Pop Star: Leah in Washington


“I went to your book signing in Seattle, and I was going to bring you these, which were meant to look like you, but I smudged up your little face at the last minute! So, enjoy at least looking at them!” – Leah

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I love my hair! – B

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12 comments on “Pop Star: Leah in Washington”

  1. Want to make the lions, tigers and monkeys from your cake pop book. Where can I buy the peach colored confetti for monkey ears? A white edible candy writer pen for the tigers? Black pen, too, for all of the eyes?

  2. i’m having smudge issues too. should the surface be room temp, do i need to give it time to dry. not sure what im doing wrong. help.

  3. You can also draw with colored chocolate with a toothpick but you just have to be careful

  4. I have used the Americolor pens and they are perfection! They work very well for me every time I need to use them.

  5. I wasn’t able to make them work either. They sort of just glided across the candy. I ended up painting it on. I have heard that Americolor Gourmet Writers work well though. I’ll have to order some online- I can’t find any near my house!

  6. I haven’t had any luck with the edible pens either. It was like the cany was to greasy for them to work. I took them back to the store!!! :(

  7. I tried using edible ink on mine and it did not work at all. What kind of pen did you use?
    P.S. These are so cute!

  8. Love love love love. You are awesome.

  9. Ahhhhh!!! these are adorable!!!! So cute!

  10. I used marshmallow fondant. So easy!

  11. yup… how to make the hair ? im interested it too ^^

  12. Cute! How did you do the hair?

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