Happy Halloweenie!

Sparky Cake Pops

Halloween is just a few days away, but I want to share one more cake pop creation with you guys. I made these Sparky pops for Disney’s new website Spoonful. They’re inspired by Disney’s stop-motion 3D animated film, Frankenweenie from Tim Burton that opened earlier this month. If you haven’t seen the movie, Sparky is brought back to life by his young owner Victor after a car accident resulting in monstrous consequences.



I loved the idea of making these cake pops in shades of gray since the movie was filmed in black and white. And I’m so happy with how they came out. It’s neat how these are all full color photos, but you can’t really tell since the candy coating is gray and the candies are black and white, too.

Making Sparky

A lot of times I’ll take on a character, but I don’t really know what it will end up looking like until I find the right candies to make the features. You can always use fondant to make features if you want, but using candies to help create the characters is more fun and challenging to me. It really is amazing all the creative possibilities a candy or sprinkle has.


And of course, edible ink pens come in handy too. Especially for dotting eyes and drawing all of Sparky’s stitches.

Black Sugar Pearls

Proportion is key to recreating a character in cake pops. And something as simple as a black sugar pearl may be all you need for just the right touch.

Silver Jimmies

And silver jimmies… ?

Frankenweenie Cake Pops

How about bolts – they go great with the black and white theme, too.

Sparky’s stare even looks kinda spooky.


Sparky! You are too cute… and it’s too bad I’m going to eat you.

Sparky Cake Pops

Awe, poor Sparky. Can’t catch a break. But he sure is tasty.

Here are the full instructions on Disney’s website Spoonful so you can make your own.


Have a Happy Halloweenie!

And here are more Disney Projects I’ve worked on for their website.

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  1. Oh you ROCKED that one! LOVE the green cake! LOL! I saw the short of this years ago and loved it- I can’t wait to see how he’s turned it into a full-length movie.

  2. Frighteningly AMAZING! Love the green innards! : D

  3. These turned out awesome, Angie! I would have never thought that these were ‘color’ photos! So impressive that you achieved this ‘black and white’ photo look with all the candies and candy coating. Now I just have to go see this cute movie!

  4. Brilliant!!

  5. These look fantastic, as usual! So impressed!

  6. Super cute!! They look amazingly spooky!!

  7. Amazing, as always!!! Love them Angie :)

  8. Thanks guys!

    Heather – I know. I made sure to bite into one for a photo because it was so hard to tell.

    Linsey – you’re right. I think it’s the eyes. They won’t stop staring at me.

  9. Mind is blown. The green cake is a great touch, too.

  10. Awesome! Love that the cake is green, what a perfect touch.

  11. Oh wow, I love these so much!

  12. Awww! So adorable. And spot-on to the cartoon too. And like everyone else, I love the bright green colour of the actual cake, that’s an awesome touch.

  13. You are Amazing! I love everything you do, sooo cute!

  14. I… am impressed! Seriously, these are great!

  15. Super! I love the touch of green.

  16. They are so cute! Can’t wait to see the movie as well.

  17. They look amazing!! the green sponge is just the perfect touch!

  18. Love these and the pictures are incredible!!!!

  19. Awsome. Great work! :-)

  20. Angie, these are so daw-gone CUTE! Great job, both artistically and gastronomically (and I agree 100% about using candies vs fondant).

  21. Thank you for sharing! You are amazing at best. It’s always a treat to see your new posts.

  22. this is so great! Now I wan t to see that movie!

  23. Bakerella, are you KIDDING me? I just came to your website and let out a huge shreak of AMAZEMENT when I saw these. Like – these are PERFECT. Just….. W O W lady. Amazing. I think this tops everything you’ve done so far.

  24. Wow they are amazing!

  25. OMG !! I’m a huge Time Burton fan and these popcakes are just perfection!!! you are so talented!!

  26. Absolutely perfect, Angie!!! We enjoyed the movie too!

  27. I love all of your cake pops…but when will you be making other recipes again??

  28. These are incredible! He looks like he popped (haha, no pun intended but that ended up being perfect) right out of the movie! :)

  29. I love it, you always make them look perfect!

  30. So cute! I just love his little nose! :-)

  31. You are truly an artist, Angie!!! Love the grey…and then that POP of green inside! Perfect!

  32. Bakerella, you are an amazing and very talented woman. These are so adorable! Thanks for all of your creations!

  33. It’s amazing. I love it.

  34. Stunning! Another amazing creation – he’s adorable and spooktacular at the same time. Love!

  35. Too cute! I love that! Too yummy too! Why are all my sentances I’m typing, FRAGMENTS?!

  36. You are SOOOOOO talented!! Disney is lucky to have you! Green cake inside- perfect!

  37. You are AMAZING! I would love to just sit and watch you create these masterpieces:)

  38. wow the black and white really came out great! i esp like the shadowing around the eyes and mouth! you’re amazing bakerella!

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  40. You are AMAZING!!!

  41. these cake pops are so cute!!!! love them!!!!

  42. You. Are. AMAZING!!!

  43. My 9 yr old son just saw these and said “they really should be called Cakenweenie” :)


  45. Sweet Spooky Sparky! Amaze-balls! You are officially Queen Bakerella!

  46. Super cute – and I have discovered the Spoonful website into the bargain too – thank you!!

  47. amazing!!! soo cute!!!

  48. The green cake was the perfect touch! You made Frankenweenie so ghoulish and cool!

  49. This is PERFECT. This weekend I was making green cake to make some cupcakes inspired by your Frankenweenie cake from a while ago. But on one batch I tried to use a caterpillar pan (that really wasn’t made for cakes but I was crossing my fingers it would work), and on the next batch I somehow forgot to put cupcake liners in. So I only actually had my third batch turn out correctly, and I have a bunch of green cake in the freezer that I can’t use for cupcakes! I’ve never made cakeballs but I figured that’s what I’d have to do with it all….then lo and behold, today I open my google reader and this post pops up. Serendipitous!

  50. Oh my gosh, these are dead on and CREEPY. I think it has to do with the shading around the eyes…Stop staring at me like that, Sparky!

  51. oh my, this is amazing how it totally looks like b&w photography. i think the bright green cake is perfect!

  52. Bahaha so creepy and cute :D

  53. Oh my gosh, loved this!! Can’t wait to see this movie..you did such a great job on these!!

  54. they look so cool im going to make some
    you can text for free at

  55. Hey, Angie… how did you get the shading around his eyes? Did you use your edible marker ink?

  56. Sparky cake pops!!! He is so adorable, I just LOVE these!

  57. I LOVE these cake pops! I totally want to go see the movie now… and pull out my cake pop supplies so I can try some myself. What fun!

  58. You surprise me every time with these! Each time I think you’ve made the absolute most creative, amazing thing ever and then the very next week… you give me something even cooler!

  59. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love the grey it looks so ‘black & white’. And I love the green on the inside. (brilliant in so many ways) And I love that you can create this magic that is a cake pop!

  60. There´s no much to say, you do awesome things everytime!!!! I admire you!!!! Hugs and keep doing this amazing this for us to enjoy :)

  61. OT, but I was at Trader Joes recently, and I saw chocolate bars with Speculoos filling :D really good :D

  62. These are so perfect! As adorable as all your creations!!

  63. These are awesome. There were so many terrific Halloween inspired movies out this summer to fall and so far I have missed all of them! But my husband insists on going to see Wreck it Ralph this weekend, so at least I’ll see one animated movie this fall.

  64. These are perfect for Halloween and so eye catching. Its amazing what you can do with sprinkles and icing, you have so much creativity.

  65. I love them, so cute, you really knocked it outta the park with these!

  66. Adorable! My little cousins would LOVE those! :) Your so creative bakerella! You truly inspire me! <3

  67. *You’re

  68. i think this cake pops have so much character! it’s kinda scaryy hahaha.. i always love cake pops! :)

  69. You absolutely blow my mind. You are the queen, the master of cakepops. It’s like you have magical powers. The cake pop sticks must be your wands.

  70. These are SUPER – home run on these! :)

  71. those are adorable! I -might- have bought my dog a frankenweenie costume.

  72. Oh my gosh! I am a monstrous Tim Burton fan–completely an addict. I love these pops. Thanks for your creativity!

  73. This is so cute. I love the green cake inside. It makes me want to watch that movie.

  74. These are BEYOND amazing! One of the best you have ever done, I think!

  75. Bakerella, why not some star wars cake pops??

  76. Genius! I can’t get over how cute these are!

  77. Wow, amazing.. You’re an artist :)

  78. These are dead on! Sorry for the pun…They are really cute though!!

  79. I freaking love these!! Seriously, just looking at them makes me so happy. You did an amazing job, Bakerella!!

  80. You truly are an artist! I love catching up with your blog each week, it just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing your talents =).

  81. Just adorable! Love that they are green inside..what a fun surprise!

  82. they are super cute! i love how they are green inside! it matches the green touches in the actual movie

  83. how did you do the cool shading around the eyes? they seem so real (well as real as a cartoon can look……) they could be in the movie!

  84. Hi I’m from Spain and I just found your web. Amazing!!! Do you know if the books are translated on spanish version? I can English but not so perfect!! :) many thanks

  85. Adorable. They look amazing.

  86. Wow, these are amazing! How long does it normally take you to make one detailed cakepop?

  87. dear bakerella,

    I love your site and I just wanted to let you know that some of your images are being used by a famous weekly magazine in Tokyo, with no credit or links. I’ve already sent them an email about it, but I thought you should check:

  88. Awwww…such super cute/creepy pops! The green underneath is so striking, too.

    I just got ahold of your new Christmas pops book. The projects are all so darling and perfect!

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  90. OMG…those are absolutely amazing and adorable!!! I am wondering what a ‘sixlet’ is and where can I find some? You don’t have it on your list of items needed on the ‘how to make’ link.

    Thanks so much Angie…you are amazing as usual!!

  91. These are to cute! Your blog and your ideas are amazing! I love to bake and can’t wait to try these. I would love if you would link your ideas up to my SPARK party.
    Hope to see you there!

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