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I often receive emails from people sharing how much they love cake pops or how much cake pops have made a difference in their lives. It’s incredible to see and read how far reaching they are…and how much joy they bring. I could have never imagined how many people would be making them or how many ways they would touch lives when I was just playing around in my kitchen trying to make something cute. I have certainly wiped away tears many times from the kind words and beautiful stories shared with me over the years.

This is one of them shared with me this week from the folks at Kohl’s and how cake pops were used to represent a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays.


::::::::::::::::: From Kohl’s :::::::::::::::::

Greetings Bakerella!!

I wanted to share a few photos with you from the 2012 American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk that took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 5. As part of the festivities, there were more than 8,000 cake pops on a 12 ft. birthday cake. Instead of pop sticks, the cake pops were on birthday candles representing the “Wish for a World with Less Breast Cancer and More Birthdays.”

I wanted to be sure you saw these because you created the cake pop! And, as this event was so inspiring, the cake pops just added to the fun and awareness of the cause. It’s not every day you see a cake filled with 8,000 cake pops!

C. Adam’s Bakery in Milwaukee worked day and night to complete the 8,000 plus order. They custom made a “pink velvet” center to go along with the event theme and the cake pops were delicious!




The cake pop filled birthday cake. Amazing.

And if you’ve ever made cake pops, you have a pretty good idea how incredible this is. Very impressive C. Adam’s Bakery!


The cake was part of a Birthday Bash Kohl’s hosted for participants of the walk. In addition to being a presenting sponsor, Kohl’s has also committed nearly $5 million over three years to American Cancer Society’s Midwest Division to support breast health programs.

I think that’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a little recap video Kohl’s made from the event if you’d like to hear what they’re doing in the fight against breast cancer or if you’d like to see the cake in motion.

Thank you Kohl’s for everything you’re doing! Thank you C. Adam’s for your hard work!

And thank you and hugs to every one of you who have personally made cake pops for a cause and used them for good. Whether it’s 8,000 cake pops or 8, my heart smiles every time I hear a story like this.

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96 comments on “More Birthdays”

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m a sobbing mess now. What a wonderful, wonderful celebration!

  2. What a beautiful way to thank those helping such a wonderful cause. My mother is a cancer survivor. She is still having to deal with recurring cancer, but she beat it once & will again! We keep the faith and thank all those who support cancer awareness. Thanks for sharing the story and thanks for all you do!

  3. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy cow, that’s a lot of cake pops! What a great story.

  5. WOW!

    You started something beautiful!

    Here’s to less cancer and more birthdays and here’s to Bakeralla for starting it all!

  6. This is amazing… so inspiring (:

  7. That is amazing! I love that they put birthday candles in the pops to represent more birthdays after cancer. Very, very cool!

  8. Oh wow! How beautiful and heart-warming. I’m crying.

  9. That is amazing! I love that that they put birthday candles for more birthdays in the cake pops! Very, very cool!

  10. Wow that is so amazing and impressive. Gave me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Really beautiful.. makes me cry remembering my grandma and aunt who lost their battle with breast cancer 5 years ago.

  12. Oh my. What a way to celebrate! So many cake pop! Such an amazing thing to see, thanks for sharing!

  13. What a wonderful article. I work for Kohl’s and we do Kohl’s Cares programs all the time. Fabulous charity they have. And what a wonderful cause. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Just beautiful. So touching.

  15. This is so wonderful!

  16. What a lovely and touching idea! You must feel so warm and fuzzy inside knowing that it’s because of what you were having fun with, way back then, so many people have been touched!

  17. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. That is amazing on so many levels! 8000! I can’t even imagine how long they spent making the cake pops. Such a wonderful cause, event, and so cool to see your influence, Angie! Congrats to everyone involved! xo

  19. Awesome cause, one I have supported over and over again. Last year I made 500+ for an event and it was exhausting but rewarding. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  20. I got chocked up reading this. Wonderful cause. I bet they were visually spectacular. Bet you never imagined the path cake pops would take! Wish I could find a way to have this done in my city.

  21. Oh just wonderful!!

  22. I love it, cake pops had made me so happy to make, something about how versatile they are really makes them fun!

  23. Nothing like a first thing in the morning cry!

  24. Good post! thank you for sharing

  25. Great story! It’s amazing how one small cake pop has brought happiness to so many people around the world!!

  26. Wonderful story — strikes too close to home. Yay for cake pops!

  27. Wow!!! I love this story.

  28. Fantastic! Well done, Kohl’s! Thanks for posting, sharing, & for your generosity, Bakerella!

  29. Wow what a moving video! Thank you to Kohl’s for their tremendous contribution! And thank you Bakerella for making everyone’s day alittle brighter with your creation of the spectacular cake pops! Your creativity inspires more people than you’ll ever know!

  30. Awww, that is really touching. And how awesome is it that something you created can have such an impact.

  31. What a great story, thanks for sharing! I love that they used candles as the “sticks”, very creative.

  32. I’m 36 years old and a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when my baby daughter was 11 months old. My daughter turned four today!!!!I I had a very aggressive strain of BC which 10 years ago I would have been told to say my goodbyes. I was saved due to a new drug that was available due to funding from big companies including Revlon. I appreciate every $ donated and I’m confident that we will find a cure before my daughter has to worry about her own breast health and I intend to be here to see it!!!!!

  33. Awesomeness…

    Oh, I hope you got the pictures and story I sent you about my apple cake pops! :crosses fingers:

  34. What a beautiful story! Thank you for starting my weekend on a very positive note. To more birthdays!

  35. Truly amazing!

  36. WOW – great story and kudos to C. Adam’s Bakery!

  37. What a great story & how wonderful that they reached out to you to share our impact on them. Kudos to Kohls & Adams bakery & all the volunteers & walkers at this event. Having made cake pops myself for an event (although much smaller, only about 300), I can appreciate the effort that this took, just the thought of storing them all is mind boggling!

  38. Wow! Great story and great companies!!!

  39. WOW! That is awesome! BIG ups to Kohl’s as well as the participants in the American Cancer Society!

    More birthdays indeed!

  40. Wow that is amazing! :)

  41. Beautiful story. Creative use of cake pops. Thanks for sharing ….

  42. Amazing! :)

  43. That’s awesome!

  44. Great story!

  45. WOW!!!

  46. Brought tear to my eyes. You should be proud and the folks over at C. Adam Bakery should be too!
    Blessings to you all

  47. Beautiful

  48. I love this story! :o) I’ll pass the kleenex..and so wonderful of Kohl’s to share this!

  49. I love your little sweet bites and all your web site thank for the tips From PUERTO RICO!

  50. great post………………………………..TFS

  51. How beautiful and happy that made everyone!!!! People are so thoughtful at kohls. I’m going to shop there in a few minutes !!! I’m glad kohls gives back to women.

  52. Amazing! Tears are rolling down my cheeks right now. Both of my grandma’s died of cancer. This post makes me think of them.

  53. How sad to have such a terrible thing in our world, and so heartwarming that such an amazing group of people
    give so much to prevent it.

  54. Beautiful!

    And they are far-reaching. My friend and I put in together to order the candy melts as she discussed with me how your recipe was better than the one she found in French. It’s so cute how French people pronounce your name:

    Bach-air-ella. :-)

    So France is now land of croissants and les cek pops.

  55. That’s amazing!!

  56. NO WAY! That is such a beautiful way to give back to such a wonderful cause! My mind is still blown by those pictures though! 8000 cake pops!?

  57. Love it! I can’t imagine how long that took them, It took us forever to make a few dozen when we did the Susan G Komen walk last year. Well worth it though! I love how they used the birthday candles.

  58. Aww how nice :)

  59. Wow this is amazing. You must feel very special now…… or at least you should

  60. So moving. To more birthdays…

  61. this is very nice and the idea for a candle to represent more birthdays very inspiring.

  62. I’ve been a follower for quite some time now. Love what you do and love your blog… which is why I give you the One Lovely Blog award! You can see more about it here:

  63. oh wow your blog brought me to tears and then I watched the video (and shared on facebook) and then I read the other comments. All so moving. I too love how cake pops have touched so many lives. Thanks for sharing this, Bakerella xx

  64. 8000 cake pops is huge! I wonder if we could get an entry in the Guiness Book of World Records for something like that.

  65. This is amazing! I will be making my first cake pops this weekend for my son’s birthday party and I’m so excited!!!!!

  66. wow! that’s awesome

  67. Wow! That is soooo wonderful !!! Please check out our kickstarter project! We need your support! We are on our way to build a better bakery, an actual cake pop shop. Please help us out and spread the word!! Thanks!!

  68. I love that video. It is sooo very inspirational… N’o more Breast Cancer!!

  69. Oh Yea. As we speak there is going to be scientists working on a cure for the thing that we detest the most.. BREAST CANCER!

  70. this is so cool my aunt had breast cancer twice and recently survived lung cancer.

  71. Bravo Kohls! Last July, my mom was diagnosted with breast cancer. NO ONE in our family EVER had cancer-until then. Although upon hearing the & my sister, (along with the rest of the family) were competely devestated & in complete shock..SHE was the one who was the most calm due to her unwaivering faith.
    So for October, since me, my sister, cousin & aunts were planning on going to walk in the “Susan G. Komen for the Cure Walk” in Houston, Tx, my cousin set up a site for our friends to “donate” money for our walk. I began to sell cupcakes. Standard cupcakes but with the pink ribbon on them & a pink border. I raised $300- I was selling them at $2.00 a cupcake, though people were donating a lot more for this great foundation & also to show support for my mom! :)
    This year (God willing), I plan to bake again & hopefully raise even MORE money–though I’m looking forward to the day that the foundation will NO LONGER need donations since a cure will have been found! :)

  72. ..I forgot to say “Bravo C. Adam’s Bakery!” for what you can see was work straight from the heart! :)

  73. I would like to win the chocolate can/Tshirt.

  74. I would like to win the Chocolate shirt in a can. Although, I think I would look delish in either one!

  75. I would love the vanilla shirt!

  76. I would like to win the chocolate shirt…when I see bakerella on my email I have to open it first…luv luv luv your goodies!

  77. The vanilla of course…it has always been a favorite and the can is simple, sweet and makes a STATEMENT! Thanks for sharing your “goodies” with us. You are a special person:)

  78. CHOCOLAE!!!

  79. chocolate!

  80. definitely chocolate!!!!!!

  81. I love them both, but I would choose my favorite flavor which is ‘vanilla’. I absolutely love the site because I bake so often. I am just beginning to try to bake cake pops. Fun!

  82. I would be thrilled with either, but I am going with “vanilla”!

  83. Vanilla is my very favorite ice cream, but when it comes to cake and frosting. . . well after all . . . chocolate is chocolate and always my choice!

  84. Love them both (and you are pretty awesome as well!)….but I choose chocolate!

  85. Chocolate, please!

  86. Either vanilla or chocolate. Love both and absolutely love your site!!!!!!!!!!!! You do such an amazing job of making all of your goodies look so lifelike!!!!!!

  87. *Party Pooper alert*

    There would be less cancer and more birthdays if people didn’t eat so many cake pops….ijs

  88. i wish that none of our little girls would have to fight breast cancer……

  89. I am going to be making cake pops for the local Relay for Life!

  90. Wow! what a great story. Great job Kohl’s

  91. I am a kitchen director at a private academy but moonlight personal chef services and/or catering to complete the want on my creative side…but this is not about me. My wives creativity is in baking and unusual desserts and she introduced me to these cake balls and cake pops (and I think a few other things on your website) and have her make these for me on a regular base for my events!!! Awesome!


  92. Love this will use it to help me fundraise for my 3 day breast cancer walk

  93. this is big

  94. this is very cool

  95. I like a Choolate cake the you

  96. This is really awesome way to bake the cake, really loved it.

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