Beary cute macarons

Bear Macarons

I finally decided to try to make macarons again. I made these last weekend as a possibility for Jenny’s virtual baby shower and halfway through I decided to make the baby cake pops instead. You might even recognize them as the inspiration for the bears I made on her baby cake pop bibs. : )

I wasn’t going to post these because I didn’t get them just quite right. The feet seemed too tall, they were too brown on some of the edges, but mostly they were too hollow inside. Too fragile.

But they were also too cute. So I finished decorating them because one day I will get these little guys perfect. I just have to figure out the right combination of factors to work in my favor. Macarons are finicky. You can have too much almond flour, egg white, or sugar. You can whip them too long. Fold them too long and a number of other things including humidity, oven temp and age of your egg whites. Guess I just need another hands on lesson from Tartelette – they worked great when I made them with her. But on my own. I haven’t had the inside texture work out how I want them.

I used the recipe and directions for the macarons from this post. It works. I just need to make some tweaks on my end.

Try it or use a macaron recipe that works for you. I’d love for you to share a link below if you have one you really like.

So anyway, here’s how I made them into little bears … they were inspired by the cutest little bunny macarons I found through pinterest.

Bear Template

First, I used a template to draw my bear shapes on parchment paper. Place the drawn side face down on the cookie sheet when you bake.

Here’s the template if you’d like it.


Pipe your shapes and let them set for a few minutes. A skin will start to form on the top that creates the shell and feet once they bake.

Here’s a link to some helpful macaron info from Tartelette.

Piping Macarons

Last time I used a larger tip, but this time I used a Wilton #10 tip so I could control the size of the ears better. The batter flows pretty easily and I didn’t want jumbo ears.

Piping Macarons

If you let the skin form on the head for just a couple of minutes first, you can easily pipe the ears on either side. If you pipe everything at the same time, they won’t be as defined. They’ll look blobby. Blobby bears.

Piped Bears

Pipe and repeat.

And bake.

Blue Bear Macarons

Then when they hopefully come out great, you can just decorate.

In progress

You can use candy coating to pipe on the bottom half of the faces.

Chocolate chip noses

While it’s still wet, place a mini chocolate chip in position for the nose and let dry.

Bear Macarons

Then draw on the eyes and mouth with an edible ink pen and sandwich the macarons with chocolate ganache.

Even though these aren’t perfect, I hope the pictures will help you make some macarons that are beary cute.

I think they’d be adorable for a baby shower and so pretty in all pastel colors.

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152 comments on “Beary cute macarons”

  1. These are so Adorable!!! <3 them!

  2. shut UP! Those are out of control cute!

  3. They may not be perfect macaroons but they certainly look it! Adorable!

  4. Oh these are just too cute!

  5. Oh my goodness, these are just too cute!!! I’m so glad you shared them! They look perfect to me!

  6. These are lovely! I have never tried macaroons, but I do like to eat them. Perhaps one day I will make some of these.

  7. I love love love your site and I have learned so much from you, so I thought I would share my experience with macaroons, was like yours – very disappointing. Then I ran across this site:

    I fixed the 8 things I did wrong and now macaroons are popping out beautifully EVERY TIME!

    Hope it helps, the bears are ADORABLE!

  8. Absolutely adorable! Love the color of these sweet treats

  9. These are too cute! You have outdone yourself again! I would love to make these little bear cookies for a baby shower :)

  10. You’re brave. Last week I attempted making macarons with my friend Tessa (details on my instagram @BestFriendsForFrosting). We followed a recipe from Brave Tart. It tasted great but it didn’t have the full-on macaron consistency. Probably because we folded them too many times. I have to admit it was pretty close to the right consistency though. I know what you mean about tricky macarons can be. I feel like you have to make them a ton of times to really get to know them. Once you have it down it will be knowledge to cherish.

  11. These are absolutely ADORABLE!! I love making macarons and follow Tarlette’s recipe~ After about the 10th time, I think I finally got the consistency right~! Practice, Practice, Practice make them perfect!!

    I can’t wait to make these for a baby shower!!

    Thanks Bakerella for all your inspirations!!

  12. Making macarons seems so difficult! These are adorable though. Now I’m craving macarons. Mmmmmm. :)

    Et tu, tutu?

  13. They ate too darn cute & adorable as always:-)

  14. They are too darn cute & adorable as always:-)

  15. These are too cute. I love macarons but haven’t attempted to make them on my own. There IS however, a chocolate shop in my town that makes wonderful ones, and they even make a macaron ice cream sandwich. It’s pass-out good.

  16. Too cute! I’ve never made macarons but yours are really cute.

  17. This are so incredibly cute! Love macaroons and love them even more as blue teddy bears!

    Great job.


  18. this is too adorable! i wanna try it out! <3

  19. I have yet to make macarons. These are so perfect..I have to give it a try! Cute~Cute~Cute! :o)

  20. So, so cute! I am seriously intimidated by macarons, but next baby shower I go to I must bring these! They are too adorable!

  21. They are really cute. Thanks for the tip about letting the skin form before piping the ears. Without sounding too conceited (hopefully) I’ve posted a foolproof method of macaron making at my blog – I make these almost every weekend and they come out perfectly. Give them a try!!

  22. Your little bears are soooooo cute !!

    I have to try baking macaroons! With your directions seem too easy !

  23. Thank you for sharing this great tutorial.
    They are totally cute!
    I love them!

  24. Bakerella, we do have the same idea, see my teddy bear macarons previously –

  25. These are just lovely!
    Oh my God!

  26. Adorable! With a capital A! These are precious and the color is just perfect.

  27. adorable! Love them! I’ll have to make them for my brothers 1st birthday.

  28. SO CUTE! I really love these bears!

  29. Oh my God! Beautiful !! :)

  30. Macarons with ears!!!!!!! So cuuuuute!!!!

  31. These are so CUTE!!! I’ve also wanted to make bear macarons ^^ I’ve made panda ones~ hehe.. and also for a friends birth of a baby boy I made “babyrons” ^^ so baby face shaped macarons :) you can check them out on my blog~

  32. They are so niiiice ! ? Wanna try to make it !

  33. Cute!

    I use the recipe from Linda, from Call me Cupcake and it works perfectly every time.
    Another great blog with tips is Brave Tart

  34. So adorable – I love each and every little bear!

  35. Perfect-schmerfect, no such thing! They are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  36. You are soooo talented! Amazed by all of your posts and especially love this one! Precious!

  37. Your macarons turned out amazing. I have used Mad About Macarons by Jill Colonna and had much success. Any time I try another recipe it doesn’t turn out and I go back to my book and get a perfect batch.

  38. You’re like an evil genius!

  39. OK, those are seriously adorable! Even though I don’t like macaroons, they always look so good, and yours are spectacular…

  40. Your links back to Tarlettes site don’t work.
    These teddy bear macaroons just pushed it over the top. Jen is right you are genius!!

  41. I love macaron. They are such a wonderful showy treat. Yours look very cute and I’m sure they were delicious even if the texture wasn’t A+ perfect.

  42. Dang Angie! You could stand on your head with any cookie and it would be perfect!

  43. I love these! Kudos to you for trying macarons. It’s so humid in Austin, TX, that I’m afraid to even try.

  44. You’ve done it again. These are too stinkin’ cute!!

  45. They are adorable! It is a must do macarons. Thanks for sharing :)

  46. They are indeed beary cute! xo

  47. oh these are so cute, and I totally saw your toys at walmart on Saturday, Hubby was all “they are for kids” so I will have to get them when he is not around

  48. creo que te quedaron pefectos

  49. Very cute! Gonna give these a try for sure

  50. OMG! you are just too creative! i love it. :) What flavor are the bears?

  51. I would love to make these for the baby! I wish that they werent made with Almond Flour!! The baby is allergic to nuts. These would be adorable in pink or white; if you change the face shape and move the ears a little…hello kitty macarons. I need to find someone to make these for….

  52. the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen!!!!!

  53. Seriously the cutest thing ever!!

  54. so cute!! *.*

    greetings from germany
    shira ^^

  55. how creative, very cute indeed

  56. So creative… do you keep coming up with new things. Love it!

  57. wow are you kidding, I would be SO proud if I had managed to make these. They look gorgeous, very well done!


  58. Sandy, Sas, Marcela, Gwyn – thanks!

    Kellie C – I hear you. This was only my second or third time.

    Lindsey – the steps are actually very easy and you only need a few ingredients. Just a lot of things can affect the outcome

    Hankerie – Beary cute too!

    Eat 2 gather – Will fix. thanks.

    Sue – YAY!


  60. Bakerella,

    I wrote a really thorough tutorial on making macarons recently that might help. Here’s a link:

    My method is completely different from all the other methods and it eliminates a lot of different variables like the speed of pouring in sugar and mixing and all that jazz. You should try it out – it’s much easier and works perfectly each time!

  61. Wow, if this is your discard post…you don’t wanna see my good ones! ha! Love these bears!!!

  62. I’ve been toying with the idea of shaped macarons for ages now. Couldn’t have come up with such a cute idea though, love them :)

  63. These are too cute!! I love macarons, so glad you posted these!! :)

  64. Love the bears! I’ve made the bunnies and they were so cute too.

  65. I know someone has already said it, but has some awesome macaron posts!

    These bears are amazing, but i know how you feel about wanting to perfect these – I’m still trying too!

  66. Are you kidding me? These are so amazing!

  67. These are adorable! I just love the sweet little faces — the chocolate chip noses are so cute!

  68. I had the idea of making macarons for my own wedding despite never having made them before, and in my delirium I came across this trouble shooting guide for macarons: For me, it served it’s purpose: talking me out of the crazy idea. For someone who knows what they’re doing (i.e. you), it might help perfect them, although they look awesome already!

  69. These are adorable. I’ve not tried making macarons yet, but may give them a go.

  70. Bakerella – you are an amazing woman! I am still tooooooo afraid to attempt to make macarons, and here you make these adorable bear macarons! Even if they didn’t turn out the way you had hoped for – they truly are way too cute! Thank you for sharing your gift of baking! And the gift of art, because it is truly an art!

  71. OMG how cute :D

  72. Jen K – Thanks – they look cute but when I bit into them the shell kinda shattered. Gotta get that fixed.

    Thanks – Ilan, Stacey and Amanda for the links

  73. Bravetarts directions are fabulous! She even posted directions for NUT FREE maccarons using pumpkin seeds. My son has a tree nut allergy and they were very tasty. Your fun shapes are giving me the inspiration to make another batch. Thank you!

  74. They look so cute, Angie!!! Can we meet up and do a cake pop & macaron making party soon?? :D

  75. awww!! Too cute! :)

  76. Omg! these are TOO cute to see!!
    and too heartbreaking to eat!

    Love how creative you went.
    Berry berry cute!

  77. I’m just now catching up with my emails and I saw this post and it’s so cute! I struggled with macarons myself and went through about a dozen batches before I ended up getting them perfect. I’ve posted the recipe here, in case you get a chance to check them out!

  78. Sooo cute!! What a clever idea!

  79. Absolutely adorable, and what great instructions you’ve provided. Thank you for letting us know to wait for a “skin” to form. Now I have a shot at making macarons that are actually attractive!

  80. Gosh those are cute, and I bet they taste yummy too!

  81. Too cute for words. You always take such care and effort in these sweet creations.

  82. Dear Angie:

    after having some nightmare-inducing macaron failures, I decided to try the italian meringue method. It yields much better results every time! I would suggest using two baking sheets when baking because they seem to rise better and bake more evenly this way.
    You can use Anita Chu’s recipe

    Good luck!!

    (you’re killing me with those bear macarons, they’re so cute I could never eat them)

  83. Oh Bakerella… your idea of “not perfect” is absolutely amazing. These are too cute.

  84. Those are so amazing. I think they just look so effective. Well done.

  85. I am happy macarons are popping up in cute shapes. Your cute little bears are cute!!

  86. too cute to eat. but must be tasty and yummy

  87. too cute indeed!

  88. I love these. Even better turned into pops! :) I haven’t seen anyone get this creative with macarons!

  89. Is it OK to love to hate you, Bakerella? Because even your “failures” look fantastic. Teasing, of course.

    I’m a macaron-maker myself and have had great luck with this recipe from Irina Kogan of Here’s a link to her Mastering the French Macaron PDF:

    I love exploring new, unexpected macaron shapes. This sheep is one of my favorites:

  90. Hey:-) ! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! If you want to accept and participate just click here and follow the steps!

  91. They look so cute! I don’t see what’s wrong with them…:)

  92. Angie, these little guys are just so cute. Great job, but I know what you mean about it being so tricky getting it just right. Love them!

  93. omg so cute…my friend would have loved these for her baby shower:D

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