It’s shipping.


The book is now shipping. I’m nervous. And excited. And nervous. I really hope you guys like it.

That is if you decide to pick one up and flip through it. Or buy it. That would be cool, too.

To help promote it, my publisher asked me to do a little video. A video with motion and sound. Scary stuff.

I think they wanted a quick author bio type thing, but they said I could do what I wanted.

So I decided to take the opportunity to make a little cake pop how-to for you guys… an overview.

Just don’t look at me. K?


This is Micah. He came out and spent the day with me while I messed up about 4,000 takes. He was cool. And patient.


I think he may have even had fun.


For the record, this was much harder than I thought it would be. Looking straight into a camera when you’re the only one talking is tough stuff. This was much different than being on Martha. When I was on the show, I didn’t even see the cameras because I was so nervous and this time I was so nervous because I was staring straight into one.

I think this way is harder.


Luckily, Cupcake Julie was there to keep me focused. Actually, I was there. This is her kitchen.


Micah went home with lots of pops…


… In a pink box. So masculine.

But, I bet his wife appreciated it.


Okay… Okay. I’ve stalled long enough.

Want to watch the video?


Ok. Here it is.

Now, I’m going to hide.

Click here to watch the Bakerella Cake Pop Video on Amazon.


Note: Hand in the air. Side smile. I told you guys.

P.S. Is it weird that I wanted to buy a copy of my own book? Probably, but I’m still super excited. It should arrive tomorrow. Yippee!

And to clarify… my publisher sent me copies. I just wanted the thrill of ordering and receiving it myself. I’m sure I’ll be hitting up the bookstores for some, too!