Raise your hand if you have heard of Tartelette.

She’s an amazing food photographer, stylist, pastry artist, and person. And she’s french, too. Très cool! I met her for the first time last weekend when she came to Georgia to be a part of SugarComa and to also teach a class on making macarons. I follow her tweets and that’s how I found out she would be in town. I immediately contacted Tami who was setting the class up to get a spot and yay, I got one.


These are some of Tartelette’s macarons. Spelled with one o and pronounced like macaroni… without the i sound. I’ve also seen people spell them macaroons. But they shouldn’t be confused with coconut macaroons. These have a smooth rounded outer shell and flat bottom with what’s called “feet.”

And they are just beautiful. The colors. The fillings… well the possibilities are endless.

I’ve been wanting to make macarons forever now, but just hadn’t gotten up the nerve after reading how finicky they are. But I couldn’t pass up a hands on class from Tartelette. Sweet Tartelette.



The day started with lunch. Thank goodness, because I desperately needed some food after all of the sweets I ate the day before.


Patti hosted us at her home with the help of Tami and Shameeka. I also met Paula, who I recognized from her Tasty Kitchen profile. She drove all the way from North Carolina to play.


Tartelette gave us all a few things we would need during the class.

Spatula, #807 tip, large disposable piping bags, powdered food colors and recipe cards.

Macarons only need four ingredients. Just four.

Egg whites, ground almonds, powdered sugar and granulated sugar. That’s it.

And the fillings can be anything you like. Ganache, buttercream, fruit fillings, etc.

You can also add flavorings to the macaron mixture for more possibilities.

But first you have to age your egg whites.


Appetizing, huh. They need to age at room temperature for at least 24 hours, loosely covered.


Why? I can’t remember. I was too caught up trying to write and watch and photograph.
But, you need 90 grams of aged egg whites.

Now I have an excuse to buy a kitchen scale. I’d never used one before, but I loved it.


Whip the egg whites until they are foamy. Gradually add 2 tablespoons granulated sugar until you have a glossy meringue. Don’t overbeat.

Like this…



Place 110 grams of ground almonds and 200 grams powdered sugar in a large bowl.


Add your whipped egg whites and fold. You don’t have to fold too gently, but you don’t want to over fold either.
If you want to color them, add the powdered food color about halfway through folding. We were all so engrossed in getting the technique right, that not one of us remembered to color our mixture until it was too late. That’s ok. Just another reason for me to make these again… sooner than later.


It helps to get the expert approval.


Especially since there were so many of us mixing and folding at one time.


When the batter is ready, pour it into a large pastry bag with the #807 tip inserted. It will ooze out the end, so keep the bag folded or you can crimp the bottom until you are ready to pipe.


Then make small piped circles on a baking sheet lined with a silicon mat or parchment paper.


I think we were all glad Patti had a super big dining table. Big enough for twelve large baking sheets.


Otherwise, I don’t think we would have all been smiling as much.


Once your tray is filled, let it sit for about an hour to harden the outer shell before baking.


Bake at 300F for 18-20 minutes in a regular oven or 280 F if you have a convection oven.


These were Paula’s. They came out perfect.


Let them cool.


And you can whip up some ganache for the filling.


Tartlelette was so cute and so much fun. I’m so happy I got to make macarons and some new friends.


I can’t thank her enough for showing us the secrets to these delicate, delicious little cookies. Nope. I’m not afraid anymore. Once I get a kitchen scale … look out.

See more of Tartelette’s macarons.

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  1. I didnt know you were from GA? I guess I could have kind of figured with all the Kroger products! :D Wow, what area are you from, thats great! I have been wanting to try and make macarons for the longest time, but afraid I would mess up and so just decided not to set myself up. Hahaha. So optimistic aren’t I? ::KM::

  2. Hi there, I would like to know what are the different between the two sugar in this macaroon recipe. And for your info i love all your recipe. Thank you so much.
    Siti (singapore)

  3. I really want to try these, the intimidation factor is real HIGH

  4. Delicious and way easier than I had anticipated. I used nutella as a filling and they turned out fantastic!

  5. i was looking for the recipe did anyone find were is ???

  6. i’ve heard that the italian meringue method produces a more stable shell. is that really true?

  7. oh – how many does a recipe make of 1 1/2″ cookies?

  8. I am trying in a few couple days. Just started aging my whites.

  9. Oooh.. so instead of fresh eggs we have to use aged egg whites :) ~

  10. Nooooooo! They look like Spongebob’s Pretty Patties!

  11. oh, how i wish i could have been there and learn how to make all those gorgeous macarons from the loveloy tartelette! thi is finally a recipe that sounds do-able, so thank you! :) i’m also trying all different kinds of macarons during my stay in sydney right now… is there anything better? hardly!

  12. I´ve tried and it were terrible, in the oven they ruined, maybe the oven was too hut, I don´t know I will try again soon.

  13. Lovely photos and great tutorial. I can’t wait to try my hand at making these. Thanks!

  14. Omg! this recipe is reeeaallly simple!! :) i love it! and looooove the macarons!
    Thannnkk youu!! :)

  15. These look wonderful and I look forward to trying my hand at them this weekend! I may have missed this, but roughly how many macarons does this recipe make? Thank you!

  16. I just discover your website and I love you!!!!

  17. i wonder what this taste like…are this sort of pepperidge milano cookie like?

  18. adorable! but how many egg whites are in 6 grams?

  19. I’ve always admired macarons. I must admit they scare me too. I’ll have to reread this and try to muster up the courage to attempt them.

  20. I made these and they turned out PERFECT!!!!! I flavored mine with just a little bit of Anise Extract. They were wonderful, I am making some more this weekend for valentine’s day… Can’t wait to get in there and start them. I did not use a piping bag I used a zip lock bag and it worked just as well. This time I am making them into very small drops that you can pop in your mouth. I thought that these were super simple as well. Easy to make!!! Gotta love that.

  21. This makes me so sad. I have been trying for 2 years to make perfect macarons and I never have. I was so grateful that the “I love Macarons” book was published at the end of last year so I could really utilize it for help, since I am only relying on myself and what I can learn online, and there are NO books dedicated purely to macarons up until that book came out. And then I lost it right when I started baking and this year was better, but I still feel that I am a macaron baking failure. :( I am so sad. I would love to go to a class so I could really see where I need to make adjustments and get feedback as I go. :(

  22. I might be a tad bit jekious of your Mac Class. I woyld have love to attended one of them. Where do you find powdered food coloring?

  23. It’s almost midnight and I just finished my 1 st successful batch of macaroons! I could scream (except I don’t want to wake up my toddler and baby) from excitement! I have been researching and watching tutorial after tutorial since you posted! I had to order in the tip and go to a speciality bake shop for the powdered food coloring! ALL worth it! I’m so happy that these turned out! I made red macaroons and tomorrow I am going to fill them with white chocolate ganache! I think you’ve created a Macaroon Monster! Now I just need to master your cake pops! (Can’t get them to stay on the stick)! Thanks Bakerella for such an awesome website! I LOVE YOU!

  24. I read about Helen’s trip in one of her posting. How cool is this, to actually meet her in person and attend her class. I used to bake macarons with a vengence but have not done so a long while… too much work and too much sugar…. But now looking at you girls, I am moved to do a batch…

  25. Hello Bakerella – and Tartelette,

    I am baking these cuties right now for the first time. I´ve just pulled out the first batch out of the oven. They didn´t rise equal all around. From one side they look just perfect but from the other side…not so perfect and they don´t lean in the same direction either.

    My question is; How do I prevent them from leaning? Is it my oven? Temperature? I use Celcius, so 300F=150C right? about 18 minutes?

    And one last question; How do you keep the round shape when piping?

    Thank you!

  26. Just because I am BEYOND jealous that I didn’t get to attend Sugar Coma OR any of Tartelette’s macaron workshops (although I hear a rumor she might be in NYC soon! Yay Helen!), I might have to give these a shot this weekend. They’re just so delicate and lovely! Thanks for the beautiful photos of the workshop as well as the Sugar Coma weekend. Almost felt like I was there!

  27. I am about to attempt to make some macarons and am wondering if you think using the refrigerated “Just Whites” would work the same. Never tried them…

  28. Tartelette – thanks for being so sweet and answering questions. Love ya!

  29. Great tutorial on the macarons and wonderful to see fabulous Miss Tartelette giving lessons! Looks like you all had a very fun and informative day. I am among the legions who have never had the guts to try making these, but they’re on my list of baked goods to try in 2010. I will refer back to this post, most definitely. Many thanks!

  30. how I’d like to be able to make macarons!!! for some reason, all of my attempts have been totally unsuccessful!!!

    well, maybe with all these nice pictures, if I read your article again for 2 or 3 times, I can do them???

    I have to try again, that’s for sure!!!

  31. ok you must be a professional!!! i know how hard it is to make these things!!!! ive tried them before and they were a complete disaster! maybe il try your recipe! thanx!!

  32. Thank you so much for sharing!!! My daughter is training to be a pastry chef and just recently attended a seminar where they had these for them to snack on during the presentations. She brought me home a couple and they were DIVINE! I had seen pics of them on food blogs but no recipes! Thanks for the intro to Tartelette! another great food blog. Know of any good diet blogs to help me balance this out??

  33. the moment i saw this post in ur website i know that i have to try it!! tq bakerella im waiting for 24hrs to end now as i have to leave the egg white overnight right

    thanks for the lovely pictures. will update you if mine turn out well:)

  34. I just tried the recipe. The macarons look fantastic but they stick to the parchment paper. They completely fall apart when I try to remove them. Any tips?
    Do Silpats make a huge difference?

  35. I have been wanting to try these forever! How long do they keep? Does anyone know?

  36. If you ever get the chance to go to Paris, visit the Ladurée. It is an amazing pastry shop with beautiful window displays. It is also where the macaron was invented, many years ago. It is amazing. I am spending time in Paris now and recently went. I highly recommend it. Your macarons look so yummy!

  37. these are awesome for many events where you need something yummy yet delicate and sweet looking! i haven’t been able to find the recipe with the basic ingredients so I don’t over do it. Can you email me a basic one and what type of flavorings can you add? or fillings?

  38. So fun. These cookies definitely look like something that would be more enjoyable made with a kitchen full of people. Yum!

  39. Sorry, I didn’t read ALL the posts and this may be redundant. However, the reason for the aged egg whites is to remove some of the water/moisture from them. I went to the French Pastry School in Chicago where we learned the art of macarons (and so many other French goodies!).

  40. Get a scale. I love mine!

  41. You read my mind Bakerella! I have tried making macroons three times now, and the last time I almost succeeded!! I no longer have flat lifeless macaroons but am still looking to get those “feet” or ruffles on the bottom edge I see on yours. I am going to try your recipe and tricks here tomorrow. I am excited!! Thanx for sharing.

  42. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing! I made SO many attempts at making macarons, and they have always deflated, along with my pride. (LOL) I’ve never come across the tips you got in class, and I can’t wait to try them out. I’m so excited now!! I need to get more almond powder… :D

  43. How fabulous! I read Paris Breakfasts blog ( and she is constantly taunting her readers with her beautiful paintings and pictures of French macarons…so much so that just this year I had to find a bakery that actually made them and try them for my favorite cookie/confection. Thank you for sharing so that I may attempt to recreate them.

  44. I don’t what happen to my macarons last night. I follow the instruccions and for some reason the were flat the way I put it on the baking sheet thats the way they came out and my first batch burn. My second batch I gave them only like 15 minutes, I even count to 50 when I was mixing the eggs to the sugar and almonds. Can you tell me what I did it wrong.

  45. can you plez give us the recipy plzzzz
    and it is a nicee thing and its looooooooks yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I’ve often read how difficult these are to make so haven’t tried but you make it sound relatively easy! I’ll have to find the time to give it a go. The day old egg whites definitely intrigue me!

  47. Those look so tasty! I love the pictures and the recap!

  48. Thanks for the how-to! Great!

  49. I can’t more highly reocmmend the Tupperware Kitchen scales if you can get them there. They are digital. Measure the smalelst of increments and won the Choice (National Consumer Advice Company) Awards for the best Kitchen scales on the market in Australia.

    These Macarons are so gorgeous! I am still confused though. Are they like a meringue??

  50. These look yummy! I see these all the time on food blogs but never in any bakeries near me, and I’m so glad you shared this information because I was never sure how to pronounce macarons. Ha! Yes, I’m a dork!

  51. These are AMAZING looking. I love to play in the kitchen, so I think I’ll have to try these and soon!

  52. Macaroons are my favorite.thing.ever. The flavors! The colors! The smooth creme filling with the gooey meringue! What’s not to love! These photos have inspired me to go experiment on my own.

  53. I’m french too and I love macarons!
    I learned how to do them a few years ago.

  54. I have been dying to make these! I’ve been eyeing a book n amazon “I love Macarons” for a little while and all of a sudden they are asking $135 for it!
    Luckily I found a copy elsewhere for $19… but wow I didn’t realize how popular macarons are getting! I can’t wait to try some for valentine’s day!

  55. I was always told aging the egg whites was a myth. Some swear by it, others not so much. I’ve tried both ways and find they come out about the same. I do like to let them sit out a bit before baking.

    Very nice job, by the way!

  56. Can’t wait to try! The colors are just gorgeous. What endless possibilities!!

  57. I am so jealous! And now I find out she is coming to Seattle as well but the classes are SOLD OUT! I may just have to brave macarons on my own.

  58. You make these look so manageable! I might have to try them sometime very soon!

  59. Yay!!!…I love macarons and attempted my first batch a couple of months ago (salty caramel:))…oh the joy when they came out of the oven with feet!!!…I can’t wait to try this simpler recipe, mine was a Pierre Herme adaptation and was quite a bit of work (I aged the egg whites for 4 days:)!…They are sooo delicious and I can’t wait to experiment with colors/fillings!

  60. Oh my goodness..I can’t wait to try these….!!! Awesome tutorial.

  61. If I’d known they were so straightforward, I’d have thought to try them sooner! Thanks for posting instructions, can’t wait to have a go. Now, to whip up a meringue by hand… siiiigh.

  62. this is absolutely EXCITING!!!! i truly cannot wait to make these. this will be the perfect thing to make with my girlyfriends. :) thank you!!!

  63. I can’t wait to make these! They are gorgeous treats!

  64. Those DO look gorgeous! Maybe I’ll make them for gifts next Christmas?

  65. Those look sweet as can be, but still a little intimidating! Worth a shot!

  66. How fun! I can’t wait to see your next batch! We are totally looking forward to Helen coming out in March….squeeeeee!

  67. I’m SO JEALOUS you got to go to a class and learn from Tartlette. If I was still in Atlanta I woulda came!!!

    So funny that I did a blog post on macroons today. They are jsut taking over!

    I mentioned this post in my post ^.^

  68. Macarons on Bakerella?????? My life is complete.

  69. WOWZA!!!!
    I am speechless…

  70. If anyone makes them with powdered meringue (hint hint Bakerella…) please let us know how it turns out! :)

  71. I too have always loved gazing at beautiful pictures of macarons on others’ sites and thought they looked just too beautiful to be easy to make. Thank you for sharing this, Bakerella! Now I think I have lost some of my yellow bellied-ness and will attempt these this weekend. I’m thinking red/pink colors for Valentine’s day!

  72. Hey Bakerella!!!
    I hope you’re doing well!!!
    I’m from Mexico and I am a big fan of your blog.
    Next 21 February I will celebrate my first wedding anniversary and I wonder if you have any idea that you can share with me to give him a wonderful surprise. Hopefully you have some time!
    Best mexican regards!!!

  73. i feel so inspired to go make some macarons – with one “o”!

  74. Is there any way to get close to the 90g of required egg whites w/o a food scale? or is it just not a good idea to try w/o a scale?

  75. I had these for the first time in Paris about 8 years ago. Divine! They are just about the best treat I have ever had. I’m not so good at baking, so I generally just admire things like these from afar, but maybe I’ll give it a shot!

  76. What coul you substitute for ground almonds? I have an allergies for all nuts.


  77. Yep, Tartelette is the macaron expert! I made some of these for the first time with the Daring Bakers a few months back and everyone was mentioning Tartelette’s blog for tips:) I see some valentine macarons in my future:)

  78. Tutu: you can add some liquid but about one drop which quickly fades when baking. The main thing with macarons is keeping the moisture in the shells to a minimum. That’s why they are left to age a couple of days, it decreases the moisture. To keep with the low moisture idea, that’s whay powdered food coloring in used.

    Powdered food coloring is easily found online through a Google search. I can’t recommend one store over the other though.

  79. There goes my diet. Everything looks delicious! Macarons are on my New Years Resolution – baking list. I’ve never had one yet I am dying to make them!

    As soon as I get a real mixer (yay for wedding registries :-D ), I’ll have to go for it.

  80. I am seriously obsessed with Macarons and they are on my “Must conquer” List… but I am afraid to make them!!! Thanks for the tutorial and for also just being fabulous in general…

  81. Any alternative to ground almonds?? These look so adorable, but my 3 year old has a nut allergy (yes…all nuts…) I’d love to do these for Valentines, or any holiday, but can’t use ground almonds…
    Booo… the look so yummmmmmy!

  82. Do you still shoot on auto? Your photos are lovely!

  83. These are just so beautiful. I have a tutorial for macarons that I pulled out of a magazine last month and I have planned for Vday. Pink ones, of course! But the blue ones in your photo …. Hmmm?!

  84. I love these macaroon cookies! We have a French exchange student staying with us this winter and I think I’ll surprise him with these! Thanks Bakerella!

  85. This looks like something I could actually make. Now I have to find myself a kitchen scale (I’ve always liked measuring food better than myself) ;)

  86. and i have a question can a liquid food colouring works?? or does it have to be powder

  87. AM sooooooo gonna try these ,, by the way i envyyyyyyyy u,, u get to do all of these fun stuff all the time:P but seriouslly your awesomeeeeee thanks alot for posting them

  88. I loved making macaron. While I was reading both Tartelette’s blog and Canelle et Vanille, I ended up using Aran’s instructions first. They came out very well and mine kept well too, which was good because they were rich enough that I couldn’t eat them as much as some of the other sweets I like!

    bakerella–try bouchon macarons, they are easily the BEST i have EVER eaten, and many others would attest to it. Go to Vegas(located in the Venetian) or Napa and get it, its worth it!!!

  90. wow you make these look SO easy!!!

  91. I love these!! Where do I get powdered food color? Does Wilton have this?

  92. Well i am going to give these a go! i always seen to end up with flat ones so maybe cold eggs were my problem!

  93. I WILL try these! I’ve made merigue cookies before and they look quite similar–melt in your mouth yummy!

  94. These look so wonderful and can’t wait to try them. What a love idea for a nice Winter tea party! Thank you!

  95. Oh Bakerella! You drive me crazy with your posting! I starting to believe I need to move to your neck of the woods and be part of all these amazing outings. But alas, I can’t=( Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial…..macarons here I come!

  96. I think you have just answered my prayer/aspiration of wanting to try making some macarons! I love it!!!! You are the best Bakerella!!!!

  97. Fab fab fab! Looks like a great time.

  98. That looks really good, and cute!

  99. Valerie: no, it’s not Mercotte recipe but one from Gerard Mulot that I have adapted throughout the years to fit the home baker and not industrial type productions. Mercotte uses mostly Italian meringue based recipes, this one is French meringue based.

  100. I’ve always wanted to make these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  101. These look so beautiful! I have a nut allergy…is there any chance that it’s possible to substitute something for the almonds??

  102. Oh thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!! I’ve been dying to make macarons like this since I went to Paris 12 years ago! And now that my dad is going to France for business twice a year, he brings us treats, and has completely unearthed my desire to make these.

    I can’t wait to start aging my egg whites!

  103. Farrah (#76): if you can whip the meringue powder into a medium soft meringue, I’d say go ahead and give it whirl but I have never tried them with powdered so I can’t guarantee it will work.

    Cheryl B: Hi there! Yes, you can use other nuts but you must keep at least 25% almonds to soak up the oils of the other nuts. One my most downloaded macaron recipe is a Pecan Pie macaron, actually. I also use peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts with good results.

  104. Those macarons look so pretty! I bet they taste even better!

  105. I’m pretty sure I’ve been spelling macarons wrong. At least I was pronouncing them right?! Thanks for pointing this out to me.

  106. OMG I love Macarons!!! I am so sad I missed out on Tartlette’s class. Will she be back??
    I’ve tried to make almond macaroons which are very similar except you use almond paste (or can make your own paste). They’re very finicky as well and may actually be the same thing but americanized :)

  107. I had no idea they were basically meringue cookies. Interesting. I may have to try these sometime when my friend who is allergic to nuts won’t be around for a while…

  108. i love macaroons but i’ve been too afraid to try them out myself. thanks for the tutorial, i think i may have just gotten the guts to make an attempt!

  109. OMG! I have oooeed and awwed over her website for about 6 months before I got the courage to try and make some Macarons, and they did not turn out so well. :( BUT, I am inspired again! Look out kitchen here I come.

  110. OMG…I am so making these…love your blog. Do you mind if I add you to my sidebar?

  111. OMG!!! My list of Bakerella things / goodies to do is getting longer and longer every day.
    This looks yummy :-) I must try!

  112. Oh, I am SO making these. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!!

  113. such a fantastic post. i’ve tried macarons only once, but it was an utter disaster and have mustering enough courage to try again. i’m inspired now to do so. thank u!

  114. It was great meeting you and so fun to bake with a great group of ladies. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

  115. Lucky you to learn first hand from a real pro!
    Macarons are on my “”to attempt someday” list. Your post has made me feel that it might even be do-able.

  116. I had such a great time at that class! Great people and a great experience!

  117. WOW… I was always too affraid to try these but now I am encouraged… would gel food coloring be okay or does it absolutely have to be powdered?

  118. At first when I read the title of this posting, I thought “eewww”. As a child we had neighbors whom loved Macaroons – the coconut variety – and that was in part how I learned I am allergic to coconut :-{ Unpleasent memories!!!

    But out of curiosity I kept reading. Man did the lunch they served look delicious!!! Worth attending for ;-}

    Then I read that this type were NOT the coconut variety :-} However, they do include almonds. Drats! Almonds are one of the few nuts I do not like. In-fact, in catering, when we make green beans into green bean almondie, I think we are ruining perfectly good almonds ;-p

    But as I thought about it, I thought you probably could use ground pecans ….

    Then I read the comment Helen – Tartelette left and smiled :-D

    I realize that these are a “French” pastry (of sorts), but they would look cute served for a English Tea.

    And since we all love to anticipate Spring, they could be made ever so cute for a Easter Brunch.

    Ideas are popping … ought oh …. o;-p

  119. Now that looks like a fun class. You know, I’ve never eaten one, but I have always been fascinated by them. I shall have to try making some, they look delicious.

  120. I have to say a big thanks for positing this. I’ve seen them everywhere but I’ve always assumed they were super tricky to make and now I know they’re really, really not.

    Thanks so much!

  121. I can tell that all of you had a great time with such a talented teacher. Wish that I could have been there! Thanks for sharing everything that you learned.

  122. WOW…that’s a fabulous experience & so beautifully brought together in apost.Have to find FEET soon! Thank you for this!
    Maybe one day i shall have enough confidence like Helen!

  123. Yum! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I havent ever made macarons, they just intimidate me a litlte bit. But these colors make me want to try them!

    I got a kitchen scale for Christmas and I just love it!

  124. Thank you for the wonderful information and images! Tartelette’s pics are beautiful and creative. This is on my top 100 things to bake/cook so I’m going to use your tips. Just wondering can you substitute powdered meringue in place of the whites?

  125. I love these things. When I was an exchange student in Germany (decades ago) i learned to make these, but never have this side of the Atlantic….I actually forgot all about them until now! Will have to dig out my ol’german cookbooks. Thanks for the memories!

  126. Macarons seem to be the new cupcake. The ones I’ve tried in bakeries were so-so tastewise. I will definately have to try cooking up a batch. Great job!

  127. I love love love French Macaroons! I’ve made Martha Stewart’s receipe several times and they turn out perfectly every time. These cookies look like they are so hard to make, but really they are not. Thank you posting this story – I can’t wait to try these too!

  128. Perfect timing! Just a few hours ago I was reading a long tutorial about how to make them, since the first batch I tried were awful! Both looking and tasting. But I’ve been wanting to try them again for ages, and I think now the universe is trying to tell me something…


  129. Me again…I must disagree with Andrea (#62): you can overbeat your meringue and still get perfectly shaped macarons with feet. One lady did and I showed exactly what to do: fold a little stronger.
    Re-humidity: the day we made the macarons we were at 95% humidity and it was raining for most part of the morning and all the “students” had great feet and good looking cookies. Also, I live in SC where it is about 100% year round and I make macarons about twice a week without a problem.

    The trick is to use egg whites that have been separated at least 24 hours ahead of time and left out of the fridge (there will be no contamination – most of the bad stuff is in the yolks). That reduces the moisture in the whites by 5-10% which results in super strong shells. Like cookies with a shield if you want.

    Hope all these pointers help.

  130. Beautiful post! The class was SO much fun! Just loved everyone! It was fantastic to finally meet you! Great pics (as usual) I’m laughing so hard at the picture of Helen with my Mac tray! She looks as shocked as I was ; ) LOL I owe my feet to her! Baci!

  131. OMG you’re so luckkyyyyy!! :( i’ve been reading tartelette’s blog for a while now and i’ve been wanting to try out her macarons for sooo long! And yes, I do agree with you that you really need a kitchen scale when it comes to macarons. And Silpat! :) Wonderful that Paula’s came out with perfect feet!

  132. all i can think about is where did I put that kitchen scale?!!!! Thanks for the post! It is fabulous!

  133. My husband is in the military and we recently moved to France. About a month ago I took a French Cooking Class all about macarons. I had to buy a “balance” (scales) and a celsius thermometer. I made them in class and then once at home. They were pretty tricky, but came out just fine. I really enjoyed the chocolate ganache made with their yummy dark chocolate! I enjoy making them, but since our boulangerie, about 100 feet from the front door of my apartment, makes them fresh everyday, I will more than likely buy them when I get the urge!

  134. what timing…macarons are so huge right now, I posted on my blog my semi-failed-first-attempt at making macarons after poorly translating a macaron cookbook I got in Paris. Et voila! I shall try again…

  135. I have Helen’s blog on my reader. She’s living in my neck of the woods now. Thanks for sharing all these glorious pictures. And for the lesson on macarons. I totally thought it was a misspelling in your title.

  136. Thanks for this post! I love in London and have been seeing these lovely little cookies/biscuts/cakes around since I moved here a few years ago. I instantly wanted to try and figure out how to make them, so did some research online. When I first started looking for macaron recipes they were hard to come by, but it seems within the last yaer the macaron craze has taken over! I think these fun little things will become as popular as cupcakes. I’ve made macarons several times, mostly with success, but occasionally I overwhip my egg whites and then they all crack. I’ve tried several different recipes, and tried using aged egg whites, fresh room temp egg whites, tried leaving them to harden for half an hour after they’ve been piped and also tried putting them right in the oven. I’ve tried different temperatures, and also tried leaving the oven door open a crack during part of the cooking process. Most of the method cariations have worked for me, so they really aren’t that hard to make. If one recipe fails, then try another one, or a slight variation of the one you already used. Main thing is – don’t over beat your egg whites, and don’t make them on a humid day – moisture kills macarons. Good luck everyone!!!

  137. P.S. The place in San Francisco is called Miette (in the Ferry Building) and they call them Parisian Macaroons. Maybe cause people see the one ‘o’ and just assume it’s a typo? I will call them Macarons cause Bakerella said so. :) Either way – they are delicious and delightful. Thanks again!!!

  138. When I was in Paris in November, I was obsessed with looking in all the bakery windows and comparing their treats. Not every place had these, but when they did they were always those yummy pastel colors. I always wondered how they were made. Thanks for letting me know – guess I will be buying a scale too! :-)

  139. both my hands are raised!

    you were so LUCKY to have had this wonderful time with such a macaron pro as tartlette. it must have be a fabulous day!

    bakerella, thanks so much for this post, for all your photos & i think this makes me a little less intimidated in trying to bake macarons.

    bakerella…why don’t you & helen come to nyc… so many of us east coasters would “be there” with hands raised high!!!

  140. Looks like you all had a great time! To a reader in England it seems *hilarious* that you can do all this baking and NOT OWN SCALES!!! I know you guys over there use cups, but we are taught that to get really good predictable baking results you are much better off with weighed ingredients. Using cups seems as primitive to me as baking in an oven with no temperature settings!

  141. Question – how do you get the sugar crystals to stick? or the swirl on the blue cuties in the picture?

    Bakerella, you should hold a class here in the ATL!!


  142. They are so CUTE! Perfect for baby showers and engagment parties and stuff. So cute though, I’m not sure I could eat them ;0)

  143. Just beautiful! I’m going to get up the nerve to make these one day. I just have germaphobic issues with the 24 hr aged egg whites :)

  144. I couldn’t be more excited to see these!!! My friends and I went on a girls weekend to San Francisco and came upon the sweetest little shop selling these in big gorgeous jars. We each bought three or four to try. My favorite was flavored with orange and rose!! I’m good at kitchen disasters, but sometimes I get lucky and I might just be brave enough to give these a shot! I’ve been putting off getting that kitchen scale too! Thank you so much Bakerella!!!

  145. Adorable Bakerella & Tartelette !!
    Where can one find
    powdered food color?

  146. Hi guys, bonjour a tous, ((o;

    How I luuuv macarons! They look like fashion icons for the food industry. So glamorous (o;

    I tried to make them a couple of times but it is so hard! Now with these small hints like having them rest for an hour before baking them etc. I hope they will be perfect!!

    However, in the article I cannot find how much granulated sugar I need to add.
    And… je ne sais pas combien degrees on dois utiliser en Europe pour 300F?

    big kisses xxx

  147. Thanks for the recap for those of us who couldn’t be there. I just bought a kitchen scale for the first time (a digital one) JUST FOR MAKING MACARONS!!! I went to a class at Lenôtre in Paris over Christmas and have since followed their recipe twice with great success! Very similar technique to what you described except they don’t let them sit for an hour before baking and they run water under the parchment to help the macs release without sticking. Glad you had fun and so jealous you got to meet Helen!!

  148. What are the blue ones? They look yummy and magical and amazing. I’ve never had a macaron before, but now I must try it!

    Note to self: Never read a food blog at 4am in a hospital bed when (1) you aren’t allowed to eat solid foods indefinitely and (2) you have no access to a kitchen!

  149. Thanks for this inspiring post! My husband and I went to Paris last June, and since then I have been wanting to make these delicious little cookies, but just haven’t gotten up the nerve. Soon, very soon I will be attempting to make these! You should also check out the cookbook I Love Macarons!

  150. I’ve never made them and I am dying to try!

  151. Wow so now you make macarons too! Is there anything you can’t do! Lucky you, to attend one of Helen’s classes!!:)

  152. Fabulous macarons! Such a simple way to make a yummy and visual impact. Great post. :-) I’m not sure why exactly the egg whites are aged when it specifically comes to macarons, but it usually gives your meringue more volume, and makes them evenly fluffy for a nicer shape when baked. Either way, Helen is French, so there’s no questioning it! Haha Thanks Bakerella!!

  153. I am like you. I have been afraid to try these but you and Tartelette have given me the courage! Thanks!

  154. I love macarons! My favorite has to be pistachio ones. I missed out on trying Laduree macarons while I was in Paris. Don’t make the same mistake. :)

  155. I didn’t know TARTELETTE which is French speaking like me, but thanks for the link !
    About the macarons, I think this is the Mercotte recipe, isn’t it ?
    By the way, it is not so difficult to make macarons, the only thing is to use high quality products and respect the rules :)
    My favorites are Raspberry macarons !

  156. Oh my balloonies!

    These looks fantabulous! Thanks for sharing Bakerella!


    Love you bakerella!

  157. Ooh wow, glad you managed to make macrons for the first time, they look beautiful! Bet they tasted gorgeous as well.

  158. YUM these look delicious!!
    I made some Macarons a few weeks ago for the first time and wonder of wonders they turned out perfect. I think it must have been a fluke!!

  159. Oooooooh MACARONS!
    You can wake me up for those..
    Tried to make them but failed horribly..think have to try again when i see this..
    Thanks Bakerella and tartelette!!
    Hugs from the netherlands!

  160. Ohh thankyou so much for sharing this! Macarons are the bane of my life and I have never yet made them successfully. Maybe now :D Yours are just adorable!

  161. I’ve been longing for an explanation about macarons for a while now. This look so fun, I can’t wait to try. Loving the purple sugar coated ones!

  162. :o :o :o :o !!!! As always, I’M GREEN OF ENVY. Boy… Why am I so far away !!!!

    I love you girsl. Even from the other side of the ocean.

  163. Wow! they are beautiful! I can’t wait to try this!

  164. On the TV show Masterchef (australian version) they tried making these and you guys did so much better! They look really good and apparantly rose water macarons are really good.

  165. I have never had a macaron before, but they look great (and super cute, too!)

  166. I love the way macarons look! So cute and colorful! It’s funny because I was going to ask if you had made them before, so I was very excited to see this post! You made them look fantabulous! Great job!! And thanks for sharing with us!! :)

  167. Does anyone have a favorite brand/model food scale to recommend? :) Thanks!!!

  168. I JUST bought a food scale, in hopes of eating less, and macarons are not going to inspire me to do so! lol Ah, well, there’s always next week to diet, am I right?

  169. I love reading about what you’ve been up to, inspires me for the week! will try these for the kids on the weekend. :)

  170. WOW!! I’m soooo impressed! I always thought that making macarons would be very tricky as well as difficult and you all made it look like a breeze!! I just LOVE Helen’s blog!!
    I have lived in France (the Paris region) for almost 4 years now and have never ONCE attempted to make a macaron…
    You all have given me new hope and inspiration.. I’m going to try it soon!!
    Glad you had a great time together!! Vivre les MACARONS!!!!

  171. What a great, timely post… I’ve signed up for a macaron class with Tartlette coming up soon. I can’t wait!

  172. LOVE Tartelette and her fantastic macaron recipe! After trying another that didn’t work so well, I tried hers — perfection!

    Definitely a finicky little cookie, but worth it :)

  173. WOW, what fun you had, I’d love to attend of of these parties….

  174. How exciting, and what a privilege! Can’t wait to see some of your new creations.

  175. Oh! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Great post…thanks for sharing. She’s going to be in LA in March…but the workshop is full already and I missed getting a spot :(

  176. I just had my first french macaroon yesterday and was transported! I’m so glad you showed this. I am anxious to see how yours come out before I attempt mine.

  177. thank you so much for sharing this info! i can not wait to make these.

  178. I love macarons! It looks like everyone had such a great time. I will have to do another batch soon.

  179. They have been at the top of my list of things to make, looks like you mastered them :) I’m inspired!

  180. I’ve always wanted to make these since I had them in Paris!
    I’ve read soooo many fails when making macarons, but seems like these turned out fantastically well! Very inspiring and maybe I will attempt afterall!!

  181. Oh YAY and metric measures as well. And pics every step of the way! So now I know what they need to look like.

    Thanks Bakerella – Love your work!

  182. You make it sound so easy! The whole aging egg whites is weird! Can’t wait to see what you come up with now that you’ve made them.

  183. How fun is this!! I know Helen is coming to Seattle too and I am so sad that I think I will be out of town when she comes…especially now that I know what I will be missing (total awesomeness, with lots of sweet stuff too!).

  184. AHAHAHAH!! I am just sitting here holding my ribs…again. We did have loads of fun while “in class”…

    Aging the whites: it is the crucial step to getting feet and not a tutu. It also adds a safety net to your shells so they bake uniformingly and crack as little as possible.

    Flavors in the shells: anything dry like zest, powdered dried fruits and herbs/spices will work. Do not add any liquid. Too much moisture will result in a mac fail.

    I am really happy I got the chance to meet you in person finally! Thank you!

  185. Fabulous write-up. Oh, to be there having fun making macarons. Helen is quite the amazing person, isn’t she? I’ve only made macarons once — chocolate, and it was her recipe. They came out PERFECT.

  186. I ? Macarons!!! I’ve only made 2 batches, but so far, they’ve worked out perfectly! Beginners luck, I’m sure, but I’m having a blast doing them!! Can’t wait to see what fun dessert ideas you come up with using macarons!!

  187. So darling. They’re like little, edible presents.

  188. I’ve never had a macaron before but I’ve been dying to try one!

  189. Those look so yummy! They are pretty, too!

  190. Those look amazing! I’ve never attempted making them before, but wanna try…right now!! YUM!

  191. Interesting! I see those on Etsy a lot and wondered how to make them. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! :)

  192. Oh, I wanted to be there! The mood was amazing! :-))

  193. They look SO delicious! It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to try but too scared to. I might have to suck it up and do it now!

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