Pop Star: Trisha in Florida


“A few months back I contacted you seeking advice on making the wedding cake pops for my son’s wedding. Well, a friend and I tackled the project and, although I was unsuccessful making them into “pops” (they just would not stay atop the stick for me) I did make them sans stick. We followed the directions up to the point of applying the lolly sticks and just dipped them carefully, using fondue utensils, affixed a single sugar pearl on top and let them set up on waxpaper covered cookie sheets. While they were setting up, I used a scrapbooking “Cricket” to cut 3″ cake boards out of white cardstock for each of the little creations. After the mini cakes were thoroughly set, we glued the cake boards onto the cake bottoms using white chocolate and let that harden. Then I piped some chocolate at the joint of the board and cake bottom and rolled the edge in white sparkling sugar. We let those rest in a cool place for a couple of days and then bagged, tagged and tied off with ribbon. The mini creations were successfully transported from Florida to Georgia. A mini cake was placed at each seat at the reception. They were a huge hit. Cute and delicious. I can’t tell you how many people I told about Bakerella that weekend!” – Trisha

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