I think I’m just now starting to recover from this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were filled with sugar and some of the sweetest people.

On Saturday, I attended Sugarcoma, a sweet excursion around Atlanta put together by The Broke Socialite. And, let me tell you, it was fantastic. From the people and places to all of the yummy goodies, it was so much fun.

The day started early for the first tour. Like 8:30 early. Like too early for me. So I attended the second tour that started in the afternoon.


Lunch was served by Black Tie Barbecue, but I had to pace myself. I would soon overdose on sugar, so I had to save room for that you know.

That’s Emily’s smiling face. She works with Yelp Atlanta which helped with the event.


We had lunch at Le Fais do do, a new event space in Atlanta that you can rent for weddings or whatever.


This is Amanda from Love ‘n Cupcakes. She brought her cupcake truck to treat us before we even hit the road. It was raining Saturday… bummer! But, she was sweet and brought us cupcakes already packaged. I got a Ho-Ho.


We paired up in small groups and hit the road in our brand new courtesy Cadillac SRX.

Nice ride.


First stop: West Egg Cafe. That’s Broke Socialite on the left with Patric Hill from West Egg on the right. Patric gave us a tour of their new restaurant space currently under construction before he showered us with cupcakes.


Pretty cupcakes. I really loved how these looked. So simple with a smooth frosting that completely covered the cupcake tops.


They were so pretty that all the food bloggers had to take pictures. Weird, but that’s what we do. And get excited about it.


Coca-Cola cupcake on the left and red velvet on the right. Yum!


But I think my favorite of the three was this chocolate cream cheese cupcake.


I think it was hers, too.


This is Zack from Yelp Atlanta. Zack’s a cool guy. He likes chocolate as much as do.

Next stop: Bakeshop


Bakeshop gave us the royal treatment. There were several setups just like this when we arrived. Each little dessert looked amazing.


Me and Julie with Jonathan, the chef/owner. He’s a cutie, huh.


This is like one of those hokey shots where the person points at the subject matter for emphasis. Except this was totally candid. Everyone was pointing and trying… and oooing and aaahing. Me included.


He was probably talking to us about something interesting here, but to be for real, I couldn’t concentrate with all that chocolate staring me in the face.


I mean look at these cute little cakes in cute little cups.


And even this green thing looked great.

But, if you ever stop by, I have two words for you to remember…

Butterscotch Pudding.


Next stop: Noon Midtown


We had cookies and little cakes and chocolate caramel thingys here along these doughnuts from Sublime.

The doughnuts were so delicious that they’re just gonna need their own post. I’ll have to revisit for the cause.


Noon also served us hot chocolate and coffee… spiked.


Here we are with Katie, the owner.


Krystal won a Noon t-shirt. Yay Krystal!

Last stop: Little Cake Bakery


By this time we were all on a sugar high.


Frosting shots anyone?


The chef gave us some of the shop background. I love her pink coat.


Some flavors…


The shop is small… not much seating. So we each had boxed cupcakes to take for the road.




When we went our separate ways, we each received a swag bag put together by the Broke Socialite. My favorite… the Low Country Luxe Sugah candle. Oh my!

But Julie and I made one more stop. Because we missed the first tour, we went to one of the places we really wanted to see.


I’m glad we did because it was the cutest little shop.

Filled with all dark chocolates.




And homemade cinnamon marshmallows, too.

It was a great day.

Oh yeah…


See these two ladies. Tami from Running with Tweezers is on the left and Helen from Tartelette is on the right.

Tami arranged for Tartelette to give us a macarons class on Sunday. It was fabulous and I can’t wait to tell you all about it… soon.

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140 comments on “SugarComa!”

  1. How can I make these cup cakes valvet and chocolate cheese

  2. my dear bakerella, sometimes it’s okay to take pictures with everything in focus. :(

  3. My friend and I live in Augusta and of course we love to bake and eat baked goods so we decided to plan our own sugar rush to Atlanta :) We had so much fun revisiting some of the places you went to on your adventure and I must say Sublime doughnuts are sublime! Their strawberry doughnut and oreo one were so good! I wish I had a big enough stomach to try them all! Thanks for the inspirations:)

  4. how (!) could i have missed such a yummy event? dang, i think i’m following the wrong blogs (but not for long)…

  5. Wow! what an awesome event. What did it cost I would love to do this next time.

  6. My hubby and I were at West Egg recently – LOVED it!! I wish I had known about all those other sweet places too! :)

    I blogged about the West Egg if others are interested – it’s totally worth stopping at!

  7. Ahh, I used to live in Atlanta, and I almost rented kitchen space from Kristen, who owns Cacao, before her shop opened! I’m so glad it’s doing well…she is a really nice person!

  8. I was wondering about those caramel ‘thingys’ you had a picture of. Do you know what they are actally called? They look DELICIOUS, I’m alwasy looking for new caramel desserts.

  9. oh my goodness… all those goodies looked so good, it made me crave sweets. I had to go get some cookie dough to much on from the fridge… YUM!!

  10. Hummm, it’s délicious!!!^^

  11. I think I gained ten pounds just looking at all those delicious confections.

  12. I distracted my three-year-old from my husband’s departure to work by telling him to come see the cupcakes on the computer. Now he wants me to make him some icing shots. (No way!)

  13. Yum, yum, yum! I wanna go next time.

  14. wow. just WOW!!!!!!

    all of the desserts looked delish. wish they did something like that in houston. if they do, i’ll be there.

  15. You need to go out on a date with that chef/owner Jonathon!!!!

  16. That looks like such fun! I’m so very jealous!

  17. Before I started this whole blog thing, I had no idea there was an entire foodie subculture here in Atlanta. Everyday I learn so much more about the city I’ve lived in for 12 years.

    Also, did you get to check out any of the sweets from Crumb {a bakery}?
    I’m dying to try her macarons.

  18. Oh my goodness, it all looks/sounds/probably tastes amazing! Woo!

  19. I may have to move to Atlanta!

  20. After reading this I thank God I live in Atlanta! This is like a ‘to-do list’!

  21. everything looks good. The title says it all! sugar coma in deed!!! =)

  22. What a fun event Angie!! I am so jealous :) I would have eaten my way through that entire weekend. Love all of your “sweet” pictures. Have a great night!!

    Oh yah, can’t wait for my photography class with Helen in March!! Hope you had a blast at the macaroon class. The one here is already sold out, wish I could go.

  23. this has to be the sweetest event of the year- literally!!

  24. What a fun day! I’m afraid you would have to roll me around after a such a sugar filled afternoon!

  25. I just bought *a hundred dollars* worth of dipping chocolate because it was on sale for half off and I just couldn’t NOT buy it. I blame you.

  26. What a cool life you have! YUM!

  27. Oh holy cupcakes! Those frosting shots are sheer genius and I can’t wait to start selling them!
    You must be in over-stimulus over load!

  28. I’m amazed that you could take photos with all that sugar !!
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Loved all the goodies! Looks like you had so much fun. I would love to go do stuff like that!

  30. What a great idea!!
    There’s a candy day = same sort of thing in Newburyport, MA.
    I’m scheming how to do this sort of thing for a family reuinion. Wish I could have joined you on this!

  31. The Coca-Cola cupcake sounds intriguing! I’ve never tried red velvet cake, I must make some, it looks delicious!

  32. Wow! Those treats look delish! We have our annual chocolate festival coming up in February. It’s tons of fun. It’s not as classy as your event….ours is an outdoor setting with vendors selling crafts, home made root beer, bbq ribs, and of course chocolate! You should bring your family down to our wonderful state while the weather is so perfect and have some sweets.
    PS…did you get yourself a new camera, or did you get yours fixed?
    Love to you and your blog!
    Nurse Sian

  33. I’m glad you live in Atlanta area, because I don’t think I would know so much about what is around here if it were not for you. At least, on the sweet food front. Thanks!

  34. i want to go! is this something they will be doing every year? if so, im booking my tix now :)

  35. Oh… my… this post gave me goosebumps all over! I am soooo going there… someday when I’m not broke!!

  36. Wow! That souns so amazing! Sugar Overload! Theres not much of a food blogging scene here in Ireland, even though we LOVE our food! I’ve only just started mine and you’re such an inspiration! Keep up the sweet treats! x Lilly

  37. Wow – this really makes me wish I didn’t live in the buffalo commons. Nothing cool like this ever happens near Willow Creek! I’m so envious! Looks like it was an amazing time! Thanks for sharing it vicariously with us!

  38. I’m going to have to email you my mother-in-laws recipe for those cream cheese chocolate cupcakes. We call them Black Bottom cupcakes, and they are to die for!

  39. Sublime is just across 10th street from me! And West Egg has to be one of my favorite breakfast places! It’s so neat to see you out and about at places that I know :) Thanks for the new places to try!

    Oh, I’m attempting to make a “Box of Cake” for Valentine’s Day – hopefully it will turn out half as nice as yours (if I can find the fondant, that is). Surely there’s a cake decorating supply somewhere around here!

  40. Good Lord, Almighty! I’m feeling kind of faint and I have this rushing feeling in my chest…could it be a vicarious sugar rush? I can only imagine how fun that day must have been! I’m thinking about recreating it in my own kitchen, set up little stations and mosey around all afternoon. Lordy. =)

  41. Wow…that is just…


  42. This post isn’t even right…omg…wow…I want to dive inside my computer.

  43. oh my fat thighs that chocolate looks so devine. oh if my hubby would only get me some of THOSE for valentiens day…and if he dosent perhaps i will get some for myself- cupid loves me!

  44. All I can say is,…… MACAROONS, Macaroons, macaroons, macaroons!!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!!

  45. Sounds like so much fun!! And so exotic for a European girl like me!


  46. Lokks like a wonderful day and the photos are amazing!!

    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  47. That looked like tons of fun and those frosting shots just gave me inspiration for my husband’s upcoming bday party. He would rather have frosting than shots of liquor!

  48. Fabulous! I am so planning a trip to Atlanta!!

  49. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I WANT TO GO WITH YOU NEXT TIME!!!! And hopefully I will have a bakery that you will come visit some day!

  50. What fun you had, and the marshmallows… sound and look every word of YUMMY!

  51. Looks like you had fun and had a lot of great sweets!

  52. Bakerella, how awesome!! So I am really really curious to know how you get involved (or invited!) to these things? I’m assuming its probably through your blog that you first met these folks… I’m in Southern California… any tips on how i can get in the loop? :D

  53. Great pictures! What a wonderful looking event! Now I”m hungry! THanks for sharing! I love your site, and it is on my list of favourites so I can stop by often! Hope your week is going well! Sherri : )

  54. Ms. Angie
    You know all the right people. I want to be you for a while. I also want to be one of the judges for the Memphis in May BBQ contest that I keep seeing on the Food Network. I’d pay to be in that line up. I think I could handle a sugar coma for a day. I know I’d pay for it afterward, but it would be worth it.

  55. LOVED reading all about this tour! I think I got a sugar high from just looking at the pictures. Is the frosting shot spiked? It sounds like a great addition to a dessert party!

  56. Bakerella- When are you going to do a cookbook? I got PW’s for Christmas.
    And…I live in Dalton- I want to go on a sugar tour with you!!!

  57. i love, and hate, sugar coma. you have the BEST smile.

  58. it WAS such a fun day, wasn’t it :)

    so glad to be on the tour with you…and to be able to spend Sunday with you as well. can’t wait to see your post about the Macaron class!

    and i’m with TBS…glad you made it to Cacao…one of my favorite spots in ATL.

    – tami

  59. OMG, what a great blog post. I am so hungry after reading it. I live here in Atlanta (well actually Roswell) and can’t WAIT to hit the road my self. Looks like so much fun!

  60. You got me at the frosting shots, WOW!!!! I have no idea you could do those. I’m in love :-) I need to know how to make those.

  61. Wow! I wish we had something like that here in Austin. I would love to go on that tour.

  62. Oh my word! I’d be back for the frosting shots alone! Looks like a fun and fabulous time was had by all…..yummy!

  63. I’d like to be you for one day… and I pick this past Saturday!

  64. I spend about 80% of my time in Tallahassee, FL…and the other 20% in Chattanooga, TN… considering that I drive through Atlanta every time I drive between the two…and considering that when I’m in Chattanooga, I’m only about an hour and a half away from ATL…I think I’m gonna have to pay some of these places a visit.

  65. Wow, that looks like any food bloggers dream! So glad you could share your experience with us!x

  66. I want to make homemade marshmallows but am intimidated. I may just throw caution to the wind and do it already!!!

  67. Shut UP. I want to go on these things! Where does one get the press pass? ;) I love how they all were using Coca-Cola in their ingredients, it being Atlanta and all… and I seriously want the recipe for that miniature trifle thingie and the cinnamon marshmallows. YUM.

  68. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that heaven is a lot like SugarComa ;) Except everything will be calorie free…sigh. :0)

  69. Makes me wish I lived in Atlanta!!

  70. Your day sounds like a dream! Wish I could have been there!

  71. I am just drooling at this point. SO GLAD that viewing doesn’t add calories to my diet.
    Thanks for a wonderful experience.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  72. Wow! talk about being in heaven! I would eat until I exploded! I know my husband would like to try a Coca-Cola cupcake sometime.

  73. I was going to go to this, i wish I did then I could have met yah in person,darn it! My schedule is soo darn hectic. Glad you had fun!

  74. I love her pink coat as well (I wonder why;)

  75. OMG. You have just made this 34-week pregnant girl nearly salivate all over her keyboard. I want to eat ALL of it!!!! Must find some sugar, STAT…

  76. I love the name sugarcoma for an event! And I wish that I lived closer to Atlanta so that I could have attended… yum!

  77. Oh my gosh, I would have been up all night from all of the goodies, adrenaline, sugar! It all looks so wonderful! I’m drooling over here.

  78. All I can say is WOW. I’ve been lost in all of your links to the different bakeries and restaurant from this post and I have fallen in love!!! Atlanta sounds amazing! (coming from a small-town girl from Michigan) I’ve already started planning my trip south! Thanks so much for doing what you do, Bakerella! :-]

  79. Frosting shots? I don’t think I would ever leave that place. Everything looks so good!

  80. I feel the need to bake delicate yummies, preferable with chocolate, oh wait gotta go just remebered a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake in the fridge.

  81. oh my goodness it looks like you had such an amazing time! i’m so jealous! so glad you made the time to stop into Cacao =)

  82. Oh dear, macarons! Im super excited! :D

  83. Wow looks like you had a fantastic …yummy time……….

  84. You, missy, are living the sweet life.

  85. I wish I lived closer to Atlanta now! heh Someone needs to make lickable montiors hahaha. Thank you for sharing now I’m jonesing for something sweet.

  86. WOW. i wish i had known about this! i’m excited to have new places to try! we love Sublime donuts — that orange star you have pictured is one of my favorites!

    Wished I was there:)

  88. This isn’t fair… I lived in ATL for something like 20 years but quite clearly pre-dated all of this yumminess. I might just have to make a trip back “home” now! My mom thanks you for the motivation.

  89. So much fun. How do you get hooked up with an event like this? I am sure they just invited you..but the rest???

  90. I adored meeting you!! Can’t wait to get to know you better in 2010! I do believe I might still be on my sugar high.

  91. Now you have given me many more reason to stop by Atlanta while I travel to Savannah. Looks like you had a yummy day!

  92. your life does NOT SUCK! Everything looks DELISH. Vegas needs to put something like that together!

  93. What a fantastic day! I’m totally fantasizing about being there! lol mmm and now i’m inspired to make marshmallows!

  94. Looks like a super yummy afternoon! Thank you for sharing your sugar coma with us :)

  95. This post should have come with a warning. I drooled all over my desk. Be sure to alert others this is to be read with a napkin and at a time when you can run to the nearest cupcake store!!:) This is fabulous. I am totally thinking about a road trip to Atlanta now!

    Thanks for posting!

  96. I’m soooooooooooooo glad you were able to come. I’m still pinching myself and wondering if it was real. Thanks for participating (and I’m glad you got over to Cacao…isn’t it the cutest?)!

  97. So bummed to have missed this! What fun! Shameeka did an ah-mazing job! I MUST make the next one ; ) But I am glad that we got to hang out on Sunday at the Macaron Class! Baci!

  98. I smell a road trip to Atlanta! Looks like you had a blast Bakerella! Can’t wait to hear more!

  99. Oh WOW! If there were an excursion like that when I am, I would go and die so happy…

    I can definitely see why its called Sugarcoma!

  100. I loved reading this post. It was a nice taste of home while being far away at school. Thanks!!

  101. Oh how I wish I was there too! That looks like heaven!

  102. Omg this whole thing’s amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. :) I think I just gained weight by reading your post and seeing all those pictures :o Really nice! I can’t wait to see your post about those macarons soon as well! ;)

  103. It was a great day. I did the morning tour and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be posting on my blog this afternoon.

  104. What a great weekend. Sugar Coma is the perfect name for this. What a perfect day for us Southern Gals! If you are what you eat then this is why the southern gals are so sweet:)

  105. Oooooooh! Sugarcoma!! What a sweet surprise this morning. Just looking at it will make me have to take a third Zumba class! Great camera (hope you’re enjoying it!)

  106. What fun! Makes me want to get something like that organized where I live!

  107. that sounds fun!! I am def making those frosting shots for our next get together!! YUM!! what a great idea!

  108. there
    words…except one big YUM!!

    how the heck are we women suppose to stay “taught, trim & terrific” with such delicious in this world??!!

  109. You are so lucky! I’d love to do something like that!

  110. It breaks my heart to read your posts without being able to see pictures :( Flickr is banned here in Dubai for no good reason :( :( :(

  111. YUMMMMMYYYYYY!!!! And to think I avoid the ATL like the plague, only traveling to the airport!!! I think a trip to HOT-lanta is in order for my daughter & I, to check out these shops!!!

    Together we have bee attempting to perfect the cake bite. Yes many may say easy, but dipping can be a problem…LOL not that anyone minds a bit of extra chocolate or vanilla candy coating on the bottom!!!!!

    Thanks so much for posting all the great photos! I have to say, when I first moved here to GA, was sad to leave my home in WA (of 35+ years), but the cooking..well nothing like it!!!!

  112. Wow this looks absolutely amazing. I am seething with jealousy, we don’t have a single place like this anywhere near where I live. And the forsting shots?! *dies*

  113. What a great yummy tour to be on!!

  114. OMG. You REALLY know how to have fun !!!!

  115. Ah I wish I have such things in my country
    so excited <3
    I like your face :D

  116. OMG!!

    This is the best excursion ever!!

    The cupcakes, the sweetys, the sugar *__*

    all amazing!!


  117. this sounded like such a fab “tour!”
    thanks for sharing…
    & you got to make macarons with helen…how very incredible…
    bakerella…why don’t you & tartlette promote a trip to the east coast & “bake” with us!

  118. I’m on a sugar high just READING about all the sugar you guys consumed in a day! I’m also quite jealous…

  119. OMG. You REALLY know how to have fun !!!!

  120. Looks like you had the most amazin time!

  121. Wow. I really shouldn’t have looked at this post. I’ve put myself on a diet (again) and like a good little dieter, was eating carrot sticks while surfing the web. Then I thought “Lets head over to Bakerella for the lastest post”. Now after seeing all that SUGAR I’m REALLY craving. Ahhh, stupid carrot sticks.

  122. ooooh what an awesome-ly delicious afternoon! LOVE IT :)

  123. Goodness, after 21 years of forensic nursing conferences, a week at the morgue in Miami, learning forensic photography, etc, what I need, now that I’ve retired is something fun like this!

  124. Coca-cola cupcakes! Must try those.

  125. yummm!! so nice to know some great places I can run to here in the ATL when I’m needing a serious sugar fix!!

  126. I never thought I’d ever say this after 2 tours but I just got hungry again :)
    It was such a blast hanging out with you druing Sugar Coma and at the workshop! You’re a sweetheart with the coolest shoes :)

    Can’t wait to come back!

  127. And doesn’t it figure that when I DO Google “Coca Cola Cupcakes”, I come across this? :-)

    Too cute bakerella!

  128. Ohhhhhh, it all looks SO yummy! I’m curious though…I’d never heard of Coca Cola cake (or cupcakes before) and now twice in this one post. I’m going to have to go Google and try that one for myself. Well, I mean, is Coca Cola not the beverage of choice on so many a G-rated occasion?

  129. Wow! I am so craving cupcakes right now…that’s not a good thing when it’s almost 11pm. Maybe I will dream of cupcakes, that would be sweet. Hehe Get it? Sweet. Ok, I’m tired, I need to go to bed!

  130. YUM! It all looks soooooo good!

  131. Helen’s macaroon session!!!! Oh my God!!! I wish I could be there too… :(

  132. Wow – I am frequently amazed by the baked goods and sweets that come out of the south. These all seem so amazing. What a fabulous weekend!

  133. Girl, has anyone ever told you you’re adorable? I love seeing your smiling face.

  134. Ohhhhh yum! You make me wish I wasn’t so far away from ATL now! Those marshmallows remind me I need a find a recipe and try those out for myself!

  135. Oh. Em. Gee. Holy moly that is a lot of sugar for one day. Everything looks soo scrumptious and sweet! I’m getting hungry just looking at this post. Great pictures too Bakerella!!!

  136. Your day sounds wonderful! Wow!

    and a macaron lesson from helene to boot?
    yeah…i’s jealous! xx

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