Food Blog Forum and new friends

This past Saturday I attended my first blogger type conference. It was a one day event in Atlanta, chock full of speakers and put together by Gwen of bunkycooks.


Starting off the day was John Kessler from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, James Andrews and Lauren Thomas from Be Everywhere and of course Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen on the right.


Virginia Willis, producer, editor, author and food stylist and Alisa Barry of Bella Cucina. Both lovely to listen to.


The event took place at a great little restaurant called The Shed. They served us the yummiest fried green tomato and goat cheese sliders and other tasty treats.


There were lots of people looking to learn. I see you Julie.

I think that’s what I liked most about the day. A bunch of people getting together with a common interest.


Here’s Amy of She Wears Many Hats and Robyn of Add a Pinch.


Here’s Suzanne of You Made That? and ________ (Sorry, I guess I missed your name. I’ll add it if you want send me a link.)


Me and Steamy Kitchen. Finally. I’ve been dying to meet her.

Jaden is just as real and fun as I expected her to be. Great speaker and cute. So cute.


And then there’s these two. Dianne Cu and Todd Porter or otherwise known as White on Rice Couple. Or otherwise known as some of the most amazing food photographers. I was so happy to meet them. They are super cool and they also do video. Check out this fantastic promo video they did for the Gluten Free Girl. Just amazing.


During the event they took pictures and had a real time slideshow running on the big screen. Fun and instant.

Megan of What Megan’s Making and Julie of Mommie Cooks.


Lindsey. Sweet Lindsey. Well, I don’t know that for sure, but she oozes it from this photo. Lindsey blogs at Love and Olive Oil and also redesigned Steamy Kitchen’s logo and website. So she’s cool.


Another couple I enjoyed talking to. Donna and her husband of My Sweet Things.


Jen and Chad of Cup a Dee Cakes.


Alison of Ingredients, Inc. and Alicia of Kitchen Scoop.


Molly. Spunky and the The Duchess of Fork and Elizabeth from The Waspy Redhead.


Scott Hair, Jaden’s cute hubby kept us entertained in between each session.

And then, most of the afternoon was spent learning photography basics from White on Rice Couple.

Rather, me trying to learn, remember, absorb.

All I know is I took one photo and it looked like this.


And then I pushed some buttons. Don’t know which ones …

and voila … got this…


They know what they’re talking about. Now if I can only remember what they said.

I guess I should really spend more time learning how to use my camera in real life situations instead of just at my kitchen table.

It was a fun day filled with new faces, good food, great speakers and gifts, too. Thanks for the goodie bags Chef’s Catalog and Whole Foods.