Atlanta and Dallas

Yeehaw y’all! I had the best time at the recent Atlanta and Dallas book signings. You guys were fun fun.

So, please forgive the following long post of pics. It’s getting really hard to narrow the photos down for these recaps. I want to show all your faces to thank you for coming out. So to keep the posts at a reasonable (kinda) length, I’m posting more of the photos from each signing on my flickr account. You can access them through the slideshow links at the bottom of this post and if you see yourself in one, feel free to use it.

P.S. – If you’re wondering when I’m going to bake again… please hang in there. I’ll be back to the regular baking when the weekend traveling and signings are done. But I’ll also do my best to sneak some mid-week treats in.

Alright, here we go.



Yay for Cake Pops!


There were lots of folks at the Atlanta signing. I hope these cake pop Q&As have helped some. You guys ask great questions.


Look at these… Maurietta and Deborah made a whole cast of creepy cute characters for people attending the signing. Love the pirate pumpkin.


Hi Lori. Thanks for coming. Lori is as sweet as can be. She also makes cake balls like crazy.


This is Cheryl – my mom’s best friend from high school. I was so excited to see her.


I love this photo. There’s been lots of picture taking over the last few weeks. The Williams-Sonoma staff have been great to help out.

I’ve had some help, too. My mom and my friend Julie have been with me for the signings and taking photos. And my friend Tom, came out to the Atlanta signing to photograph everyone. He’s the one who took pics of all the step-by-step photos in the book. Thanks Tom!


This young lady was so sweet. She’s been baking up a storm at home trying all kinds of techniques. Really impressive.


That would be me. Dork side wave upon request.


Look how sweet these two are in their matching cupcake dresses. I can’t stand it.


And this is my friend Rosa and her family. Her husband’s mom is the one that introduced me to regular cake balls for the first time.


This is Xavier and his super-cute family. We went to college together.


Look at that baby! I think she likes the pops.


And look at these two girls. Is she hugging her cake pop? So cute. And her sister … just look at those curls. Dying here.


Amy from She Wears Many Hats and Robyn from Add a Pinch with her cutie pie son stopped by. We met at the Food Blog Forum a few weeks ago.


Great group shot ladies.


I want this little one’s sequin cupcake top. Sparkly. Fun.


Look… another boy.


That’s Deborah to the right and Maurietta on the left in chef’s coats. Thanks gals for going all out on the Halloween Cake Pops. Everyone loved them. Including me.

And then a week later came Dallas.

Such a fun group.


Stop it with your cute babies. Stop I say.


This photo makes me smile. Everyone with their hand raised has made cake pops before. I’m still blown away by the reality of that.


Speaking of making cake pops. Keylie in the Dallas store made a spectacular pumpkin pop patch. Thank you!


Right before I started the Q & A part of the signing, I walked out toward the counter and had a special surprise from my friend Pholesha. We worked together years ago in Atlanta and I didn’t realize she was now living in Dallas. Let’s just say there was a spontaneous burst of tears right before I was to start talking. Sorry about that guys. Actually, I think I’ve cried at several book signings so far. That’s me. Crybaby. At least they have all been happy tears.


And how could I not be happy when I see little faces like this. So sweet.


And faces like this. Autumn is a pop star. Check her out.


Hi ladies. Hope you had fun.


Still – all the children that wanted to come to the book signing is probably one of my favorite things. I hadn’t really thought about that beforehand. But these young bakers make my heart smile.


Oh my gosh. these two are sassy.


And sweet. Look at her tattoo. Love. Check out the slideshow and you can see the other arm and her love of Texas.


Hey girls. Thanks for coming. Too bad you couldn’t be more excited. ; )


This was one of my favorite memories of Dallas. These ten kids and their teacher from Springtown High School got permission from the school principal to come to the signing an hour and a half away. Road Trip! I love it. Love. Love. Love it! P.S. … Hi Dexter!


Check it out. Everything’s bigger in Texas… including cake pops. Yep! Not a candy bar.  Totally a cake pop. Wow!


This little guy… oh my gosh… adorable. His mom made a little cupcake pillow. We took turns taking a quick nap. Real quick.


Look … little pink cowgirl boots. Precious!

I could go on and on, but if you want to see more. Lots more. Check out the slideshows below.




One more thing. I also had a last minute signing at a Costco Grand Opening in Atlanta last weekend. If you were there, here’s a link to your photos, too.

And, … can’t wait for Nashville this Saturday.