I think I’m just now starting to recover from this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were filled with sugar and some of the sweetest people.

On Saturday, I attended Sugarcoma, a sweet excursion around Atlanta put together by The Broke Socialite. And, let me tell you, it was fantastic. From the people and places to all of the yummy goodies, it was so much fun.

The day started early for the first tour. Like 8:30 early. Like too early for me. So I attended the second tour that started in the afternoon.


Lunch was served by Black Tie Barbecue, but I had to pace myself. I would soon overdose on sugar, so I had to save room for that you know.

That’s Emily’s smiling face. She works with Yelp Atlanta which helped with the event.


We had lunch at Le Fais do do, a new event space in Atlanta that you can rent for weddings or whatever.


This is Amanda from Love ‘n Cupcakes. She brought her cupcake truck to treat us before we even hit the road. It was raining Saturday… bummer! But, she was sweet and brought us cupcakes already packaged. I got a Ho-Ho.


We paired up in small groups and hit the road in our brand new courtesy Cadillac SRX.

Nice ride.


First stop: West Egg Cafe. That’s Broke Socialite on the left with Patric Hill from West Egg on the right. Patric gave us a tour of their new restaurant space currently under construction before he showered us with cupcakes.


Pretty cupcakes. I really loved how these looked. So simple with a smooth frosting that completely covered the cupcake tops.


They were so pretty that all the food bloggers had to take pictures. Weird, but that’s what we do. And get excited about it.


Coca-Cola cupcake on the left and red velvet on the right. Yum!


But I think my favorite of the three was this chocolate cream cheese cupcake.


I think it was hers, too.


This is Zack from Yelp Atlanta. Zack’s a cool guy. He likes chocolate as much as do.

Next stop: Bakeshop


Bakeshop gave us the royal treatment. There were several setups just like this when we arrived. Each little dessert looked amazing.


Me and Julie with Jonathan, the chef/owner. He’s a cutie, huh.


This is like one of those hokey shots where the person points at the subject matter for emphasis. Except this was totally candid. Everyone was pointing and trying… and oooing and aaahing. Me included.


He was probably talking to us about something interesting here, but to be for real, I couldn’t concentrate with all that chocolate staring me in the face.


I mean look at these cute little cakes in cute little cups.


And even this green thing looked great.

But, if you ever stop by, I have two words for you to remember…

Butterscotch Pudding.


Next stop: Noon Midtown


We had cookies and little cakes and chocolate caramel thingys here along these doughnuts from Sublime.

The doughnuts were so delicious that they’re just gonna need their own post. I’ll have to revisit for the cause.


Noon also served us hot chocolate and coffee… spiked.


Here we are with Katie, the owner.


Krystal won a Noon t-shirt. Yay Krystal!

Last stop: Little Cake Bakery


By this time we were all on a sugar high.


Frosting shots anyone?


The chef gave us some of the shop background. I love her pink coat.


Some flavors…


The shop is small… not much seating. So we each had boxed cupcakes to take for the road.




When we went our separate ways, we each received a swag bag put together by the Broke Socialite. My favorite… the Low Country Luxe Sugah candle. Oh my!

But Julie and I made one more stop. Because we missed the first tour, we went to one of the places we really wanted to see.


I’m glad we did because it was the cutest little shop.

Filled with all dark chocolates.




And homemade cinnamon marshmallows, too.

It was a great day.

Oh yeah…


See these two ladies. Tami from Running with Tweezers is on the left and Helen from Tartelette is on the right.

Tami arranged for Tartelette to give us a macarons class on Sunday. It was fabulous and I can’t wait to tell you all about it… soon.