Pop Star: Traci


“I LOVE your site and now that I’ve started making my own cake pops, I can’t stop. They’re the greatest little treat. Thank you. I’ve made so many, but here are two of my favorite. I’m sure you’re going to be overwhelmed with pics since posting pop stars, but…thanks for looking.” – Traci

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2 comments on “Pop Star: Traci”

  1. I would LOVE to know what the piggies were decorated with. They are adorable. And Lord help me, are the ears of those bunnies strawberry puffs?? They’d never make it to the bunnies. I’d have ear-less bunnies. Or have to buy an excessive amount of puffs since I’d eat more than I’d use.

  2. Wow! Look at the details of the pig’s ear! Great work. I love them on the cupcake. The paper holder is super cute too. Great job!

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