Little Gobblers

Little Gobblers Turkey Cupcakes

How cute are these tiny turkeys for Thanksgiving? They’re two-bite mini cupcakes dipped in candy coating and a fun treat to decorate for fall.

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

You can use this recipe to make 48 mini chocolate cupcakes. You’ll need two cupcakes for each little turkey.

Dipping Cupcakes

To get started decorating, dip a mini cupcake in melted chocolate candy coating. (Note: I lightened the chocolate by adding some white and yellow candy wafers, but you can just leave them dark brown also.)

Turkey Beaks

While the coating is still wet, place an orange candy in position for a beak.

Teardrop Candies

I used these Baby Tear Drop candies and they were a pretty nice size.

Toothpicking Turkeys

Insert a toothpick through the head when dry. Then place it gently on top of a second cupcake dipped in candy coating while still wet. Push toothpick through to secure and let the two cupcakes dry together.

Candy Corn

Candy corn… pretty much always a good choice for tail feathers this time of year.

Decorating Turkeys

Attach them to the side/back of the cupcakes with melted candy coating. They’re is really only enough room for three on each side unless you attach to the back of the top cupcake. When dry, gently twist and remove the toothpick that was inserted in the head.

Turkey Cupcake Sprinkles

Okay, now for the faces.

Use pastel confetti sprinkles for pink cheeks and orange sprinkles to add to the bottom of the beak. Use black confetti sprinkles for eyes and red leaf sprinkles or something similarly sized for the wattle. Attach them with melted candy coating.

Making Turkeys

Then draw on eyebrows using a toothpick dipped in melted coating. Too cute. Now you can stop here…

Mini Turkey Cupcakes

…But faces are always cuter when you can dot the eyes with white candy coating. It just brings their little faces to life.
And since I had already used the leaf sprinkles, I thought I’d use them for little feet, too!

Tiny Turkeys

Hope these little gobblers bring you a smile.

Hugs and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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  1. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. What a fantastic way to dress up mini cupcakes. You always have the cutest designs and these turkeys are no exception. I love them. :)

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  12. These are the cutest little gobblers, Angie! Just perfect for Thanksgiving!

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    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. ~Kari

  19. wow awesome lovely recipie

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