Pop Star: Amy in New York


Amy made apples with Rice Krispy treats instead of cake. Creative and just as cute.

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Amy in New York”

  1. Hi guys. Here’s an apple cake pop tutorial.

  2. How did you make the leaves. These are sooooo cute

  3. Are you sharing how you made these? I would like to make them. Thanks.

  4. These are perfect! I am having a fall themed first birthday party for my little girl and these are great keepsake snacks!! Thank you!

  5. how do you get the chocolate so smooth?

  6. A parent from the school where I teach made cake pops that looked just like this for teacher appreciation this year. They are so cute!!

  7. Great idea!!!! I’d love to make these for my daughter’s kindergarted graduation luncheon. Would you be willing to share your how to? And that leaf it’s so perfectly shaped did you make it yourself?

  8. G O R G E O U S!!! would love to know how to make ’em :)

  9. They look so realistic! I would love to make these for my teachers. Are they complicated?

  10. oh these are gorgeous!

  11. LOVE these!

  12. Oh I just LOVE these!! SO cute!!!!! Would be a great gift for a teacher or someone graduating in Education!!!

  13. These are fantastic. Who would have thought to use rice krispie treats This one has talent!

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