I have a problem.

Sheep Cake Pops

I can’t stop making these pops.

Every time I finish making a batch, I tell myself that’s it. No more. I’m done. And, then the next thing I know, I’m buying more lollipop sticks. You know, just in case. The funny thing is, I have several bags of lollipop sticks. I buy them every time I see them. And in different sizes. I don’t do this with the other supplies, just the sticks. It’s weird. I can’t explain it. I guess I’m afraid there will be a stick shortage or something.

But, don’t worry, these are the last of the Easter Cake Pops. Promise. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

To decorate the sheep, I used some…
Sugar Pearls
Itty Bitty Heart Sprinkles

Mini Heart Sprinkles

Teeniny tiny. But HUGE cuteness factor.

Sheep Cake Pops

Sugar pearls for the body and tiny hearts for the noses. The ears are brown rainbow chip sprinkles and the eyes are melted candy coating dotted on with a toothpick.

Licorice Bridge Mix

I also used this candy mix (called Licorice Bridge Mix) that I found at the Fresh Market. The buttons were for the head and the pastels, cut in half, were for the legs.

Sheep Cake Pops

All in all… super cute. And also, super crunchy. I had never eaten sugar pearls before and thought they were too high on the crunch to cake ratio for me. But, if you like crunchy cake, you’re set.

Now, if you don’t like crunchy cake, then you might want to try these instead.

Bunny Cake Pops

So, I lied. These are the last of the Easter Cake Pops.

Little bunny bodies. I about ran out of steam on these. I think you can tell by the effort I put into their faces. But, that’s okay, because their bottoms are so cute.

Bunny Bottoms

Little bunny bottoms! Can you stand it? You want to bite them, don’t you?

Want to make some? Read the basic cake pop instructions first and then use the decorating tips below for the bunnies and sheep.

Sheep Cake Pops

White Candy Melts
Sugar pearls
Licorice Bridge Mix (buttons for heads and pastels cut in half for legs)
Tiny Heart Sprinkles (noses)
Rainbow Chip Sprinkles (ears)
Paper Lollipop Sticks
Styrofoam Block

  • Shape the cake mixture into an oval shape. Chill until firm.
  • Dip a lollipop stick in a little of the white chocolate and insert into the body almost halfway.
  • Then dip the sheep body in a bowl of melted white candy coating. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to dip and remove easily.
  • Tap off any excess coating.
  • When you make these, it’s best if the candy coating has set out for a few minutes after being heated. Because when you remove the pop from the coating, you will want to go ahead and attach the head, then the feet and then sprinkle on the sugar pearls. It’s really a timing thing. If it’s too hot, the adornments will slide off and if it has cooled too long, the chocolate will set before you can finish attaching everything. But not to worry, if that happens, then reheat the coating and use it as a glue to attach things.

Note: sprinkle the sugar pearls over a big bowl because these little guys are hard to catch. I’m still finding them in odd places.

Bunny Cake Pops

White Candy Melts
Tic Tac CHILL mints (ears)
Tiny heart sprinkles (noses)
Mini marshmallows (tails)
Pink and blue edible ink pens
Styrofoam Block

  • Shape the cake mixture into an oval shape. Chill until firm.
  • Dip a lollipop stick in a little of the white chocolate and insert into the body almost halfway.
  • Then dip the bunny body in a bowl of melted white candy coating. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to dip and remove easily.
  • Tap off any excess coating.
  • Insert the tic tac CHILLS in place for the ears. Don’t push too far in or they might crack later. Let dry.
  • For the tails, use a knife and make criss-crossing indentions on a mini marshmallow. Don’t cut through, just enough to give a cottontail effect. Attach the tails with melted candy coating and let dry.
  • Use a toothpick to place a dot of candy coating for the nose and attach a tiny heart sprinkle.
  • Draw on the faces.
  • Bite their bottoms.

Note: The tic tacs worked for the size, but feel free to try something else with a less minty surprise.

Happy Easter Cake Pops

And now, I’m outta here. I need to go buy more sticks. You know, just in case.

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  1. These are ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! just!! aaarrghh!!! heaven!

  3. (R) hibbie!

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeee how cute they look! <3

  5. They'll last for several days.

  6. Hi Bakerella, thanks for the wonderful idea! I'm going to make these for my daughter's 2nd birthday, the theme is "sheep." I was just wondering how long these would keep, meaning how much in advance can I make these? Thank you, Addie

  7. These are fantastic!!!! I tried making some of your cake pops last week. I was told by everyone they were delicious but I am yet to master the look!!! :( Maybe my Wilton melts were not melted enough?!?! I can't wait to have another go!!! I am a new blogger long time baker and absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!!

  8. i told my mom the other day that you are a pop star!!!! i love to see what you make next its always cute!!

  9. It’s like chocolate or almond bark if you have heard of that. It’s basically just chocolate that’s already tempered.

    You can also get the colored ones in vanilla flavor.

  10. I am seriously fascinated with the coloured candy coating I keep hearing about! I haven’t heard of it before found you’re site, I’m from New Zealand, we don’t have fancy things for making candy here, we only just got Reese’s! Anyway, I really want to try your cake pops and I’m not sure what to use for the coating, is it crunchy? Or soft? Is it just like normal icing?
    Btw I LOVE your site, it actually encourages me to go to work in the morning hehe

  11. MissToni –

    You can do just the heads. take a look at this cow and imagine him in pink.

  12. I was thinking of doing a barnyard animals theme for a dessert to be auctioned off at the annual Build a Barn Auction/Fundraiser in my hometown.

    I would love to include some little piggies but I can’t figure out a way to make a curly tail! And what’s a pig without that tail!?

    Any ideas??

  13. If I were you I don’t think I could stop making them either. You make them so cute!

  14. You should look on the site. I’ve done those.

  15. I loved making these with one of my friends. Thanks for the inspiration that you send out to all of us stay at home moms. My twin 4 year olds loved them along with all my neices and nephews. And of course my siblings loved them too! You are a genius!
    I already have more planned for
    4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas

  16. Andrea – try making them a little smaller next time and use less frosting to mix with your cake.
    Oh and welcome!

    sweetartist – don’t hurt yourself.

  17. THOSE ARE AWESOME. *falls off chair*

  18. I made the Egg pops fo my daughters pre-k class the kids(and parents) went crazy over them. Thank you so much for sharing. It was so much more than just a cupcake!

  19. Oh my goodness! These are ADORABLE! Wow! I wish I had the time and energy to do those! Thanks for your awesome site!

  20. I don’t bake but I love your blog!
    I love to see what you have made and I love that you share everything. You rock the house with baking creativity!

  21. I made the bunny & chick pops and the chick cake balls for Easter! They were a big hit with everyone! Thanks for your wonderful ideas…I just love them!

  22. Bakerella I am new to your blog and quite overwhelmed at how creative and talented you are! I made the easter basket cupcakes and I tried the chick pops for Easter (everyone liked them but they were so not as cute as yours!) The cake pop filling was more like truffles than cake, do you think there was too much frosting? Also, I had trouble with the pops falling off the sticks because of their weight–do you have sugestions on that? You do great work and now I am addicted to your blog for ideas! (And I never followed a blog before!) Thanks for sharing!

  23. we made these cupcakes based off of your recipe, thanks bakarella!

  24. Baking Monster – cute. maybe I’ll do those next year.

    Cocoa and Coffee – thanks

    flamingcat – use the vanilla candy melts. the white ones at hobby lobby. just check the packages on the back.

    Karisa Lynn – too much trouble. I did make ice cream bon bons though. But I haven’t done it so they look pretty. Just ice cream covered in the chocolate.

  25. I absolutely love your blog and thank you for your cake bite recipe! I’ve been making them like crazy and people LOVE them!!

    Question – have you have considered putting ice cream in the middle of the cake bites? I’ve been given that request…but I’m not sure about it. What do you think? Please email me at

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!


  26. These are sooo cute and I want to try making some! But, um… I have what might be a very stupid question. Feel free to laugh at me if it is, for I am so, so noob at this – are those ‘candy melts’ considered chocolate? I have a friend who is allergic to chocolate, so I was thinking of making some vanilla cake/icing ones, but if the candy coating is chocolate, I can’t figure out what else I could use… then again if I can’t make them without chocolate I guess I’ll just have to make them WITH and then NOT SHARE. Oh darn! :P

  27. Bakerella! Love you and your super cute projects!! We made the easter pops today – check them out

    Nikki – the cracking is probably because the cold cake/frosting needs to expand, and if there is no where to expand, it will crack the chocolate coating. We solved this problem by not completely coating the pops – leave a little ring of cake peeking through by the lollipop stick and any expansion will happen there, leaving your coating nice and smooth :)

    Good luck!

  28. Hey check out my carrot cake pops at my blog!you inspired me!

  29. Carey – Here you go

    Nikki – Yay! cuteness. I’m going to be investigating the cracking issue.

  30. So cute! We just finished making the chick, eggs and bunny pops. What a mess but oh so cute! My girls had fun! We did have a few issues, but nothing major. Why does my candy coating keep cracking?

  31. Absolutely adorable..i am wondering do you make the cake balls?

  32. Katelyna – If you made pink elephants. You could try the strawberry sour punch straws for the trunk. And use the actual pink candy melts for the ears. Actually, that sounds pretty cute. may have to try.

    mrs.deane – have fun

    momaof4 – oh my. my heart goes out to him. I so hope you can brighten his day.

    Lauren – how about just the cupcake pops in the wedding colors.

  33. Any suggestions for a wedding themed cake-pop? I was thinking of making these for my rehearsal dinner for dessert or for a bridal shower that I’m hosting. I made the chicks/bunnies/eggs and they are adorable! Thank you so much!

  34. These are WAY cuter than the little lamb/sheep I’m trying to crochet for my daughter for her First Communion…that she asked me to make! Oh, had I seen your idea a while ago, I may have talked her into this creation. Well, if my crocheted stuffed lamb/sheep is a flop, I’ll keep this in mind!

    Thanks for the creative idea!

  35. Oh. Huge cuteness factor for real. You are SO right!
    : )

  36. You have got to be the most creative person! I can’t believe how cute all your cake pops are! Not to mention they are delicious! I love the sheep! I would never think to make something like that!

  37. these lil lambs are soooo darn cute!!

  38. I had to leave a comment about your peeps. They gave me an idea for a little boy in our life. He is dying of cancer right now and loves those little guys. (not into all the names) But I just had to say thanks for the idea. Praying I get them made up and he will enjoy them this weekend.

    Love all your ideas!!!

  39. I must leave a comment and NAME those Pokemon (even though that wasn't really the request) – because my eight year old son is sitting here and will not allow me to let them go unnamed. Of course we were too late to actually enter this contest and win a new DSi… Rats! Or, rodent types! Ha ha.

    From left to right

    & finally LUCARIO

    So, closure has been made.

    And now we're off to buy some yellow bunny peeps and food markers. Funtastic afternoon planned, so thanks :O)

  40. Oh my gosh, these are fabulous! I wish we weren’t flying out tonight – now I want to do crazy things with cake pops. You’re an instigator :)

  41. So my theme for my baby shower is elephants….do you have any suggestions on how to turn cake balls into ellies?

  42. Oh My Gawd–You are Brilliant!
    I bow before your incredible creativity! And I will die if I don’t eat one of those fat little Pikachu’s soon. He was my son’s favorite back in the days of Pokemon.

    But the sheep–there are no words for how cute those are! You set the bar too high, you know it?

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us!!

  43. I an not get over how cute these are!

  44. These are really cute!!! You should set up a stand somewhere and sell these ;)

  45. I love the sheep! I’m not a fan of crunchy cake, but those are ridiculously cute.

  46. leah – in an airtight container for several days or wrapped in treat bags

    Huke, Lollie, and Gracie! – yep, but they need to be packaged carefully

    Vanessa – if you use white chocolate you may need to add shortening to thin it out. And to color, make sure you use special candy coloring. It can’t contain water.

    crystalmaness – I wouldn’t freeze the cake balls, because they should be firm, not frozen when dipped. It can cause problems. But I have frozen finished ones and you can keep them in the fridge overnight before dipping. When coated they last for several days.

    Marina – that sounds fun.

    Maggie – tint coconut different colors to enhance the pinata effect. You might want to make an easy shape though

    sydney85 – it’s all in the tapping.

    carrie r. – I sure did. thanks for noticing. It took forever.

    Dallas from Bitchin’ Lifestyle – but they are so easy

    Heather – what about junior mints. Dark brown.

    Alison –

    chocolate – chocolate frosting
    chocolate – vanilla frosting
    chocolate – cream cheese frosting
    strawberry – vanilla frosting
    strawberry – cream cheese frosting

  47. You had me at the super cute cake pop chicks but, the sheep are beyond sweet! I wish I had even a tiny bit of your talent.


    Bakerella, I love you and your ideas. I look forward to every morning when I wake up and look at your blog. I do have a question regarding making the pops. If you use chocolate cake do you use chocolate icing? What icing did you use for the strawberry cake in the bunny pops?

    Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Sincerely, Alison


    Bakerella, I love you and your ideas. I look forward to every morning when I wake up and look at your blog. I do have a question regarding making the pops. If you use chocolate cake do you use chocolate icing? What icing did you use for the strawberry cake in the bunny pops?

    Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Sincerely, Alison

  50. I can`t find fiiiindddd black candy for sheep faces :(

  51. Somebody made your bunny and chick cake pops for an Easter party this past weekend and I walked in and said “Oh, are those cake pops?” and she said “Yeah! Do you follow Bakerella too!?!” It was so funny!!
    (They were adorable in real life too, btw!)
    Oh, and my favorite Easter candy is easily Cadbury eggs. The originals, if you please!! Chocolate and caramel and such are acceptable but not ideal. ;-)

  52. perfect for our upcoming family easter party. Thanks again.

  53. Eres increible!!! llevo mas de dos horas con tu blog y no me canso de mirarlo, estoy alucinada! eso si, me encantaria que estuviera tambeine escrito en español… para pode entender bien todas las cosas que dices…
    Eres fantastica y tu blog genial!!!

  54. Please come to my birthday party and make me Peepachus!

  55. These are so stinkin’ adorable!!

  56. I just want to know how you wrote “SUGAR PEARLS” and “TINY HEARTS”… did you actually do that?

  57. Genius. Seriously – I don’t know how you come up with this stuff, but I am just so happy you do! The sheep are adorable. Totally made me smile. :)

  58. You are my hero and I sooooooooo want to be you when I “grow up!” Your stuff rocks!

  59. I have to say Bakerella, you are amazing! I applaud you and worship you and think you are the MOST talented and creative person I have never met!

    After seeing your blog and these little cuties, I attempted to make these this weekend. It was near to impossible! The size was all wrong, they were grossly mishapen, the coating was either too thick or too thin, I lost my patience, my cake rolls wouldn’t roll correctly, I made a huge mess, and in the end, my husband and son both preferred the crumbled cake mix and icing glop that I was going to throw away after trying for hours. I ended up with 28 of the ugliest pops you have ever seen in your life!

    I have great respect for you and worship the master!. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so just know that I attempted and failed! You are one of a kind!.

  60. soooo cute :)

  61. You just crack me up with the whole bunny bottom thing! LOL! I’m dying to make some of your Easter pops. I can’t pick just one so I haven’t gone shopping yet. You are so creative!

  62. You are so incredibly talented. I am still having problems with getting the smoothness of the cakepops. Any tricks. I have read all your comments and now I feel obsessed until I make them perfect. I obviously need more directions. Please help

  63. I know you said you were done making them for now…but I need your help!

    I’m thinking of making cupcake pops for a Mexican themed party I’m throwing in 3 weeks. I was thinking of dipping each one in 3 or 4 colors to look pinata-ish, but I thought maybe you might have a different idea. Help?

  64. Ok, I gotta tell ya…These are the most addictive little things to make EVER!! they are so cute no matter what the heck you do with them!!! Thank you THANk YOU for such a fun endless idea!!

  65. OMG, everytime I check your blog the cuteyness is more intense than the last. I can hardly stand it. And I absolutely do want to nibble those bunny tushies! (Uh…never thought I’d say that!)

  66. These have to be my favourite so far! You are so incredibly talented…The sheep are amazing…thank you for sharing with all of us.

  67. Oh my goodness, those sheep totally rock! I would never have thought of it. I just told two of my neighbors that we were going to hold a cake pop party so we can all practice together. Maybe we can harness our inner bakerellas!

  68. You really are the MASTER! Keep it up!!

  69. Now I have a problem…I don’t know which ones I want to make for Easter. I am in love with your handiwork…you are incredible! Keep up the wonderful, amazing work!

  70. I came across your site via the Wilton forum. OMG!! You are ever so inspiring! I am going to attempt some simple ones for a gal for her birthday this week. I can only hope that mine come out half as good as yours! Please don’t stop! Wondering what you will come up with for the 4th of July! A real pop explosion of some sort! Or Mother’s day and Father’s day! YOU GO GIRL! The pressure is on! LOL!

  71. I LOVE the Sheep!! You are so creative!

  72. The sheep are adorable. I think they’re the cutest pops yet. Keep buying sticks!

  73. Well now I know what I’m contributing to our Easter celebration! These are adorable!

  74. i follow your funny blog and your delicious baking foods :) and i want to eat them but i m so far away from you :(

  75. gorgeous. just gorgeous. your blog is my new obsession.

  76. Cutest things EVER.

  77. You are so amazing, Bakerella! I love all the Easter designs! I can’t wait to try these this week!

  78. Un believable :-)

  79. Oh.
    The lambs are a total hoot! You are brilliant!

  80. You’re a genius. What can I say…

  81. OH MY GOODNESS the cuteness just keeps coming!

  82. Can you just teach a class already?? These are insanely cute!!!

  83. OH. MY. GOD.
    You need to sell these ASAP. Those sheep? I NEED THEM, and I will never be able to pull off that level of adorableness. Fantastic!

  84. All your cake pops are adorable, but I think I like the easter ones the best – guess it is because I am waiting for spring and bright colors and sunshine!

    Great job.

  85. Oh for goodness sake, like I need another obsession! How adorable are these???!!!! Off to the store to buy supplies! Thanks for sharing the cuteness :)

  86. I’m glad you’re obsessed with these things…. i can’t wait to make some!!! SO ADORABLE!!! ?

  87. I thought you’d make some Peeps shaped ones with sanding sugar, for sure! The sheep are adorable.

  88. Please don’ stop! It’s so good to come on your blog to see your creation. It’s amazing!

  89. OMG! those are SO adorable! I wouldn’t be able to bear to eat them! you’re a genius!

  90. How long in advance can these be made? could you make the “cake balls” and freeze them to keep longer (without the candy melt coating)? thanks, crystal

  91. I would love to make these,and the chicks, well everything! but candy melts are not available where I live (yes, Costa Rica is a Paradise, but some things are just impossible to find!) so, I was thinking of things I could use to sunstitute that. Maybe white chocolate (tinted if needed) or poured fondant? What do you think? Please let me know, I sure want to make this!

  92. I absolutely love to see all of your cake pop creations, so please don’t stop. Those sheep are too cute for words, but the chicks you showed a few posts ago are the cutest things I ever saw!!!
    I love your blog. You have the most incredible ideas.

  93. Hi Bakerella! I’ve loved following your pow-wow with P-Dub over the past few weeks, and totally love your creativity! My girls and I tried out cake pops today, keeping it simple of course, as we are complete novices! But I had a go at blogging it all like you and PW do, and had a lot of fun. If you have time, I’d love for you to stop by and see what we’ve accomplished!
    Love yer werk!

  94. Aaaaw, these pops are sooo cute!

  95. These are by far the cutest of the Easter pops. They look SO PERFECT!
    Cute, cute, cute!

  96. OMG! This are amazing! You now have me thinking of different things I can do with the pops and I am trying out ways to make them into flowers.

    You have to stop (not really) so I will!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  97. Love these! How do you store these and for how long?

  98. Have you ever mailed your pops?

    Do they ship okay and taste good after a couple of days?

  99. These are beyond cute. How do you store them? How long can you store them?

  100. wow!! you continue to amaze me with your new ideas. i love the little lambs. i think those are my favorite so far! thanks again for sharing your great ideas with us!

  101. I bow before your creativity! If you could come up with something wedding themed, that would be awesome, too. I’m cooking for a bridal shower next month. :o)

  102. Wowzers! You guys like these sheep a whole lot more than I thought you would. Thanks for leaving such awesome comments. It really makes me smile to read them all. I guess I'll have to keep making these pops, huh. Don't worry. I won't stop anytime soon. I have too many ideas.

    Also, those pearls are really hard on the teeth. Someone mentioned using coconut and that's probably a great alternative. I just don't like coconut. Yuck! Pleck!

    Jill – I show you guys how to make em.

    Ian – hint, well taken.

    Lisa Smiley – not sure.

    LaDue & Crew – it's in the dipping. Make sure you tap the excess coating off.

    Buckeroomama – I eat them and give them away.

    morgana – let me know if you need something.

    Elsja – I have happy friends.

    CupKate – Hey, that was almost my headline for the post.

    JeanneS – I wish I had help.

    Yvette Adams – Thanks … and me, family, friends. Whoever is closest at the time.

    Sweet.Hearts – Your balls should be chilled and firm when you dip in the chocolate and your chocolate should be pretty thin.
    And, yes, dip the stick in chocolate before inserting. You can refrigerate again if you want.

    jouj – I'm not sure what you mean.

    Ricki – I didn't do them one at at time – I sprinkled them on.

    Thompson 3 – ha – funny

    SimplySweeter – Yeahm those sugar pearls are way too hard.

    Marie – Will you make me one. I don't have a drill.

    Cheryl B. – I could, but I'm popped out.

    Julie – Don't be shy. Say hi anytime. Hope you didn't get in trouble at work.

    McTasty s- yep!

    Mindilina — thanks sheep

    kelli – thanks for the invite

  103. We are macake pops this week for my daughter’s birthday and Easter. I love the sheep! so cute. I can’t seem to find the pastel bunny ears that look like candy corn. We will have to improvise!

  104. Those sheep are THE cutiest thing I have ever seen! I literally gasped out loud when I saw them!

  105. those sheep are super cute!! oh my!!
    i like the whole body bunnies too(better than the face bunnies)! maybe use the ears and eyes from the face bunnies they would be better (since u said u dint do much with them)!

  106. Addicted or obsessed? I love it! Perhaps we should start a “Cake Pops Anonymous” group:) You’re off the charts with your creativity!

  107. LOVE the sheep…they are my favorite due to all that detail!

  108. I am going to make the eggs and add them to my chocolate class on Thurs. I am going to give you all the credit and refer to your blog.
    I also want to make them for family and friends who live far away. Have you ever mailed your cake pops before? I really want to. I think they would be okay.
    I love this blog!

  109. please keep buying those sticks so that you’ll keep making these! they are so cute!!! and I bet that they are quite tasty too.

  110. VERY CUTE!!!!

  111. I don’t always comment, but just wanted to “pop” in and say that you never cease to amaze me.

  112. How adorable!! maybe you should start selling these??

  113. How do you eat ALLLLLL those pops you make EVERYDAY?!?…really how????

  114. Will you never quit? I don’t know how you come up with all of these marvelous pops. They are too cute!

  115. I can see why you’re addicted to making them – at the very least they are just too adorable. I’d have to have them all around my house just to look at. Love them! And going to try to make some this weekend. Thanks!!

  116. i was just pointed to your site today by a friend and i’m in LOVE! i cannot wait to try my hand at those delicious sheep!

  117. I love looking at your site! My sister and I tried making the egg cake pops. They tasted great but ended up sliding off the lollipop sticks either while we were dipping them or afterwards. Any tips?

  118. If you little lamb cupcake pops are wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

  119. I made your cupcake pops for my daughter’s bridal shower. They were great and so delicious. I only had one problem, the sticks went right through the cupcake pops when they were standing in the styrofoam. What could I have done to fix this?

  120. Amazing! I absolutely love the sheep. I would love to see a photo of your pantry, with all the little bottles and jars and baggies of various sprinkles and candies. Your “collection” must be enormous! And delicious! ;)

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  121. Question anyone know how far ahead you can make these pops thinking of making them next wed for easter will they go bad if i do that?

  122. I love your cake pops! My daughter’s first birthday is coming up and her theme is going to be bears. I was wondering if you could make bears your next project? I have a few ideas of my own but would prefer it if an expert took over!

  123. You’re INCREDIBLE!!! My cake (perhaps multiples?) is going in the oven today. I just got back from buying more candy…our Canadian stores don’t carry all the neat things your’s do, so I may have to get creative!
    Will your cakepops last until next weekend?!?!?!
    Happy Easter!

  124. Adorable! I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it. Have you ever made cake pops for a baby shower? I would love to see how adorable you would make them. :)

  125. I just cried out “Ooooohhhhh” by seeing the first picture. Those are so freaking cute!!! My BF and I are planning on making the bunny’s, eggs and chicks but I know that if he sees these he’ll love them too! You’re very creative!

  126. OMGosh! The Cuteness Factor is killing me! Cuteness on a stick what more could one ask for? I want you to make some One Eyed Monsters now! Yeah, I probably could do it myself but living vicariously through your blog is way more fun since I’m not big on the whole “cooking” thing. :o)

  127. Oh my, so cute. Don’t ever stop. I love what you come up with. Thank you so much for sharing. Also, your photographs are great. I would love to hear sometime how you set up your cake pop photo shoots.

  128. Love, love, love the Easter pops! I am making the chicks (without sticks) this afternoon with my boys. Cake is all baked and ready to be mushed up.

  129. Love, love, love the Easter pops! Making the chicks this afternoon with my boys. I have the cake all baked and ready to mush up.

  130. Over the top adorable!! You have overdone it this time…these are to die for!! :)!!! Thanks for sharing such cuteness with us!

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  144. I made the regular cupcake pops today but it didnt come out like urs : ( mine just came out as a round blob instead of the cute indentations you get from your flower cutter. I used the second recommended cutter but it looked horrible. I got the melted chocolate from Michaels but they Just dont look like cupcakes! it barely even stands up….how do you make yours so flat on the bottom. I tried to flatten it on the cutting board but no luck…they are wobbly as can be. Everyone still ate it and said they were delish but I wish they were as cute as yours. I wonder what I’m doing wrong…

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    I’m from New Zealand(but live in MN) and the sheep…well they are just perfect.

    If I had an ounce of motivation I’d consider making them…

    until then, I just keep coming to your blog

    it’s porn for sugar addicts.

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    BTW: I found the bunny corn today at Fresh Market and got so excited I almost did a little victory dance right there in the store.
    Thanks for all your awesome ideas.

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    Love all of your stick creature!
    I have some of those pearls and most of those ingredients. I should try these.

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    You, my dearie, are an artist!

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    I am a real clutz at making cutey items think these pops.

    I must give it a go though!

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    How do you display them? I made the cupcakes and they are just stuck in a boring styrafoam block. I’d like something cute so I can put it out for a birthday party.

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    Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

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    and you are too…stick obsession! love that! i have some obsessions myself, so fun to hear yours so i feel more normal!

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    I love your last instruction for the bunny pops! I do want to bite them!

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