’re talking bread baking and pastry making.


The Model Bakery

The Model Bakery Cookbook
Sensational artisan baked goods including Peach Streusal Pie, Brandied Pumpkin Pie, Amber Ale Bread and their famous english muffins that I can’t wait to try.


The Little Kitchen in Paris

The Little Paris Kitchen
Rachel Khoo shares simple, classic French recipes in her cookbook that’s just as charming as she is. Plus there’s French desserts. Win! Win!



Speaking of win. How would you like to win these 10 awesome books? I’m giving them away to one lucky reader and it might be you.

To enter for a chance to win all ten:

  • Leave a comment on the blog post and tell me which of these books sounds fun to give or which one you’d like to get the most.
  • Deadline to enter is 8:00 pm ET on Saturday, November 9th, 2013. Sorry, time’s up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Sunday… just in time to receive them for the holidays.

Good luck and of course, I hope you can help #GiveBooks to children this holiday.

P.S. – Receive 30% off + free shipping at (*excluding personalized products). Promo code GIVEBOOKS (valid through 12/31/13).


Okay – time to announce the winner! And time to give away a bunch of sweet books. Congratulations Katie Z!!!


Cute kitty cat illustration by Gemma Correll.

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2,255 comments on “Give Books this Holiday!”

  1. The Model Bakery Cookbook looks amazing!

  2. I love them all! It’s cruel to have to choose between sticky, chewy, doughnuts, candy bars, messy, gooey and so on. So, what would you like from the dessert menu ma’am? YES, to all of them!

  3. My first gift would be Rachel Koo’s book to my dad

  4. Snoopy kit is so cute and adorable. Definitely a good gift for a peanuts fan. Cake pops for me since I do not have holiday & want so much. :)

  5. How can you choose!?!? They all look amazing! I suppose I would have to choose Hand Crafted Candy Bars! Yum!

  6. The Little Paris Kitchen! Heading to Paris tonight and this will be a great way to help remember the trip, and be able to recreate some of the amazing dishes when I come home! Also, I can never resist a lunchtime treat from Flour!

  7. I want them all! Model Bakery in particular is calling my name, however…

  8. I choose Cake Pops Holidays! I love cake pops and I totally want your book!

  9. They all look wonderful. I think I’d like to give (and receive) Little Paris Kitchen.

  10. This would make a Merry Christmas to win all these books!! And for those who would HAVE to try all the confections I make :) I would give the pretzel cookbook to my sister-in-law who loves to eat those yucky frozen pretzels. And I would LOVE to get your cake pop cookbook. I have been asking for this book for Christmas for a few years now!!!! Thank you for this giveaway again this year! I will definitely #givebooks for the holidays this year!

  11. The sticky chewy messy gooey looks so good!

  12. I would give “Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey” to my best friend…”Cake Pops Holidays” and the Snoopy Baking Kit for the little ones…and “The Little Paris Kitchen” pour moi!

  13. Ooh, I’d love to have “The Little Paris Kitchen!” I love Rachel’s show and recipes…and her whole approach in the kitchen.

  14. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey, but It was very hard to pick just one!

  15. I’d love to get Tartine Book No. 3, though if I could pick a second choice, it would be Pretzel Making. Fun contest!

  16. Mmmm… home made Candy bars!!! A great gift would be the Snoopy Set. Adorable!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this! You are so generous!

  17. I would love to have any of the books, but my favorite would have to be Holiday Cake Pops! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cake pops!

  18. The Little Paris Kitchen looks very interesting, but I would love them all!

  19. I would LOVE to give my Mother “The Little Paris Kitchen.” She is fascinated with French food and if I can’t take her to Paris anytime soon, I can at least gift her with a wonderful French cookbook! I personally have an obsession with buying cookbooks and if I could choose one of these for myself, I would pick the “Flour, too” cookbook. I am not a very good pastry-maker, but want to learn! :)

  20. Hand Crafted Candy Bars… I’m kind of in a candy making stage of life right now!

  21. The Sticky Chewy book just oozes fun. :) I’d send it to my best friend who LOVES sweets as much as I do.

  22. I’d love to receive Tartine Book No. 3, though Pretzel Making is a close second. What a fun contest!

  23. Oh my! I’d adore Little Paris Kitchen!

  24. I’d love the sticky, chewy, messy, gooey book….those pictures tell it all!!

  25. I’d give #1 to my hubby, #10 to my boss, #6 for my kids and #5 for myself! :D

  26. I would love to give the Snoopy and Friends cupcake kit to my friends with young children. I prefer Tartine Book #3.

  27. I’d love to get The Model Bakery cookbook.

  28. Obviously I would love the cake pops holidays!! And as soon as I saw the snoopy kit I knew my boys would have so much fun with that!!,

  29. Wow, they all look fantastic. Wouldn’t it be great to have them all. The Model Kitchen would be my choice.

  30. My husband loves pretzels so that would be neat to have, and my brother has always been a huge snoopy fan so I would probably pass that cuteness along to him. Thanks!!

  31. I am torn between Stick, Chewy, Messy gooey and the Little Paris Kitchen. Cute Peanuts liners too!!! I just loooove cookbooks!

  32. Sticky chewy messy gooey … for the title, and my sweet tooth!

  33. Sticky, chewy, messy,gooey…mmmmmm

  34. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey sounds delicious but so do all of these cookbooks!

  35. For myself I would love any one of these books but I’m choosing Flour, too because that is currently top on my wish list. To give I would give the Snoopy cupcake kit and the Cake Pops book to my nieces who are budding bakers.

  36. I would love Flour, too!

  37. The cupcake kit book. My daughter would love it!

  38. They all sound awesome… but my favorite is hand-crafted Candy Bars!

  39. They all look fun to try, but have to say Hand Crafted Candy Bars would be top of my list. The other techniques I have tried, but never tried making my own candy.

  40. Cake Pops Holiday and Hand Crafted Candy Bars!! But they all look like great books! :)

  41. Do I have to choose? I love pretzels! I love candy bars! and of course the Snoopy cupcake kit is brilliant!

  42. Would love sticky chewy messy gooey!!!

  43. All books look amazing!!

  44. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey…sounds like everything I like to eat!!!

  45. I love the Snoopy set! My entire extended family loves all things Peanuts, and Id love to be able to give that as a gift. The hard part would be figuring out which lucky family member would get it! Hmmmmm…..

  46. I would take number 1 but give number 6! We always give gifts of books, they are amazing! My sons first grade teacher came up with the idea of a book exchange at the holiday party…it was really fantastic to see so many kids be so excited to read!

  47. Sticky, chewy, messy,gooey!

  48. I am intrigued by the Hand Forged Doughnut, but I would love to take a look through Little Paris Kitchen. I lived in France for a year and would love to revisit the tastes!

  49. Who can say no to Snoopy and Friends? I would love this kit. We love to make cupcakes and using these would be so much fun.

  50. They all look devilishly good! I would love to read #10, because french bakery just isn’t something I have tried much! Plus the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

  51. Tartine No. 3 sounds amazing!

  52. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey is calling my name, but they all look so good!

  53. These looK great, would love Tartine!

  54. Do I really have to choose just one? Judging by the covers and your comments only, maybe Model Bakery but I do not have the Holiday Cake Pops either, nor the new Tartine…..I could go on!

  55. My sister-in-law would love the Holiday Cake Pops book and I would like to try my hand at some Homemade Cnady bars! but any of them look amazing.

  56. That donuts one sounds fun to try, and I have an aunt who would love the Peanuts one!

  57. Little Paris Kitchen or Model Bakery! I want a kitchen filled with cookbooks. Who cares if I mostly use recipes from pinterest?

  58. My mom would love the candy book and my sister the pretzel bok. They all look great!

  59. They ll look amazing but I’d probably start with pretzel making. Thanks for introducing me to an array of fun cookbooks.

  60. They all look wonderful, but I’d have to pick the Hand Crafted Candy-Bar book. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!!

  61. I think that The Model Bakery Cookbook would be the perfect one for me! I’ve always wanted to open my own bakery.

  62. #6 Snoopy and Friends. I have a friend that just loves Snoopy and Friends! she would adore this :)

  63. My sister loves “Peanuts”. I would love to give that to her for Christmas.

  64. That’s a tough choice, they all look amazing. I’ve always wanted to try making pretzels so I’ll go wtih Pretzel Making at Home.

  65. Which one I would like most?….This is a tough one… but I think it would be a toss-up between the candy bars and the pretzel making.

  66. Well your besides keeping your book to myself ;-) I’d love the Hand Forged Doughnuts and I’d love to make some sweet pretzels … I think I know a few friends who would love some of the other books! I’d be a HIT with my friends :-)

  67. I really love candy bars!! really really really!!

  68. When I saw this pile of fabulous book all I thought of was being able to give them as gifts! I’ll be certainly buying some of these for friends and family.

  69. all of them but if I had to chose just 1 – The Model Bakery Cookbook

  70. I have a friend who would love Pretzel Making!

  71. The Pretzel Making book looks awesome. I would love to try a cinnamon sugar pretzel…sounds delicious!!!

  72. Pick just one ? Impossible! When I finally plop down in front of the tv at night more times than not there’s a baking book in my hand. The handmade candy bar book sounds fun to make treats for the holidays, but really I’d be thrilled to win all 10!

  73. I’d to love to give Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey to my friend, since I have it and she’s been drooling over it. I’d love to get Hand Forged Doughnuts, since my kids would love them oh so very much.

  74. I’ve been on a serious doughnut kick lately, so I’d love trying some of the recipes from Hand-Forged Doughnuts!

  75. The Model Bakery–I love bakery cookbooks. Flour is fantastic by the way!

  76. All of the books look fantastic, but the Pwanuts cupcake pack is perfect for my good friend! She will love it!!!

  77. The pretzel book looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. I think that Sitcky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey book sounds amazing!! Would love that one!

  79. Many of these look great! Hand-crafted Candy Bars looks and sounds especially good – right up my alley.

  80. What a tough decision! I’d probably have to go with the cake pop book. Such amazing creations! I’d love to learn, be inspired, and inspire others!

  81. Im always fascinated with pretzels so i choose making pretzel at home book and of course my fave cake pops book

  82. Hand-crafted Candy Bars!! Lots of sweet tooth’s in our family

  83. I would love the Little Paris Kitchen. We recently ate our way through 10 days in Paris ! I want more!

  84. definitely Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey , sound so yummy :D

  85. Hand-crafted Candy Bars – I love Candy Bars :D

  86. Stick Chewy Messy Gooey!

  87. I love books, especially cookbooks! “Hand-Forged Doughnuts” catches my eye, as does the Peanut set.

  88. I love the candy bar cookbook! And I have the perfect little girl in mind for that Snoopy cupcake kit!

  89. Cake Pops Holiday would be my pick.

  90. Great Giveaway! I would love to have the cake pops holiday for myself and the hand crafted candy bars to give away!

  91. It’s a hard desicion but I will go with……. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey. It looks great and I have been wanting it for a while now.

  92. oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my GOODNESS!!! I LOVE BOOKS!!! I LOVE COOKBOOKS! And I love to bake like you so my first choice was #7 Flour only. But ALL OF THEM LOOK LIKE SO MUCH FUN! If I won these, I’d keep # 7 and share the rest with my other baking friends, the elite few! What a great idea to share books especially with kids but I wish more grownups would continue to read as well. At 59 I’m reading more than ever and absorbing more than ever. Thankyou for joining this wonderful campaign.

  93. Hand-Crafted Candy Bars!

  94. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to get that awesomely cute Peanuts cupcake kit! All the books are great, but those liners just melt my heart!

  95. Hand-Crafted Candy Bars!!!

  96. The Little Paris Kitchen because I like to throw theme parties for my girlfriends and we have never “gone to Paris”.

  97. I would love to give the Snoopy and Friends.

  98. Hand-Crafted Candy Bars!!!

  99. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey….great book to give to my sister with kids….they can be messy messy :)

  100. For me, the candy bar book is right down my alley……for giving a gift, the Snoopy cupcake kit would be perfect for my niece & nephew.

  101. hand crafted candy bars please

  102. The Little Paris Kitchen looks very fun!

  103. So many great books! My girls LOVE looking through my Bakerella Cake Pop book, so I’d love to give the Holiday book to them!

  104. top pot hand forged doughnuts looks very interesting, would love to win that one

  105. I love giving away books but I would love to have Sticky Chewy Messy Gooey. It sounds like a book made just for me!

  106. Flour, too. All the way. This book looks fantastic!

  107. I love all of the books, but the one that I would love to try my hand at are the holiday cake pops, pretzel and donut making! All seem pretty difficult to me!! And the Little Paris Kitchen – would LOVE to see a macaron making technique in there as that seems to be one of the newest crazes that require some serious macaronage that is difficult to master!

  108. pretzel making at home sounds really yummy

  109. sticky, chewy messy, gooey!!!! please please pick me!!!

  110. Sticky chewy messy gooey sounds like its has tons of fun and yummy recipes that I would love to make. And as far is giving one, id probably give my mom the cupcake kit. My mom adores snoopy.

  111. My sister is a huge “Peanuts” fan. I would love to give that to her for Christmas!!

  112. I love them all but I would especially like the Pretzel cookbook!

  113. ” Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey ” perfectly described to make your chocolate cravings irresistible… cant wait to indulge with it – chocolate addict over here!!! =)

  114. I’d love the Snoopy Cupcake kit – when we were little we always made the Peanuts characters sugar cookies at Christmas.

  115. I have a friend who is an amazing baker, and is saving/training to open his own bread shop. I’d love to give him several of these, especially the donut and pretzel books!

    I myself would love cake pops2 and that candy bar book! Yum!

  116. Sticky chewy messy gooey sounds like its has tons of fun and yummy recipes that I would love to make. And as far is giving one, id probably give my mom the cupcake kit. My mom adores snoopy.

  117. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey is a book after my own heart! Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. Cake pops holiday sounds great.

  119. While I would LOVE them all, I am a big fan of Tartine Bakery and already own their other books. Happy Holidays !!!

  120. I would love the Cake Pops Holidays! My granddaughter loves cake pops and she is getting to the age where she can “help” grandma! I know she would have so much fun making some of these to give her friends at our Christmas party!! Thanks for considering us to win all of these wonderful cookbooks!!

  121. This is a great list of cookbooks! I would love to have Sticky, Gooey, Messy, Chewy because I enjoy baking desserts the most.

  122. sticky chewy messy gooey has been on my list for a while now!

  123. The snoopy and friends cupcake liners for the grandkids and my middle son, they love a
    Snoopy and for myself, flour, too. I have your holiday cake pop book and made the snow globes 2 Christmases ago they turned out wonderful, the year before that we did the snowmen with the cookie and giant morsel hats. Those were the hit if Christmas goodies.

  124. I would love to get Hand Made Candy Bars. Since it’s impossible to get every person a gift during the holidays, I always love to make a sweet or savory gift and give it to those that I can’t buy for. Turns out everyone loves the food more!! Finding recipes online tends to be hard but having this book in hand would help and I think everyone would love for me to have it too!! :)

  125. The “Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey” sounds and looks delish! All of these will be so perfect for the holidays!

  126. Cake pops, I love, pretzels toa make with my sons or candy bars!!! Though they all look fun!

  127. They all look fantastic…..hard to choose. I think The Model Bakery would be a great one to dig into first !!!

  128. Tartine No. 3…but they all look so fun! Great giveaway!!

  129. I would go for No.5 and No.10 !!! Both are really new to me and i would love to try it out!

  130. They all look wonderful! I would love the doughnut cookbook and the Snoopy and Friends Cupcake Kit would be the perfect gift for one of my friends.

  131. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey

  132. I have a little girl who would love the Snoopy and Friends set! I would love to check out the cake pops book!

  133. I would give the Snoopy and Friends Cupcake kit! I love Snoopy and I love baking even more. This would be a great gift to share with my nieces and nephews to bake with them during the holidays!

  134. I think the Hand Forged Doughnut book would be great to have or give away! All of them look great though. And the Snoopy cupcake liners are adorable.

  135. Each of these books is a treasure so it is difficult to pick just one. If I had to choose only one I’d select Flour.

  136. oh! The Little Paris Kitchen! I saw the book in a high-end store and couldn’t buy it, so I took a pic of the cover!

  137. Thanks for this giveaway! I would love #2 (Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey)

  138. Joanne Chang’s Flour, Too!! I would love to receive this, and I see a lot I would love to give too!! Thanks for the giveaway!!! :-)

  139. I would love any of them!

  140. This is an awesome charity! I am a teacher and know how many kids have NO books in their home and have access them to them only in school. So sad, especially when my kids were always surrounded by them since birth..

    Of all the lovely cookbooks offered, I’d choose the Model Bakery as it looks like their offerings would give me great pleasure in my kitchen!

  141. Dear bakerella!!!ummm,actualy i luv allll f dem!!!OMG,al f dm r awesum!bt if i hd to,select any to pamper my sweet tooth cravings by making smthn frm a recipe buk,i d go for Cake pops,and and ,my chocolate love— THE HAND Crafted candy bar& sticky ,chewy,messy and gooey!!
    Oooo!!luv dem

  142. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey sounds amazing! To give or receive!

  143. Snoopy is my hero, so my choice would be the cupcake kit.

  144. There are not many rad cookbooks like these in OZ. We are in need of inspiration!!! We don’t have donut shops here…. seriously we get them shipped in from the east coast!!! So the donut book might be the inspiration we need!

  145. Definitely the Hand-Crafted Candy Bar book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. All the books look awesome. If I had to pick, I would say the Snoopy Cupcake Kit. It would be perfect for a Christmas showing of Charlie Brown Christmas with the kids.

  147. wow, i would love to give this one to my sister!!
    #5 Hand-crafted Candy Bars

  148. I’d love to try the Pretzel Making At Home!! Yum!

  149. I’d have to pick Tartine #3 since I already have their first two books, this would complete my collection.

    I’ve browsed Little Paris Kitchen before too and it has the most delightful photos.

    Have a nice day.

  150. I’d love the sticky chewed, messy, gooey for me and the French recipes to give as a gift. Yummy!

  151. I would have to choose hand crafted candy bars, YUM!!!!

  152. The Little Paris Cookbook would be great to add to a little French-themed gift basket. Of course Cakeballs is a must- own as well!

  153. I’ve had my eye on the Little Paris Kitchen book for a while now. I adore anything Parisian and I would love to have a go at some French baking! :)

  154. ALl of them look so Yummo. Cake pop holidays…..

  155. I would love Hand Crafted Candy Bars. The candy would be made with ingredients I can pronounce! My family would love to be taste testers!

  156. Oh my…I’d love them all…but of course Cake Pops Holiday the most :-)

  157. The Snoopy one looks great! I will defiantly be looking that one up for my sister, a HUGH Snopy fan.


  158. Doughnuts.

  159. Model Bakery & Flour Please!

  160. I loved each one but Hand Crafted Candy peaked my interest to share with family at Christmas.

  161. Please don’t make me choose one! I want to try them all:-)

  162. Tartine or Model…both look amazing!!

  163. Cake Pops Holiday of course! Thanks for another great giveaway

  164. The hand-crafted candy bars book sounds amazing and perfect to make gifts from!

  165. The little Paris kitchen, I would love to try more French cooking and baking.

  166. I would love all of them, especially your cake pop book & the one about donuts!

  167. Pick one?! I guess the sticky, ooey, gooey one… But really I want all of them!

  168. Top Pot. I had their doughnuts last time I was in Seattle…. soooooo good!

  169. Sticky, chewy, Messy, Gooey Looks absolutely sinful! We took our kids to the Library and bought tons of books in the basement sale. The kids will be choosing books they wish to donate to other kids for christmas this year.

  170. The Handrafted Candy Bar book sounds delicious and at the same time, horrible. For my diet at least.

  171. I have never seen a cookbook on candy bars, so that one seems super interesting! Thanks, Bakerella!

  172. I have wanted to make pretzels for ages this book would give me the bump I need to give it a try! Making Pretzels!

  173. Handcrafted Candy Bars is my pic. Delicious and impressive treats just like Bakerella’s cake pops! YUM!

  174. I would love The Hand-Forged Doughnuts, thanks.

  175. I love the peanuts characters book! I would love to give it to my mom for Christmas!

  176. Seriously, each one looks so yummy!! The Paris one I know my Mom would love. But that chocolate candy one… I’d have to keep! Also, I’m not gonna lie, Bakerella, your holiday cake pops would definitely come in handy! Great job!

  177. Would love to get my hands on the Tartine #3 and bake their delectable goodies

  178. It would have to be Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey! Would LOVE all of them though! Would have to share the wealth and give some out to friends :) Great giveaway thanks!

  179. I’ve had The Model Bakery book sitting in my amazon cart for a while so I really want that one. Also the sticky one looks right up my alley. They all look interesting and who doesn’t love Snoopy?

  180. I would love to add to my collection “flour, too” and “Little Paris Kitchen”. Just had my kitchen renovated and added shelving to house my precious books, they would just fit in perfectly.

  181. They all look great but the doughnut one would be really fun.

  182. I would love to give The Little Paris Kitchen to my friend who has just returned from a wonderful solo foodie trip to France. It would add to the memories of her trip! Plus she can make me stuff :-) Good one Chronicle for a worthy promo Give Books.

  183. I would go for the Model Bakery Cookbook so I could try the Brandied Pumpkin Pie

  184. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey! I can’t think of a more alluring name for a cookbook. And I need to try making whatever that chocolate stuff is in those tea cups on the cover or I might just die.

  185. The title alone – Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey just makes me smile. Would live to crack that book open for some yummy happiness.

    NOVEMBER 6, 2013 01:06 AM

  186. The cake pops or candy cookbook, wow!

  187. I’d love to give the Snoopy cupcake kit to my daughter! She loves anything Charlie Brown.

  188. A three way tie: holiday cake pops, the model bakery, and the Snoopy and Friends cupcake set!

  189. I would love to get “Handcrafted Candy Bars” as I give homemade gifts to all my friends and they all love chocolate.

  190. I would give the Snoopy and friends Cupcake kit away and I would like to have the sticky chewy messy gooey the most

  191. Snoopy & friends!!! Cupcakes do count!!

  192. They are all great books too hard to choose. Book giving to the kids in our family has been a tradition since their baby showers.
    They love going the library to check a new one out and were sorry to see Borders close.

  193. They all look great, though the cake pops would go directly to my granddaughter who loves to bake. That has been the theme for the children and grandchildren. We even made homemade Vanilla extract this year for gifts.

  194. They all look so gooood! But i would love to own Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey or Hand-crafted Candy Bars. they both look fun and delicious!

  195. I’d love to win the Hand-crafted Candy Bars.

  196. I would give Sticky Chewy Messy Gooey to someone…….love that book!

  197. I like the cake pops and pretzel making books , they would be so much fun to have!

  198. I like ’em all but Tartine really caught my attention. I love to bake.

  199. I would like to give and/or receive the book flour, too. I love pastries and would love to make some to eat on Christmas morning while opening presents!! Thanks for having this giveaway :)

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