Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes

Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes

These are cute little guys. Bite-size!

Bat wings

When I made homemade kitty cat oreos the other day, I thought the set of cutters I used might come in handy again.

And they did. This moon shape mini cutter doubled perfectly as a bat wing.

Chocolate Cookie Bat Wings

And just the right size for mini cupcakes. So I made another batch of those chocolate cookies this weekend to use as decoration.

Chocolate Cookie W ings

It’s ok if you don’t have a mini moon cutter. You can just wing it.

  • Try using a small round cutter and then another smaller round cutter of some kind to remove semi-circles from the wing.
  • I used the moon cutter for most of them and on some of them, I used a decorating tip to cut away curved shapes right when the cookies came out of the oven. I thought the cookies had spread a little too much and thought I’d like sharper, more defined wings. But I didn’t. In the end, I liked the rounded ones best. Makes them cuter I think.
  • Now if you don’t have any cutters like that, you can also, take some packaged Oreos and use a serrated knife to gently saw and cut them in half. They’ll be half circles, but will definitely work in a pinch.


Once you have your wings made, bake some miniature cupcakes.

Miniature chocolate cupcakes

The more the merrier.

Bat Cupcakes

Now it’s time to decorate.

Whip up some buttercream frosting tinted purple or black if you like and start attaching the wings.

bat steps

  • Spread a flat layer of frosting on top of the cupcake. (Note: cupcakes that aren’t mounded much will work better and help the wings to lay flat.)
  • With the wings in place, spread a little more frosting on top to cover up the ends of each wing in the middle. This will help secure them. It’s okay if the frosting doesn’t look so pretty.
  • Next, sprinkle some sanding sugar right on top and the gently shape the surface if necessary to make it nice and round. The sugar crystals will act as a barrier so you don’t get frosting on your fingers. Sprinkle over a large bowl so you can save and reuse the extra.
  • A toothpick will help you shape the frosting where the wings are inserted and will also aid in gently scraping off any excess sugar crystals.

Now, use a few fun candies to finish the faces.

candy decorations

  • Miniature white heart sprinkles inserted for fangs
  • Black candy coated sunflower seeds for ears.
  • Black jimmies for eyebrows
  • And candy eyes for eyes : ) Apply a thin layer of frosting to help the eyes attach to the sugar coated cupcake tops. You could also use white M&M’s or even pipe on white frosting. Oh and I’m pretty sure I found this jar of candy eyes at Hobby Lobby if you’re looking.
  • P.S. – Reminder – now is a great time stock up on unique black sprinkles. They might just come in handy sometime during the year.

Miniature bat cupakes

And that’s it for these adorable itty-bitty bats.

You can use this recipe for the mini cupcakes and frosting and this one for the cookie wings.

Enjoy each and every bite!

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106 comments on “Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes”

  1. We did this but our bat wings get soggy and start drooping. How do you avoid that?

  2. These are the CUTEST little cupcakes I’ve ever seen. My kids are going to love these. Thank yoU!

  3. I cant wait to have them its really cute and tasty!

  4. Hi there! I love the idea of making delightful bats, as Halloween treats, and making the bats in purple is a good one as it just makes kids want to eat the cupcakes even more as it creates an attraction. The fangs and eyes candies goes well with the idea of making the cupcakes lovable. Though the wings look more like the moustache that is in the rage now, the cupcakes are true eye-candies. The cupcakes are so deliciously creative that it makes any baking aficionado to try baking it at home. Great work, keep it up!

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  10. You are so talented Angie. Everything you do turns out so cute.

  11. I also tried using the same melted chocolate in my pipping bag but it gets hard to fast inside the bag, paramount crystal is not existed in my country ..what can I use as a glue and pipping decoration? Please help me!

  12. How can I keep my decoration in my cake pops still without falling off after I wrap it ? Please help!

  13. I love making sweet treats so the “Sweets” books are right up my alley.

  14. I would enjoy the “sweets” books. They all look great and I will use your discount. That is great.!

  15. This may be very random and a very late comment. But did you ever notice that your bat wings look like a mustache. My god daughter is so in to fake mustache’s right now, please please, if anyone can, I know you can…come up with some cutesy fake mustache backed treat!

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    I cannot use the oreos. I’d have to eat them all myself if I did that. My husband thinks they taste burnt!

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  28. WOW! Everything you do is so Amazing! And So Cute! LOL

    I bet it’s a shame to see them eatten after spending so much time making them look so perfect! X

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  30. Adorable and totally delicious! True eye-candy ;)

  31. Too cute! I love it when you show all the different little things you can use to make faces, or mini bat cupcakes, or cake pops. I would never have thought of some of them. So creative!

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    This post reminded me – this newsletter I like is putting on a recipe contest for the holidays. Feel free to post your ideas, I think the top three entrants win a prize!

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    Looks like I’ll have to wait til next year to make these adorable little guys!!

  41. These coupled with the cat cookies would be perfect for Halloween – because everyone expects to get a sweetness overdose then.

  42. Those are awesome. The mini moon cookie cutter can also be turned upside down for moose antlers or clown hair, or maybe even on its side sticking out if the cupcake for a sea monster.

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    Your blog inspires me to make more of an effort to decorate my cakes!
    I used to get so frustrated trying to make them pretty.

    what food colour do you use? as my food colour tastes very odd! /:


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    Catarina aka docerela

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