Key Lime Cream Cake

Key Lime Cream Cake

I made this Key Lime Cream Cake to go along with a fun handbag giveaway for today.

If you’ve followed the blog for a while you may remember this Red Velvet Clutch or this Buttercream Bag from a while ago. I know – handbags are kind of weird to show on a baking site, but not when the theme is cake and when the bag colors come in fun flavors like Key Lime Cream. Umm… yes please. The bags are from the Petunia Pickle Bottom line called … Cake. And I’ve been enamored with them for a while now. They are actually fashionably disguised diaper bags. But you can totally rock them without having to carry diapers around all day to justify wearing one. They are definitely too pretty for just one purpose.

I’ll show you in a minute. But first… a little Key Lime Cream Cake.

Key Lime Cream Cake

Decorated with swirls of whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs. Yum!

Key Lime Cream Cake

And four layers of key lime cake. Four uneven layers that I could have split better. But that’s okay. Still good.


Here’s the recipe or if you are more interested in the giveaway, just keep scrolling.

Key Lime Cream Cake

Key Lime Cream Cake

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Additional Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes



  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 cups sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 2/3 cup oil
  • 2/3 cup key lime juice
  • 3/4 cup sour cream


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 - 8 oz packages cream cheese, softened
  • 2 - 16 oz boxes confectioners' sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4 cup key lime juice (optional)
  • green food coloring (optional for color)

Whipped Cream

  • 16 oz. heavy whipping cream
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. For cake: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour two 8-inch cake pans.
  2. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt into mixer. Add eggs, oil and lime juice. Beat until smooth. Add sour cream and beat until smooth.
  3. Pour into prepared pans and bake for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool and frost.
  4. For frosting: Beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Beat in vanilla. For really creamy frosting, mix in 1/4 cup of key lime juice. You can also leave it out or add more confectioners sugar to make it thicker. Add a small amount of green food color if you'd like the frosting tinted.
  5. For Whipped cream: Chill metal bowl and beaters in freezer for about 20 minutes. When ready to whip, add ingredients to the bowl and beat until stiff peaks form.
  6. Divide cake into four layers and frost. Pipe top with whipped cream or add crushed graham crackers to the side of the cake if desired. Refrigerate.

Key Lime Cream Cake Purse

Hey there! Want to know more about the giveaway. Well, here’s the bag in Key Lime Cream Cake. It’s made of cut velvet and comes with straps to carry several ways. Pretty handy. Oh and it has a separate little clutch, too. Check out this post on the red velvet bag I gave away a while back – it really shows off some of the details. The custom stamped name and zipper pulls are enough to make you swoon. And for more info on the bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom, click here.

Want one? Want to pick your own flavor?

Enter for a chance to win a $325 Petunia Pickle Bottom Society Satchel Cake Bag.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on the blog and tell me which one of the flavors below that you’d like to win. Easy enough.
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 7 pm ET. Sorry, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

Disclosure stuff: Handbag is courtesy of Petunia Pickle Bottom and giveaway is sponsored by me because I like these bags.



Good luck!


Okay, we have a winner. Yay! And I thought for sure it would be someone that picked Black Forest Cake based on all of the responses.


Congratulations Jamie! I hope you love your plum tart cake bag!

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4,990 comments on “Key Lime Cream Cake”

  1. ooooh plum tart that’s just yum

  2. Oh my goodness!! These are all so yummy of flavors… But i think my favorite is the black forest cake! And thank you Bakerella!!! I do so enjoy your blog! It is one of my mostest favoritest!!! Lol!

  3. Black Forest Cake!

  4. Although all of the bags look cute, I’d have to say my favorite is the Black Forest Cake : )

  5. i just know plum tart is for me!
    what gorgeous bags!

  6. Well, you have such a creative and unique blog! So inspiring! And for the bag, I love the Key Lime Cream Cake. It’s lovely and unique!

  7. LOVE the berry one also just love PPB! And this key lime cake looks so fresh, love your posts Bakerella keep em comin! ;)

  8. loving the Black Forest Cake :)

  9. The key lime cream !
    I don’t have a ‘yellow’ bag in
    My bag collection yet ! Ohw I hope so I will win:D actually I liked the red little one so much ! But dissapointly it is already given away :(

    Bakerella I love your way of creativity ! I hope you will have a new creation on you blogg soon :D

  10. Definitely the black forest cake :) It goes with everything and is adorable!

  11. I would love the Black Forest Cake! I think all of them are beautiful but that one is my favorite of them all. :)

  12. The black forest is amazing!

  13. these are so cute!!
    Black Forest Cake is my favorite (:

    i tried commenting from the
    mobile site but i didnt see my
    comment show up, so im trying
    from the full site now :P

  14. What a hard decision to make! I think I would pick the one that matches the delicious looking cake you made. Key Lime Cake is my choice. And I plan to make the cake next week!

  15. I loved all the bags. My favorite is the Berry Chiffon Cake.

  16. Oh the Berry Chiffon is divine! I love the color combo!

  17. Love the black forest!!!

  18. I like the Berry Chiffon Cake! :)

  19. Hi there,

    Wow, luv your new key lime cake recipe, will try it out one of tis days and definitely i would lov the key lime cream cake to match it…hahaha..

  20. Black Forest Cake is my favorite!

  21. Love love love the plum tart cake!!!!

  22. I would love love love to win the Key Lime Cream Cake! :)
    They all are so beautiful, but the green bag wins my heart.

    Wish you a great week!

  23. I love the black forest cake bag. soo cute! i havent heard of these bags before but they are soo cute! I love the key lime cake too.. it looks sooo pretty! I’ll have to try to make it soon! How did you get the top of the cake so sharp around the edges? its not rounded at all?
    thanks! :D

  24. They all look so pretty but my favorite is the berry chiffon.

  25. I would love to win the Berry Chiffon Cake, only because it is berry berry beautiful! <3

  26. these are super cute!!
    Black Forest Cake (:

  27. Oh Berry Chiffon cake looks (and sounds) divine.

  28. I think berry chiffon or black Forrest are awesome! I would be lucky to have either!!!

  29. Looks divine!
    my favourite is the Plum Tart Cake. Yummmm.

  30. They are all fabulous but the Key Lime is to die for!!!!

  31. Ooo, they are all soo cute!! I’m having a hard time deciding. Maybe the Black Forest? Maybe the Plum Tart? The Berry Chiffon is pretty cute too!!! Decisions, decisions…. :)

  32. Oh my! They all look delicious! If I must pick, Key Lime is probably still my favorite.

  33. These bags look great! The cake looks better though :-)

    I like the Key Lime Cream Cake and the Black Forest Cake the best for sure! So hard to choose!

  34. Key Lime Cream Cake, hands down.

  35. All of them are cute! I like Berry Chiffon the best!

  36. Love the Key Lime Cream Cake bag!! And making the cake tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  37. Berry Chiffon!! It looks too yummy to be a bag!

  38. Berry Chiffon looks good! I’d be happy with any of those colors. :P

  39. Ooh they are all so pretty, both the plum tart and the Black forest are gorgeous. But I would have to pick the plum tart one!

  40. Berry Chiffon! Gorgeous!!

  41. Plum Tart Cake, i love the color.

  42. Omg I’m LOVING the Black Forest Cake!!!<3

  43. I love the colors of the PLUM TART Cake. What cute bags…

  44. Ooo, they are so cute! I’m having a hard time deciding. Maybe Black Forest? Maybe Plum Tart? The Berry Chiffon is pretty cute too!! Decisions, decisions… :-)

  45. Yummy, Key Lime cake!!! My husband would love this!!
    I love the Berry Chiffon and Black Forest Cake.

  46. Love the Berry Chiffon Cake, looks devine :)

  47. I quite like that Berry Chiffon Cake bag.

  48. I love the Plum Tart!

  49. Cake looks mouth-watering amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing! I love the berry chiffon bag! So pretty!

  50. My favourite is certainly the Berry Chiffon Cake! I love the colours and started harvesting berries already :-)

  51. I love you Bakerella. My mom and I enjoyed your interview with Joy on We’re About to be Friends. My 2 faves are Black Forest and Key Lime.

  52. Berry Chiffon. I’m a tomboy at heart, but when I do cakes, cookies and confections – I go all girly! =D

  53. Black Forest Cake!!! Yes!!!!!

  54. Ooh~ The cake and bags all look delish~ Berry Chiffon Cake please~ ;)

  55. The cake looks delish! So do the bags; Black Forrest is my favorite.

  56. I would like to taste the Berry Chiffon Cake. looks Yummy.

  57. I d have to go with key lime cream cake, such a pretty green.

  58. Aloha Angie!

    Whoa … it’s tough to choose but I think the Key Lime is my favorite! And the cake looks delish!


  59. Oh oh oh I’d have to say the key lime would be my favourite xx

  60. I really like the Berry Chiffon Cake! :)

  61. I really like Key Lime Cream Cake!

  62. Yummy!! Black forest cake bag is to die for!!

  63. Love the Key Lime Bag!

  64. Black Forest, though I can’t wait to make the key lime cake.

  65. I would totally sport the Key Lime Bag.
    This cake looks amazing. What a nice refreshing twist on a cake. I will try it soon. Since I have found your site my friends have all of a sudden been coming around a lot more often.

  66. Plum Tart or Black Forest!!!

  67. plum tart looks gorgeous!

  68. Definetly the Key Lime Cake! These Satchels are to die for! Thanks for the yummy recipe too!

  69. Black Forest Cake please! Georgeous AND yummy!

  70. Berry Chiffon, pink with grey is so beautiful!

  71. Black Forest cake..

  72. Who doesn’t want a bag that screams Cake?!? Love the Black Forest but Plum Tart is a close second.

  73. definitely black forest cake. Love your blog!

  74. Id love the black forest bag! Delicious!

  75. Key Lime! I love the name, flavour, colour and bag!

  76. Definitely the Plum Tart!

  77. Oooh, the Plum Tart Cake would go perfectly with my wardrobe :-)

  78. I like every single one!

  79. The Black Forest Bag is darling!

  80. All of them! Bakerella, you do all of the coolest stuff!

  81. I would love the Plum Tart Cake Bag! :) The others are really pretty too!

  82. My favorite is the Berry Chiffon Cake…I love the pink and grey together! And I think I’m going to have to get together with my mom to make the Key Lime Cream Cake, since almost no one else in my family enjoys sweet citrusy things. Thanks for another great recipe!!!

  83. I would have to go with the plum tart. Such pretty colors.

  84. I love these! I would pick the Black Forest Cake Bag! Love it!

  85. I love, love, love the Plum Tart Cake!!! I don’t have babies in diapers anymore but I would sooo carry this anyway!! With a 4 and 6 year old I forever need a big bag because I end up carrying their toys.. ;)

  86. The black forest looks awesome!

  87. Berry chiffon or plum tart cake. Cake looks delicious, as usual. I think I’ll make the cake on the weekend!

  88. The Berry Chiffon cake looks amazing!

  89. I love the colors on the Berry Chiffon!

  90. I love that Black Forest cake the most, and I think the Plum Tart is super dreamy too!

  91. Love the Key Lime Cream Cake!

  92. As good as your Key Lime Cream Cake looks I would go for the Plum Tart bag. LOVE those colours. Thanks alot

  93. Key Lime Cream Cake! Love green!

  94. I love the Berry Chiffon bag!

  95. I love all things gray! (I even named my little boy Gray!) So berry chiffon for me!

  96. I am a sucker for all bags pink! I think I would pick plum tart bag! Super cute!

  97. Berry Chiffon Cake for sure!! And if I win, I’ll have to make a matching cake.

  98. WOW!!! Such a very good inspiration for a cake, Plum tart cake look divine :)

  99. I like them all but I would have to pick the black forest bag. :)

  100. Berry Chiffron! It is a beautiful color!

  101. I want them all! Plum Tart looks yumo though!!

  102. I am going to try this cake! I love The diaper bags. I pick the black forest one.

    -Cassi-mom of 5 crazy kiddos.

  103. The Key Lime Cream is pretty rad. I have a thing for green.

  104. Any of them! They are so cute!

  105. All four of them have beautiful patters, and colors. I would go with the Black Forest Cake Handbag

  106. Black Forest! I love these bags!

  107. I like the Black Forest Cake back- so classy!

  108. The plum tart cake is so cute!

  109. I love the Key lime cream Cake!!

  110. I love the Black Forest one! And I would actually fill it with diapers as I have a six month old. :)

  111. Black Forest for me, please! And I am going to make the Key Lime Cake, but make the recipe into cupcakes instead. Thanks for sharing!

  112. love that key lime cream cake you made, I would like the recipe!

  113. Key lime!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greens are so cool together!

  114. Berry Chiffron is so pretty!

  115. OMG yummi cake and those bags are gorgeous!! Expecting a baby in October and a Black Forest Cake bag could sure come in handy :)
    have a great day

  116. Serious mouth watering over the recipe and the matching bag! Key lime is fantastic!

  117. Plum Tart is such a pretty colour!

  118. Berry Chiffon will have to be the one! gorgeous. All of them are gorgeous but pink is my color! and thank you for the cake recipe. It sounds doable and the cake looks so yummy.

  119. Any of them!

  120. Loving the Berry Chiffon! So pretty. :) Crossing my fingers!

  121. Oh, goodness – I love them all! But, my favorite is KEY LIME!!!

  122. Loving the Berry Chiffon! So pretty. :)

  123. Black Forest Cake all the way :).

  124. I like the key lime one!

  125. The Berry Chiffon is my fav!

  126. I love the Berry Chiffon.

  127. That cake looks wonderful! My favorite purse is the Black Forest!

  128. Berry Chiffon!

  129. Key Lime!bI love green because I have red hair, but they are all awesome and I love all of them!

  130. Amazing cake! I think the Black Forest Cake looks great!

  131. I’m torn between the Berry Chiffion and the Black Forest cake. BUT I am going to go with the Black Forest Cake because it can be used for a baby boy too. And it will match with more things.

  132. The Berry Chiffon Cake looks great!

  133. oh my gosh the berry chiffon cake is my absolute fav and i have been swooning over this bag for forever it seems like! these bags are AMAZING and i would die to have one! pick me! :]

  134. I would love the black forest cake. Eating some right now! Yum.

  135. My favorite is Plum Tart Cake!

  136. Plum Tart is just amazing and I’ve been on the hunt for a new handbag in those colours, just divine!! Your website is amazing too!!

  137. Could I have a bite of each?? But if I had to choose…black forest!

  138. Black forest cake, most def..:]

  139. They’re all yummy but the Key Lime Creme Cake is my favorite!!

  140. I would love to have a Key lime cream cake hand bag hanging over one of my shoulders – Green simply is my favorite color!

  141. I love the plum tart color!! :))

  142. Definately Berry Chiffon!!

  143. Berry Chiffon Cake, if I had to choose one of them….how do you pick your favorite, they are all beautiful!

  144. Black Forest please! Yum!

  145. Plum Tart Cake is my FLAVORITE cake!

  146. Black Forest Cake – I love purses

  147. oooooh, plum tart :D

  148. This recipe looks amazing! I cannot wait until I have a kitchen again so I can cook this.

    I love the Black Forest Cake – but they’re all beautiful!

  149. I LOVE the black fores cake!

  150. Ooooh….YUM! Black Forest

  151. they are all pretty but I especially love the Black forest- both the cake and the bag!

  152. Black Forest Cake…so cute!

  153. I love the Berry Chiffon Cake! Or the Black Forest Cake! They’re all gorgeous

  154. Ahhh! I am obsessed with the black Forrest cake bag! It is beautiful! Not to mention I am a college student and I would look quite stylish with this with my books! ;)

  155. Oooh… Black Forest Cake! Just gorgeous!

  156. Berrry Chiffon… Yes please!!!

  157. Berry Chiffon Cake <3

  158. Plum tart

  159. Definitely the Plum Tart. Once you’re going for a design like that, why stick with black?

  160. Plum Tart Cake! :)

  161. Your key lime cake looks positively wonderful! As far as purses, go, I’m digging the Plum Tart! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  162. I just love your cake pops.. Made a few from ur book… The apples were a big hit…. I Love those bags…. My favorite would have to be the black forest

  163. I really like the black forest cake bag. They’re all so fun, though! :)

  164. Berry Chiffon cake! So cute!

  165. I am a Plum tart girl, with a nice cup of coffee sitting on the backyard and chatting with some good friends. Perfect image!

  166. I love the black forest cake bag!

  167. They are all so beautiful, But my favourite is the Black Forest Cake. Thanks

  168. these are super cute!!
    Black Forest Cake! (:

  169. Black Forest!!

  170. Definitely Key Lime Cream Cake! So pretty!

  171. Black Forest Cake!!!

  172. It’s SO hard to pick, but I think Berry Chiffon Cake! Oh my gosh, though, your cake looks amazing! I wish it weren’t so tough getting key limes here :(

  173. Love! The black forest.

  174. Gotta take the Plum Tart Cake… My FAV !!!

  175. I LOVE these!!! My favorite is the Key Lime Cream Cake

  176. I’m torn between the blk forest and the key lime. Hmmm….. choices, choices! Like them both

  177. So yummy! I think I’m partial to the Key Lime Cream Cake.

  178. they are all gorgeous but i love the berry chiffon cake

  179. Key Lime–Yummy, whether it is a cake, a pie, a squeezed key lime, or a handbag. Yep, the Key Lime Cream Cake handbag is my choice.

  180. I like the Black Forest Cake

  181. The Black Forest is really cute!

  182. Key Lime! Those bags – and the cake – are beautiful!

  183. Oh my God that cake looked amazing! I would love the Berry Chiffon Cake Bag, it’s so adorable!!!!

  184. All of them! If I had to pick, I’d pick the Key Lime one!

  185. The black first cake looks wonderful!

  186. The Berry Chiffon bag looks fabulous!

  187. Black forest! But they all look delicious!

  188. Berry chiffon cake,I’ve always loved those color combos together &I think I’ll have another piece of cake. Thank you

  189. I’d love to have the Black Forest Cake! An amazing cake and also a very amazing looking purse =]

  190. OHLALA! Love those! And I’m in need of a new purse… the handles on mine are coming apart. I definitely use purse to threads! I love the Black Forrest Cake! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    Marianne Ogg

  191. Red Velvet reminds me of all the celebrations with my staff at Naval Health Clinic Hawaii.

  192. I love them! But the Key Lime Cream Cake is my all time favourite!

  193. Your cake looks amazingly tasty! And so do the bags! I think I would pick the beautiful berry chiffon one! Adorable!

  194. OH!! I have always wanted one of these bags!!!!!

    I would definitely want the key lime!
    and that cake!!

  195. Will definitely have to try the Key Lime Cake! Looks absolutely yummy in the tummy! The Cake Bags are so cute…I love the Plum Tart colors!

  196. Berry Chiffon Cake bag, please! And the real life Key Lime Cream Cake is going to be a must try! Thank you!

  197. Plum tart is pretty! But either would be great should i win :-) *crossing fingers*

  198. Love the totes, especially the Berry Chiffon. It is so retro, like my grandmother woud carry this bag. I love the old look. my granddaugher loves the old movies and old entertainers…all the old clothes and shoes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  199. Lovely! I think The Berry Chiffon wins out ever so slightly over the others.

  200. Black forest is very cute. Perfect carryall for my twin 3 month old girls and 20 month old boy! Yes, my hands are quite full!

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