Milk Men

I’m about to show you something really cute.

Like super duper cute.

Like one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.

It’s so smart and simple – I just can’t stand it.


Snowman Milk Glasses. A perfect mix of winter and whimsey.

Like I said, cute, huh?

You may have seen them already, but in case you haven’t, I couldn’t resist showing you these fantastic ones that my friend Cupcake Julie made the other day.

They were inspired by some that Amy Atlas made on the Today Show after being inspired by Celebrations at Home who was inspired by these from Better Homes and Gardens. (Check them out.)

I can’t wait to make some, too.


I love things like this that have so much impact … and with minimal effort.

You just need:
small milk glasses (these from Target work great)
powdered doughnut holes
milk, of course

To decorate, Julie used chocolate jimmies to press into the doughnuts for the eyes and mouth. The noses are orange coated sunflower seeds pressed into the dougnut and attached with a tiny bit of frosting.

She also coordinated their felt scarves with the same color striped straws. And to finish them off, she glued a few small buttons right on the glass.



I want to hug them.

And, then I want to chug them.

Hope you like them as much as I do.

P.S. Happy New Year!

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150 comments on “Milk Men”

  1. I love these, but I am disappointed that I can’t finds the jugs at Target. how long ago did you make these. These would be so cute for my day care kids. Any other suggestions for the bottle?

  2. ohh by the way the bottles are so cute im gonna make one someday when I have time for it!!!

  3. I like what you posted up on everything so today my teacher told me we had to bring our favorite dessert ressipie so I dicided that maby I should do cake pops you are my life savor thanks alot!!

  4. OMG I love it so adorable! I want to eat my computer now!

  5. OMG so cute ! I want to eat my computer screen now!

  6. We love your use of the Starbucks frapp bottles and we have linked up to you over at:
    Come visit us!

  7. Omigosh i love these they are cool and do they work with cakeball

  8. These are adorable!! I used individual glass vases that are the same shape but smaller and used a piece of fruit striped gum (I cut fringe on each end) for the scarf. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. These are pretty inspiring! I want to hug one too!

  10. Great tutorial and gift for Chrismas. i like it very much and i will have it. thanks for sharing…

  11. How cute would these be to do as baby face cake pops for a baby shower?!?!?

  12. Adorable. My friend would love these!

  13. Do you have any great ideas how I can convert these snowmen into bunnies for Easter?

  14. Really cuttest l love it

  15. I would say: fuck serious museum (etc) ehibitions:P It’s great!!! Poor me:P I cook chicken soup now, do you know it?:)

  16. These are so cute and simple to make, I will make these for my grandaughters. I am sure they will be a huge hit.

  17. Anyway to get permission to copy some of these recipes… they are way cute and I don’t have a good memory.

  18. The milk bottle snowman is a good simple idea.

  19. Another wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a great idea for a winter party. If you want to try a different straw for fun (keeping the white snowman theme) I just found “Got Milk? Cocoa ‘magic milk straws’. As you sip through the straw it makes it into chocolate milk with less sugar than chocolate syrup. You can find the straws through the website I found them at my local grocer — Sudbury Farms. Can’t wait to make these!!

  21. thats stupid

  22. my wife makes cake pops and they taste nasty

  23. So cute. I would love to have one of them. They are really cute. How do you make them to kepp there shape and form?

  24. Could you use fondant or something instead of felt for the scarves?

  25. These are waaaaaay beyond words! Your work is impeccable – I love it. And your photos are so creative – you are an inspiration!

    In Australia it’s a little hot for snowmen, so I created the Australian “Watermelon men” version. I hope you like!

  26. Thank You sooooo much for this post. I fell in LOVE with these snowmen bottles, as I do with just about everything you post :), and went right to work making them. My 3 year old son was so excited when the family gathered for breakfast to see these. But the best, best, best part is that he DRANK the milk!!! He never ever drinks milk, not even chocolate milk. He went from formula to water and it is a constant battle. So again thank you so much, I am beyond thrilled :)

  27. I think im going to put vanilla milkshake in there

  28. Ohhhhhh! Must buy glass milk bottles!!! Right now!

  29. Oh these r 2 cute. I luv wut u do! Keep it up!

  30. Nice one Jenny ;)

  31. I think you mean that you’re about to SNOW us something really cute. Amirite guys?

  32. I like it ^_^

  33. krásná v?ci?ka!!!!ur?it? vyrobíme a už te? se t?šíme

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! What a GREAT simple idea. Tim Horton’s is gonna make some bucks off of me!! ;-))

  35. I love these so much I can hardly stand it!

  36. Hug and chug, teehee!!! Love them too. SO adorable.

  37. Oh girl. Cute as always! And SOOOO much cuter than BH&G!!

  38. Its very cute. I like this idea.
    I have two sons who I’ll try to make them.
    Maybe he will drink more milk.

  39. Btw, pics are Bakerella’s FB page. ;)

  40. I just made these for my son’s preschool class. They were a big hit! :)
    I ended up using small Mott’s apple juice bottles for the kiddos.
    They were the perfect size for little kids and safe in case anyone dropped theirs.

    The Pom Wonderful bottle works great too!

    Btw, the

  41. What a clever and whimsical donut “art!” Now that is adorable!

  42. made me smile, the are so cute

  43. Hi! These look delicious!

  44. Rebecca… maybe you could use those little glass juice bottles? Rinse them out real good and I’m sure it’ll work fine :)

  45. hey Bakerella! Check out these Cupcake Hats!!!!

  46. I saw these recently and thought,young or old…just about anyone would love these. But where do you find the little milk bottles? I really like the idea someone added about a baby shower with pacifiers…too cute!

  47. these are so cute! I have a day care, so I will for sure be making these soon! I am thinking about making some chocolate and strawberry ones! :)

  48. These are sooo cute. I can’t wait to make them for next year. I started a snowman collection this year (by accident of course). These will be perfect.

  49. I have been trying these all day. You cannot attach anything with frosting as it will not stick because of the powdered sugar….and the jimmies don’t show up very well….any suggestions? I was thinking of making a cake ball instead, frosting always sticks to those. Give me your thoughts. Love your stuff, have a great day.

  50. Whaaat! These are SO adorable!! And they seem super easy too, as long as you have the right materials :) They’re the perfect winter decoration for after the holidays!

  51. Wanted to add that they would be adorable for a winter baby shower with tiny pacifiers in their mouths!

  52. I work in Assisted Living and I think they would be adorable to serve at the community birthday party- filled with vanilla milkshakes!

  53. These are the cutest things i have seen in a long time…I wanna hug them too! Thanks for sharing…gonna try these really soon. :)

  54. These are too cute! They are adorable. :)

  55. These are pretty inspiring! I want to hug one too!

  56. How completely adorable! I love this idea!!! I want to make one for myself and I’m, well, thirty-something. =)

  57. I am saving this idea for next year! Love it! And … I’m going to get some milk now!

  58. Target here I come! I LOVE these – We are big snoman people here – snowman hot cocoa cups, plates, etc. I was just stopping by to say my peeps are still talking about my cakepops I made (bought the book). These are on my must-make list for the big storm coming next week.

    My question is where can I get edible ink?

    Happy New Year1

  59. these are so adorable! these will definitely be the next thing i bake/create from your website! sooo cute! *(>.<)^

  60. I love the texture of the powdered sugar! Very cute.

  61. I LOVE them! I know what I’m making next christmas! Super adorable!

  62. OK…I’ve got to have me some of these, especially since I’m a total milk drinker!!!

  63. these are great for a sleep over treat for my grandkids! they will luv, luv, luv them!

  64. gorgeous! love it!

  65. I want to curl up in bed with one of these!

  66. my pile of kids are happily enjoying this little snack, it was a great surprise to have in the fridge when they woke up.

  67. i heart anything snowman and these are simply adorable! :)

  68. they are absolutely precious! awe!

  69. waaaa…it’s so cute and adorable! :) I love your website! :) Congratulation and happy new year!



  70. Thanks for sharing all these great recipes! I’ve started a new cooking blog myself and would any feedback or comments you can give, so please be sure to check out The Savvy Kitchen at I look forward to continuing reading your blog in 2011!

  71. Super cute. Keep the adorable project ideas coming!!

  72. Wow, my two year old daughter is going to LOVE these! Thanks for sharing, cant wait to make ’em!!!

  73. These are really cute-thank you for sharing.

  74. Love them!! Happy New Year, Bakerella!!!

  75. Those are adorable.

  76. snowman milk

  77. These just speak “Happy”!!!! So adorable…although, the BHG ones look a little bit scary! Thank you so much for sharing these. I see these in my granddaughter’s future!

  78. OMG!! These are so stinkin’ cute!! I love them… I like Jessamyn’s idea of cake balls on top, too! Just. adorable.
    Thanks for sharing!

  79. Uber Cuteness!

  80. Soooo…freaking cute.

  81. Oh my word, these are adorable!! I drink tons of those bottled Starbucks fraps which are the same shape…I think I’ll start saving them for this project! : )

  82. Inmensamente hermoso

  83. Adorable. Simple. Perfect. I’m making these for my daughters asap!

  84. Oh my gosh, these are soooo darn cute. I wish your site had been around when my children were small. Thanks for sharing such cute ideas.

  85. Those are SO cute! Happy new year!

    Just wanted to say hi – I just found your blog in the last week or so & subscribed immediately, but hadn’t had a chance to actually say hello. So hello :)

  86. These are Soooooo CUTE!!!!!!! Happy New Year to you 2!!! :) Thanks for a year of WONDERFUL & FUN posts :)

  87. Oh my! Too adorable – thanks for sharing!!!

  88. These are the cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing!

  89. These are SOOOOOOOOOO uber cute! Couldn’t you put a cake pop on top too, instead of a donut hole? Although, a donut hole would be much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  90. wow they are so adorable

    you have to post more of these splendful ideas

  91. Could that be any cuter?? I am think White Russians and donut holes would be perfect for the adults, aka me.

  92. OMG how CUTE! Man you have the patience of a saint!

  93. These bottles look just like frappuchino bottles without the labels. I say go with chocolate donuts and keep the coffee inside for an adult version :D

  94. Doing the New Year’s Hug and Chug – so funny and cute!

  95. How totally adorable : )

  96. So cute! These could definitely be a kid’s craft too! Happy new year Bakerella!

  97. Simple and adorable, can’t get any better than that! THANKS, Angie!

  98. You can easily make gingerbread men out of the bottles too-they would look cuter with chocolate milk rather than brown snowmen. Just use a chocolate donut hole, glue buttons and a rickrack ribbon around the neck and bottom. Woolah! I like getting ideas from you guys and then expanding them…you can also cut out arms from brown felt and glue them on the sides…jeepers, I can go on! Hey, chocolate milk can be used for reindeers too-use a red candy dot for the nose& pretzels for antlers…tie a long striped scarf to cover the body of milk :)
    use strawberry milk for Valentine’s Day…make a cupid head cake ball and glue little hearts and wings on the bottle! Rabbits for Easter with white milk and a cotton ball…Oh my goodness!!!! Like I said, I could go on!…

  99. wow! i just love it so much! so cute

  100. Love these!! I just need to find those milk glasses (we don’t have target) and these will be at a winter playdate for sure!

  101. You sure aren’t kidding! These are the cutest!!

  102. Wow, I’m so thrilled to be mentioned on here as inspiration!! What an honor! To answer some of the questions, I talked about turning the Frappuccino bottles into “milk bottles” here:
    And as for the straw through the donut hole, I pushed it through and then used a long wooden skewer to push out the donut crumbs that get caught inside the straw. Then push all the way down to the milk.

    These here are super adorable with the pastel color palette!

  103. Love, love, love the really simple, yet, way over the top cute ideas from here!! Thanks!!! A great to way to start my day off with a smile!! Man, now I wish I had some doughnut holes!

  104. I love these!! I would be so happy looking at them in my apartment.

  105. These are just too cute and I like that they are more winter themed then Christmas specific. Maybe something for a January skating party!!
    So I went to the Target website and am I right that you buy the bottles filled with ? and then drink that wash and reuse? Or is there somewhere you can get them empty??
    Just wondering…if I have to drink a whole case of Starbucks Frapuccinos I may be in trouble if I have to drain a dozen :-)

    By the way…looked at the other sites that tried this and yours were the best…very friendly looking and just pudgy enough.
    Happy and healthy 2011!!!
    Lori from Port Perry

  106. These are beyond adorable!! And so simple to make! If you have access to powdered donut holes, that is. Which I don’t cause for some reason there are no Donut places in Switzerland :-(

    But… one could always make cake pops, right? :-)

  107. Love it ! you are awesome, everyday I come to visit the web !!! Yesterday I did some cupcakes, and cake-pops for my friend Helen. I’m 13 years old Did u thought about giving classes to teenagers ?
    you are so amazing I really mean it ! :D x

  108. These are ADORABLE! So stinking cute!

  109. So so so cute! I think I’ll be making them for my girls bdays this month as well…. w a cake pop though as like others that’s what I thought was on top!

    Thanks for the adorable idea!

  110. You are so rocking awesome. My twins birthday is coming real soon. Boy/Girl…just like those cute snowpeople…what a CUTE idea for the their party!!!!! AWESOME…I guess I should wait for the caffeine drinking to get the party done!! You are so heavenly, I love Monday mornings to just start the day/week off right!!
    Happy New Year to you,

  111. these are adorable! :D
    before i read that they were donut..
    i thought they were cake balls.. ^^;
    like how in the world is it on the center of a straw? :]

  112. Another super cute idea! What a fun way to dress up a winter party!

  113. I had not seen these but they are the cutest things EVER!! I have a huge work thing coming up (I work with kids) so we are going to make these! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  114. SHUT UP!

    These are just TOO fantastic! I love them!

    Annnd I’m curious about a technicality of course. Does the straw go all the way through the cake pop and into the milk?

    Or, are they meant to be pulled off, eaten and then drink the milk?

    Or, do you maybe just push the straw through to drink?

    haha, I know I can just go off and try it on my own, but I thought you might already have the answer.

    Love these little milk jug snow men! Yet another great idea!

  115. OMG!! These are super cute!! getting some great idea for next christmas already!!

  116. these are absolutely darling!! such a cute wintery craft – love it!!

  117. Could those be any cuter – or more simple. What a truly clever idea. I wonder what chocolate snowmen would look like? Have to give these a try – thanks for sharing.

  118. Wow-so creative & cute…something I would have never dreamed up! LOL. I would actually prefer mine w/the latte’ ;)

  119. Mittens- im pretty sure donut king have them, in little tubs

  120. I love how these are so simple but so cute! I must make these sometime! By the way, where can I get doughnut holes? I live in Australia and I’m not sure I can buy them here. xx

  121. I totally thought that was a cakeball on top.. it CAN be done! Too adorable! I’ll have to try it with the girls toooo cute!

  122. ADORABLE!!!! I love these creative minds!

  123. these are adorable…love it!

  124. My son’s birthday is in less than 2 weeks, I think I’ll make these for the kids to have at the party. He’s my only winter birthday!

  125. These are so cute! What a great idea!

  126. Love those! Super, super cute. When are you going to convince Cupcake Julie to create a blog for all the cute stuff she does? Judging by these and the decorations from the past two Christmas parties, she’d be an excellent blogger!

  127. These are so cute! I bet these would be great with chocolate milk or strawberry milk too and some donut holes with colored sugar on them

  128. Oh totally cute, they made me smile when I spied them over on Amy Atlas’s site

  129. I LOVE this idea! So cute!

  130. When i 1st saw these i thought the doughnut holes were cakeballs these would be awesome with cakeballs (;

  131. I think I’ll be making a Target run very soon…these are darling!

  132. Could totally turn these into princesses for a girly party! Might have to do these for my daughters next birthday!

  133. you could use a frap glass bottle from starbucks…take off the label for a chocolate snowperson! cute…yummmmmm…

  134. How adorable!! I bet my boys would love those!

  135. I can only imagine a cake pop would even more delicious than a doughnut!
    mmmmmmmmmm cake and a nice glass of milk! YUM!

  136. Very cute! how about chocolate milk and a chocolate doughnut? LOL!

  137. OMG they are cute! and such a good idea!

  138. ahh these are ADORABLE! I’m going to find an occasion to make these for sure!

  139. These are beyond adorable! Definitely will be making them! Happy New Year girl!!

  140. How cute!! And they look oh so simple. What a nice wintry treat :)
    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  141. I love these! How adorable!

  142. So sweet & so simple! These would be a HUGE hit with my daughter. How cute would that be for a sleepover?

  143. you should put some chocolate cake balls covered in white chocolate on top – something really rich that you would want to drink a whole glass of milk with! :)

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