Pop Star: Megan in Ohio


“My sisters and I have been drooling over your cake pops (and blog) for a while now. When my youngest son turned two we decided it was high time to make some Puppy Pops! They turned out adorable, delicious, and loved by all…..especially the birthday boy! Here are a few pictures of the finished product and my little guy enjoying his birthday pop! Thanks for the inspiration Bakerella!” – Megan

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9 comments on “Pop Star: Megan in Ohio”

  1. nevermind :) Got it! Thanks anyway! :)

  2. How do you pop the chocolate out of the spoons? Mine keep breaking :(

  3. Helen, you could dip almond slivers in chocolate for the ears

  4. these are sooooo divine! But i just can’t make the puppy dogs ears…sigh…. they keep cracking and breaking up…any suggestions?

    <3 i love your creativity <3

  5. Very good job on the dogs!!

  6. I followed Bakerella’s instructions on puppy pops and everything worked out great! Collars are hard red lifesavers and ears are candy melts on a plastic spoon. My boys loved them!

  7. guessing that the collars are gummy life savers and that she piped the ear shapes with candy melts on wax paper in the ear shape and then after it dried attached them?

  8. These puppy pops are SO cute! How did you make the ears and collars?
    Cheers, fellow pop star!

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