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“A few months back I contacted you seeking advice on making the wedding cake pops for my son’s wedding. Well, a friend and I tackled the project and, although I was unsuccessful making them into “pops” (they just would not stay atop the stick for me) I did make them sans stick. We followed the directions up to the point of applying the lolly sticks and just dipped them carefully, using fondue utensils, affixed a single sugar pearl on top and let them set up on waxpaper covered cookie sheets. While they were setting up, I used a scrapbooking “Cricket” to cut 3″ cake boards out of white cardstock for each of the little creations. After the mini cakes were thoroughly set, we glued the cake boards onto the cake bottoms using white chocolate and let that harden. Then I piped some chocolate at the joint of the board and cake bottom and rolled the edge in white sparkling sugar. We let those rest in a cool place for a couple of days and then bagged, tagged and tied off with ribbon. The mini creations were successfully transported from Florida to Georgia. A mini cake was placed at each seat at the reception. They were a huge hit. Cute and delicious. I can’t tell you how many people I told about Bakerella that weekend!” – Trisha

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11 comments on “Pop Star: Trisha in Florida”

  1. These are so beautiful and creative, wish I could come up with awesome ideas like that, I have a 9 year b-day party and halloween party coming up and I am so confused as to what to make for both, especially the halloween party because it is for a karate party, so they really need to be creepy. I really just want you to know that I think your cakes are beautiful! Great job!

  2. little wedding cakes

  3. lisa, not sure about the cracking, could be something to do with moisture levels but i think the yellow ooze may be the type of frosting you used. many of the canned frostings that are “whipped” or “fluffy” do not hold up well out of the refrigerator. in my first attempt at cake decorating, i used canned frosting. i took my beautiful creations to the lunchroom at work and by noon half the frosting had turned shiny and oozed off. i have learned A LOT since then but it was pretty embarrassing.

  4. Just made 61 wedding cakeball cakes! Had fun but a labor of love. Ran into 2 problems though. Many would crack, does anyone know why? Also, some of them oozed a yellow oily substance…again does anyone know why? thanks for any help!

  5. You need to make them thick and then the candy melts need to be really thinned out. This take a whole day or two to make them. I am making 55 of them and it is taking a long time to make them. I first used the Wilton Pre-made frosting and it did not make them taste good. I through them out. Then made them bigger and thinned the icing. I put a heart at the top. Then icing(pipe) around the middle of the two cakes and then put sugar around it. Just takes along time to make them detailed..

  6. I was very impressed with your mini cakes. Have made any for other friends or family?

  7. sugarNrainbows, I’m so sorry I did not see your post about the mini wedding cakes until a couple days ago. I hope you found the recipe and step-by-step on Bakerella’s site and were able to make the favors you needed.

  8. I absolutely adore these things. If you could do me a favor and possibly send me the recipies (like how much cake and candy coating and such) I would be MOST apriciative. Ive got a wedding comeing up and am stuck on favors. got about $75 to spend at most on 60 people

  9. I cant even think about your undertaking that is a labor beyond all labers of love WOW oh WO W

  10. Awesome! I tried making mini cakes like this for my sister’s birthday, but I just did not have the patience. Couldn’t get it to work for me. Kudos to you!!

  11. Love those! GREAT favor, a mini wedding cake! I love it.

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