My niece bakes too!

My six year old niece is turning out to be quite the little baker. She was so excited to decorate these for Halloween. She even made me stay out of the kitchen until she was finished so she could surprise me.

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19 comments on “My niece bakes too!”

  1. there soo cute and creative my little sister loves baking aswell

  2. 12. My mum says that as long as I clean up, I can be as creative as I like. These are so cute…My little cousins sometimes bake with me. The results are always very funny:)

  3. I’m 9 too but i am not allowed to experiment in the kitchen its a real treat when I’m allowed to make a cake pop.

  4. I’m 9 and I’m a little baker too! My dad calls me “Lil’ cheffy!”

  5. How cute! When I bake in the kitchen, my lil cousins always<3 to help me..5 yrs. old and 11yrs.old..a little young, but we bake yummy and cool treats! Hahaha

  6. aw she must be so sweet, love your work still. I am going to make some cake pops this Thursday and bring them into my class for my friends, they will love them!

  7. aw she must be so sweet, love your work still. I am going to make some cake pops this Thursday and bring them into my school for my 11th birthday, my friends will love them!

  8. Do you do catering in the Memphis area or is there someone you would recommend?

  9. aaaaw so cute!

  10. Hi Bakerella!

    I live in the isolated Top End of Australia and have grown up baking all sorts of yummy things in the kitchen that we couldn’t buy where we live.
    In recent years my love of baking has turned towards cupcakes and while trawling the internet looking at all the wonderful things that people the world over have baked and decorated (and eaten!) I came across your site. I just finished reading all of your posts over the last week and now I’ll have to subscribe so I can keep reading them.

    I love your work and your style and the wonderful way you talk to us through your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I can’t belive this is your first post. Baking all the way!

  12. wow your very first post. cute.

  13. Hi Bakerella,
    I know this is an old post, it’s the oldest post tracked on the site, but is it really your first? I just was curious, I love your blog!

  14. Bakerella, these are cute! What did your niece use to decorate them? Thanks!

  15. I don’t teach any classes yet, but I hope you can learn along with me on the site.

  16. whew! I just discovered your blog this weekend and have officially read EVERY single post of yours.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!! I am going to try my hands at cup cake decorating soon :) You have inspired me!

    I didn’t see any hint as to where in GA you are, but I live here too, and was curious if you teach classes. Or if you’d adopt me as a piece of art on your wall so I can watch you at work. Just kidding. Sort of.

    Anyways, thanks for the wonderful reading you’ve provided me over the past few days. You definitely left me hungry and with a huge chocolate craving. :)

  17. precioso

  18. Thanks kiki! She had fun doing it!

  19. she did a wonderful job :)

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