It’s shipping.


The book is now shipping. I’m nervous. And excited. And nervous. I really hope you guys like it.

That is if you decide to pick one up and flip through it. Or buy it. That would be cool, too.

To help promote it, my publisher asked me to do a little video. A video with motion and sound. Scary stuff.

I think they wanted a quick author bio type thing, but they said I could do what I wanted.

So I decided to take the opportunity to make a little cake pop how-to for you guys… an overview.

Just don’t look at me. K?


This is Micah. He came out and spent the day with me while I messed up about 4,000 takes. He was cool. And patient.


I think he may have even had fun.


For the record, this was much harder than I thought it would be. Looking straight into a camera when you’re the only one talking is tough stuff. This was much different than being on Martha. When I was on the show, I didn’t even see the cameras because I was so nervous and this time I was so nervous because I was staring straight into one.

I think this way is harder.


Luckily, Cupcake Julie was there to keep me focused. Actually, I was there. This is her kitchen.


Micah went home with lots of pops…


… In a pink box. So masculine.

But, I bet his wife appreciated it.


Okay… Okay. I’ve stalled long enough.

Want to watch the video?


Ok. Here it is.

Now, I’m going to hide.

Click here to watch the Bakerella Cake Pop Video on Amazon.


Note: Hand in the air. Side smile. I told you guys.

P.S. Is it weird that I wanted to buy a copy of my own book? Probably, but I’m still super excited. It should arrive tomorrow. Yippee!

And to clarify… my publisher sent me copies. I just wanted the thrill of ordering and receiving it myself. I’m sure I’ll be hitting up the bookstores for some, too!

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  1. You are too cute Bakerella! darling video and i love watching you. :)

  2. You look adorable in your video! Congratulations. And I don’t think it is weird at all that you ordered yourself one! Why wouldn’t you?

  3. Congrats! Mine is scheduled to arrive either today or tomorrow, and I’m so excited to look through it!

  4. I am patiently awaiting tomorrow’s pay cheque so I can order this sucker off of Amazon – can’t wait! Congrats!!

  5. I’m super excited about this book!!! It’s not out in the UK until the 29th October though. :( But it look’s like it’ll be worth the wait. Love what you’re doing Bakerella – keep up the good work!

  6. Bakerella, this may sound really dorky, but I’m just so proud of you! I have been following your blog for quite some time, and now that you are a published author- wow! You are such an inspiration. And the Emmys too? How cool that must have been. I will definitely be ordering the book. And by the way, it made me laugh on the amazon video when you said your name was Angie, because I hadn’t realized that I’d only ever known you as Bakerella! (As in, she has a name??)! Hope you are having as much fun doing all this as your fans have fun watching!

  7. I cannot wait to get your book!! I am so excited! Your video was awesome and I LOVE the kitchen you were filming in!

  8. Congrats from Argentina!! You´re great & I´m so happy for you :)

  9. You should not go and hide! That is the most darling video, makes me so excited to get your book! Congratulations! :)

  10. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! What a totally fantastic experience you must be having! I WILL buy the book! And then I WILL.. maybe… be copying Cupcake Julie’s hot pink island. I LOOOOVE that kitchen!

    Congratulations to you, Bakerella. Enjoy the ride!

  11. I sent my mom one as a surprise. She is so excited to try some cake pops of her own!

  12. I watched it late last night on Amazon – great work! Congratulations on the book, it looks amazing! You are an inspiration – I love watching my 14 year old niece focusing so intently on decorating her cake balls!

  13. First of all you are too cute! What an exciting adventure for you! CONGRATS!!! And I’ll be buying at least 2 of the book! 1 for my sister in law and the other for me. I may have to get my dad one too (he’s the baker more so then my mom now).

  14. HOOORAY!!! Congrats to you! I have been reading your blog for a while but have never made the cake pops – but I will now. the video was great.

  15. Very fun video! Congratulations!

  16. i got my tracking number for my book yesterday! so excited!

  17. Congrats on a dream come true for you!!!!! You really came up with a unique and fun idea, especially for parties and anytime for kids. You so deserve everything that is happening to you now. And you did great in your video. Cudos to you, Angie!!

  18. I can’t wait to get the copy. I oredered it a few weeks ago!!

  19. I have made cake pops and they were loved! I am looking forward to receiving my book. I see you signed up for the Food Blog Forum in Atlanta. I will see you there! Looking forward to it!

  20. You did SO AWESOME! I agree…. you make it look so easy, and you are super cute to boot!
    Congrats on your book!

  21. I love the video! It was very cute, and helpful for someone new to cake pops!

  22. Congratulations on your book! I made your cake balls and cake pops and received rave reviews. EVERYONE loved them! Can’t wait to get your book!

  23. You did such a great job! I actually saw this a couple of days ago when I ordered it. I am really looking forward to its arrival! I’ve never made cake pops before, but it looks like so much fun and my hope is that I will get to do this as a frequent daughter and mommy time treat with my 4-year old. Thanks for all of your creativity and hard work! You rock!

  24. You did great. I can’t wait to buy your book. I still havent heard…ARE you doing book signings, around the country?

  25. congratulations!!!!
    can’t waaiitt to get a copy!! ^_____^

  26. I loved the video!!!! You are amazing! I can’t wait to get this book, I don’t think I can wait for my birthday in 2 months, i might need this today!!!

  27. Congratulations!! You are the best!
    So excited to get the book…I got an update from Amazon that I should have it by next week!

  28. The video is GREAT. You look super cutie & even though I’ve made them before, seeing you do it is actually very helpful. I bet the book will sell like hotcakePOPS. :)

  29. I’m so happy for you… I’ve seen this video some days ago… it’s beautiful!! Everything is perfect!!

  30. I got my book yesterday. It’s perfect! My girls all took turns looking at it, picking their favorites. Congratulations to you. Well done!

  31. Oo, I need to go order this! And watch the video. :)

  32. Congratulations Angie! I’ve had mine pre-ordered on Amazon for a while now and it’s shipping tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  33. Got my copy yesterday and I love it! I am really impressed with the pictures, it is a great cook book however I am not sure when I will get around to making something out of it, I am too busy showing it to all my neighbors and co-workers. We all love it!
    Great job….

  34. I can’t wait to buy a copy! I’ve been reading your site over a year, and recently turned my aunt on to you. She was just learning to experiment with fondant and I knew you were a perfect example of a successful user :)

  35. Yea!! Where is my Amazon e-mail saying that my copy has shipped?! I loved the video. You make it look so easy.

  36. I saw your video on Amazon yesterday. I thought you did FANTASTIC! Part of why I love you so much is not only are the cake pops so stinkin adorable but you are a real normal person like the rest of us bakin fools. :) THANK YOU ! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BOOK. I wish you only the very best.

  37. I cannot wait to receive mine – I already had it pre-ordered !!!! Hope to get the ‘shipping’ email soon :)

    Thanks so much!

    p.s. you’re hand in the air side smile is perfect! lol aanndd I would TOTALLY buy my own book if I ever had one.

  38. Congratulations! The video was great, you make it look so easy. I tried it once and I wasn’t sure I would do them again, but after watching the video, I may give it another try!

  39. Congrats! Can’t wait to see it in stores!

  40. Your book came yesterday. . .what a treat! It is my new favorite. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

  41. Seriously I just love that kitchen and I totally love you! I love the hand in air side smile pose! Too cute! I can’t wait for this book to be out! I am so ready to buy it and try my hand again at some cake balls!!

  42. Love it!!! Can’t wait to get your book! Just in time for all the holiday festivities coming up! :)

  43. Great video! I love the demo, you did great! Can’t wait til my copy arrives. :)

  44. i hope they’ll sell it in belgium too! i really want that book!

  45. You did great. And it looks so easy. I’m going to buy the book!! and I love the kitchen. who knew a pink kitchen would be so pretty.

  46. We hope you are SUPER EXCITED! Congratulations!!!

  47. Congrats on your new book. Great video too!

    I’ve got to try these…


  48. Cant’t wait to get mine!!! Tomorrow is going to be here and that means: baking weekend!!! YAYYYY!!!!

  49. When you do your book tour, please please please come to St. Louis. I can’t wait to get it.

  50. Hello from Iceland!

    I love your site and I think you are the luckyest woman ever – your job is your hobbie!

    But I have a question for you: for how long can you keep your cupcakes and Cake pops if you keep them 1. on the counter, 2. refridgerator 3.or if you freeze them?


  51. You are amazing. I love your creations, and cake pops are one of my favorites.
    Congrats!! ;)

  52. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see the book.

  53. absolutely NOT weird to buy a copy of your book! Not many people have their own book! It’s awesome! Congratulations!

  54. You are completely adorable! You deserve all the success in the world! You’re extremely talented and modest to boot! LOL Enjoy!

  55. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (I’m one of those readers that sits in the background, doesn’t say anything, but drools over your work).
    Anyway, I just watched your Amazon video and you did really well! There are a number of people out there who are gorgeous, do fantastic work, then put themselves on video… and it falls apart because their voice is too deep, twinkly, nasally. etc. Your voice, on the other hand, is really nice to listen to and your whole mannerism is completely easy and approachable. It’s always embarrassing seeing yourself on camera, and knowing everyone is watching can make it even more nerve wracking! But you’ve done really well :) Best of luck with the book! xo

  56. I haven’t got an email from Amazon yet, but I’m excited! I’ve got two books on order!!! I agree, you need to travel & do signings! And please come near me!!!

  57. Mine arrived yesterday!! I seriously stopped everything I was doing to look through every single page. I love that the whole beginning section is soley dedicated to how-to! Love it. Thanks for putting together an excellent resource and beautiful book!

  58. Bakerella (not sure I can get used to Angie **smile**), I absolutely loved the video. You did a fantastic job! I think I learned two new things just by watching the short video and that’s a good thing. It will make my cake ball coating go much smoother. ‘m looking forward to receiving my book! Congratulations once again!

  59. Congrats! Can’t wait for the book!

  60. Awesomeness!! I read my copy last night… can’t wait to play with the new designs and share the book with my friends! We are so excited for you. Way to go!! And of course I had to go and leave a book review on Amazon… totally pimping you out!

  61. Congrats! You and your cake pops are the cutest things on the internet these days!

  62. Congratulations on your book, can’t wait to order one. Loved watching the video and seeing how to make the cake pops. You made it look so easy.

  63. I had pre-ordered 4 of your books. I was so thrilled to get an email from Amazon that those cute little books are on their way.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  64. I got mine in the mail yesterday!! I already love it and can’t wait to play with cake pops. The spiral binding is awesome and it all looks so great. My sister and I flipped through it last night. :)

  65. You are such a doll! I I told my husband I wanted your book for my birthday (on the 13th!!), so we’ll find out if he listened. If not, I’ll gift it to myself :) Congratulations!!

  66. Great video :) Love your blog and just ordered your book. I am going to try cakepops again with the tips you just shared on your amazon video. Love it!!!

  67. Woo Hoo!!! So excited for you! The video was GREAT!

  68. I could not be more excited for you. You are extremely talented. Congratulations!! The video was terrific. You are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  69. Congrats! You go girl! Can’t wait to meet you in person next week!

  70. I love the video….You did great!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  71. I watched your clip -you did a great job! Can’t wait to get a copy of the book :)

  72. I just watched and you ROCKED IT!! I’m so going to order your book and can’t wait to make some cake pops for school treats! Now how can I get it signed by you? :-)

  73. That video was great! I like the side wave smile. Shows off your sweet disposition.
    As one of your adoring fans, I’m proud of your accomplishments.A book on Amazon! Cant wait to get my copy, and look for continuing saga of “Cake Pops 2”. Will you be in N.C for any book SIgns?

  74. You did great can’t wait to see the book.

  75. Nice job on the video!

  76. Loveeee the video!!! It makes it all so much easier.
    I’ve had my book ordered since the day you mentioned it!!
    Can’t wait to get it today or tomorrow and then i’ll probably buy lots more for gifts!!! =) Congrats!!

  77. Congrats! You did wonderfully! And I am ohh so excited for the book to get here!

  78. You are adorable! The camera loves you, sweetie!
    Good luck!

  79. yippie yippie yippe ki yea!!!! xo

  80. You look amazing in the video! I loved it, and you made it look very easy to make them! I’m gonna see if i can get your book to the Netherlands, i can’t wait to start baking!

  81. SO excited for you Angie! I can’t wait to pick up my copy of the book! Congrats on the book and the adorable video.

  82. Your video is fantastic, I can’t wait to buy the book. You are sensational.

  83. CONGRATS! You did great, you didn’t seem nervous at all!!!

  84. You did a wonderful job. Now I might actually attempt a cake pop. Ooooooooo … but what kind. Maybe I need the book after all! By the way, I made sure not to look at you. Feel better? :-)

  85. Angie! I’m so excited for you! You did an awesome job, just like a pro! My book should be here very soon. Can’t hardly wait to get it! Keep up the great work!

  86. What a cute little voice you have! I love LOVE this blog and you were fab in the video… not to worry about being shy… you could have your own show Angie! I’m sorry I missed you on Martha… sort of stopped watching her show so why not start your own.?? I’m going out to see if the book is at the local bookstore otherwise will buy it online… thanks for all the great ideas and for a wonderful blog! xoxoxo Deb

  87. Congratulations Bakerella!! How exciting!

    You did a great job, and it was so great to see you in action!

  89. I just got my notification from Amazon that it’s on it’s way, I can’t wait!

  90. I pre-ordered mine, and it’s due to arrive today! I’m beyond giddy about it!! I also hope you do a book tour! I would love to meet you and have my cake pop book signed!

  91. Congratulations!!!!!, I have had my book on order since the beg of August but Amazon UK are telling me i won’t get my copy till November!!!!!, may have to get the family in Atlanta to post one over sooner!!!!!

  92. Congratulations!! I have been a fan for a long time, I love your stuff! I know your book will be the icing with a pop! :) I can’t wait to get a copy!

  93. Saw the video. Ordered book. Got it yesterday! Love it.

  94. awwww !!! so adorable. i am headed over to amazon to order MY copy!!! thanks for sharing. i could really use a little treat this morning!!! xo

  95. Do you have any idea when it will be available in Canada? *pout* I want it NOW!

  96. You did a great job! I love the video! I do mine a bit different, but still achieve the same results, I love watching what you did! I don’t normally use sticks on my cake balls, instead I melt chocolate into peanut butter molds, insert cake ball there, chill, pop them out and re-dip in a top color to achieve a similar result. I cant’ wait till your book comes out…it’s going to be on my Christmas list! Take care!

  97. I pre-ordered this – even BEFORE you told anyone it was available for pre-order – hah!

  98. I ordered mine Monday through Amazon and got it in the mail yesterday!! Now that was fast. I was looking through the book with my two girls last night. We are going to make some this weekend:) can’t wait!!

  99. I am so happy for you and i hope your book is a huge success!
    I can’t wait to receive my copy!!

  100. Congratulations! You so deserve this! I can’t wait to pick it up (& buy it, too) myself!

  101. You rock! That’s all…. :-)

  102. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am totally buying your book ;) So exciting!!!

    Please, please, please go around doing signings like Ree did :)

  103. Loved the video. Looks soooo easy when YOU make them! Can’t wait to get the book! You are as sweet as you are amazing! Best wishes!

  104. Congratulations – this is so exciting! This is going to be the best Christmas gift.

  105. You’re adorable! I’m so happy for you! Your book will be my Christmas gift to many friends this year!

  106. I’ll be buying your book! Good luck with it :)

  107. I cant wait to get my book, i love your cake pops

  108. WOW all i can say!! you are great looking forward to the book you did great!!

  109. I got my book today and I am so excited. It is beautiful. I have almost worn it out already by flipping thru it so much. Now I know what to get some of my co-workers for Christmas. Bakerella — you never cease to amaze and inspire me.

  110. i think i adore you! youve clearly got your heart in the right place! may god bless you and may you have all the joy in the world!

  111.’re a natural! Now I’ve gotta go and make me some cakepops!

  112. Great vid! Can’t wait to get my book!

  113. Wow! I learned sooooo much from that video! I had tried the cake pops before, but you gave such great little tips that now I’m going to have to try again. And I may just have to order the book as a birthday present for myself (yesterday was my bday)!

  114. I watched your video on Amazon. When I got the email that the book had shipped, there was a link to Amazon. And, there was your video. Ya did good. Nice work really.

  115. Yay Bakerella!!!! Love the video, love the book, love everything! Can’t wait to get a copy of your book!

  116. Congrats! Best wishes with everything!

  117. Congratulations on your new book! I can’t wait to receive my copy! Congrats also on your feature in the Oct. 1 issue of Family Circle! When I saw the picture of those pops, I thought, HEY, they’re just like BAKERELLAS! LOL

  118. I watched it yesterday on amazon… thought you did great! Love your voice! :)

    My book slated to arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  119. Lovely Bakerella,

    I found your homepage a few weeks ago, I am so happy to found you. You are loved from the other end of the world. I am a turkish woman living in germany with sweet little two children. last week I demand your book and I am waiting.

    greetings and kisses,

    from canan

  120. I will definitely be picking one up!! :)

  121. Congrats, that is so exciting!!

  122. Congrats girl! I cant wait to get the book but I’ll have to get up the courage to drag my 2 boys to the bookstore.

    You looked so cute on the video! :)

  123. Thank you for sharing your talent, looking forward to the book! Best of luck ;)

    Off to Cake Pop dreaming.

  124. I want a copy!! TAT Sadly, all I can do now is to wait some of em gets shipped to the Philippines. Micah looks like a really sweet camera man – and pink IS manly! :D

    Awesome video too! Good job, bakerella! ^o^

  125. Got mine last night. Can’t wait to sit down and read it!!!!!

  126. Your video is awesome! You did a great job…makes me want to make me some cake :) Can’t wait to get your book and make you sign it!!

  127. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to get my copy! Are you going to be doing any book signings???

  128. I LOVE it! You look great and so natural, and it makes me very very excited to see the book!

    Really helpful video too, some great tips, picked up some things I didn’t know, like not rolling the cake pop in the candy melts and dipping the stick in the chocolate first!

    Is that your kitchen? It looks amazing, and I want it!!!!

    Well done on the book, I bet it will be great!

  129. Congrats on the book! I
    Do you know when it’ll be available in Australia? I seriously cannot wait. :)
    xx <3

  130. Yippee – Amazon told me it’s on it’s way to me downunder. Can’t wait. Happiness to you.

  131. Congratulations Bakerella – you are an amazing inspiration! I love the creativity of your work and I always smile when I see the next sugar injection in cyberspace! Enjoy the wonderful journey you are creating.

  132. That video was great!

    I really want to buy your book but one thing is stopping me is that I live in the Netherlands and I find it really REALLY hard to get some of the cute supplies and ingredients you use i.e. Yesterday I had to cycle 30 mins to the nearest drug store in order to buy bicarbonate of soda for baking! I’d have no idea where I could even locate things like candy melts, etc. Guess it doesn’t help that I’m also an expat.

    Was wondering if any other Dutch people could tell me if it’s possible to locate some of the stuff needed for the projects in the book?

  133. Hi Bakerella!!!! I receive my copy yesterday!!!!! Many cool ideas, I really love it! Love the flowers and butterflies, and also the witches cake pops!!!

  134. I can’t wait to get my book!!! I first made cake balls and cake pops two years ago when you were featured on The Pioneer Woman’s blog. My daughter and I hosted a baking party last Christmas and I introduced her friends to making cake pops. They had a great time. I can’t wait to try your new recipes.

    Loved the video. I learned something – I didn’t realize I was supposed to dip the lollipop stick in the candy before sticking it into the cake ball. I have always put the sticks in the ball and then put them in the freezer.

    Thanks for the video!

    Stef :)

  135. Dear Bakerella,
    Congratulations on your book! I was in Atlanta this summer, and was hoping to get a copy then, but we were a bit to soon…luckily my family in the States promised me to send me one in september, hurray!
    Enjoy all the fun and excitement around the book, and thank you for your great blog!
    Love from Holland,
    P.s. Are there any good tips on how to melt the candy melts in the book? I have tried it so many times(the Wilton ones) but I never get them to the right consistency, like in your video??

  136. oh, i SO hope this shipps to norway! Im like, your BIGGEST fan!! <3 cant wait to read this beauty! :D

  137. You make it look so easy! Well done! Such an awesome idea :)

  138. I pre-ordered mines back in June. I can’t wait! Congrats to you bakerella, what an awesome accomplishment!

  139. thanks for the video :) now i had a real close look at the woman behind bakerella…my most favorite sweet site :) i love your cake pops :) xoxo

  140. I think you’ve done very well on video, you look like someone I want to be friends with! I’ve made my first cakepops this weekend. They tasted great although I couldn’t find candy melts and frosting here in Holland, but I used cream instead and chocolate with orange pieces in it. So yummy!
    I hope the book will be translated in dutch soon! I want to have one!

  141. Well, I think I don’t need to take a look at my christal ball to be able to see that you are going to be stiff all over soon. Well at least the arms. And face. The book is going to be such a hit and you will have to stand for so much photos… You have to stard training right now or smiling will get hard. ;-)

    My best wishes from Spain. I’m sure the book will be a SUPER HIT. And you will be great in photos (arm up or not). Hey, I’m thinking… Maybe you are creating a new way of posing, in saome weeks this could be trendy. ;-)

    I hope I didn’t write anything wrong, my english is not good enough for this. Just in case, I write it also in spanish, just in case someone can translate it to you.

    Querida Bakerella. Creo que no necesito sacar mi bola de cristal para poder decirte que pronto vas a tener unas agujetas tremendas. Por lo menos en los brazos. Y tal vez en la cara. El libro va a ser un éxito tan tremendo y te van a hacer tantas fotos… que vas a tener que empezar a entrenar ya o te cabará resultado doloroso sonreír por las agujetas. ;-)

    Mis mejores deseos desde España. Estoy segura de que el libro va a ser un exitazo y que saldrás estupenda en todas las fotos (da igual que salgas con el brazo en alto).

  142. I bought it as a birthday gift for my sister, and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival :) We both love your site and cake pops, so it’s really the perfect gift! (I have the funny feeling she got it for me for Christmas, too…)

  143. hey, i watched the video and i think u did great!! no need to hide. i’m gonna buy your book as soon as it reach Indonesia, Asia. keep rocking! ur blog is officially my favorite blog ever!

  144. Soooo not fair. I have to wait till 29th october. ( stomps feet, bottom lip quivering) at least I’ll have it in time to make Xmas Christmas pops. X x

  145. congratulations Angie! cant wait to get a copy of ur book! u look gorgeous in the video, so come out come out frm ur hiding place! :)


  146. Congrats once again!

  147. Just watched the clip – lovely! I pre-ordered months ago and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Congratulations! This is so exciting. I’m very happy for you.

  148. I’m from New Zealand and just ordered my copy!! Cant wait!! you’re awesome! You have heaps of fans in NZ!

  149. I sent one to my sister, and she got it today!

  150. Thank you for the how-to video Bakerella! You did great. Nice setting too. I got notice last night and ordered your book immediately. Can´t wait to browse through the pages and drool all over your lovely pops.


  151. Your video is fabulous and I can’t wait to buy the book! Congrats!

  152. I’m so excited for your book!!!! YAY!!!! And I love the side smile and wave!

  153. Awwww, you’re so cute! Congrats to you. It looks like a BEAUTIFUL book!

  154. I’m sooo excited for you!!! You did fantastic!!! I ordered your book the same exact night my friend ordered one for me! (She ordered 2 books!) One for herself, me, and her mom. She’s saving it for my birthday!!! We can’t wait to get it!!! Thank you for being so “PERFECT” at what you do! So sweet and great pictures, great instructions, great EVERYTHING!!! I’ve turned so many people onto your web site. Now that you’re famous I hope you don’t forget us “little people!”

  155. Congratulations on your book! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy :)

  156. oh my! you have a deep voice bakerella! i would never guessed.. I totally guessed high and sweet! I’m happy though because I have a deep voice!!!

    and thanks now I have a better visual how to make cakepops I think I can do it!!

  157. I’ve made cake pops before…. but My Goodness you make it look SO EASY.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this video!
    I think I’m gonna try another batch this holiday weekend now that I know how to actually dip them correctly!!
    Can’t wait to get my book!!!!

  158. I’d totally be at the shop picking up my own book. It would be surreal, well not so much for you.

  159. I am so buying your book!! And the video was perfect! Yay for you! :)

  160. Mine come tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!

  161. I just ordered your book! I completely forgot to do that earlier. But, thankfully for my gift cards from Swagbucks, it wasn’t too big of a hit to the pocket book. :) I can’t wait to see it.

  162. I can’t wait to get mine! I’ve had it in my basket FOREVER! Off to watch the video. And I love side smile. Don’t change a thing!

  163. Your video is cute.

    Congratulations on your book.

  164. Congratulations on your book! I’ve been following your blog for a while and love to see all your projects. Can’t wait to order the book! And good job on the video. Cupcake Julie’s kitchen is beautiful and adorable…must steal her ideas!

  165. Ok, that video was super cute. So excited for your book!

  166. Holy cute!! I love your video and I have to say it got me extra excited about your book! Also.. that is the darn cutest kitchen EVER!!!!! I love it.

  167. yay!! a bit melancholy tonight..i needed a smile..this makes me happy :)

  168. Your book looks fabulous! I can’t wait to get it! And your demo video is great… cake pops look simple enough, I think I’ll actually try making some!

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