It’s National Cake Pops Day!

Happy February and Happy National Cake Pops Day, too! Whoohoo!

Or is it Cake Pop Day? It is in the photo above anyway. You know, so I could have POP centered in the card above … The S would have totally thrown off my graphic. : ) And I added International, too. Cake Pops bring smiles everywhere, right.

Can you believe it’s been five years today … five! … since I first posted these cupcake pops. Reading that post now makes me smile. I had no idea then of how incredibly popular they would become or that people all over the world would be making them. And if someone had told me then that I’d have books based on that little cupcake on a stick … or even better … a toy. Ha! I would have told them they were from crazy town. So I’m glad no one told me that because I might of sabotaged myself if I knew what was coming. But just letting things unfold and having fun making cake pops and sharing them with all of you has brought so much joy and amazingness in many more ways than I could have ever imagined. Plus, I love living in crazy town.

Anyway, last year I thought that February 1st as the anniversary, would be a sweet day to celebrate a treat that takes part in the celebrations of so many. So this year, I’m excited it’s also on Foodimentary’s calendar of national food holidays for February 1st. Yay!

Love Cake Pops?

  • Raise your hand if you’ve seen them at a party, or made them, or just eaten them.
  • Give yourself a shout out if you sell them or share them with others.
  • Say hi if you have. I love hearing how they’ve impacted lives in so many unexpected ways.

Below are a few of my pops from the last five years. I was trying to pick a favorite, but I don’t think I can anymore. The cupcake pops will always be nearest and dearest to my heart, but man those Garfield pops are too much. I didn’t even remember making them until I started looking back at some of my photos.

Anyway, I hope these brighten your day … and maybe give you a little smile, too.

  • And please, link up some of your own cake pops below. Who’s making Valentine Pops?
  • I’d love to see what you’ve been dipping and decorating and especially all of the countries you’ve been doing it from.

Hi… Hugs… and Happy Cake Popping!

xo Bakerella

Cake pops


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154 comments on “It’s National Cake Pops Day!”

  1. Happy anniversary!

  2. I wish you more power! Thanks for all the inspiration. Yayy! for Cake Pop Day!!! :)

  3. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Your cake pops and other sweets are creative and adorable. I look forward to every post that you put up. Happy Cake Pop Day! (in the east coast, it’s still the 31st in the west coast)

  4. Congratulations! And happy day to you for making your wildest dreams come true! Youre too much fun to read about! :)

  5. I’ve been making them sine August! I’m addicted. Still learning new techniques, but can’t wait to reach my potential

  6. I remember all of these!!! I’ve been following your blog since the early days- 06? 07? You used to be able to respond to every comment- but now due to the volume of course that’s nearly impossible. I’m so glad for all of your truly artistic creations and how much you have inspired so many people including myself- amazing!!!!

  7. Congratulations! You’ve inspired me in so many ways! Thanks for all your wonderfully creative ideas. Every Monday morning I wake up excited to see what you posted. Here’s to many more years of cake popping! xo

  8. Happy cake pop day! I live creating cake pops, and the more I make the better they start looking. Thank you for all the information you provide, because of you I started making them and now I am able to sell them. I would love to show some pictures but I see no link.


  9. Wow 5 years! I only learnt about them just over a year ago (via your wonderfully inspirational blog) but have been hooked ever since! Happy Cake Pop Day from Christchurch, New Zealand!

  10. woow! i cant believe its already five years and i havent made any of those treats yet! of course, the delay is due to lack of equipment in my country, :”(

  11. Happy anniversary! Your creativity is amazing and you are such an inspiration! I make cake pops often for birthdays, holidays, any excuse really :)

  12. I adore everything that you make! Thank you for all your inspirations!!/profile.php?id=213355788722915&__user=1065455080

  13. I just love making Cake Pop’s I have a page on Face book and you can have a look on there if you want It’s called K-Pop’s and the link is
    and Yes I’m doing ? ? Valentine’s Day ? ? K-Pop’s to hope you vist my page and please Leave a Comment


  14. Thank you guys!!!!

    jasmine – ha, I didn’t think about that.

    Sara – I started in Nov 07. I used to be able to respond to every single comment even when people didn’t have a question. I absolutely love reading them, but it is harder to keep up now. So glad you’ve enjoyed the blog so long.

    Joelle – thanks!

    Heydy – can you just copy and paste the URL of where you have them posted (blog? facebook?) . I don’t have a way for you to actually upload the photo here.

    Unicia – Yay New Zealand!

    bakerella#1teenfan – you can make basic ones with just cake, frosting and chocolate if you don’t have candy coating.

  15. Your work is amazing !!!! Thank you for your inspiration. ;)
    I love cake popping !!!!

  16. Heyyyy all the way from Scotland! It’s already February 1st here so HAPPY CAKE POP DAY! Omg I LOVE these wee things… Much more than just cake.

    I have started a small cake decorating group with some girls from the local high school, which kindly being funded by our local youth group and last night we made CAKE POPS!! How fitting! They all loved them!

    Thank you for sharing your creations with us!!

    Much Love XxxxX

  17. Love your idea of a international cake pop day! :) You are a big inspiration for me. Here’s a link to some of my own cake pops. I love to bake mini cake pops :)

    Love from sweden <3

  18. Congrats and thank you for sharing your creations with us! I remember the day I first discovered your blog and I actually made cake pops for the first time that very night! I’m posting a picture of cake pops I made for a friend’s wedding in Seattle.

  19. Happy Anniversary and thanks so much for showing me what I LOVE to do !!! It’s the best job I ever had…I just celebrated my one year anniversary last month and I am just still addicted….Oh the possibilities ;) I look forward to seeing what cool creation you come up with next.

  20. CONGRATS!!!!! :D

  21. Happy Anniversary from yes, how cool would it be if Bakerella popped up on my page and left a comment ? ;-P

  22. Hey !!
    Happy cake pop’s day and thank you for all your inspiration, i love everything you do !!!
    Look at my Christmas pop’s :
    They really look like yours, no ? :)

  23. Congratulations. Im fun in brasil!

  24. ‘YAAAAAY YOU!!! ,’)

  25. Congratulations Angie on 5 awesome years! Here’s to 100 more years!
    Here are some of my Valentine Cake Pops.

  26. Wow…five years! Congratulations! It must be so exciting to have something that you made take over the cake world. I am from Australia, and I first saw your book while in Honolulu, and I LOVE here. Here are your Christmas Tree Cake Pops that I made last year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!

  27. Happy Anniversary! I love cake pops! I had been looking at your website years ago and fell in love with the cow cake pops, thinking I could make them for my niece’s graduation party. Hundreds of cake pops later, they made great centerpieces and favors that everyone loved! At the time, cake pops were a new thing and I could not stop telling everyone how amazing your website was! I’ve since made hundreds more cake pops and look forward to making many more!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity with the world… I am always amazed of how your blog started it all!

  28. Happy 5th anniversary! I recently discovered the cake pops, they are wonderful!

  29. Its no secret – I LOVE CAKE POPS! They are the very cutest and best! So they need to be celebrated!

    I made some for Valentines day

  30. Angie,
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, and HAPPY NATIONAL CAKE POP DAY – awesome idea, let’s celebrate it!

    I have wrote it before and will write it again, you are the reason why soo many things changed in my life.

    I am still a graphic designer but I do my cake pop business on the side which basically leads to a fulltime job, for real – it is breath-taking what you’ve done without a clue what’s going to happen – isn’t that the best part of it all?!

    You are the reason why people experience a whole new passion for baking and decorating sweet treats.
    It is probably all beyond your grasp what has happened the past years and it must seem surreal – but hey, take a second and just be proud of yourself :-)

    Because of you, there are people who get paid for making cake pops but the most important thing that makes ME happy and keeps me going: PEOPLE LOVE THEM, their smile on their faces, the joy you can literally feel; it’s priceless.

    Thanks for everything, keep it going!!!

    niner <3

    Valentines Day treats

    and some other pops:

  31. You must be SOOO proud of everything you have created…. which has taken you beyond anything you could ever have imagined……. and inspired millions!!!! We have a real Queen, but you are truly the CAKE POP QUEEN. Special wishes from Brighton, England. xx
    I’d be “chuffed to bits” as we say here in the UK, if you ever manage to look at my pops!!!/photo.php?fbid=323430527762460&set=a.276434709128709.51371.265675043538009&type=3&theater

  32. Congratulations! You inspired the whole world with your fantastic Cake Pop creations!

    “Happy Cake Pop day” :)
    says Martina from London/UK

  33. Happy Cake Pops Day! And Congratulations!!
    It is such a great idea, I could spend hours to sit here and look at all those pictures!
    I´m going to try my first “Cake Pop session” for my son´s 3rd birthday next week.
    Have a wonderful day!

  34. I made some pony pops for my niece b-day their were a few that didnt survive tho still learnin

  35. Pony pops for my niece some didnt survive still learning

  36. Congrats!!! I love cake pops. I have made by now thousands of these wonderful creations!!
    May you have many, many, many, more years of cake pops!!!

  37. Congratulations Angie! You have been a huge inspiration. Loved meeting you when you came to Miami. I made great friendships with fellow “cake poppers” that night – you’ve touched so many of our lives! Thank you :)
    What am I working on today? Valentine’s cake pops – yay! … Oh and tons of Spongebob cake pops!
    Best wishes always. Xoxo, Susy ~

  38. Happy Cake Pop Day! My grandkids & their friends love them. I enjoy making them for party’s. A cello bag tied with a bow..too cute! Would be fun to see how everyone displays them. There is a cake pop carrier with a cover out there..Has anyone tried that? Should have a Bakerella Tee shirt to wear today! Your ideas are so fun.Wishing you a Happy Day!

  39. What a great day it is! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  40. Happy Cake-Pop-Aversary!! Those adorable chick pops were the first view of Bakerella I had. I’ve enjoyed every post since then. Thank you for inspiring me to be more creative in the kitchen, and for making me look at ALL candies and decorations in a different light.

  41. Wow, so cool and so many beautiful Cakepops!!!

  42. Happy Cake Pop Day! I love it. I was introduced to cake pops at my stitch group. The hostess made stickless pops for our dessert., and gave out your website address. I’ve been a fan ever since. And you can count my granddaughter among the fans. One of the big things she wanted for Christmas was one of your books.

  43. These things aren’t just a piece of rolled up cake and frosting dipped on a stick…to ME…they’re the sweetness that allows me to be home with my kiddos…every…day :) For that…I couldn’t be more grateful…even on the “tough” days!

    That is the gift YOU’VE given me :) Thank you SO much! I really can’t say it enough. You deserve ALL the success, HEALTH and happiness that comes your way Ma’am!

    Here’s a link to my Cake Pop album on fb (I also post on my website, but less frequently):

  44. Thanks for always being innovative and coming out with amazing, new ideas! Thanks to you, I started my own business.

  45. Hi Bakerella,
    Happy Cake Pop Day, 5 years, wow!!! :-) Thank you for your eternal inspiration, and just being so kind, warm and personable <3.

    I'll be forever grateful for you bringing cake pops into the world, b/c it led us to create our cake pop business, KC Bakes! Through KC Bakes, I have made some life-long friendships with people I may never have met otherwise if it hadn't been for cake pops.

    Here are some of my personal cake pops that I've made:

  46. This is so cool! I had no idea it was national Cake Pop Day – it just so happens to be my 30th birthday today and I just started my own cake pop business on Jan 1st of this year!!!! In fact I just changed my name from “Cake Pops by Steph” to “Let Them Eat Cake Pops” and got my website last night :) You have been such an inspiration and so kind to share so many of your secrets and tutorials on your blog!! I recently sent you pics of my Sesame Street pops and you said you would feature them on your next pop stars post. When I got your email I started jumping up and down and telling everyone, I was so excited- and felt validated in my new venture. From the bottom of my heart – Thank You So Much, Bakerella!!!

  47. Angie, I actually remember watching you on Martha and thinking how adorable cake pops were, as were you! Congrats on all your well-deserved success! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store! xoxo

  48. You are a true inspiration for me. I love your designs!!

  49. It’s also Harry Styles’ birthday today! Sorry, blame my 13 y/o daughter for being a Directioner… I think I’ll make some Cake Pops today! :D

  50. Thank you for bringing cake pops into our lives! My son is graduating from high school in May and he has requested cake pops instead of a regular cake! So I will be making cake pops for 50 people! Son thinks 3 or 4 per person should do the trick! Let the fun bein!

  51. I saw a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis in Sam’s Club last week with a table full of Cake Pops for sale. Your little novelty morsel was selling like hotcakes. Just another blessing from your creation!

  52. Congrats!! I am so impressed with all you have done. Cant wait to see what the next five years bring…!!! :)

  53. Happy National Cake Pop Day!
    We are making some for the Superbowl and Valentine’s day.
    Here are a few we made.

  54. Congrats to you – and Happy Cake Pop Day! :) I have made them a few times… although they were VERY plain. I have zero artistic talent, so I just dip them and eat them. No decorating. I have your books though, so maybe one day I’ll get brave and try to actually decorate some!

    Have a great day!

  55. Don’t you know…Cake Pops are ageless!!! I don’t have small kids at home anymore – but I make them for everybody! And just you wait – when the grandkids start arriving – I am going to be the Cake Pop Making Grandma!!!

  56. Congratulations Angie! You have been a huge inspiration. It was so nice to meet you at Books and Books when you came to Miami. And your mom was such a sweetheart. Continue with your all you do and thank you for sharing your creations with us.

  57. Congratulations! I gave my granddaughter your cake pops set for Christmas, and we had a grand time making the first batch on the 26th! Here’s a link to the blogpost I wrote about it: Since then, she has used it to make baseball pops for her brother’s birthday party.

  58. I am so thankful for cake pops. I saw them on Ellen 2 years ago and my mom ran right out and bought me your book. They have allowed me to use my creative side in a whole new way. I started selling them to friends at work and this last December needed to move back home to St. Louis from California to take care of my mom but money was tight and I didn’t know how i was going to do it. I was able to sell enough turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas cake pops to have enough to make the move home. Now I am taking care of my mom full time and trying to start my little business here. Today I am taking 8 dozen cake pops to a resale shop that benefits an non profit group called Youth in Need. I will be taking donations for them and giving the funds raised to Youth in need. Everyone will get a business card that lets them know I am also donating 20% of all profits made in February to Youth in Need as well. So as you can see cake pops have benefited me in many ways so now I want them to benefit others as well.
    Thank you for your inspiration and wonderful creative ideas.
    Congrats on 5 great years and hoping for many more.

  59. I have a little home business and your book changed my life! I was going through a painful divorce and learning to make cake pops gave me something to live for. It made me happy and I soon discovered it made other people happy too. Now, two years later, I am still enjoying making them for special occasions and just for the fun of it. So many endless possibilities! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  60. Oh, happy anniversary! I love cake pops so much, even though I have only tried to make them a couple times. The Muppets pops are my favorite, as are the Sesame Street pops, especially Fozzie, Rowlf and Cookie monster. Keep on baking!

  61. Woo-hoo! Can’t believe how much life has changed since! Lots of imitators…hope you are getting lots of royalty checks ;) Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and amazing books! I just made Kermit cake pops for a Kiss Me, I’m Green! Valentine’s Day party!

  62. I cannot tell you how much I love cake pops and how much joy they have brought to my life! They have given me a way to channel my creativity and I am constantly striving to create new, inventive creations! Thank you, Angie:)

  63. I LOVE making them! Been making pops for about two years. Love the challenge of more detailed pops. Love the feeling of handing over a box of beautifully wrapped pops and the happiness and excitement they seem to cause. Happy Cake Pop day! Xxx. Please come by and visit me on Facebook too, Just Cake Pops x

  64. Happy Anniversary. I’ve only made cake pops a couple of times. As fun as they are to make, they are even more fun to eat!

  65. Love it! Wow, congratulations on your anniversary! The world is a better place with all the cake pop love being shared (thanks to you!)! Love ’em and I love to share them!

  66. Happy Cake Pop to you to!
    i live in switzerland, and i really like your blog!!!
    thanks for all the creative ideas!!!
    bye from swizterland!!! :)

    P.S. im 11

  67. Congrats to you! As the creator of cake pops today is really your day!

  68. Congrats on the anniversary! 5 years since the first cake pop?! Wowwie, now they’re everywhere!

  69. Today is my daughter Chloe’s 6th birthday. She’ll love to know she has the same birthday as your creation on a stick. And yes, Cake Pops for the whole class!

  70. Cake Pops go with everything! So happy there is a special day. Thanks for sharing with us all your wonderful creations. Here’s my contribution to perfection.

  71. Congrats! Keep on going for many years to come, I love seeing the designs and thinking about creating them :D

  72. OMGoodness, I can’t believe it’s been that long ago. I was already following your blog when you first posted these and i immediately had to try them out. Wow! they tasted great but mine looked nothing like yours. My daughter-in-law was actually at Ree Drummonds when you did your cake pop lessons. (I was supposed to be with her but couldn’t get off work). I have made these lots of times and always get lots of great comments. Have your books too. Keep up the great creative work you do and God bless you.

  73. I’ve made them before…I got to tell ya they weren’t that easy! They ended up being cake balls instead of cake pops. They were very very tasty though! I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through you! lol. Thanks for sharing! :)

  74. Happy anniversary/birthday/whateveryouwannacallit day! Thank you for all your inspiration, tips, and tricks. Because of you, I have been able to let loose my creativity with cake-pop-making. Congratulations on your success and good luck with all your future adventures!!!

  75. Hello, Cake Pop Goddess (which is what I call you in the pretend world where we’re friends in real life–grin!)

    I started making cake pops for fun more than two years ago and then discovered your first book. I got to meet you on your signing tour and brought you some cute turtle pops. Since then, cake pops have become my sanity and my craziness. I sell the little darlings at a local coffeehouse in my town and do private orders for some of the craziest requests.

    Pops have become both a little bit of (much needed) side income for me and a fun way to enjoy baking and creating. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you share and products you are creating/inspiring. They make my kitchen life a little brighter.

    I’ve totally started using the molds from the Bakerella toy set to speed things up. So much fun!

    Much love from Dana’s Kitchen to yours!

  76. Happy Anniversary to you!!!!! You have been such an inspiration, and it is always such a delight to see what new things you have come up with. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with the world!! :) Much Love to you from Enchanting Deilghts of Chattanooga TN!

  77. Happy Cake Pop(s) Day! Exciting to think about all that has happened for you in the last 5 years – keep it up!

  78. Happy Cake Pop Day!!!
    Hey here is a link to my page, head over & check out some Lalaloopsy cake pops :)

  79. Happy Cake Pop(s) day!! You certainly make the world sweeter!

  80. Man, I can’t make any till Feb. 3rd! Darn it. I’m ten and will be e-mailing you the photos of mine! :) Congrats!

  81. Happy Birthday! I’ve loved you from DAY 1! Your book inspired me to start my own little Cakepop business. Small as it may be I’m sure many could tell this same story. The photo you posted would make an awesome poster to sell?? I know many would purchase it, me included! Hope you’ll stop by and say hello on my public FB @cakepops101

  82. Happy Cake Pops Anniversary to my very deserving daughter who has unselfishly shared so much. I have enjoyed every step of the way and have sincerely enjoyed meeting such great people at your book signings. I love reading the comments on your blog and love to see what others have made on your Facebook page. I am thankful that you are healthy and happy and I’m looking forward to your next great creation or adventure.
    Love, Mom

  83. My new favorite holiday! Bakerella, you are such an ispiration!

  84. Happy Cake Pops Day! I love your website and I love making Cake Pops! My friends and family love them as well and I’m glad that I somehow stumpled upon your website I-don’t-know-how-many-years-ago! :-)
    And I enjoy many of your other recipes as well!
    Much love from Germany!

  85. Happy Anniversary! I love looking at all your goodies and wishing I had HALF your talent. I’ve made cake pops but all I have been successful at is putting the sugar sprinkles on them. :( Don’t know why I’m having such a problem.

  86. I have tried to make some of your adorable creation and found I just don’t have the patience or the technique for it but I am awe of your
    creativity and am so happy for all your success.

  87. Happy Cake Pop Day. And thank you Bakerella!

  88. Congrats! I’m a BIG fan of your site and your work. You are very good at what you do. You are SO creative and I just love looking through the photos and wishing I had time to try them all! I’ve made quite a few but the Hello Kitty ones were my favorite and went over well with my niece for her birthday! Thanks for the inspiration!

  89. You guys are so sweet! I can’t wait to be able to go through and look at all of your pops. Thanks for linking and sharing with everyone.

  90. Congrats, I think you deserve everything you have and even more! Every time I read your posts it brightens up my day. :)

  91. Yummy! Where you got that cutesy pictures from?

  92. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Would like start with….yuuuummi and Delicious Cake pops. I failed my first cake pop attempt. But practice makes perfect, right? Well I am not a professional but I made some good and I even amazed myself I could make them good looking pops as first time tries. Well I make them for Family event’s or make them just for the fun of it. Thank you ?

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