It’s Play Time!

I have some really fun Cake Pops news to announce today. I’m not even sure where to begin because I still can’t believe it myself.

First… I’ve said this before, but I could have never imagined the kind of wonderful adventure that I’ve been on since first posting cake pops here on this website. And when I say adventure – it’s everything from the book, to all of you that I’ve met and to each and every email and story that you’ve shared. Every smile that you’ve given me and all of the proud moments each time I see the cake pops you guys are creating. You make my life brighter. All because of a little cake on a stick.

Now, like I said, I have something super exciting to share with you.

So …… I’m just going to say it.

Here goes… I’m kinda nervous.

This is so crazy…

I have a toy line coming out next month at Toys R Us!

Cake Pops by Bakerella Toy

It’s a Cake Pops Toy! Like for real.

I told you. Crazy, right?! But sooo exciting! Butterflies in my stomach exciting.

The toy is inspired by my book and lets little ones play and create cake pops at home.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting after the book came out was how much kids enjoyed making cake pops. Not just eating them, but making them. And even younger children that would ask for the book as their bedtime story. Some even used it as a learning tool – like using the photo index in the back as a matching game to find the recipe.  When I was first approached to do a toy I wasn’t expecting it, but when I thought about all those sweet stories, a toy seemed like a perfect way to let kids enjoy cake pops even more … and a yummy way to inspire creativity. Plus, I feel like I’m playing most of the time in the kitchen anyway. Perfect fit.

Cake Pops Toy

This is The Ultimate Cake Pops Set and it comes with a sweet cake pop stand, cake pop tray, mixing bowl, dipping bowl, cake crumbler, and presses to help you make four different cake pop shapes. And there’s lollipop sticks and an instructional placemat, too.

Just grab some cake, frosting and candy coating and kids can start creating.

They’ll call it an excuse to play with their food. And I hope they have a blast doing it.

Cake Pops Toy

I do. I’ve been having fun using the toy since I received the production samples. (And I’m loving the pink cake pop stand. Yay!)

It’s good for kids of all ages I guess.

Actually… this could pretty easily be an adult product.  You can get one for your kids and use it for yourself. I won’t tell.

The shapes you can make include, circle, square, triangle and cupcake!

Cake Pops Toy

I cannot get over this.

Cake Pops Molds Set

Here’s another toy in the line.

This is the Cake Pops Molds Set and it comes with one press, and molds to make three different cake pop shapes (bear, flower and heart) … Plus instructions and lollipop sticks, too.

Both toys will be available at Toys R Us this September ($19.99 and $7.99 I think). You’ll be able get it in stores or online.

Check out the Ultimate Cake Pops Set and the Cake Pops Molds Set at Toys R Us.


And, in Canada, you can find the toys in Wal-Mart stores.

And in Australia, look at Myer Stores in October.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it hits the shelves. I’ll probably be stalking the stores until it does.

It’s in Toys R US now!!!!

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615 comments on “It’s Play Time!”

  1. Wow! Congratulations! That is so exciting! The molds look like something even I could use!!

  2. OMG! How thrilling for you!! Will these be available in Australia!? Forget the kids, I want one for myself!! :)

  3. Do you know if ToysRUs in Australia will be selling this before christmas?

  4. So cool! Can’t wait to get it for my daughter so she can make cake pops with mommy.

  5. Congratulations!! My son will flip over this. He just adores cake pops and… cooking, so what could be better??!

  6. Love it! My daughter will be getting this for Christmas for sure!

  7. Wow! Can’t wait until I can buy them!! Totally Awesome!!

  8. That is awesome! Congratulations!!

  9. Wow! Forget the kids….this is going on my Christmas list! Congratulations!

  10. This is awesome, so happy for you! How much more exciting can it be than to have a toy named after your creations! I want to play.. love it love it love it and have the perfect little girl to give one to!

  11. Congratulations! What an accomplishment!! My daughter would LOVE this… (actually, so would her mother… ) :D

  12. WOW. Congrats! I’m soo excited over this, I’m totally getting one for myself!

  13. That’s awesome! My kids LOVE making cake pops with me. We use it as a creativity building exercise. I should send you the amazing variety of Easter bunnies they did last year. Long, curlicued mustaches, Jackie-O inspired ladies with hats and earrings, you name it. We consider them some awesome mom and kid time… and we make them with any excuse (or no excuse at all). The toy is a fab idea, keep up the great work (and yes, I’ll be getting it just for the molds!).

  14. Huge congrats!! That is wonderful news and it looks SUPER CUTE!! So very happy for you…think this will be filling the stockings of many friends and family (big and little!) if it hits the shelves in Australia in time for Christmas. xx

  15. Opio congrats…. Im buying This for my 2 nieces They r gonna love it…. Thanks for makin This toy

  16. Congratulations! Makes me wish I had a little girl. I may just have to buy one anyway , I can always use the excuse that I can bake with the great nieces when they come to visit.

  17. OMG, how exciting for you…and for me cause i’m sooo getting this set lol!

  18. So fun!! I am thinking my kids would love this….Christmas maybe!! Congrats!!!

  19. wowowow! im 19 but even i want one of those!

  20. Good for you! You totally deserve the success!

  21. This is AMAZING! It’s so cool to see someone’s dreams come true and go far beyond they would have ever thought. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a male baker and I totally want one! I started out making royal icing decorated sugar cookies and then gave cake pops a try! I’m hooked on cake pops!!!

    Congratulations on this wild adventure.

  22. What a great blessing! Who would have guessed it! Sure looks like a toy I may need myself.

  23. AWESOME!!!!! That’s so cool!!! Congrats!!! :)

  24. Please let this be sold in Australia!! I love this!

  25. halu mam!where can i buy this set..Im grom cagayan de Oro,philippines.

  26. Hey there, congrats to you on your success story with this toy, I have always admired the stuff you can do with cakes and desserts! I always think about trying one of your cake pop ideas one day! :) Sincerely, An admired young baker!

  27. Forget the kids…I want one! There’s no toys r us near me? Wonder if she plans on selling them at Target?

  28. Congratulations! :D I’d followed your blog for such a long time that I can’t but feel super excited for you :D Your success is nothing but inspiring and I really wish you all the very best.
    That set is so going in my christmas wishlist :-p I don’t have kids yet but who cares :-p That cupcake mold is just lovely!

  29. That’s great! I don’t have kids, but my nieces love to help me make cake pops. My 12 year old niece was actually my biggest helper making 500 cake pop (and 5 other desserts) for a large wedding. I can’t wait to get this for them! I really want one for myself too…I love the molds!!!

  30. You should also come up with an adult kit to sell exclusively at Michael’s. It could come with a cake pop stand, molds, decorating ideas booklet and decorations. I would buy one for everyone in my family. You could even give me a free one for coming up with the amazing multi-million dollar idea.

  31. Crazy awesome! I LOVE it!!! My girls will totally be getting this for Christmas! And I think I will need my own ;o) LOVE YOU BAKERELLA, YOU ROCK!

  32. I don’t know why, but I’m tearing up right now. I love reading your comments and stories. Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive.


  33. Haha wish I had this when I was a kid….actually this would probably come in useful for me now too ;P

  34. This is SO exciting!! I wish there was a way you could see each and every little person who has success making their own cake pops… what an amazing inspiration you are – and have been! :) Yay!!

  35. I’m getting one for my niece….and my (baby) granddaughter…and MYSELF!! Ha! I can’t wait to purchase these. Absolutely wonderful. LOVE it! Lori Lucas

  36. OMG! I can’t wait to buy it for myself! This will b a fabulous gift to not just kids but those who r young at heart. Congratulations n keep up the great work n ideas!

  37. This so awesome totally getting it.

  38. Awww I looooove it!!! I want them both so bad I can’t wait! Yay super excited!

  39. I am so getting this for myself. Congrats on your newest venture :-)

  40. congrats bakerella! (:
    i haven’t been to toys r us for years, but i will most likely make a visit to buy this “toy” :D

  41. This is fab, will they be available in the UK??

  42. I am crying for you! I am so happy for you! If anyone deserves this happiness, it is sweet and wonderful you! My daughter’s birthday is in October (perfect gift) and this will be my go to gift for the non-stop birthday parties during the school year! So amazing!

    Even better: My daughter has a nut allergy and has been pining over an easy bake oven for years, but all of the mixes have some form of nut in them. With this toy, I don’t have to put her safety at risk for her to have fun! I am thrilled. Congratulations on another job well done!

  43. This looks like so much fun! And I bet the results will be tastier than those easy-bake-oven desserts ;)

  44. Wow this is fantastic, my girls just love it and want one, but we don’t live in America, will it be available in the UK?

  45. My daughters love helping make cake pops but I’m not sure who would love these more them or ME! Hope they are available in Australia soon. Congratulations

  46. I think I’m WAY behind the times on this one, but did you INVENT cake pops? That sounds REALLY stupid…but the fact that you put your site next to the name “cake pop” and the general fashion in which this post is worded makes me feel like you may have. Please correct me if I’m completely inept.

    But seriously…that’s AMAZING. What a perfect idea!

  47. This is amazing! Congratulations to you! I can’t wait to buy this for my son, because he loves making them, and showing my MIL!

  48. Whew… for a moment there I thought you were going to end with “… call me maybe!”

  49. Oh yes! I’m in the “Make it available in UK” list! God willing, I’m moving there sooner rather than later… Being in Honduras makes it somewhat easy to get things only available in the US, but being in the UK might be complicated…

  50. WOW! I love it!! So happy for you :-) will this be available sometime in Spain? Pleeease say YES! :-) can’t wait for you christmas cake pop book to come out! (mine is on pre-order yay!)

  51. I’m going toy shopping! How great are these. Tell whoever is making these to bust out a full line for us Mommies and Wives!

  52. How cool! I’m so happy you’re receiving so much popularity. You’re still my favorite blogger because you’re always so cheerful and nice, so I’m really glad good things are still coming your way.

  53. Will I be able to buy this in Germany too?

  54. I have been following your blog forever! Your success is inspiring! I love when good things happen to good people. Congratulations!

  55. So cute! Good thing I am just a big kid at heart and completely willing to buy myself toys.

    Contests on your many successes. It seems like you truly deserve them!

  56. WOOOOW! Just love it! Can it be imported to Belgium please? Or just sold online so it can come to me? Just lovee the molds! x

  57. I can’t wait! My munchkins (and I) will LOVE it!

  58. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to order one for my daughter.

  59. Felicidades!!!
    I’m from El Salvador. I think this is an excellent set. I want one!! I guess I’ll have to wait for somepne to visit the usa so I can havw it :-)

  60. I just fell out of my bed. This is HUGE! You have revolutionized cake pops in endless ways. So, how about a Cake Pops Toy store tour??? I know what Charlie is getting for Christmas! Lots of love to you and your sweet mom! :)

  61. Wow! That is incredibly exciting and super crazy! My daughter is 4 and I can see this under the Christmas tree this year! She will love it (and I will too!) Congratulations!

  62. Wow! So cute! Putting this on my “buy it for the kid because I want it for myself” wish list. But seriously, my daughter would have tons of fun with this. Congrats on the new venture!

  63. wow congrats! :) I want one for my self,i dont have a daughter,that will be a good excuse for me to play and enjoy it :) is it available in Australia too? thanks

  64. Such fun news indeed!!!! Both sets look like must haves for any dessert lover… young or old!! Congratulations!!

  65. I want one for my self! :) i dont have a daughter but got 2 boys;) that will be a good excuse for me to buy it and play & enjoy it my self hihihi :) would it be available in Australia? thank you so much!

  66. Wow great news, anything that encourages kids to get into the kitchen is awesome.

  67. Congrats!! Can’t wait for them to get to Singapore!! I might hijack them from my kids!

  68. Good things happen to good people!

  69. Wow i want one for my children and me. When can we get them in the UK?

  70. I’m so excited for you, this is an amazingly fun product! Move over Easy Bake Oven! My kids made cake pops at Christmas and my son has autism and he had the best time! This will certainly make it easier for him than the rolling! We’ve always been into molding chocolate, etc., but the cake pops are so fun and different everyone loves them! I agree with the lady that said make an adult kit! Also, I have to admit…it’s one of my fondest wishes… I really thought you were going to announce you were getting your own TV show. You so deserve it, you are so creative and your creativity just keeps growing! I never know what surprise will pop up in my mailbox! When it says “Bakerella”, I open it right away! So excited for the toy! Sure there is a show in your future! ;) I can’t wait! Best wishes!

  71. Congrats!! Making cake pops with my children is always so much fun, they are 4 and 2, and still they help so much with the decoration! I hope it will available in Europe (The Netherlands) too by Christmas, this will be a perfect gift (= cadeau) for us… Yeah, yeah, the kids and myself!! Thanks for your creativity!

  72. Oh wow!!!!
    My daughter, Lucia Blue, will be 2 next month. She has no idea, but she really, really wants this…to play with in about 3 or 4 years! It’s ok, I can buy it and pack it away, right?! :-)

  73. Congratulations! How exciting for you! Oh, I so want this…hope to order it online. All the best!

  74. Where can we get this in Norway? : )
    Toysrus is here too !!

  75. hi!!, its gorgeous!! what about in Spain?? My son and my daughter MUST HAVE THEM!!they always make cakepops with me and a toy like that would be great for them!!

  76. This looks so good!
    Congratulationswith this new venture from The Netherlands.

  77. Wow, that is so amazing!!! Congrats!!! I would steal this toy for my little girls and make easy cake pop shapes for myself ;) And I will get on the international list and ask, when is it coming to Germany?!

  78. I can totally see my teen boys getting this for their younger sister…so she can make them cake pops! It is so cool that there are different shapes; I had totally not seen that before.

    I forget where I first saw/heart about Bakerella, but I am SO GLAD I DID! :O)

  79. That is soooooo cool! And perfect for Christmas! :)
    They’re so going into my girl’s list, but guess who gets to play with them? ;P

  80. Awesome!! i hope they will be available in Denmark….

  81. WOW, this is huge news. Big congratulations to you in all your success. Very exciting.

  82. WAAUW! Will this box also be available in Belgium?

  83. wow, that looks awesome1 Congratulations! I’ll have to buy it when it comes out, will it be available in Australia?

  84. That’s awesome! I think I need a set for me.

  85. Looks like found a belated birthday present to myself ;) so excited!

  86. Wow, this is just too cute! I really hope it will be available here in Switzerland! Or I’ll have to pay a lot for shipping… I’m gonna need it for myself anyway =)

  87. TERRIFIC! Can hardly wait! My granddaughters and I are gonna have FUN! CONGRATS to you!

  88. Congratulations! I am so excited for you…can’t wait to buy it. LOL….I’m a helpless collector….I need to add this as well. :o)

  89. Wow what a sream come true! I feel honored to see this post of your success! You freaking rock!

  90. congratulations – that is just awesome! Can’t wait to see if it will be released here in South Africa!

  91. Oh my god, Angie, that is so awesome!!! You really deserve this, you are truly the sweetest en most honest baker/blogger I know. I work in a cooking shop myself, and I would love to put this on the shelves!! The cakepop kits almost ran out of the store themselves and I think the kids will absolutely love this!! (maybe not just the kids..)

    Angie, I want you to be proud of yourself, and keep on doing what you do best. I love reading your posts and watching the lovely pictures. You are a lovely person.


  92. Wozwers! This is EXCELLENT news! Many congrats!

  93. This is AMAZING – congratulations! x

  94. This is wonderful news….when will it be available in the UK??? Do you know what, not sure I can wait past September for it, will be ordering a couple from the US and will be paying for it to be shipped to me. WOW, my daughter and I are so pleased. Well done and many CONGRATULATIONS, you deserve it.

  95. I teared up after reading this and I think its wonderful you have passed your recipes to the next generation of little bakers!!! I can see my daughter and I using your beautiful molds so thank you!!

  96. My Suzy Homemaker Toy Oven and The Ultimate Cake Pops Set together? I’m in toy HEAVEN!!! :-)

  97. That is so cool! Congratulations!! :D

  98. Kids?! Unh-unh! This is for ME! This is completely amazingly cool! I can’t imagine how you must feel, and I knew you back then when you were a simple, humble blogger. Still humble too and that’s why we like you, but you are getting big girl! Congratulations!

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