Halloween Cupcakes

After finding some great ideas for halloween cupcakes at cupcakestakethecake, I decided to jump in and go for it. Here’s what I started with…

And here’s what I ended up with. Not too bad for my first batch of Halloween inspired cupcakes. Spiders were the big hit of the night.

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59 comments on “Halloween Cupcakes”

  1. So creative!!!

  2. Is that black licorice that you used for the spiders legs?

  3. anonymous – thanks!

    Jessie – you guessed it… black licorice.

  4. Love your Halloween cupcakes! They were my inspiration for my neighborhood Halloween party. I had to bake and decorate 72 cupcakes, without your photos I would have been lost! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. 72 cupcakes. Wow! Glad I could help.

  6. What awesome cupcakes. I want to be your kid. :)

  7. Thanks rachel gray!

  8. My goodness, I think my I gained 5 pounds just looking through your blog! It is amazing!!
    From a fellow Georgia girl~


  9. I can’t wait until my kiddos are in school and I can do this for Halloween Parties! Yay!

  10. These are tooo cute, I love the black cat ones!…but perhaps that should be a given since I love cats & Halloween's my favorite holiday, lol.

    So I've now sat, read & drooled over your entire blog!…I've never done that before, never read through anyone's whole blog, wow…

    You've inspired me so much I can't wait till I can get back to baking again, there's soooo many yummy things from your blog I'm dying to try out!!

  11. Wow! Love your spider cupcakes. Are the eyes M&M's?

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  13. Those are great Halloween cupcakes! My favorite is the spider.

  14. ok first of all I am new to your blog and it’s amazing. I am definitely going to get into baking trouble this holiday season (and I thank you for that!)

    I am throwing a cocktails and treats halloween party and these are P E R F E C T for it. thanks so much, I can’t wait to get going!

  15. wish I lived in your house and enjoyed these treats all of the time…you are an inspiration!!!

  16. These are too cute. I love these! I definitely have to make these for my best friend’s halloween party. Wonderful!

  17. Oh yeah, are they mini or regular sized cupcakes? Do you have a recipe?

  18. I love the purple one :D it’s cute, yet very ugly :D

  19. I love! cant wait to try these for our Fall festival.. So creative!

  20. So awesome, love the more simple pumpkin – so cute, but really love your spider cupcake!

  21. My friend wants to open a cupcake shop with me, and I think these cute cupcakes would be at the top of our list… they’re adorable!

  22. I love how you draw the cupcakes out first! They are way too cute!

  23. i love these little cupcakes i wish i knew how to do that i am only 14 years old but i will lear one day.

    How do you make the decorations???

  24. Morgan – Both. I don’t have the recipe. This was before I started doing in depth posts.

  25. these r soo cute i wish i was that talented

  26. Those are the best halloween cupcakes I’ve seen so far! Gorgeous!

  27. those cupcakes look soo fun and yummy!!!….Thanks for the great ideas!!!…i love to bake…i will to decorate my halloween cupcakes for my church class like yours…i love them!!

  28. I just found your website. I love all of your ideas. My 15 year old daughter and I love to cook and create. This is our new favorite website!! We are definitely going to try some of your ideas and inspirations.

  29. Such fun- love the mini’s!!! The skull and bones and the “Boo” written out is spook-tacular!

    Have you seen these as well? http://bellacupcakecouture.blogspot.com/2009/10/momlogic-halloween-cupcake-favorites.html

  30. I love your cupcakes! I made the spider cupcakes for Halloween and they were a big hit. But why only 6 legs???

  31. I love your cupcakes! I made the spider cupcakes for Halloween and they were a big hit. But why only 6 legs???

  32. very creative should be on CUPCAKE WARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Brilliant! I’m gonna try some of these out. They look great!

  34. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. We LOVE your cupcakes. We used yours as inspiration to make our own last night for my son’s preschool party. You had some great ideas, thanks for sharing them!

  36. I made the spider cupcakes last night – they were a huge hit!! Thanks! http://houseofestrogen.typepad.com/house_of_estrogen/2010/10/creepy-crawlies.html

  37. ooooh…. scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that’s very FUN
    i like them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great job


  38. me encantaron!!!

  39. pretty good if you ask me

  40. Your creative ideas really inspired me for halloween.

  41. These look incredible! I will definitely make a few designs for my party. One thing I’d like to know is how can I make black frosting?

  42. these are adorable! i am going to try these soon!

  43. those look relly good i like your dog

  44. What did you use for the ghost – i can’t make out what the white icing is?

  45. the cupcakes you make are soo delicous!

  46. omg soooooooooo cool

  47. i love all of them!!! ur cupcakes are really awsome. hope 1 day ill make it like that. =)

  48. I have a little boy who’s birthday is the 27th so I always have to make treats for school usually halloween related since usually the party for that is also on or near his birthday without ur cupcakes I would of been out of ideas for simple cool treats! Thanks soo much!!

  49. wow… i love it, all of them, but I have a question…

    how you made the legs of the spider???

    i hope that you can answer my question, because i want to do it for halloween party.

  50. Where did you find the black licorice for the spider legs??

  51. Love your cupcakes will definitely try making the spiders BUT… they have eight legs! Otherwise delightful, keep up the good work!

  52. I have never before wished to eat a spider, until now. Love the spider cupcakes the most. Will definately make them for the kids at our next halloween. Yes! Halloween is a big thing here in New Zealand as well.

  53. SO CREATIVE!!!

  54. Hi,
    Alejandra bostho said the cupcakes you make are soo

  55. i loved ur cupcaes. i tried to make it but couldnt o so. ur cupcakes r awesome

  56. I love ur cupcakes there so cool

  57. Hi Bakerella!
    These spider cupcakes are so fun and I’m planing on baking something like them for my boyfriends birthday, but I was wondering…. How are the liqourice attached? Do you stick it in the frosting or in the cupcake itself?

    Thanks xoxo

  58. Hi Britta – you’ll need to push them into the cupcake as well. The frosting won’t be enough to hold them.

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